FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Slippery When Wet"
Part 1
by SeptemberSun
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell or anyone/thing affiliated with the show. If I did, "Max" nor "Michael" would ever be seen outside of my bedroom :)
Summary: Tess spies on Max as he takes a shower.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: Read and enjoy! Feel free to email me w/other ideas on what to write. Oh yeah! Thanks to Clara for reading all my stories/episodes and giving me her opinions! :)
Tess sat in Isabelle's room listening to her talk about her plans for the New Year's Eve party. Liz had convinced her dad to let them have it at the Crashdown. Isabelle was now being very meticulous about her choice of decorations and musical entertainment. She was even considering letting Alex's band play at the stroke of midnight.

"Sounds great." Tess said, feigning a smile. Only moments earlier, Max had peeked into Izz's room announcing that he would be in the shower if anyone called. Tess knew very well that, by saying 'anyone', Max really meant Liz.

Isabelle had merely nodded, not caring if her brother were on the same planet at this moment in time. Afterall, she had a party to plan and only five days to do it.

"What do you think the color-scheme should be? Black and silver seem so...dull. And black and gold are so...old."

Tess nodded, trying to look interested. "Agreed. and purple?"

Isabelle looked thoughtful. "Black and purple." she repeated. "Maybe I could throw in a little magenta to set it off."

Tess bit her lip, nervously, hoping her timing was right. "Do you mind if I get a soda?"

"Of course not." Isabelle said without turning away from her open notebook. "Oh, Tess? Could you bring one for me? Diet, of course."

"Sure." grinned Tess. She felt like a prisoner no longer confined to her cell.

Turning down the hall, she headed toward the bathroom. Sure enough, the shower was on. Taking a deep breath, she tried the door. Locked. Tess sighed, she was afraid this would happen. How could she 'accidentally' walk in on Max if the door was locked? Using her power, she released the lock, quietly turned the knob, and stepped inside.

The Evans' shower door was clear and Tess could see Max's muscular frame inside. He was leaning forward, bracing himself against the shower wall. His forehead rested on his forearm, and though she couldn't see his eyes - Tess imagined them to be shut.

She almost expected him to look up and see her standing there, but he didn't. As she watched, Max's fist curled around his veined manhood ~ sliding smoothly down to the base and returning to the tip.

Tess held her breath, feeling her nipples perk up at the sight of Max pleasuring himself.

As she watched, Max thrust his hips forward repeatedly, stoking himself. Water streamed over his body, dripping off his nose and running down his rippled stomach.

Tess knew where his mind was. With Liz. He was probably picturing himself plunging into her precious body right now.

Max gasped, his thighs and buttocks trembling. As Tess watched, he came. The liquid frothing from his stiff, glistening cock. She wanted to clear her throat, announce her presence, but she knew it would only result in Max's embarrassment. It's not like he would take her into the shower and touch her like he had just touched himself. Things like that only happened in soap operas or in the movies.

Smiling to herself, Tess slipped out of the bathroom as Max began to cleanse himself - washing away any evidence of what she had just witnessed.

The End

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