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"The Experiment"
Part 9
by LivE
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Summary: This takes place two weeks after Destiny. Someone from the alienís race contacts them and takes them to a camp where they were to receive training before returning to their planet. Or maybe for something else! Read and find outÖ
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Journal Entry 14

Maybe we made a mistake bringing her hereÖ but no, it was essential to the test.

Max entered Lizís tent in a dead run, only to find Jans on his knees next to her bed. Max was having a bad day and Jans got the brunt of it. The first thing Jans knew was Max yanking him away from Liz with such force that he ended up in a heap against the side of the tent.

"Stay. Away. From. Her!" Maxís voice sent chills down the spines of the people that followed him into the tent. He whirled on all of them. "Get out! All of you. She needs ME."

The tent was hastily cleared and Max turned to the sleeping form of the love of his life. She was lying on her side, her face turned towards him. A small frown was marring her features and he knelt next to the bed. "Liz. LoveÖ Please wake up!"

Only Max, who knew every gesture and feature by heart, could see the little twitch of her mouth at the sound of his voice. "Oh god, Liz! What is wrong? I love you!" He touched her face, running his fingers over her cheeks and jaw line, willing her to wake up. "I need youÖ What is wrong!"

Maria was hovering concernedly in the door. Liz was her best friend and she was not afraid of Max, instead his disjointed mutterings and gentle actions brought tears to her eyes. She caught sight of Nick out of the corner of her eye, also watching this whole scene. He seemed entranced by all the emotions on Maxís face: fear, love, despair, guilt.

Max suddenly turned around, startling all the people standing in the door. His eyes were bright with tears when they finally located Maria in the group. "Maria. Get Isabel!" Maria had barely swung around to do his bidding when Izzy was rushing into the tent.

Isabel faltered when she saw Maxís face. He had only ever looked like that once in his life. Just after Liz left him to his destiny at the cave. "Max. Iím here. Iíll do it." She touched his shoulder softly, but he couldnít tear his eyes away from Liz.

Isabel watched as Max clutched Lizís hand tighter, not willing to let go. "Max, you have to let go so I can work with her. Youíll just confuse her ifÖ"

"I canít." Max sounded more distraught by the minute.

Isabel turned to Michael, who was hugging Maria just inside the door. "Come help me with him."

Michael came forward and pried Max away from Liz. But he only managed to move him a few feet. "Liz." There was a wealth of pain in the one word.

Isabel put her hands on Liz and concentrated. It was like trying to punch through a brick wall. But she could feel the anxiety coming of Max in waves and, taking a deep breath, she tried again. This time she could discern a terrified cry that shook her to her core and caused her to jerk her hands away involuntarily.

Max was at her side immediately. "What!" he cried, grabbing Lizís hand again.

Isabel decided not to upset him further. "I couldnít get in."

Max turned pleading eyes to her. "Iz, please. Sheís my lifeÖ" Neither Max nor Isabel heard the gasp that went through the small group of people still milling about in the door of the tent.

Isabel didnít know what to do. Liz, or something, was blocking her. She looked back up into her brotherís desperate face. "You try. Iíll create the connection." She took his hand and put her other hand on Liz. Closing their eyes, Isabel and Max concentrated. The power of feeling pouring from Max to Liz made Isabel feel dizzy and she wondered how they all could have been so blind as to make fun of the love between her brother and this petite girl.

Max was crying out to Liz in his mind, urging her to come to him or to wake up when he sensed another presence. His eyes snapped open. "Iím going to kill her!" With that, he took off out of the tent, scattering people in front of him.

"Oh god, Michael! Stop him!" Isabel cried, pushing Michael after Max.

Michael wasnít fast enough. He found Max already on his way back, dragging Tess by the arm. Michael attempted to talk sense into Max. "Hey Maxwell, calm down! Youíre not helping Liz like this!"

Max just brushed him out of the way and pulled Tess into the tent. "What the hell are you doing to her?" He spoke through gritted teeth.

"Nothing!" Tess wailed. "She must just be really tir-."

"NO!" Max yelled, making everyone jump. "I felt you! In her mind. Undo whatever you did or youíre out of here. For good."

"Youíre insane!" Tess was struggling to get out of his grip.

Black fury shone from Maxís eyes and his voice dropped to just above a whisper. "No, insane is what Iíll be if anything happens to Liz. She is the reason Iím on this planet. To love her. To have her love me back, and so help me, if sheís not here anymore, you wonít be either. Now fix it!" He pushed her towards the bed, still holding onto her arm.

Tess stared at him in fear. He was even more angry than the time he thought she was Nacedo and that she wanted to hurt Liz. She turned around. "Nick, help me!" she begged. But Nick just folded his arms and watched her with an expressionless face. She turned back towards Max and conceded defeat. His face told her that even if Liz were gone, she would always be the one that held his heart. That there would never be anyone to take her place.

Closing her eyes, she removed the part of her from Lizí subconscious that kept Liz afraid to wake up.

Tears began to seep from Lizís eyelids immediately. Max was down on the bed next to her in an instant, cradling her against his body and wrapping his arms around her fiercely. "Love, please donít cry. Iím hereÖ"

Isabel and Michael were herding all the onlookers from the tent when Liz cried out in pain. It was the same awful sound that Isabel heard while she was dreamwalking. The sound held such despair and fear that it sliced through everyone close enough to hear.

Max felt like his heart stopped and he held Liz tighter when she tried to struggle up. "Max, you have to let me go! YouÖ hurtÖ I canítÖ No!"

"What are you talking about? Liz, whatever Tess told you, its not true! Iím fine!" He held her face in his hands, kissing her eyelids, cheeks, nose, anything that he could reach in a desperate attempt to get her to calm down. He held her until the shaking lessened and she reluctantly opened her eyes.

Looking up at Max, Liz saw the tears that threatened to spill from his eyes. Reaching up a trembling hand, she cupped his cheek. "Iím sorry. For scaring you."

Max inhaled deeply, relief etching his face and he unconsciously repeated the words from long ago that started it all for them. "Youíre all right now. Youíre all right." He cradled her to him, rocking her, as much in an effort to calm himself as for her.

Liz clung to him. Here in his arms, she always felt safe. She always felt like she was home.Max leant away from her. "Liz, what happened? What did she do to you?"

Liz escaped his probing look by pressing her face into his neck. He had to strain to hear her muffled words. "Can we talk about it later? IÖ IímÖ Its too soon. Please."

Max ran his hand through her hair, not knowing whether to press for an answer or not. She seemed really upset still and he didnít want to make things worse. Taking a decision, he got up, hugging her against his chest. Walking out of the tent with her, he passed Maria, standing in Michaelís arms. "Please bring her stuff to my tent. She stays with me from now on."

There were some stunned faces in the crowd, but Nick wasnít one of them. He watched as Max strode off with Liz still in his arms and a small smile tugged at his lips.

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