Fanfic - Crashdown After Hours
"Sexual Tension"
Part 1
by Amy Hugh
Disclaimer: Roswell, the characters, and the situations are owned by Regency Television and 20th Century Fox. No infringement intended.
Summary: Nobody will give Michael and Maria time alone.
Category: Crashdown After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Maria woke up about 10a.m. She turned over to find Michael. She smiled as she remembered what happen last night. Michael and her had made love for the first time. She snuggled up closer to Michael.

She woke up again around 11a.m. She shook Michael awake. He rolled over so that he was on top of her. He lend in and kissed her. He ran his tongue over lips. She opened her mouth and their tongues fought for control. Maria reluctantly pulled away. “I have to go to work but, I’ll see you tonight,” Maria said.

Maria walked through the door. “Your late,” Liz said. “Sorry,” Maria replied while walking to the back to get dressed.

The Crasshdown wasn’t that busy. Maria had 5mins. left of her shift. The bell over the door rang. She looked and saw Michael. Michael walked up to her and kissed her and was about to walk away but Maria grabbed him by the top of his jeans and pulled him into another kiss.

Isabell, Max, and Alex walked in. They saw Maria’s hand slip down the front of Michael’s jeans and disappear. Michael’s hands came up and cupped her breasts. Michael backed Maria against the wall. He ground his hips up against hers and Maria moaned into his mouth.

Isabell was just plain pissed. She walked up to the couple and pulled them apart. She stepped in between the two of them. She looked into Michael’s eyes and could tell she was walking on a very thin line. She pulled them into the booth. All three of them on one side, Isabell sat in the middle so they couldn’t do anything. Max and Alex sled in on the other side. Max gave Michael a look that said you-went-way-to-far-this-time. 5mins. later Michael and Maria left together.

After they left Isabell couldn’t take it anymore. “We have to do something,” She explained, “There getting way to close.” “We can’t do anything about Isabell,” Max replied. “Yes, we can! We can follow them where ever they go and separate them without letting them know we’re following them,” Isabell said desperate trying to get them to listen. “How are we going to do that?” Alex asked for the first time they had sat down. “Ring the door bell or something,” She said back. “We can’t do that Issy,” Max said. “Do ya’ll want an alien baby?” She asked. “No!” both Max and Alex said, “I Just don’t think it’s right.” Isabell ignored the last part, “Agreed?” “Agreed,” They sighed and Isabell smiled. They later convinced Liz to agree too.

Isabell had first watch. She went to Maria’s but they weren’t there. So, she went to Michael’s and sure enough there they were. Both had their shirts off, Isabell fond by looking through the window on the front door. The blinds were about an inch from being all the way down. Michael reached to unlatch her bra while nibbling way past where he would be if she had a shirt on. Iasbell rang the doorbell.

Inside Michael stopped. “Just leave it,” Maria wish he wouldn’t stop. She was so hot she needed him inside her. “I can’t if it’s Max or Isabell they’ll just walk in.” Michael replied he want to stay he was so hard he wanted to be inside her. Michael kissed her and got up. Maria whimpered from the loss of his heat. She pushed the tears back and tried to push the lust back too but it wasn’t working. Michael opened the door and poked her head through the door. “What!” he yelled at Isabell. He didn’t mean to be so loud but he just wanted to be deep inside Maria. He couldn’t get control of his emotions if Isabell didn’t leave soon he was going to lose the thin thread of control he had. “Can I come in?” Isabell asked. “One minute,” Michael said closing the door. Michael walked over to Maria and whispered in her ear, “I want you so bad.” Maria smiled and whispered, “Ditto,” She said while grounding her hips up against his. He could feel himself harden even more and groaned. He couldn’t take it he any more and kissed her. They laded back on the couch. The doorbell rang again. “Shit!” Michael whispered loudly. He didn’t want to get up when Maria was licking and napping her way down his chest. Her hand sled between their bodies passed over and cupped the hard bulge that had formed in the front of his jeans. Michael groaned and rocked his hips up closer to her hand. He slipped his hand in her jeans and underwear. Two of his fingers enter her and his thumb was playing havoc on the sensitive nub of flesh. Her hips raised up she know she was losing control. His fingers stroke harder and faster. Michael could feel her getting more and more aroused. Michael could tell Maria was close.

The doorbell rang again, “Michael, If you don’t hurry up I’m going to open the door,” Isabell yelled. Michael pulled his hand out of her jeans and kissed her. “Michael…Please!” Maria moaned. “Sorry,” He whispered in her ear. “Oh, god!” Maria tried to ground her hips up against him but he held her hips down. She whimpered she want something inside her. “Please!” Maria knew she was begging but she couldn’t help it she was so close it hurt. “As soon as Isabell leaves,” He whispered handing her a shirt because hers was in the bathroom or at else she thought it was. He put on his shirt and opened the door. “Hey,” He said in a not so happy tone. “Hi,” Isabell said walking through the door, “Hey, Maria.” “Hey,” she whispered not really trusting voice. “What the matter?” Isabell asked. “Nothing!” She said a little louder than she meant. A tear ran down her face and she walked out of Michael’s apartment. She wasn’t mad at Michael, she was mad at Isabell. “Isabell!” Michael yelled. “What?!” Isabell yelled back.

Maria had ended back up at the Crashdown she helped Liz clean up. When they were done Maria headed over to Michael’s apartment. Liz had tried to convince Maria to spend the night. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to spend the night with Liz because she did. It’s just that she was so hot, wet, and she needed Michael to help fill the emptiness.

She finally reached his apartment. She climbed through the window and heard voices. Michael still had the same tone he did when Isabell came throw the door. “Don’t ya’ll have some family thing to be at?” Michael asked trying to get them to leave but Max and Isabell just didn’t seem to get it. “We wanted to do like old times and spend the night,” Isabell said. Maria wanted for her to shut up and go home. She was so aroused she could feel it between her legs. Her body had gotten use to making love to Michael two or three times a day. It was like she was addicted to him. Isabell was still talking she was like the energies bunny. It keeps going and going and going. She slid down the door and set on the floor. Leaning her head against it trying push the ache down, again she failed.

Finally he convinced them that them could do it another time and that he was busy tonight. Michael opened the door to his room and Maria fell to his feet. She got to her feet. “Hey,” She said right before she leaded to and kissed him. “Hey, I… missed… you,” He said between kisses. “Me to,” Maria whispered. She pulled his shirt off needing to feel his skin under her hands. Michael cupped her breasts through her shirt. He got aggravated with his black T-shirt and pulled it off only braking the kiss to take it off. He unlatched her bra and let it drop to the ground as he laded her down on his bed.

Michael cupped her breasts he nibbled and licked his way down her. Then his mouth closed over her nipple. She moaned and arched her back wanting him to take more of her in his mouth. She wove her fingers through his hair as her head fell back against the pillows and he switched to the left. Sometime during that she lost her pants. She didn’t know when or cared. Michael was kissing his way down her stomach now and her fingers slipped from his hair as she felt his hands hook into either side of her Black satin panties. He looked up at her and found her staring back at him through heavy-lidded eyes. "Oh God!" Maria cried as she felt him against her hot center. “God that feels so good,” she though. She felt like she was on fire. His hands were on her inner thighs, keeping her legs apart as his mouth work her over carefully. It made her burn and she needed more of it. Maria pushed toward him needing more of him. Michael held her hips down. “Michael…oh….god…that... feels…oh!” Michael smiled that Maria close to losing her control. “Maria…umm!” There was a knock at the door, but Michael didn’t hear it. “Oh…Michael!” Maria shrieked. He waited until her body sagged back against the mattress before he climbed back up the bed and met her mouth in another deep kiss.

When they broke the kiss for air. “Sorry but these have to go,” Maria said talking about his pants. She unbuttoned and zipped and pulled his pants and boxers down. Maria smile when Michael groaned as she closed her fingers over erection. She leaded in and kissed him. Michael’s slid tongue in her mouth and she moaned. Michael rolled her over so he was now on top. They were so into the feel of each other that they didn’t hear someone open the door and come in. Maria rocked her hips up against his erection and he could feel her hot core. Michael moaned. Her hips gyrating over him again and he could feel her wetness. He could feel his control slipping. She moaned and her hips grounded into his. He groaned and whispered in her ear. “This isn’t going to last long if you keep doing that.” “Who says we can’t make love more then once in one night.” Michael felt himself harden if that was even possible. Then they heard someone clear their throat.

Michael and Maria turned to see Alex at the door with his back to them. “Sorry,” Alex said, “but Maria I’m going to have to take you to Liz’s.” “Why?” Maria asked as Michael rolled off of her and covered them with the covers. “Because she’s really upset she needs you,” Alex lied but he didn’t want Maria to get pregnant. “What’s wrong?” She asked still embarrassed Alex walked in on them. “Max,” He replied. Maria sighed she wanted to help Liz but she also wanted to stay with Michael and on top of that her body was aching for him even more. She looked over at Michael and told tell that he was mad at Alex for walking in on them and she could also see the desire and passion. “I’ll be there in a minute,” Maria said thinking that Alex would leave. She reached out and stroked Michael erection. She could tell Michael was trying to keep his control but that didn’t last long before his mouth was on hers. Alex turned around thinking it was safe. WRONG! “I’ll just waiting in the car. Ok?” He said knowing they weren’t listening.

“I love you,” Maria said between kisses. “I love you too,” Michael said. She moaned into his mouth as he sucked on her lower lip. Michael rolled over so he was on top again. She rocked up against his erection he could feel her wet core. He was just about to enter when, “Maria come on!” She pulled back, “Sorry,” She said as tears ran down her face. Michael wiped away her tears and he cupped her face. She turned her face to the side and kissed the plum of his hand. Michael rolled off of her and she whimpered at the loss. She kissed him and got dressed.

When she got in the car Alex pulled out of the parking lot. Maria stared out the window trying not to cry. “So have a good night,” Alex joked but he shut up when Maria gave him a death stare. When they pulled into the Crashdown parking lot, “We’re here,” Alex said. “I can see that,” Maria mumbled. They walked to the café to find Liz. She looked as happy as can be. “We need to talk,” Liz said. “What about?” Maria asked. “You can’t see Michael any more,” Liz said looking at the floor. “What?” Maria said not sure that she had heard her right. “Ya’ll have gotten to close,” Alex stated, “And don’t even think you can snick past us because Max and Iabell are speaking to Michael at the moment and threatening him to stay away from you and trust me he will stay away from you even if it kills him.” Maria shook her head in disbelief. Tears ran down her face. “Maria,” Liz said, “believe me I know how you feel. I just…” “You couldn’t even begin to know how I feel! If you did ya’ll wouldn’t have done this to us and you know it! I thought we were friends!” Maria yelled. “We are friends,” Liz said. “No a friend wouldn’t do this! So your not a friend!” Maria screamed running out the door and home. “ That went well,” Alex said. Liz let the tears run down her face.

The next day Liz saw Maria at her locker and walked up to her. “Maria?” she asked softly. Maria closed her locker and headed for first period. Maria dreaded seeing Michael because she already wanted him so bad she was dripping wet and she know when she saw him she would just get wetter but he body ached for his touch. She also knew that he was the only person who could take it away. She walked in the classroom and she immediately fond Michael and their eyes locked. Isabell turned around and whispered something in his ear and immediately turned away but before he turned away she saw all the hurt he felt. She wished she could have been Isabell in that moment and been able to be that close to him. She sat in her set. Maria could felt the tears running down her face but didn’t take the effort to wipe hem away. She wonder how she was going to did through the day like this.

When lunch came she was at the lunch table crying her head resting on her arms. The only thing that gave away that she was crying was the fact that her body was shacking with sobs. Isabell let Michael sit by Maria but just for lunch and just for today. He sat down beside her. His leg brushed up againsted hers and she jumped in surprise. She looked at Michael and could tell he was in the same shape she was. She hugged him. Michael looked at Isabell with scared eyes she nodded that it was ok. Maria took the hand nobody could see and she slid her hand over his arousal, and raked her nails along the rough material that hid the pulsing flesh beneath. Michael jumped and Isabell and Max looked at him. He rocked his hips up against Maria’s. Maria knew without a doubt that she was dripping wet. Michael whispered in her ear, “You got to be quiet.” Maria shook her head and whispered, “I can’t keep that promise, no way.” He reached his hand between their bodies and down Maria” jeans and panties. One of his fingers entered her and than he a second rubbed her clit with his thumb. They ground against each other, getting as close as they could through Michael’s jeans and Maria’s pants. Michael gritted his teeth, feeling as if his erection were going to burst through his jeans at any moment. Maria couldn’t help it she reached up and kissed Michael and Michael swallowed her breathy moans. To his surprise Maria tongue was in his mouth.

“Hey, Maria?” Liz asked from the other side of her. She looked over at them and gasped, “Oh, God. Are you two doing it?” Michael tried to convince Maria to stay on his lap but Maria sat down beside him. He was so hard he thought he was going to explode. He looked over and saw Iasbell glaring at them. Michael got scared, Isabell got out of her set and pulled Maria over to where she was and she sat where Maria was.

Maria laded her head in her hands and trying to gain back her control. She could see Michael out of the corner of her eye and could tell he was having trouble too, he was graining his teeth together. When the bell rang Maria went to her locker Liz followed her. “Maria?” Liz said, “You have to stop this.” Maria shook her head in disbelief and by this time the whole group was there. “ Did ever archive to you that maybe I don’t want it to or that even if I could stop it that I don’t want to. God, Liz I thought I knew you. I thought I could trust you with anything but I can’t. You took away the one thing I always wanted! I can’t believe you!” Maria screamed everybody around them was now looking. “You CAN trust me,” Liz said. “NO …I…CAN”T!” Maria yelled walking off.

“The one thing she always wanted was sex?” Isabell asked. Liz shook her head no, “unconditional love.” “Michael doesn’t believe in unconditional love,” Isabell stated. “Well I guess he does now because Maria really careful when it comes to love,” Liz said as tears ran down her face.

Maria handed Michael a note as they got to class. Michael opened the note so the teacher couldn’t see it. The teacher when on and on about something related to Science. He had lost the class, with expiation of Max and Liz, back at good afternoon class.


Want to take a trip? To I don’t know some where were we can be alone? Well, bye-bye!!!



Michael smiled and nodded to Maria. He put the note in his back pocket.

That night Isabell, Max, Liz, and Alex went over to Michael’s apartment but Michael didn’t answer so they walked in and didn’t see Michael or Maria. Isabell started searching the house for clues and the rest followed. “I fond something Liz said. “I saw Michael put a paper in his back pocket from Maria to today. They went on a trip to be alone.” Isabell sight and picked up a picture of Michael and Maria. She laded down on the couch and fall asleep.

Isabell looked around and spotted Michael and Maria. They were under a sign it was that Aladdin Motel. that they went to when Michael kidnapped Maria. They walked into a room Isabell followed. She was Maria and Michael kissing than Michael pulled off Maria’s shirt. Michael’s wasn’t far behind, She was just glad they still had on there pants. As soon as she thought that Maria unbuttoned the top of Michael’s then took his pants off. Wake up, Wake up she kept whispering. Michael kissed his way down her neck and took one of Maria nipples into his mouth. Maria moaned as Michael gently licked and scarped his teeth along her skin. Finally she woke up.

“Gross! I did not want to see that!” Isabell said. “Where are they?” Max asked. “Remember when Michael kidnapped Maria?” Max nodded yes, “Well that’s the motel their at and we better hurry.” They all ran out the door and got into the jeep. Nobody talked the drive there expiate when Isabell who said she was going to kill them.

Isabell remembered the number of the room and they opened the door. They fond Maria with her back to Michael and Michael had his arms around her and held her close. The covers were over Michael’s waist and barley covered Maria up. Max turned on the light switch. Michael woke up. Max could tell he wasn’t too happy to see them. “Get out!” Michael yelled. Liz and Alex walked out but Max and Isabell could handle Michael better then them. Maria rolled over and rapped her arms around Michael. The covers fall off of her but Michael covered her with the blankets again. “Get out,” Michael whispered. Isabell didn’t listen. “How could you, Michael?” “How could I what?” He knew what they were talking about. “What if she gets pregnant? We don’t knew what could happen,” Isabell repeated. “Don’t you think I know that?” Michael said again. “How could you?” Isabell asked. Maria’s eyes opened. Michael looked down at her and kissed her. “Be outside in ten minutes she said. They didn’t answer so she added, “Or I’m coming in to get you.” Isabell left and Michael and Maria went to take a shower.

Isabell went back in after ten minutes and fond nobody and in the bed. Then she heard the shower running and figured out they were in there together. She sighted and walked out of the room. She know that it would be a while before they came out.

When Michael and Maria finally came out 20 minutes later they sat down on the sidewalk. Maria sat in Michael’s lap. “Ok,” Max said. “We have agreed that we won’t bug ya’ll if you promise to use protection.” Michael and Maria nodded. “Ok, then lets go home.” They all got in their cars. Michael and Maria in the Jetta and Max, Liz, Alex, And Isabell in the jeep.

When they got home Michael went to Maria’s house and Maria made them diner but didn’t get all the way done. Michael turned her around and kissed her. Michael ran his tongue over her lips. Maria opened her mouth and Michael slipped his tongue in. Maria fond the bottom of his shirt and ran her hands up his chest. Michael’s hands were everywhere cupping her face, in her hair, and finally cupping her breasted. Maria moaned into his mouth and pushed into her hands.


They jumped apart. “Please be Liz are even Isabell,” Maria thought. Maria turned to where the sound and saw the one person she was hoping it wasn’t. The person stood there with their mouth wide open and a box at their feet.


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