Fanfic - Crashdown After Hours
"The Lake"
Part 1
by Amy Hugh
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Summary: Hank comes back to finish what he started and things between Michael and Maria heat up!!
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Rating: NC-17
Michael dropped the gun he had in his hand and it fell to the floor. He had just knocked out Hank. He wasn’t dead or anything, he was just unconscious. Maria looked at Michael. “We better get out of here,” Maria whispered. “Yeah,” Michael responded.

When they got to the living room the door opened and everybody else walked through the door. “Hey, Where have you been?” Isabell asked. “I went for a walk,” Michael said while holding Maria’s hand. “Hold up!” Max said, “You two shouldn’t be touching.” “Well…” Maria said, “Hank came by and he tried to kinda kill me and Michael. The reason he said he wanted us to stay apart was so it was easier to kill us.” Everybody stood in sock for a minute. “Oh my God,” Liz broke the silence and ran over and hug Maria. “Are you ok?” she asked. “Yeah I’m fine but, we need to leave Hanks only knocked out. So…”

They packed and left for home. So they could get some more cloths and to figure out a plan. When they got home Maria and Michael ran up the stairs. “I so glad to be home,” Maria said. Michael lay down on the bed pulling Maria down with him. Maria laughed and snuggled closer to Michael. She was happy to be alone with Michael in the house. They almost didn’t get to come home. Max told them to stay at his house but, they put up a good fight and they won.
They woke up about an hour later to the door opening. They looked at each other and walked down the stairs. When they found out it was Amy. They came out from their hiding place. “Hey mom,” Maria said giving her mom a hug. “Hey,” Amy said, “Your Aunt Michele called she wants you, Michael, and your friends want to come to Tennessee and go house boating. She said she would pay ya’lls way there and back.”

About an hour later the whole gang came to the Crashdown. How do y’all feel about going to Tennessee and going house boating,” Maria asked. “Sounds like fun Maria but I don’t have the money,” Liz stated. “Well, My Aunt Michele called and asked Michael, me, and our friends to come up and she would pay for the way there and back.” “Sounds like fun,” Alex said. “We leave in two days,” Maria said.

The next morning Maria woke up and snuggled closer to Michael. Michael rapped his arms around her. “Maria!” Amy called coming up the stairs. Maria and Michael jumped apart. They didn’t want to get yelled at again. “Maria,” Amy opened the door and saw Michael in Maria’s bed. “Why aren’t you in your room Michael?” “Couldn’t sleep,” he stated simply. Amy seemed to buy it and just told Maria that Liz called. Maria called her back as Amy left. “Hey, Liz.” “Hey, I just wanted to let you know that everyone can go.” “Ok.” “Well got to go. Bye.” “Bye.”

The next morning everybody was packed and they left around 4a.m. When they got on the plane Maria and Michael were be side each other Liz and Max in front of them and Alex and Isabell in the row be side Michael and Maria. Maria put up the armrest and laid down in Michael’s lap and fall asleep. Liz looked back to talk to Maria and found out she was asleep. “Ah,” Liz whispered. Michael looked at her weird. “You look so cute together,” Liz whispered. Michael rolled his eyes and closed his eyes to fall asleep.

When the plane landed Michael and Maria woke up and they all got off the plane to find Maria’s Aunt Michele. The spotted her waiting outside the gate. “Hey, Maria,” Her said hugging her. Then Aunt Michele walked over to give Michael a hug. Maria smiled at Michael discomfort. She was glad Michael had someone to consider family, other than Hank.

When they got to the dock where Aunt Michele’s houseboat was. They walked down the dock. “Hey,” Jason said looking her up and down. Michael glared at him but Jason didn’t see him. Jason was this guy that had a huge crush on Maria and personally Maria thought it was gross. Besides her heart belonged to Michael and nobody else.

“Hey, Jason. Wuz up?” “Nothing much. Who are your friends.” “Oh, this is Max, Liz, Isabell, Alex, and Michael,” Maria said pointing to each one. “Hi,” Jason said, “So which one is your step bother?” “Michael,” Maria replied, “Well, we need to be going.” Maria knew she was lying but he gave her the creeps. “Ok, see ya’ll later.” When he was out of sight, Liz broke the silence. “Looks like someone has a crush on you.” “Yeah well it obvioasly doesn’t go the other way around.”

When they got to their boat they all changed into their swimsuits. Maria was the first one in the water. Next was Michael who swam over to Maria. Michael had over heard Maria telling Liz she wasn’t getting her hair wet. So Michael put his hand over Maria’s head ready to dunk her. “No, Michael…please,” Maria said right before she went under. When she came back up she tried to get him back but he was to strong and kept dunking her instead. By this time everybody else was in too.

“Maria,” Aunt Michele said, “Jason has come down to swim with ya’ll.” As she said this Jason came out behind the door and jumped in. He gave a stage look at Michael who now had his arms around Maria. “I thought you two were bother and sister,” Jason said but Maria didn’t hear because she was talking to Liz about something. Michael just ignored him. They got weird looks since their parents got together. Some people thought it was gross. It bothered them at first but now they just ignored the comments. They decided to play water volleyball. They divide the teams and got started Maria, Liz, Alex, and Jason on one and on the other Max, Michael, and Isabell.

It was kind hard because they were in a lake and not a pool but they still played. Jason was trying to act cool around Maria and flirt with her. Michael didn’t like it he couldn’t lose Maria now. He didn’t think he could take that. Maria was just trying to be nice and talk to him.

When they got tried of playing volleyball they started to get out and Jason went back to his boat. The others dried off and change into their P.J. Michael and Maria stayed out on the back of the boat. As usual they were in another make-out session. Maria ran her fingers through Michael’s hair and pulled him closer deepening the kiss. Maria moaned into Michael’s month as his tongue caressed hers.

Max walked to the back of the boat to get them. “Oh, sorry,” Max said. Michael and Maria broke the kiss and looked at him. “Your Aunt went to the store she said she would be back soon,” Max replied. Maria nodded. Michael and her finished drying off and also went inside.

Later that night around nine o’clock they all went up on top of the houseboat to look at the stars. Alex and Isabell were in the two chairs and Max and Liz in one lounge chair and Michael and Maria in the other. Maria slid in between Michael legs and laid her head on his shoulder. They talked for a wail about the stars. Michael looked down to see that Maria was asleep. He wish they could stay this way for forever, but with him being an alien nothing could be normal.

The next morning they took the houseboat out of the dock. “Hope ya’ll having fun,” Aunt Michele said. “Oh, we are thanks for inviting us,” Liz said. “Oh, your welcome. You it's so nice to know that Maria have such great friends and a bother. You know she always wanted a bother are sister.”

Michael and Maria where still asleep. That night her Aunt Michele put her and Michael in the same bed and Liz and Isabell in one and Max and Alex in the other. Michael had his arms around her holding her close and Maria snuggled closer to him. Isabell came down to wake them up. She shook Michael’s shoulder and Michael’s eyes blinked open. “What?” he asked sleepily. “Its time to get up. Ya’ll need to be careful what if Maria’s Aunt came down here to see ya’ll sleeping like this?” Isabell asked. Maria rolled over so now she was facing Michael. Michael rapped his arms back around her. “Get up,” Isabell said leaving.

By the time Maria and Michael got up and dressed. They were already an hour away from the dock. “Did ya’ll sleep?” Maria’s Aunt asked. “Fine,” Maria said even though she slept great. They sat at the table with their friends. Michael was holding her hand under the table. “When we get out a little more ya’ll can jump off the top of the roof,” Aunt Michele said while staring the houseboat out on the lake.

When they stopped everybody already had their swim suits on and where on top of the roof. Maria went first and back up for air and got pulled back down when she came up again she screamed. Michael looked over the edge and saw Maria go back under water again. By that time everybody else could also see. Michael jumped in after her and grabbed her hand and tied to pull her back up but something would let him.

Then Maria wasn’t moving Michael pulled her arm again and she came up. He took her over to where the ladder was and Liz, Max, and Isabell picked her up. Michael climbed up and Max had already healed her. She choked up the water and was breathing heard. Michael sat down beside her. “Are you ok?” He asked. Maria nodded yes and Michael hugged her close. Michael pulled back and kissed her with all the love he had. There was a soft red glow around them.

Max smiled as he noticed that Michael front and went down with them there. He knew that it happened when they weren’t there but this was the first time them had seen Michael show his love to Maria with them right there. Max know better than to know that this was the first time. Max know for a fact that Michael had already told Maria he love her.

Michael broke the kiss and mouthed ‘I love you’. Maria mouthed it back and smiled. “Boo,” Hank said Michael could tell he was drunk. “Wuz up? Miky! So get any yet because it’s a darn shame that you didn’t before I kill her. Then I’m coming after you!” Hank laughed.

Michael held Maria close and promised that he’d die before Hank touched Maria. “Well, your going have to get through me to get to her.” “No problem,” Hank said punching Michael in the face. Michael punched him back. Michael didn’t give up on doing it the human way till he was thrown to the floor and he heard Maria scream. He turned around to find Hank with a gun to Maria’s head. “Move one inch and I’ll kill her.” Michael stay completely still. “The rest of you inside now,” Hank yelled Max, Isabell, Liz, and Alex walked through the door and Hank followed them. Hank saw Maria Aunt who looked scared to death and he lock them all in the bedroom and when back Michael who was still laying on the floor.

“Now Michael I believe Amy said that ya’ll were not acting like bother and sister and you want to know why?” Hank didn’t wait for an answer, “ when I adopted you I knew you were in the 1947 crash because I was on the ship when it crashed.” “Your Nasedo?” Michael asked. “No I’m his bother and I hate humans and I hate you for falling in love with one. I got married to Amy in hopes that you two would brake up but I guess I’ll just have to go to plan B. KILL YOU!!!” Nasedo’s brother said.

Mean while Max was working on opening the door for some reason it was locked by alien powers. He was having trouble. So reached for Izzy’s hand and the door opened about five minutes later.

Max walked behind Hank and used his powers and Hank fall to the drowned dead. Maria crawled over to Michael. “Are you ok?” she asked. I fine now. “I love you Maria and I want you to marry me,” Michael said, “Will you marry me.” “Yes and I love you too.” Maria lend in and kissed him glad that she knew know matter what Michael would always be there.

Michael would tell the others later about Hank but for now and forever all he want was to hold Maria in his arms.

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