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"Taking A Step Back"
Part 37
by Mary N.
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Liz feels badly, she didn't mean to make Max think that it was all of his fault. She knows that's exactly what he is doing. Even if she didn't hear his thoughts she would have know. "Max don't! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you think it was your fault. I took that bullet willingly remember. I knew the risks, but I loved you even then. I had to do what I could to put an end to the F.B.I.'s case on you. I'd do it again in a heart beat, and the thing with Teomner, you couldn't know what he had in mind. He fooled both of us."

Isabel rolls her eyes and in her princess tone she declares, "Now is one of those times when we wish you would communicate in thought only. Okay, so enough is enough. Besides if I have to listen to you two get all mushy for one more second I'm going to be sick."

Jim Valenti has just been sitting listening to

Jim's really understand the magnitude of his actions in September for the first time. "And you have me to thank for that. I'm the one that called the F.B.I., I'm the one that's been pushing for answers. Wow, I never realized how all of that effected you kids."

"It's not all bad, it's because of you that I finally out the truth. The night of the party out at the old soap factory. While Liz and I sat in the jail, she had no choice but to tell me." Alex informs Valenti.

Max can also think of some good things that came out of the Sheriff telling the F.B.I. "The good thing was they sent Ms. Topolski." Everyone looks at him like he's crazy. "Admit it, if they had sent anyone else, we wouldn't be sitting here right now. She's the one that convinced her superiors we were nothing more than regular teenagers. If she ever decides to change jobs she'd make a great councilor. She helped me step out of behind the tree."

"The tree again, what was all that about anyway?" Inquires Liz.

"It was a metaphor, Topolski advised me to stop hiding, and to put myself out there. You know, to take chances and let people into my life. Not get me wrong guys, I know what she was after, and she got it. She got enough information to interest Teomner in us."

"That's the part I understand the least. Why would Teomner raise a human child?"

It's true, she was. But it was his intent in the beginning. We found a lab journal telling of experiments they were running on humans, all of them resulting in death except for the last one, Kathleen Topolski. She survived, with the results they were hoping for, but there was also a side effect, she developed the power to read people. Teomner saw this as something they could use to there advantage. To make this long story shorter, she told Teomner her suspicions about us, and he brought in some of his hired men to follow us and to learn as much about us as they could. It doesn't seem they learned about our secret, but they found out enough to clue Teomner in on who we were, or who we are to become. It has to do with a prophecy from my world. It is about three from my world and three from Earth fighting the evil and helping our people reunite. Because of the prophecy Teomner wanted to gain control over us. Which is even a longer story. One that you don't need to know about. Other than to say Nasado returned, both he and Teomner are dead, Teomner's alien helpers are going to sleep for about . . . fifty years, and through the events that took place Kyle found out our secret."

"I wanted to tell you the truth dad, but I couldn't. It wasn't my secret, it was their's, and now more than ever I understand how important it is. I only hope you do as well, and that you understand why I had to lie to you."

"I knew you were lying about the house, I also figured out that it was Teomner's. The only thing I haven't figured out is where it is?"

"Sheriff for reasons I hope you can understand, we're not going to tell you that. It's location is very well concealed and ou as well. eep. We I also told you this meeting with Topolski is something you still can't be involved in. is still true. You still have to stay out of it, and for that reasons I'm not going to tell you were it is. Besides if there ever comes a time we have to hide it's the best place for us to go. The more you know about it, the less safe it will be for us. I told you earlier, I still can't tell you where it is."

As we told you earlier, I healed Liz. Each of us have special gifts or talents. One of mine is to heal, but I can't heal a cold or a diseases like diabetes or cancer. I can only heal injuries like cuts, bruises, and other things that are done to someone. Example, Liz's gun shot wound. The thing is, because we have spent our lives trying not to draw attention to ourselves, our powers are not very well developed. With the help of the Gates we are changing that. Did I miss anything guys?

"The meeting with Topolski?" inquires Valenti.

"I was hoping not to have to go into that. In fact I think you've learned to much about it already. Look Sheriff, I know you want to help, but we have learned we're better off using our powers rather than guns. Topolski is something we have to handle on our own."

"Wait, I'm not going to sit back and do nothing while my sons life may be at risk."

"You will be putting him at risk if you try to interfere. The fewer people knowing our secret the safer we all are. And even more so, the fewer people she knows about knowing our secret the better. eight now she doesn't know anyone outside of about Sandie, Kyle, Alisha, Robert, and now you. didn't know they knew how he learned what he did.

Max saw his expression and smiles slightly. Yes, Kyle figured it out, and we found it. Back to what I was saying. We are all changing, it's like I said, we knew very little about ourselves and had no why to find out. We fell in love and having human feelings we became involved. Just kissing was all it took, and the changes began. We are growing closer in every way possible, mind, body, and soul. It's really quite remarkable.

They don't volunteer any additional information, feeling that it will come out in time, and not wanting to overwhelm him. They also choose to leave out information about certain powers that they posses, only sharing what they feel is necessary, which meant they left out a lot. Max did confirm that he healed Liz that day at the Crashdown, as well as how each of them discovered the truth about the others.

They also told him what they knew about their heritage, including Nasado and Teomner. They never mention Riverdog or Eddie's involvement or the cave near the Indian Reservation. They didn't feel that would be right of them to involve them in this when they didn't have to be.

To there surprise Jim Valenti took things very well. It was like Alisha had said he all ready knew a some of the information, and suspected much of the rest.

As the morning hours rolled around they decided to end this meeting for now. The teens each needed to get home before they were missed with the exception of Sandie, Kyle, and Michael. Michael choose to go with Max and Isabel to their house, figuring that Amy DeLuca would be waking up soon anyway. Then by Robert suggestion Kyle and Sandie went to Sandie's room to try and get a couple of hours rest before having to get ready for school.

That left Alisha, Robert, and Jim sitting in the living room to talk alone. Robert suspected that there were questions Jim wanted to ask, but didn't want to ask in front of Kyle. "Jim are there anymore questions that you would like to ask?"

"There is one, I over heard the others talking about changes that were happening between Max and Liz, and that Isabel and Alex would also go through them. What about Sandie and Kyle and their relationship, what should I know, what should I expect?"

Robert felt the best way to handle this was father to father. "Yes they will go through changes, but what exactly we can't say. We only know what happened to the two of us. We have found that to this point the same things are happening between Liz and Max, and yet there are some differences in the time frame. The changes seem to be happening quicker for them. They mentioned they were hearing each others thoughts, that didn't happen to us until a month after we became intimate. I have wondered it that had to do with a ceremony Max's father walked them through, but I can't be sure about that. One thing that has stayed the same is the drawl that each pair has on each other. Once they connect, by connect I mean see into each others souls there seems to be a need, a chemical need to be close to each other. Kyle and Sandie will continue to grow closer together, and the more physically involved they get the more the will need each other. Which is not be something that any of us will be able to stop.

"What, are you saying you condoning sex between our kids?" Jim Valenti is shocked.

Robert just shakes his head. "You don't understand, of course were not condoning sex. What I'm trying to tell you is, they will be miserable without each other. Jim try to understand this, they have chosen to be together, and that goes way beyond a traditional relationship. It is deeper than that, they are literally be drawn together, like soul mates if you will. No matter how much they fight to stay away from each other they will end up together. It's just the longer they fight it the harder it is on both of them. I'm not explaining this very well. Let's try it another way shall we? The changes they have already gone through make them reliant on each other. It's like their bodies need more of what the other can give it, what they lack of their own. For example, people take vitamin pills in order to get certain vitamins they need to stay healthy. It's like that, we have to get what or mate has, that we don't in order to stay health. There are upsides and down sides to this. What most people would consider a downside is Alisha and I can't be away from each other for long than two weeks or we get deathly sick. On the upside, we don't get sick as long as we aren't kept apart.

"What happens if for some reason you have to be apart? Say one of you gets captured, you are in the service after all Robert."

"That's never happened. With my abilities I've always been able to avoid being captured. We only have one event that gives a clue to what might happen. Sandie was a twin, our son died two and a half weeks after the scientist took him from us. When they took our son and Sandie from us shortly after their birth, we all became deathly sick. After he was lost they returned Sandie to us and the three of us recovered. That lead us to believe, if one of us were to die, the bond would be severed allowing the others to continue. With Sandie now, the bond is also fading. We assumed that was part of her becoming a young women."

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