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"Sexual Tension"
Part 1
by Dee
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“Maria, what are you doing here?” Liz asked as she slipped her sundress back over her head. “You can turn around now. I’m dressed.”

Maria didn’t turn around. “Yeah, you’re dressed, but what about Moondoggie?”

“I was never naked to begin with, Maria,” Max said calmly. He tried to appear nonchalant but his cheeks were burning.

Maria turned around slowly, her hand clapped over her eyes. After peeking through her fingers and asserting that everything was as it should be Maria lowered her hand. Max and Liz felt themselves grow redder under her scrutiny. Max glanced uneasily at Liz. “Maybe I should go.”

“Yeah,” Liz conceded, her eyes seductively trailing up and down his body, “we’ll continue this later.”

After he was gone Liz leaned back against the door and glared at her best friend. “Oh god, Maria! You have the worst possible timing!”

“Me? I thought we were supposed to have a girls’ night! How was I supposed to know you’d be up here getting it on with Max?”

“Grrr!” Liz hissed in frustration, sliding down the door to the carpet. “Maria, he was sooo close. . . .”

Maria plopped down beside her. “So close to what? So spill, what happened?”

“Nothing happened, Maria. You showed up before he could even get started good.”

“Well, it sure looked like you were starting something to me. Are you two. . .you know. . .doing it?”

“Not yet.” Liz sighed and jumped to her feet. “I think I’ll take a shower.”

“A cold one?” Maria teased.

“You got it.”


Later after Liz had taken an extremely long, extremely cold shower she went to join Maria in the living room. She laughed to see Maria sitting on the floor because she looked so uncomfortable. “Why don’t you just sit in a chair?”

“I couldn’t take the chance that I might encounter a little MaxnLiz juice if I did.”

“Maria, that is so gross! I told you. Nothing happened.”

“Yeah, I know. Yet.” Liz threw a pillow at her. Maria tossed it back which provoked a pillow fight which lasted about three minutes before they were both lying in the floor, wheezing for breath. “Boy, for a couple of hip, happening sixteen year olds, we sure are out of shape,” Maria gasped.

“I think we’re just bored,” Liz said, “I mean, it’s the weekend and we’re having a girls’ night while our boyfriends are at home.”

Maria rolled onto her stomach, eyeing Liz with exasperation. “Liz, this weekend is about proving that we can have fun without male companionship. I mean, do you think the guys are at home right now moping because they can’t be with us? Don’t think so. Scratch that, maybe that’s true for your Prince Charming but definitely not for my Quasimodo. So I say we take this night to prove to ourselves that we can be strong without them.”

After Maria’s impassioned speech was over Liz hung her head in shame. “You’re right. We don’t need to have the guys here to have fun.” She stared at Maria hopefully. Maria stared back.

“Ok,” Maria said, “Enough fun. Call em.”


"Hey,” Liz said, leaning against the doorjamb, staring at Max dreamily.

“Hey,” he responded just as dreamily before diving into a tongue-thrusting kiss with Liz.

Michael Guerin sighed in disgusted exasperation and he scooted around the kissing couple into the living room. “I’ll just go find Maria on my own,” Michael glanced at Max and Liz, devouring each others mouths, “Not that either one of you give a shit.” With one last shrug he went off in search of Maria. Michael wandered through the apartment aimlessly before happening upon Liz’s bedroom. Without knocking he pushed open the slightly ajar door, his mouth poised to call Maria’s name. He never made it that far.

She was completely, unabashedly, beautifully, wonderfully naked. Michael’s mouth fell open as he watched her fumble through the piles and piles of clothes on Liz’s bed. His eyes glued on her ass as she bent and straightened. Michael’s mouth went instantly dry. He was suddenly burning up with heat.

“Oh, Liz, glad you’re here, babe. I can’t decide what to-“ Maria turned around and froze. “Michael!” she squeaked. And then belatedly she grabbed up a T-shirt and wrapped it around her body. “What are you doing here?”

Michael closed the door, slowly, deliberately. “You invited us, remember,” Michael said huskily, advancing towards her.

“W-Well, I’m not dressed!”

“Yeah, I saw that.” He was closer now. Maria could feel herself growing nervous under his stare. He was looking at her as if she were his last meal. . . . and he had every intention on enjoying it thoroughly.

“Um, Michael. . .” But she didn’t get to finish her sentence because his was already kissing her. His mouth slanted over hers in fierce passion while he simultaneously pulled the T-shirt from her stiff fingers. His hand traveled from the curve of her shoulder down to cup her breast. His other hand tangled in her hair, which was still wet from the shower she’d taken earlier. Maria suddenly forgot why she was supposed to be resisting him.

Their mouths remained locked in the scorching kiss as they both began moving unconsciously towards the bed. Michael broke the kiss long enough to sweep the pile of clothes to the floor and then they were at it again, their groins grinding against one another fiercely.

Maria’s hands found the edge of his T-shirt and ripped it over his head. She tossed it across the room. They kissed wildly, their hands racing over each other’s fiery skin. They wanted to be closer, needed to be closer. Their mutual moans became long and serrated. Michael reached down to flip open the fly of his jeans.

“I hope we’re not interrupting anything.” Michael and Maria sprang apart. In a panic Maria rolled out the bed onto the floor. Max and Liz snickered when she hit the wood with a thud. Maria grunted from the impact.

“Don’t you guys know how to knock!” she demanded from the floor. They couldn’t see her but Max and Liz knew she had to be burning with embarrassment. They laughed even harder.

“We did knock,” Liz finally managed between chuckles, “but I guess you couldn’t hear us. . .”

“. . .with all the moaning and gasping going on,” Max finished, laughing.

“Yeah, yuck it up, Maxwell,” Michael snapped, clearly not amused, “What the hell do you two want?”

“Liz and I wanted to know what you and Maria wanted to do tonight, but I guess we already know the answer to that question, don’t we?” Max laughed, doubling over with hysteria.

“Get out!” Michael ordered.

“Ok,” Liz conceded, wiping tears of mirth from her eyes, “but if you aren’t out in ten minutes, are you listening, Maria? If you’re not out in ten minutes we’re coming back.”

“And don’t bother locking the door,” Max said as they were leaving, “You know it’s futile.” Max ducked out just in time to miss Michael’s flying pillow.

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