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"Sense of Completion"
Part 36
by Linda
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Topolsky paced the room in thought. Should she give the FBI the two teens as they were or take the babies out and have the added bonus to bargain with? But she didn't know enough about the beginning process of the babies and how they developed. She would love to spend time monitoring the babies to see how they grow. But she didn't have that much time. She knew she couldn't keep the teens here indefinitely. Then she smiled as she came up with the perfect solution.

"Dr. is it possible for you to set up a lab for a test tube baby?" she asked as she came back over to where the doctor was monitoring the couple on the tables.

"I could get one set up. Of course! You would not have chosen me to help if you didn't know that I can do more than those idiots at the bureau want me to." He frowned.

"Yes, of course you can. Okay. Help me get these two untied. I'll hold the gun on the girl while you untie them both. That way if the alien there has thoughts of being a hero, he will only get his girl killed." Topolsky smiled, almost looking forward to shooting someone.

Max took deep breaths as he watched the doctor untie Liz. Don't act too excited. This could be the break they needed. He kept his face impassioned and his eyes on Topolsky with the gun pointed at Liz.

When Liz was freed, she sat up slowly, painfully stiff from having been in that position too long. And her bladder also needed attention. And she was getting dizzy. No now! She thought.

And then slowly inched off the table, rubbing her hands as she tried to get to Max. But the doctor finished with Max and he leaped up and ran to Liz before she could get more than half way to him.

His warm comforting arms slid around her and warmed her frozen body up. Max should be freezing, but he was so hot. His heat penetrated through to her and she felt warm for the first time in many hours.

"You're so cold." Max said softly, rubbing his hands up and down her arms.

"I'm warmer now." She whispered and looked up at him. She wanted to kiss him and knew by the emotions they suddenly shared, and the narrowing of his eyes, that he wanted to kiss her too. But they held back, afraid of what Topolsky would do if she saw them any more together. She was not sane and they didn't know what would unbalance her.

Max gently slid his hand down Liz's soft hair and Liz sighed and snuggled into Max's warm chest, secretly placing her lips on Max's heart from inside his arms so that no one saw. Just being able to hold each other again made her feel better. And she knew it was the same for Max.

"Amazing really. You actually find this repulsive alien shape shifter attractive?" Topolsky said in a totally shocked voice, her head tilted to the side trying to comprehend it. "Well it will work for what I need." She smiled again, her eyes glazing a little as she giggled.

Max felt a chill go up his spine and wondered what Topolsky had planned for them now. He turned around to her fully, keeping Liz in his arms. "Let her go Topolsky. I swear I will do whatever you want. No fight what so ever. You can take me apart, examine anything you want, do any experiments on me and I will cooperate fully, just let Liz go." Max said hoarsely.

Liz's arms tightened around Max to let him know she would not leave him, but it was pointless since Topolsky just laughed, having no intention of releasing Liz who was the first human they knew of to be pregnant from an alien.

"Oh sorry but I have plans for both of you. If I give my superiors the two of you just as you are, with the babies intact, then I want something in return." She smiled.

Max swallowed and Liz felt ill. It couldn't be good.

"I will create a child of mixed species and watch it grow from day one. I will know more about the breed and what it can do and what it's capable of than anyone else. I will be able to experiment with it and monitor its progress step by step." She said, relishing the prospect.

"How exactly do you plan to do this?" the doctor asked with a smile, liking the idea of having a new experiment to play with.

"Well, all we need is a sample from each of them and we can then put it in a tube and then you can do whatever you do with it to make it grow into our new experiment." Topolsky answered proudly.

Liz thought she was going to be ill. They were talking about a it was a thing. An animal with no feelings or emotions! Her whole body started to shudder with her fear and repulsion.

Max knew exactly what Liz was feeling, and he felt the same way. He swallowed back the bile in his own throat and closed his eyes as he prayed again for Jordan. He held Liz closer, absorbing her shutters of fear as best he could.

"I can get a sample from the girl?" the doctor smiled, licking his lips and looking Liz over.

Liz shuddered again and clung to Max. Max hugged her closer to him, dying inside at how helpless they were against these monsters.

"Hmmm...and I suppose I can get your nurse in here to get a sample from the alien. She doesn't know what he is, so she will be more than happy to ah-relieve him of a sample." Topolsky laughed.

Liz closed her eyes against Max's chest and couldn't stop the tears that overflowed and rolled down her cheeks and onto Max's still bare chest. They would physically go in and remove an egg from her body, but how? They would kill the babies wouldn't they? How else could they get an egg from her while she was pregnant?

*NO. NO. NO. I won't let it happen Liz! I promise! * Max told her silently. He didn't know how he could stop it from happening, but he knew he would somehow.

Topolsky saw the fear and revulsion on both teens' faces and she smiled and walked right up to them.

"Or we can do it a much easier way." She let the sentence hang in the air for a minute. "Unfortunately we will still need to go in to get the egg from the girl, but we might be able to keep the babies in there alive by using another female. It doesn't really matter who." Topolsky shrugged. "But we will need a sample of your alien seed." Topolsky nodded to Max. "Now we can do that the easy way, or the hard way...either way we will get it." Topolsky's voice was harsh.

When neither one of the teens asked what their options were, the doctor laughed. "They don't want to know their options? Interesting."

Liz swallowed her nausea again, and just waited. They both knew they would find out soon enough what was going to happen to them. Liz was at least relieved to know that they wouldn't have to operate on Max. It was much easier to get his sample. Although she knew it would be just as horrific if some person forced him.

"I could be nice and let your girlfriend Ahh...collect the sperm for us, since she has this strange appeal for you." Topolsky grinned looking at Liz and waving the gun.

"Hmm. So do you want to do this the easy way or the hard way? Should I get a nurse to get the sample, or let Liz get it? It's up to you." She laughed as she saw how neither choice was acceptable to them. "DECIDE!" she finally demanded.

"Liz, of course." Max swallowed and gritted his teeth at having no control over this situation.

Liz held onto Max tighter, knowing that neither one of them wanted this. Liz did NOT want to give that mad woman anything of Max's that might be part of him and used for experiments.

"Very well, we will leave you two alone for a half hour. I hope that's long enough." She raised an eyebrow. "And if I don't have my sample by then, we will do it the difficult way, but just as fun." She smiled again and led the doctor out of the room.

As soon as the doors closed, Max lifted Liz's chin in his hand, and brushed a tear off of her face with his thumb. "Come here. God I've missed you!" he whispered and covered her trembling mouth as she lifted her head and eyes to his. The kiss was full of love and need and fear. When Max lifted his head he sighed and leaned his forehead against Liz's. "We will get out of this I promise."

"Max, do you think Jordan heard me?" she bit her lip.

Max nodded. "Yeah I do. I just hope he gets here soon!" he sighed.

"What are we going to do if he doesn't?" Liz asked meeting his eyes with wide frightened ones. "I mean--Max--we can't give her a part of you to use as an experiment!"

"Shhh. I know that. That won't happen remember? Jordan said that we could only procreate if we are with the one we love and who loves us in return, and there has to be trust on both sides." He smiled as Liz's eyes suddenly lit up at his words.

"We won't be giving her a baby of yours to use!" Liz whispered and closed her eyes again and whispered her thanks.

"Hopefully we won't even have to give her a sample at all, if we can hold out until Jordan gets here." Max sighed and again silently called to Jordan.

Liz leaned against Max's chest and with her eyes closed she again called out an SOS for Jordan.


Jim Valenti parked the car outside the warehouse where he had met Kathleen Topolsky last time, and got out and headed toward the door to the side. When he stepped inside with his flashlight, Topolsky was waiting for him with that smile on her face that gave the sheriff the creeps.

"I have him Jim! I have him and the proof that he's an alien and there's more!"

"What the hell are you talking about?" the Sheriff frowned but feared he knew.

"Max Evans! I've got him. I've got the proof too. Experiments have been done, and now I will be vindicated!" she said anxiously.

Jim Valenti swallowed. Max was captured? Had been experimented on? "Is--is the boy alive?" he asked in a dry voice.

Topolsky just waved a hand in annoyance. "Yes, yes, of course. I am going to give him over to my superiors. But I have the proof first. And there's more. I have the girl! Liz Parker too!" she started again.

"WHAT!? You took a human too? What the hell kind of government agency is this?!" Valenti was now frightened. How was he going to get them both out of here, and was Liz okay? What had they done to her?

"Oh relax Jim! She's no innocent human. She's a danger now, just as Max is! She is carrying an alien baby!" Topolsky spat and shivered. "We can not let the alien species grow!" she said angrily.

"Is--is she alive, Kathleen?" the sheriff hated to ask.

"Yes, I will let my supervisors deal with that problem. I just want the recognition that I was right! And be taken back with high command. Maybe I'll be put in charge of the whole program." She smiled happily, in thought.

Jim Valenti swore. How the hell was he going to get them out of here? He knew there was more than just Topolsky watching them. "Can I see the proof Kathleen? For my father's sake?" he asked suddenly.

"Of course! That's why I called you here Jim. I knew you would want to see the proof too. We are so alike Sheriff. We will both do anything to get the proof we need."

Jim Valenti swallowed back the bad taste in his mouth and was glad to realize suddenly, how wrong she was. Now if he could just find a way to get the kids out of here alive!


Kyle, Michael, Alex and Isabel exchanged frightened and angry looks. They had followed the sheriff to the door and had listened to the conversation within.

Isabel grabbed Alex's hand and swayed on her feet; almost ready to pass out when Topolsky had mentioned experiments had been done on Max already. Alex had put his arm around Isabel and was still quietly giving her his support, while inside he too was sick and terrified. Both Max and Liz were in the hands of that madwoman!


Nasedo motioned for Cassie and Maria to stay hidden at the bottom of the stairway that led to the rooms where Max and Liz were being held. He would return with them, and then take what he wanted in return. He slowly crept up the stairs with one goal in mind.

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