Fanfic - Crashdown After Hours
"Screaming Inside"
Part 1
by Carrie
Disclaimer: I don't own anything, all of the Roswell characters belong to Jason Katims.
Summary: Liz's little brother, Sam, dies one night after being sick for years. After that Liz's parents no longer want her, so they ship her off to a mental hospital. Where Liz meets another patient there, Max.
Category: Crashdown After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Author's Note: This story really doesn't follow any of the plot line of the show and there are no alien related things. This involves rape, so if this subject offends you I would recommend you do not read this. But the story's main idea is not about rape and I do not go into great detail about it.
The room was dark. All of the walls were padded. The bed was cold, and I lay there thinking why? I'm not crazy, I did nothing wrong. It wasn't my fault Sam died. I did everything I could, and yet I was still here.

"Please," I screamed. "Please let me out of here." But no one came or answered my plea. Liz fell asleep that night crying for someone just to let her go home.

In the morning I meet my therapist.

"Hello Elizabeth," Doctor Green calmly said to me.

"Don't call me that it is Liz." I said back.

"So are you ready to talk about what happened." He replied back to me.

"Fuck off. It is none of your business. You really don't care as long as my parents give you your money. So when are you planning to release me? When the media forgets about his death? So I can just blend in with the crowd?"

Doctor Green touched me on my leg. I guess it was his way of trying to calm me down. To bad for him, I guess no one ever told him I don't liked to be touched. But he learned his lesson now. His finger tasted bad. He need some lotion or something.

After I bit him I was sent to the black room. A room where they keep all of the "bad" kids. Not that I mined it at all. I got to be by myself or so I thought.

When I first was placed in the black room I started to scream again but was quickly stopped by the other voice in the room.

"You can stop now they really don't care. In fact if you keep it up they will just keep you in here longer." The boy told me.

The black room is kept dark. I could not see his face. I could only see the outline of his body from the dim light in the ceiling.

"Who are you," I asked. "Why do you know so much about this place."

"My name is Max. I know so much because I have been here for almost two years. And as for this place it should not even be considered a place it should be consider hell. What is your name, and why are you here?" Max asked me back.

Now it was my turn to answer. I could not really tell if I liked Max or not. But I thought that if I was going to be here for a while I mint as well try to be friendly.

"My name is Liz. I am here because I bit that son of a bitches finger after he tried to calm me down." I told him.

"Liz that is not what I meant. I mean why are you in here. Why are you visiting the hell most people call Cider Springs?"

"I am here because my parents don't want me, they never had. And ... and ... after Sam died it was the perfect reason to get rid of me. Sam was the only one they wanted. But since we were twins they had to have us both."

"How did Sam die?" Max sadly asked me.

"Well, when we were first thirteen he was told he just cancer. I think that Sam knew that he was never going to beat the cancer. So he never tried to do the treatments. He just tried to stay strong for me. Sam died two weeks after we both turned sixteen. He lived longer then the doctors ever thought he would."

"Liz I sorry you had to go through that," Max told me.

"Stop it Max. Stop it right now. I don't need nor want you pity. I wish I would have never told you. I wish that I was never brought here, and that Sam never died and that..."

After that I could not handle it anymore. I had finally broke down into tears. It was the first time I had cried in a long time. I sank down into the far corner of the room away from Max. But that did not stop Max he just came to me and held me as I cried.

"You will be okay," Max whispered to me over and over again.

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