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"Sense of Completion"
Part 8
by Linda
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Tina Monroe pushed by Cassie in the hallway and knocked the books out of Cassie’s hands.

“God you are such a klutz!” Tina rolled her eyes and continued down the hall. Tina was one of the popular girls. She was a cheerleader and had dated a few of the football players, but Cassie knew she hadn’t dated Kyle. Yet. She didn’t know what Tina had against her, but she could feel the hate coming from the girl. She shrugged and sighing, she bent to pick up her books.

“Here, let me help.” A voice said close to her ear, and then she turned to see Kyle bending next to her and gathering her books.

When he looked at her their eyes locked again and they just froze. Neither one could turn away. Finally, Cassie looked down and swallowed.

“Ahhh… thanks.” She mumbled and stood up. Kyle stood up and handed her her books, trying to catch her eye again, but Cassie was looking down at her books, shifting them around, trying not to meet his eyes.

Kyle frowned. He didn’t understand this girl. Most girls couldn’t wait to at least talk to the captain of the football team. He knew most of them just wanted to be seen with him cause he was popular, and he hated that. The reason why he had dated Liz was because she hadn’t been like that. And now it seemed Cassie was definitely not impressed with whom he was status wise. Maybe that was why he found himself drawn to her. Because she didn’t fall all over him like the other girls who were fake and just wanted to be known as the Quarterback’s girl, to get in with the popular crowd.

“Cassie, I was wondering if you wanted to maybe take in a movie tonight or something.” Kyle asked. He was not one to play games. He wanted to get to know her, and he figured he needed to know if she was interested.

Cassie’s head came up and her eyes were wide with surprise. She didn’t know what to say. She wondered if she had heard him wrong.

Kyle couldn’t look away from her huge, green eyes. He noticed the few sprinkles of freckles on her nose, and wondered suddenly where else she had those little freckles. Then he shook himself and froze. Where the hell had that come from?!

He had never really had a thing for redheads before. Hadn’t thought much either way. But now he felt drawn to her dark red hair, creamy soft complexion, the few freckles that sprinkled around her nose, and he was definitely drawn toher green eyes.

You are losing it Kyle. He said to himself.

Cassie wanted to say no. She shouldn’t. But she couldn’t say no. “Yes.” She blurted out.

“Yes?” Kyle repeated sounding surprised. From the look on her face he had been afraid she was going to turn him down.

“Umm…. Sure.” Cassie said and licked her lips.

Kyle’s eyes homed in on her cherry red lips and he swallowed. Down boy! He thought. Then he cleared his throat and heard the bell ring.

“Ah, can I pick you up at 7?” he asked.

Cassie smiled shyly and nodded. “I’d like that.”

Kyle nodded and grinned. He found himself still grinning when he entered his first hour class.


Tina Monroe rushed into her 1st hour class and looked around. When she saw that Max Evans was sitting in the back and that there was an empty desk next to him she smiled. This was the only class she had with the mysterious, sexy Max Evans, that none of his closest friends or sister were in. The guy was a total puzzle. He was quiet, reserved, kept his feelings so deep inside, and he was gorgeous and what a bod! The more aloof and hard to figure out he was, the more excited it got her.

This was the only class she had him all to herself in, and she was determined to get what she wanted. No one had ever turned Tina down anyways. Tina knew she was gorgeous. She had long dark hair, thick and curly, and she had a knock out build, and she was tall and knew the guys fawned all over her when she passed by. But this guy barely knew she was alive, or so he acted, and she was challenged and drawn to that. She had become more and more aware of him the last couple of months, and when he had been accused of murder and then ran, she had found him even more exciting. Under the tall dark quiet guy was a rough side she’d bet. And she wanted to be the one to tap that part of him.

“Hi, do you have an extra pen? I can’t seem to find mine.” She said softly leaning toward her next conquest.

Max turned at the voice and then nodded. “Sure.” He got out another pen and handed it to her.

When Tina reached for it, she slowly caressed his big strong hand as she slid the pen away.

Max looked at her in surprise, and when she smiled shyly, he frowned and turned back toward the front of the class.

Ooooooh she loved a man who played hard to get. And she knew she could get him if she kept after him. A tall dark dangerous guy like Max Evans was just what she wanted, and she knew that she was exactly what he needed. She certainly didn’t worry about the little brainy, mousy Liz Parker with whom he was seeing. As a matter of fact, up until less than a year ago, Max Evans had never been seen with a girl. Liz was probably desperate after Kyle was smart enough to dump her, and she grabbed onto the first guy who looked at her. She didn’t think Liz Parker was Max Evans type. She figured it was his first girlfriend, so he too was settling for now as well.

She had on a very low cut dress, and knew her full figure was nearly overflowing from it. She had noticed more than one guy almost falling over his tongue today when they saw her. And she was now going to give Max Evans a close up of her charm.

She looked over and then slid her paper onto the floor between their desks. When she saw Max instinctively reach for it, she bent down too, and met his look half way. She made sure her position was one where he had a perfect view of what was barely contained in her neckline, and waited.

Max couldn’t help but notice her overflowing flesh so close to his face, and was actually afraid that she was going to fall out of her dress any second. He quickly handed her her paper and turned back toward the front of the class. What was up with Tina Monroe? He wondered. Why was she trying to flirt with him? He couldn’t imagine. He had never given her a second look, so he wondered what she was up to.

He forgot about her quickly. He was busy thinking of the thermos he still needed to get to Liz. He had missed her this morning because he had been late. Isabel had decided to ride with him this morning, instead of Alex since Alex had to go in early and Isabel didn’t do early. And being Isabel, she had been running late, which had made Max late as well.

When the bell rang, Max headed for Liz’s next class to get the thermos to her. He didn’t notice the ugly frown and anger that was in Tina Monroe’s eyes as she watched him rush off.

Liz could feel the beginning of the head spins as she headed for her second hour. If she could just get seated, she could close her eyes and let it pass. She could see everything starting to get black, and she paused, leaned against a locker right outside the classroom, and took a deep breath. Then she closed her eyes to wait for it to pass. It was her own fault. She had forgotten to drink her own chocolate milk this morning before she’d left home. Usually she drank that and then the one Max gave her, and she was fine, but today she had been in a hurry, and then Max had been late. So she hadn’t gotten either dose. She promised herself that is she could just make it to her class without passing out; she’d never again forget to drink her milk before she came to school.

“I’ve got you babe.” She heard Max’s husky voice and his arms come around her at the same time.

“I’m okay Max.” Liz tried to say, but Max hushed her and led her down the hall.

Liz kept her eyes closed, knowing she would pass out if she opened them. She let Max lead her where ever.

When she heard the door close, and lock, and then felt Max lift her up and sit her down on a box, she leaned back against the wall and swallowed.

“Here, Liz. Drink.” Max whispered as he held the thermos up to her lips and she obeyed.

After drinking half the thermos, Liz felt better, and finally opened her eyes. She smiled lovingly down into the face of her dreams.

“Thanks.” She whispered back, and gently caressed his strong jaw and cheek.

Max watched the color come back into Liz’s face, and sighed in relief. He thought he was going to pass out when he’d come upon her looking pale and ready to faint, leaning against that locker. From now on he was going to pick Liz up everyday and bring her to school himself, making sure she had enough of the chocolate and Tabasco that she needed so this couldn’t happen again.

“Don’t blame yourself Max. I was stupid enough to forget to drink my usual cup before leaving for school this morning.”

“You scared the hell out of me.” Max admitted on a sigh, and pulled her closer to him, putting his lips against her hair as she leaned her head against his neck with a sigh of her own.

“Liz Parker, have I told you lately how much I love you?” Max swallowed huskily and looked down into her now upturned face. God she was beautiful was all he could think.

“Max, you tell me with every look and touch. But I love to hear it as well.” She smiled and let her eyes speak of her love as well.

Suddenly their eyes heated with more than love, and Liz felt Max grow even harder between the junction of her legs.

She knew her amazing alien was always semi hard around her, but now she could tell he was beyond semi.

She groaned and pushed her lower body into his, loving the feel of his hardness against her heat.

Liz who was already seated on the box and their lower bodies perfectly matched, wrapped her legs around Max to bring them even closer.

Max caught his breath, and then moaned right before he took her mouth with his in a deep, velvet kiss.

Liz rubbed her lower body against Max’s arousal, and tried to ease both of their need. Then realized that this only fueled it more.

Max swore, and tearing his lips from hers, he met her eyes and knew she needed their joining too.

Max wrapped an arm around her and lifted her with one arm, while his other hand pulled her panties down and off, stuffing them in his pants kaki pants pocket for safe keeping.

Then he slid a finger under her dress to make sure she was ready. God he almost growled out loud when he felt physically and emotionally how ready Liz was.

Liz was shaking with need, and as Max continued to caress and draw more of her moisture with his fingers, she unbuttoned his Jeans and reached for him as well.

Max waited no longer. He let Liz caress him once, twice, and then she led him to her eager body.

Max slid into Liz and they both sighed at the immediate full connection. Then their eyes met.

“Hi.” Max smiled at her.

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