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"The Odd Couple"
Part 1
by janedoe2893
Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to Roswell.
Summary: "The Odd Couple" takes place after Nacedo's death in 'Skin and Bones', when Tess moves in the with the Valenti family.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: This is my first attempt at any type of writing, with the exemption of school and reports at work. Please email me with your thoughts.
She never got close to anyone. Nasedo wouldn't let her. All she had was a book, a book from her home planet. A home she never saw, but dreamed and yearned for. Nasedo told her stories through out the years. Stories of a long lost place, stories of her as the queen and of Max--her king. All she had were the stories. She wanted more as she got older. At her last high school she could of had any guy she wanted, but she never knew when Nasedo would rush through the door and tell her to pack her essentials and run. But now Nasedo is gone, ashes to ashes, dust to dust......

"Thank you for taking me in Mr. Valenti," she said with a sadness, she had no one in this world, not even the man she was betrothed to in a former life offered to take her in after Nasedo's death.

"Tess, you can call me Jim."

"Ok..Jim, good night."

"Good night" he said as he closed the door.

She layed in bed with the lights out and looked through the window at the glorious night sky. Imagining which star was the sun of her home planet's solar system. She began to cry, she had no one. She never felt this alone before. The weeping stopped and she felt anger. Anger at Nasedo for leaving her. Anger at Max for not wanting her. Anger at Maria and Liz for not accepting her. Anger at the skins for killing Nasedo. Anger at the world. Anger at destiny.

She took the pillow that was beneath her head and threw it across the room, it accidentally hit a lamp and caused it to crash towards the floor, breaking the light bulb into small shards of glass.

"Shit," she said as she walked through the dark room, trying carefully not to get any glass in her bare feet. With a wave of her hand the pieces came back together. As she was putting the lamp back on her dresser she heard a knock on the door.

"Tess are you ok, I heard something break," said the voice behind the door. She thought to herself that doesn't sound like Jim and Kyle has been arctic to me since I moved in.

"Kyle?" she asked.

"Yes, It's me.. are you okay?"

She walked towards the wall, flipped the light switch and answered the door.

Kyle looked at her. He has looked at her many times since she came to Roswell and since she moved in he couldn't look at her. He studied her, it may have only been a few seconds, but it seemed like forever. Her curly blond hair was in two perfect braids. She was wearing a 'wifebeater' and a pair of plaid boxers. For that one moment he forgot that she wasn't like him, she was an alien. He snapped out of it when she said "Hi".

"I'm sorry if I woke you up Kyle."

"That's okay, I can't sleep much lately anyway. So much has happened in the last few months. Everything in my life has changed. I don't even know who I am anymore."

"You're Kyle Valenti, yesterday, today and tomorrow."

"Yeah, but..." he trailed off.

She was standing in the door way with one hand on the door jam, the other on her hip. Sensing that he wanted to talk more she stepped aside and motioned him in. Looking down he shook his head no. "What do you think I'm gonna eat your brain?"

He laughed. He tried to remember when was the last time he laughed. "I can't, I should go to sleep now. I have practice tomorrow morning. I just wanted to see if you were okay."

"I'm fine."

He turned around and walked down the hall, opened his door and was out of her sight. She closed the door, turned off the light and walked over to her bed. She layed down on her back, staring at the ceiling she thought about Kyle. Usually she thought only of herself and Max, but now she felt concerned for Kyle. Was he Ok? Did he want to say something. She eventually drifted off to sleep.

Kyle walked down the stairs and into the living room, where his father was watching the evening news in his favorite lazy-boy recliner. "Kyle, I thought you had practice in the morning, usually you are asleep early."

"Dad, why did you take her in? She could of stayed somewhere else..maybe even the Evans' or Guerin's apartment?"

"Kyle, why do we have to go through this a million times. Nasedo asked me that if anything were to happen to him that I'd watch over the royal four."

"Come on. We don't need this."

"Max Evans saved your life. I don't know what I would of had done if you were gone. First your mother, then you. I couldn't deal with that. I don't even want to think about it. I owe them. Correction...we owe them."

"They got us into this mess in the first place."

"Kyle", he said sharply, "This is the least I could do."

"I'm going to bed now. Goodnight dad."

"Goodnight son."

And with that Kyle walked back upstairs to his room. He went into the bathroom and started to undress. Naked he walked over to the shower, reached a hand through the plastic curtain and turned the water on. Then he saw it. Tess was nude, sitting on the bathroom counter top, legs crossed, chest out. He looked at her nipples, pink ,pert, and perfect. She had to be perfect, she is genetically engineered after all. "What the fuck?" he murmered and with that the image was gone. He quickly looked all around, he grabbed a towel, wrapped it around his waist. He opened the bathroom door and looked both ways down the hallway. He walked two doors down to Tess's room. He quietly opened the door, and peeked in. She was asleep. He quietly shut the door and walked back towards the bathroom. "What is happening to me, I swore I saw her. She was sitting right in front of me, buck naked and smiling."

In the shower he thought about her as he stroked his shaft. He thought about grabbing her nipples in his teeth and bitting down playfully. He thought about her kneeling in front of him and putting her mouth on his cock, slowly going up and down. Finally he came, finished his shower and dried off. He looked at the counter top and sighed. He put on his pj bottoms and walked to his bedroom. Eventually he fell asleep, and even in this dreams he couldn't get away from the image of Tess.

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