FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
Part 1
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Setting: Liz's roof top.

Liz is sitting on her lounge chair writing in her dairy. Max is at his house dreaming about her.

Max awaken after his dream. "Oh my god!" heís says with a sigh. He had a determined look on his face. one of those looks that says I have a mission. With out a word Max gets up walks to his window. He looks out and thinks of her. Then with out dressing, wearing only a white shirt and boxers, he opens the window and jumps out.

Liz writing in her dairy:

Today I thought was going to be a good day, but it really wasn't, I was loaded with work and Max hadn't stopped in. Know it was my choice, but I still want to see him.... Liz' s thoughts were interrupted my a sound of someone coming up the ladder. The noise scared Liz and she clinched the book close to her. Who was it she thought. "Hello, who is...." she tried to say something when she saw dark hair and was shocked when she saw a figure she knew climb over the side of the building wearing hardly any clothes. "Max!...what are u doing here, and in your boxers?" Liz said with a slight giggle at the sight of that hot body in barely nothing. It made her feel like a little girl again.

"I....ummmm!... I just wanna..." Max stumbled for words as he neared to Liz. Liz could tell his body was hot and he was swaying as if he were drunk. "I just need....." he continued as he stood before Liz.

"Max are u okay, are u drunk?" Liz said as she squinted to see if she could tell if he was drunk or not. "do you need to sit down?" she said as she stared at his eyes. They were intoxicated with something, and his breathe was heavy and long. He just stared at Liz in a daze.

"Liz, I need...." he started and leaned in close to her.

"Yes Max what do you need?" Liz asked as she started to get caught in the moment.

Max said nothing and just brushed his nose to hers. She could feel his hot breathe and she was intoxicated. Max grabbed her pulled her closer to him. She could feel his hard body next to hers. She was being aroused. She could feel his body through his thin clothes and she felt hot. He leaned down to her neck and kissed it. Then he went for those small pink lips. Those lips drove him crazy, he would sit there in class and watch her bite her bottom lip and think and he thought what it would be like to kiss her. Now he had them tight and closed in his. Piercing them with his tongue. Drinking her with all his might. Liz's arms moved forward and she held him close. Running her nails down his strong back. Driving even more into the moment. Max's hand grabbed her around her waist an pulled her short body up to him. Kissing her harder, moving closer to the window of her room.

"Max!...." Liz gasped as she pulled away from his deep kiss. "What do you have planned to do here?" she asked.

"I don't know....just going on instinct." he looked at her "Now shut up." and he went on kissing her.

Liz surprised at that pushed him away. He was strong but he did pull away. "Hold on, Max don't get ahead of yourself."

"What is it?" glanced at her face than her body "What is wrong?" they are still tangled close to each other.

"Nothing really, just since you came up here you seem different." She replied. "So it more like what is wrong with you?" She asked.

They pulled away at that and looked at each other. Max still looks like he was drunk. "Now what gives you any idea, that anything is wrong with me?" he said still in a stare at her face and body. "Your the one who stopped, I am all gun ho, so to speak."

"It is just, you said that it was a good idea to wait till this destiny thing was over." she said.

"I guess I changed my mind!" he grinned.

"And what about tomorrow?" she asked, moving closer to him. "How will you feel tomorrow?"

"I'll tell you tomorrow!" He grabbed her and held her tight kissing her to the window were she slipped into. He followed, inside he glanced around to see her room. His head seem to be spinning. he walk to Liz which was standing near her bed.

"Max is this going to be another night like out in the desert?" she asked as she took a deep breathe. "What is it?" she saw in his eyes something see never saw before.

"I'm hungry!", he said as he moved to her and cupped his hands around her bottom and pulled her close.

" I could go downstairs and get some thing for you?" she offered.

"No not that hungry." he smiled

"oh I could just get some chips to munch on, if you want?" she offered that.

"No not even close, Iím hungry for..." he let her wonder what he was going to say.

"for...what, Max?" she asked.

"YOU!" Max grabbed her and pulled her up closer to him.

Max kissed her harder and their passion deepened. His hand run her up body to her shirt buttons, undoing one at a time. Liz could fell his heat near her, his entire body was on fire. Her body was warming up to his. He could fell that. She ran her hands down Maxís back to his waist where she found his boxer's waist band. she slipped a finger down and felt the heat release from there. He pulled away starring at her small body. She knew that he was giving her permission to do anything. She turned him to the bed and pushed him down. He flopped on the bed. Never taking his eyes off her. She leaned over him and barely brushed his lips. she grabbed is shirt and tugged it off his body slipping over his head. He lied back down. She leaned over again and let her hair touch his body. Each strain seem to send charges of pleasure over him. He moaned as she moved down his body feeling her hair gently glide down him. With a flip of her hair, she looked at him, his head thrown back still enjoying what he just felt. She noticed his "Shh" Liz said as she removed his hands and uncovered him. A slight smile came over her face as she stared. Max looked at her, as she stared down at him. He wasn't sure if he like this. He was excited and it showed. Liz gasped as she grab him. Max groaned as she touched him. "OH my!..." she said as she started to move her fingers up and down the length of him. "Max." Liz said. "Yes, Liz!" Max said as she moved closer to him. Her lips an inch away form his lips. "Are you ready?" she said as she kissed him with more passion than he ever felt.

Maxís hand ran down Lizís sides, pulling her shirt over her head. Exposing her black lace bra. She gasped as she felt his hand cup her breast. Max slide the fabrics of her bra between his fingers, kneading her nipple. Which was getting harder by the minute. And so was Max. While Max worked on Lizís pants bottons, Liz began to slide her hand up and down Maxís ever hard man hood. Running her thumb over the tip, which threw Maxís head back , "Oh , Liz!" he would whisper. Liz smiled at the fact that Max Evans, a man she never imagined, lying on her bed letting her do anything to him. She know at this moment. Things would be different.

He raised from the bed and looked at Liz with this wonder in his eyes. "I know you want to see what Ďyour aliení is all about. But first..." he said as he grabbed her and tossed her on the bed. Liz gasped as she hit the soft blanket that was on the bed. She was surprised at his strength. He leaned down and began to kiss her stomach. Running his hands above his head to cup her breast. Max began to play with Liz, to tease her. His tongue glided down into her navel. Caressing her flesh with his moist muscle. Liz moaned. Then Max reached down and fingered her waist band of her pants. He grabbed and yanked them down, sliding them down her thighs and off. Max stared at Liz for a few seconds. He thought of how could this be, he was here undressing the women that he fantasized about. Something he had only down with his eyes. He saw how she was thin and graceful, lying there begging for his touch. which he did not denie her. He ran his finger over her hip and to the waistband of her panties. He could feel the heat just inches away. Liz moaned of his every touch. Images rush to her, with his kisses. He ran his hands behind her, caressing the small of her back. Liz moaned in Maxís mouth as he undid her bra. It seem to pop off from the expansion of her plump breasts. The heat coming from her made Max sweat. She was on fire, she began to run her hand down his strong chest. Stroking him to see how long he could stand it. "Liz keep that up and we might have to end this right now." Max said to tease her. "Oh Max no please I need you." Liz quickly answered but still didnít release him. He caressed her breast then lowered his hand and glided his lips across her nipple. They became so hard at that sensation. He slipped his tongue over the nipple running it up and down and even in circles. Lightly sucking it. Liz moaned as her hands tangled in his hair. Pressing him closer to her. Maxís brain was on automatic. He glided his hands down her sides to her panties and ran his fingers lightly over her feminine parts. Feel the heat and moistness drove him crazy. That is where he wanted to be. Where he need to be. Oh he wanted her, so much. Liz gasped as she felt him down there. Where she had only had dreams, no they were coming true. "Max..." she began grabbing his head in her hands. "Rock my planet, baby" she gave a sexy smile. Max kissed her lightly. Then trailed those kisses to her pantie line grabbing them and pulling them down slowly. Revealing her to him, slowly. "Oh Max" she gasped loudly not caring how heard. Max was touching her, leading her down a road that they canít turn back. NEVER able to turn back. And this was just the beginning.

The Next morning laying in his arms curled up next to each other. Max opens his eyes and sees that Liz is there with him. Memories rushed to him of all the things he did with her last night. He was smiling at this when Lizís eyes popped open. She looked around and the thoughts of them together last night pleased her. She turned her head to see Max with a goofy grin on his face, like one a small boy would have after receiving a lollipop. For that moment they were happy. Until....."Liz!, get up before your are late for school." Lizís mother entered her room. "OH my god! what the hell is going on? who the hell? Elizabeth Parker, what do you think you are doing.?!" Liz and Max scrabbled to get dressed while covering them selves so the still stunned wouldnít get her eyes completely full.

."Umm... mom I, uh... we......" Liz stumbled while pulling on her pants.

"I think I know what is going on." Mrs. Parker said.

"Yeah but it isnít what it loo... well okay it is what it looks but..." Liz changed her story with the look her another gave her.

"Umm... Mrs. Parker, maíam ... Your daughter and I... we just .... ummm...." Max also tried to explain.

"Listen, just get dress and I want to see both of you down stairs, we are going to call your parents Max and Liz you are going to get it from me!!!" Mrs. Parker demanded.

"Mom wait, your not going to tell dad, are you?" Liz asked holding her shirt next to her chest.

"And destroy his image of his sweet little girl, who to him is still five. I donít think so!" Mrs. Parker said as she went down stairs to wait for Liz and her accomplist.

Downstairs at the dinning table:

"Liz, I know u think u are in love with him but..." Mrs. Parker started as her daughter interrupted.

"But nothing mother! I am in love with him. He makes me feel..." Liz stopped because this isnít something she wanted to share with her mother. How she felt about Max was private and if she wanted to share anything with anyone it would be Maria. This was a special feeling that she kept deep to her self.

"Now you listen here..." Mrs. Parker began. Just then Max joined them. He was red faced and had just gotten off the phone with his father. Ho looked at Liz and a boyish smile came over his face.

"I love you." crossed his lips, before he knew he said it Lizís mother chimed in.

"oh please you donít even know what love is, yet." Mrs. Parker claimed.

"Mother, stop it!" Liz busted out.

"Now young lady donít you take that tone with me. I have spent to many night with you for you to treat me like that. Both myself and your father have high hopes for and DAMN be it for someone like him to endanger that." Mrs. Parker rambled on "Now I donít know what happened and I donít care I can just garuntee that it will not happen again."

"Mom, what do you mean?!?" Liz was afraid that what her mother was saying was that she will not allow Max and her to be together. "MOM you donít mean!" Liz felt tears start to form.

Max just stood there as if he were stone. He couldnít believe that this was happening. "Mrs. Parker maíam. You not seriously thinking of keeping us apart, do you?" Max finally said as he shifted to Liz. "Please donít do that !" he reached for Liz hand. They held each other hands as they waited to hear the news.

"That is exactly what I am going to do. From this moment on this will be the last time you will see him besides school." Mrs. Parker blurted out.

Those words for Max and Liz came out in slow motion, it hit them hard. Liz began to cry. "NO mom, Please donít do this." Liz raised and held on to Maxís strong body. "I love him!"

Maxís mouth dropped open by this event. "NO, Mrs. Parker. I love your daughter. Please donít take her away from me." Maxís words shocked even him.

"Liz I wanna talk to Max in private. Go upstairs and wait for me. Now!" Mrs. Parker demanded. With that Liz kissed him and ran from the room crying. Max was in tears as well. "Now, Max this might seem hard right now but it will get better. You will have many other girlfriends, so just leave Liz alone."

"NO!" Maxís became tense with those words. "Now you listen every since that day in the crashdown, I fell in love with Liz. Mrs. Parker was shocked at this boyís statement. She was angry that he did that but let him speak his words. "What happened that day?" Mrs. Parker asked.

"Ummm.... I saved your daughterís life!!" Max was angry and it didnít hit him until Mrs. Parker spoke.

" you mean?" Mrs. Parker face became white.

" Sit down, and Iíll explain." Max said after a long pause. This will be hard to understand. With that Mrs. Parker sat. Max joined her at the table and preceded to tell Mrs. Parker the whole story of that day at the Crashdown.

Liz in there in her bedroom tried so hard to listen down the step. What are they talking about? she tried not to think of all the rules she must be laying down on him. It pain her to think of all the sorrow she will go through. Not she thought!

"OHMIGOD!!" a scream came down from the downstairs. It was Her mother. Liz eyes became wide and she ran down the steps. She saw her mother standing starring at Max with a weird look.

"MOM what is it?" Liz rushed to Maxís side staring at her mother.

Mrs. Parker mouth wouldnít move and neither did Maxís. "Hello someone tell!" Liz demand.

"Hun, I think I need to lay down. I just need to sleep. OH! by the way you can see max." She said running by them staying far from max.

"Ummm....Max what is up with her." she said as she turned to see a blank and pale look eched in his face.

"I told her." he said plainly.

"That you love me?" she asked.

"Ummm...that and the other." he seem to still act plain.

He glanced at her just as she realized what she was talking about. "Ohmi...Max you didnít!" Liz yelled.

"Ummm..yeah I did." he said yet again plainly. "Let go!"

"Where?" Liz acted puzzled, still thinking that every one around her as gone nuts and she is the only sane on around.

"I donít care..." with that he grabbed her hand and pulled out through the CrashDown. "Oh wait, I didnít bring my jeep, or any clothes. Let me call IS real quick."

Later IS rushed the jeep and a pair of jeans to Max and in return he drop her off at the mall.

Going down the road.

"So whatz going trough your head?" Max asked.

"You donít want to know." she sharply said.

Max smiled at her sarcasm. "Why is that? I mean now that we are together..." Max said. Liz sat there across from him still not believing that this reality has not sunk in.

"Max, You told my mother about you!" Liz said excited.

"Listen, I am tired of always being afraid, now I am going to live the way I want." Max said.

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