FanFic - After Hours
"Slumber Party "
Part 9
by Linda
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Summary: Weekend after they all went camping from "Into the Woods" Isabel has a change of heart about Alex, and plans a slumber party with the girls to help them get what they want as well.
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Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: The Challenge: by: BoobzyDD@cs.com1. A sleepover with all the couples A & I, M & M, And M & L.2. Getting somewhat drunk3. A porno video4. The game Truth or Dare5. And a shirt getting ripped off somebody.6. Must be NC-17
Max looked at Liz and then he stood up. "Isabel was right. Everything she said about the three of us needing the three of you was…is right." He admitted hoarsely, and didn't take his eyes off of Liz. Willing her to meet his look.

As Max's words penetrated, Liz's head came up and she stared at him.

"I'm sorry I hurt you again Liz. I didn't mean to. Everything I said and did tonight was the truth. It wasn't a lie to use you. All the drink did was make me say and do all I had always wanted to say and be with you, but had been too afraid to." He admitted huskily, and swallowed.

Liz choked on a sob and went over to stand in front of Max. "What are you saying Max. I need to hear you say it sober." She met his eyes honestly, and calmly.

Max smiled and cupped her soft cheek with his big hand. "I need you in my life to keep me balanced Liz. When I'm with you, when you are part of my life, I feel whole and happy, and safe. And I feel stronger. Like I can do anything if I have you with me. And I've loved you since the first time I laid eyes on you." He told her straight out.

Liz gasped and a tear escaped and rolled down her cheek, onto his hand.

Isabel and Maria could only stare at Max and Liz.

Alex moved next. He bent down in front of Isabel and took her hand gently. "Did you mean it? You want me in your life?" he had to hear her say it to him as well.

Isabel smiled brightly knowing it would be okay. She nodded and sucked in a shaky breath. "Yes. I need you Alex. You make me feel safe. And I think I'm in love with you." She admitted shyly.

Alex shook his head as if to clear it and to make sure he had heard right. Then he smiled at her when she laughed.

Maria looked around at the other two couples, and then at Michael. She was afraid. She didn't think Michael would admit what the other's had admitted. She would have been shocked if he had, but she was so afraid that he would still reject her totally.

Michael saw the brave look on Maria's face as she stood up to him and waited. He knew she was waiting for him to deny his own feelings, and to laugh off all that serious stuff that the other's had stated. But he couldn't. He felt exactly the way Isabel and Max had admitted they felt with their other half.

Michael swallowed. "Ditto." He said in a soft voice. He couldn't get anything else past his throat.

Maria looked stunned, then smiled. "What did you say?" she asked.

Michael rolled his eyes and gave her a half smile. "You heard me." He threw back.

Maria put her hands on her hips, her eyes twinkling. He was not going to get away with not saying anything. "What exactly are you dittoing?"

Michael swallowed and laughed. Maria was so beautiful and he loved the way she never backed down. She deserved to hear it. "Ditto that I need you. That you make me feel strong, and that I love you." He finally just said.

Maria had not really expected him to say all that, and her mouth fell open. She was speechless

Michael smirked. "Well now I know how to shut her up." He said, looking around at the others.

That seemed to break the seriousness of the moment and they all laughed.

Then Max took Liz into his arms and cupped her face. "Forgive me?" he whispered.

Liz nodded and smiled. And then Max leaned down and took her mouth as he had done earlier. Showing her that he didn't have to be drunk to show her how much he loved her.

Isabel laughed at how happy Max and Michael looked, and turned as Alex touched her arm, and then he was kissing her as well.

"You want to shut me up do you?" Maria teased, putting her hands on her hips. Michael's eyes were blazing into hers with a mixture of love and happiness.

"Yeah, but I think I have a better way." He said and pulled her to him as she reached for him, and then they too were locked in each other's arms.

Isabel and Alex came up for air first and then Isable laughed. "So what do we do now? Anyone want to play more Truth or Dare?" she teased.

Max and Michael lifted their heads, but kept their arms about the girls. "I think we've had enough of both tonight don't you Is?" Max threw her a half smile.

"You mean you don't want to watch any more of that skin flick, Max?" Michael teased.

Max groaned. "Not if I want to live through the night."

Liz giggled, then noticed as Max held her close, that he was hard again. She sucked in her breath. All of the night's events and the images on the screen flashed before her, and she swallowed. God she wanted Max!

Her body moved into his of it's own free will, and Max looked down at her with his eyes hot again.

"Max" Liz whispered, drowning in his blazing hot eyes.

"Yeah oh yeah" he swallowed and then grabbed her hand and started for the stairs.

"Max! Now you know mom didn't mean we could have THAT kind of a sleepover!" Isabel called out with a laugh.

"STUFF IT IZZY!" Max called out hoarsely and Liz giggled as they ran up the stairs and the others heard the door to Max's room slam.

Isabel laughed again, but then turned back to Alex and saw his intent gaze. She sucked in her breath. Oh My God! Isabel thought. She felt her knees give out. To see Alex giving her such a look, she was breathless.

Alex lowered her to the couch with a confident grin, and followed her down. She'd never seen such a confident grin on Alex's face before. It was sexy! She thought.

Alex gently took Isabel's beautiful face into his hands, and softly placed a kiss on her parted, surprised lips.

"Isabel." Was all he said, more like a sigh, and then he was kissing her with more passion.

Isabel sighed into Alex's mouth and wrapped her arms around him tightly.

Michael and Maria had been kissing again, but when they realized that they were still standing in the middle of the living room, they broke apart, and Michael looked around.

Then taking Maria's hand he headed toward the Evan's finished basement. He and Max used to have sleepovers down there when they were younger. And he grinned as he remembered some of the fantasies they had talked about and how he now promised himself he would fulfill some of those tonight, with Maria.


"Alex do you want to go up to my room?" Isabel asked between kisses.

Alex leaned up on an elbow and looked around. He could see the unsure ness in Isabel's eyes, but the passion as well. He smiled gently and cupped her cheek again.

"Isabel. I want to get to know you. All of you, but we have time. I would like to do this right. I want to take you out on dates, and kiss you and make out with you in my car, and then stand under your porch light and kiss you good night. I want all of that first. I've fantasized about all those things with you Isabel And I want to do it all, but I want us to take our time and get to know each other and start at the beginning." He said seriously.

Isabel was touched. She felt her eyes tear up. Most of the guys she had dated she had had to peal off of her. Now she was with someone she thought she loved, and he wanted to get to know HER. Not just her body. "Alex what did I do to deserve you." She swallowed.

He just shook his head, looking down at her with eyes filled with overwhelming love. "I don't know what I did to deserve you Isabel Evans." He whispered and took her mouth again.


Michael led Maria down the stairs and when they were in front of the couch, he swung her around and back into his arms.

Maria couldn't get enough of him. Her mind was spinning and her thoughts were jumbled, but one thing stood out. Michael had admitted he loved her! And in front of everyone! This kept swimming in her head. She kissed him back with all the love she had, and wrapped her arms around him, trying to get even closer to him.

Michael could feel Maria plastered completely to the front of him, and he growled at the feel of her heat against his arousal, and her little pointy nipples that were like to little spikes of heat against his own chest.

Then Michael led her to the couch, fell down on it and dragged Maria with him, until she was on top of him. "Maria?" Michael asked, taking his lips from hers.

Maria couldn't stop kissing him. She kissed her way down his jaw and to his neck. "yeah?" she answered distractedly.

"How are you?" he asked. "How was your day at school?"

Maria's head came up and met his serious eyes with her startled ones. "WHAT?" she asked. She was not sure she heard him right. Her own brain was foggy with passion and from wanting Michael.

"I said, how was your day?" he repeated calmly, holding her over him.

Then Maria saw the twinkle in his eyes and she gave a shout of laughter. She remembered asking him when they were making out in the storage room at school a few months ago, if they could do more than just make out. Did he care about her enough to talk to her as well?

"Michael." Maria said after she finally stopped laughing and looked at him seriously again.

"Maria?" he teased her back.

"Shut up." She said and then it was his turn to laugh before they were kissing again with the same passion as before, but now with joy as well.


After Max had let the door to his room slam shut with his kick, he fell onto the bed, still holding Liz in a kiss that had lasted all the way down the hall to his room.

Liz sighed into his deep wet hot kisses and clung to his strong body. Her world was spinning with the taste and feel of Max, but she held on tight and felt safe in his arms. Then she again became aware of the raging hard part of Max that was now throbbing against her leg, where he had slid one of his legs over hers.

Liz moaned. She had been dying of curiosity, and after that skin flick, she wanted answers to some of the questions that the girls had discussed earlier. And she also just wanted Max. All of Max. Her small hand reached down between their bodies and she finally cupped that hard flesh that had been burned into her bottom all night.

Max's head flew up and he gazed down at Liz with wild passion. "Liz baby, maybe we shouldn't." Max swallowed. Another minute and he wouldn't be able to think at all. He had to say it now. "I love you. That's enough." He whispered and looked down at her with softer eyes now.

"It would be enough just to hold you tonight. All night, in my arms." He admitted and brushed a strand of her beautiful silk hair back from her face with his hand.

Liz knew he meant what he said. Max loved her and she knew she could stop him at any time. But she didn't want to. Max had been so cautious and reserved for so long now, that she didn't want to lose this moment. This night. She loved him and wanted Max. All of Max. From the minute he had connected with her and she'd seen into his soul, all those months ago, she had known that it would be Max. Only and forever Max.

"You're not chickening out are you Evans?" she teased.

Max looked startled for a second, and then seeing her teasing eyes, he laughed. "Does this feel like a coward to you?" Max teased back, and pushed himself into her hand, which was still against his hard flesh.


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