Fanfic - Crashdown After Hours
"A Special Czechoslovakian Roulette"
Part 1
by Becky
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Summary: This fiction is based on the NC 17 challenge: Dated Fri Jun 30, 2000 Players: Liz, Maria, Isabel, Tess, Max, Michael, Alex, and Kyle. "Rules": In a dimly lit room four chairs are set at a big table cloth covered table. First all the females enter the room and crawl underneath the table and choose a chair. Then a signal is given and the males enter and choose a chair at random to sit in. Which ever chair the female chose now had to give whoever's sitting in that chair a *cough* blowjob *cough* This is set somewhere in the future (not too far). Most of the season two never happened, or it did happen, but differently ;) At the moment of this story nobody of the eight is dating neither of them (don't ask me why - I don't know;) Oh, and just to make sure, nobody is related to nobody.
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Rating: NC-17
Author's Note: Note: I've used the idea for the title that Jess had suggested (thanks :=) Note 2: I had serious trouble when I had to decide how to pair them up. I didn't want to go with my first choice because, well,. I wanted to make it more interesting (evil grin;) anyway, read it and you'll find out (I hope it is obvious enough) how I paired them.
"Oh, God. It's so boring here tonight," Maria complained, looking at friends around her. Max, Michael, Isabel, Tess, Alex, Kyle, Liz and her were in the back room of the Crashdown, doing practically nothing. The TV was on, but nobody really watched, there was a CD playing in the background and the eight of them were lazily sprawled all over the floor, Kyle and Isabel on the couch and Tess at the table.

Michael turned to his ex-girlfriend and asked, "What's wrong, Maria, no excitement?" "You've got that right," she answered, yawning. "I'm pretty bored, too," Tess added and Max gazed in her direction while Isabel asked. "You have any better suggestions than this?" She didn't really expect and actual answer, but Tess was up from her chair in an instant. "As a matter of fact, I do." "What?" Kyle could see that there was something big on her mind and he was curious of what it could be. "You ever played a roulette?" Tess's eyes shined. "A roulette," was Maria doubtful, "that is hardly my idea of fun." "If you would just hear me out - this would be a special roulette." "How special," Alex questioned, but before Tess could answer, Liz interrupted. "I don't know about this. With roulette there's always risk involved and I don't like that." "Oh, come on, Liz. We all need something to spice up this night," Michael tried to convince her, "especially now when neither of us is involved with anyone. If we were, we could simply pair up and the night would go by even sooner as it started." "Hmmm, Michael. I like your way of thinking," Tess grinned. "What did I say?" "You know, to pair up. It's not such a bad idea. We should try it. Coincidently." "What??" Alex was sort of horrified by the thought. "Why not?" Tess didn't see anything bad in that. "Because, Tess, we would never be able to look at each other afterwards," Isabel explained. "And because I'm not ready to sleep with one of the guys here on random choice," Liz protested. "Who said anything about sleeping with them?" "What exactly did you have in mind then?" "Well I was thinking about something less serious, but serious enough at the same time." "Which is?" Max asked with some doubt in his voice. "One thing at a time. Ok, Liz, are your parents home?" "No, they went away for the weekend."

"Great. Now, I was thinking, the four of us, girls, go somewhere, like Liz's dining room upstairs, turn off the lights, light some candles and put a large dark cloth over the table. Then we climb under the table and wait for you guys to sit around it. We each pick a chair beforehand and when you are seated, we, you know,.. orally satisfy the one that sits on the chair we had picked." "You. Satisfy. Us," was Kyle surprised. "Why would you do that?" Alex asks. "Because, you will someday return the favor and besides, that way no one knows who is paired with who. What do you say?" Dead silence. "Guys?"

"OK." "Fine." "Deal." "I'm game if everyone else is."

"Great. What about the three of you?" Tess turned towards Liz, Isabel and Maria. "Come on, Maria, you wanted excitement," Michael made a comment. "All right," she agreed. "Maria," Liz whispered. "What?" "You're really going to go through with this?" "Oh, what the heck. Why not?" "I don't know. I just don't." "Quit it, Liz, you know you want it. It will be dark, you'll be under the table. You won't know who you're giving the blowjob to." "Oh. If you look at it that way, Ok, I guess." "Isabel?" Tess turned to the last member of their little group that was about to do something unforgettable. "What do you think?" Isabel eyed Tess and then the other two aliens. "I don't think that anybody here wants to know what I think. Let's leave it at that." "So, are you in?" After biting her lower lip for about twenty seconds Isabel finally decided. "Yes. I'm in."

"Good," Tess looked really excited, "now before we go upstairs, some simple rules you have to play by. Give us about 15 minutes to set everything up and then knock on the door four times before entering. That way we will know to be quiet and cover with the cloth. There will be a chair on each side of the table. Everyone picks one in silence. There is no talking in the room. No talking at all, got it? And when you moan or whatever, do it silently, or the girl you're with will know it's you, so." "Clear," the boys agreed and Max added, "and just to make this clear, nobody ever finds out who had been with who, right?" "Yeah, Max, that's the general idea," Tess beamed. "Oh, and guys," Maria turned towards them from the top of the stairs," no touching anything. No hands under the table, got it?" "Of course," they all nodded. "Fifteen minutes," warned Isabel, "and good luck with your chair picking." The girls giggled and ran upstairs, leaving the guys in the back room.

////////// Liz's POV //////////

This is crazy. I'm sitting under my dining room table, looking at the now still empty chair in front of me. Who will sit on it? Four chairs, four guys. One of them will be mine. Which one? We didn't make a big deal out of which place each of us would take. Except for Isabel, that is. She had wanted to pick her chair first and we let her. After I found a convenient table cloth (Isabel and Tess had to use their powers to lengthen the largest one I could find and of course it wasn't even near large enough, so they adjusted it a little) and produced a couple of candles to put in the corners of the room, we decided to color the backs of the chairs so there would be no mistake about who picked what. Grey, black, blue and green. Some alien powers again and the chairs were fixed in two seconds. Great. I got the blue one. I think.

When everything was set, we climbed under the table and waited. Tess looked giddy. Maria was fumbling with the edge of the poor table cloth, Isabel was trying really hard not to show anything on the outside and I was thinking about how I will probably never be able to eat dinner with my parents after this without thinking of tonight.

Four knocks on the door. Oh, my God. They're here. I can hear them entering and walking around the table. Would someone sit on my chair already?

Here he comes. Clothes are of no help when it comes to recognizing the person since all four of them are wearing jeans. Maybe that's even better. I look around and see that everyone else is seated and that the other three are also staring at two pairs of legs in front of them. But I can't see very clearly because it's pretty dark down here. That's it, I guess.

Tess is by no means being the most possessive one. She's feeling her guy up and down his upper thighs and I try to follow her path. Isabel and Maria are doing the same and for a couple of minutes there is this thick silence, we are all hardly even breathing, I slowly reach higher to my guy's legs and suddenly I feel his whole length in my hands. Oh, dear god. He's huge. I can't help but wonder again, who he is.

Kyle, my long forgotten ex? Alex, my life-longest friend? Max, my first true love? Or maybe Michael, my carefully hidden fantasy?

The sound of a zipper opening makes me almost jump. That's Tess again. Her guy is going to be the luckiest one, no doubt. She has no restrains. I know she's hoping for Max, though, but I don't really care. Maybe I got him. And maybe not. Whatever.

I'm still fondling my guy's member through the denim and he seems to like it. He shifts lightly in the chair to better position himself and I reach up to his waist. While attempting to open his trousers, my hand brushes over his stomach and his muscles tighten. Great figure. Me opening his zipper and getting him free of his boxers doesn't go unnoticed by the other three, even though they all seem to be more or less busy with their own sets of clothes.

////////// Max's POV //////////

This really feels good. I must admit that I had some serious second thoughts when we were waiting out there. I almost backed out of it. But I didn't. Lucky for me because right now I have to think of tons of mud to control myself. She's not even doing anything, she's just touching me. Oh, she can touch. Her firm hands make me shiver from excitement when she slides her hand up and down my length. She's killing me.

I try to concentrate on this pattern on the table cloth while she works her hands on me. And then. I feel her warm tongue on the tip of my penis and I can't help but moan quietly. It doesn't matter, though. The other three are moaning like crazy, so I believe no one from under the table can tell the difference. Then her mouth encircles me and she takes me all the way in. She's fondling my balls like an expert and moving her head up and down rhythmically. Jesus, I'm so going to come any second now. I try to focus my eyes on something and all I seem to be able to catch in the near darkness is the strange color of the back of the chair next to me. As far as I can remember, Liz's dining room chairs have always been black, but this one is green. And the other one is brown. And the third one, wait, is that blue? I'm pretty sure I sat on the black one. They must've colored them. Nice move, but they'll never get us. Ok, this chair thing's not working any more. I can feel the end coming and it's very near for me. She can feel it, too. She's quickening her rhythm and encouraging me to come. And I do. All at once I explode still deep in her mouth and she doesn't remove her head until I am completely done, swallowing every drop that comes out. After that she doesn't withdraw but keeps stroking me and kissing the tip of my penis. Then she concentrates on my legs, my thighs, in particularly.

She knows where to touch me and how to touch me. She's giving out this vibes, like she knows who I am. Damn. I have no idea who she is.

////////// Tess's POV //////////

He tastes delicious. And he smells nice. But I'm not sure if it's him. With my luck it's probably not. Nevertheless, I'm going to make sure that this guy gets the best blowjob in his life.

I've heard girls talk about it. I've read some stuff. And I'm a natural. Who cares that I've never done anything like that before. I'm a quick learner. Maybe I should go a little slower since I'm already licking him and the others are still by the stroking. Ok, slow down a little. Breath. He sure is breathing hard. It's a good thing that we remembered to cue up a CD in the CD player before it started. It's making a better mood and covering the noises at the same time.

He's hard as a rock. I never thought that it's possible for a part of a human (or maybe half human ;) body to change like that in only ten seconds. I lick the whole length of him and slowly take him in my mouth. So far, so good. When I manage to get him almost all the way in, he lightly moves his hips towards me, as if to give me a hint. Thanks, man, but I know what comes next. I carefully suck his organ and I feel some pre cum on my tongue. Not too bad. Somehow salty, but since I like extreme tastes, it seems ok and I swallow it. Then I continue to lick him and take him in and out of my mouth. I can feel excitement build inside him as his body stiffens in his seat. He's going to come any second now. Just a little more, come on, a few more times.

I wish I could lift the table cloth and look into his eyes. To see who he is. But I can't, I shouldn't. No, I won't, it wouldn't be fair. But I can wish.

My mouth is suddenly full of something sticky. I decide to swallow it as fast as possible, but it's coming out too quickly and I manage to let some of it trickle down my chin and on my sweater. The rest of it I swallow successfully and the guy relaxes in the chair. We've done it! I can feel his penis decrease in front of my eyes and I can't help but touch it again. I'm not leaving him alone just yet. He's mine until all of them are done. And that should be enough for one more time.

////////// Michael's POV //////////

We're standing in front of the door of Parker's dining room and waiting. Are they ready yet? I hope so, because I decide to make a move and knock four times as arranged. Max, Kyle, Alex and me exchange a look and Max opens the door slowly. The room is very dark, we can hardly make our way towards the table. There are four chairs positioned around it and I walk to the far end and sit down. I can feel my leg brush against someone's shoulder. The girl waiting for me is down there, no doubt about it. I fidget with my hands and wait for her to do something. I don't have to wait long, though. She starts with my knees and moves up to my thighs pretty fast. She appears to be somewhat shy since it takes her pretty long to really touch me. But it doesn't bother me, though. I like it slow. She's feeling me through my pants and I can suddenly feel her hands work their way higher up my trousers and opening my zipper. She releases me from my underwear at the same time and as my throbbing and already hard member comes into skin to skin contact with her, I have to hold back not to moan aloud. This is going to be one hell of an experience tonight.

Not that I've never done this before. I have, but only with Maria and this is definitely not her. She had never licked my balls like that and the girl under the table is doing just that at the moment. She's going to make me come even before she takes me into her mouth. Some self control I have.

My eyes have gotten used to the darkness a little so I look across the table and what do I see? Alex's eyes getting really big and cloudy and looking right through me. He's already there, I guess. The fact of having just seen him like that makes me able to postpone my own orgasm and continue to give my full attention to the determined girl who's working me like she wants to eat me up, starting with you know which part of me. She's resting her left hand on my inner thigh and cupping my bowls with the other hand. Her mouth is on my penis, taking it in and out all the way. I can feel the tip of it touching her throat every once in a while and I know that I'm going to explode in the next few seconds. I'm not sure she's aware of that, though and I don't want to surprise her in the way she might not want to, so I try to move myself back a little, to let her know, but she's holding me firmly and in addition makes a vacuum with her lips around me so I have no choice but to come directly down her throat.

Jesus, this was so good. And she managed to eat everything without even moving her mouth away and when we were both done she continued licking me clean and massaging me. My breathing is coming down slowly and my vision is not so blurred any more. I look around and what do I see? Alex coming for the second time! Again? No. This can't be happening to me. I won't look around any more.

And I didn't. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moments that were left before we were all finished. When I got up and headed out of the room, my last look was back towards the chair I was sitting on and it's color got my attention.

I thought it was strange. Because it was blue. And then we left.

////////// Alex's POV //////////

I was so nervous. What had I agreed to? This was no good. Even though they said it would be dark and nobody would know who he or she is with, we will all know what we have done. We will keep wondering about it. And one day it will all come out. And it might get ugly.

I bolted into the room and sat on the first chair that I could find. It was the one closest to the door and I thought that I was safe there. But it wasn't like that. I haven't even warmed my chair for a few seconds when she was all over me. Or all over my lower body if you want. She had me warmed up in no time and when she started to suck on me I was actually beginning to relax. And then she made me come like I never have before. It was very intense and she tried really hard to eat up all of my semen and she almost managed. Almost because I think she missed some of it but I'm sure she had licked it off wherever it landed.

After my bodies functions started to get back to normal I let out a breath of relief and thought that that was it. I had enjoyed it tremendously and I naively thought it was over. But no. She wouldn't let it be. She started gliding me up and down all over again and I could sense she wanted to make me come again. How could I put this? It is not possible for me to have two orgasms in such a short period of time. I've never managed it before but.. maybe I can manage it now. She didn't care about my doubts, not that I could voice them for her to hear anyway. She kept licking along my shaft and pretty soon she succeeded to make my manhood very alive again. It took a little longer for me to cum the second time, but I was impressed. She must've known what she had been doing or she was bluffing really well.

////////// Maria's POV //////////

I know I had said to Liz that it was not a big deal. But after all, it was. I was beginning to be aware of that when I was sitting under the dark cloth covered table and watched Isabel putting the CD into the CD player and turning it on. Then she climbed under the table with us and sat in front of her chair. I wanted her chair at first when she colored the backs, but she had made it clear that this color was reserved for her and there was no way any of us could have it.

Fine, I had to pick another one. Who cares about the stupid colors, anyway. Just as we were all nicely settled, the guys knocked and we hurriedly covered the cloth all the way down the table. I waited in anticipation for them to pick their seats.

At first I had allowed myself to only stare at the pair of legs in front of me, but then the guy snapped me out to the reality when he almost uncovered the table cloth while trying to open the zipper on his trousers.

I was confused for a bit but it soon dawned to me that there was nothing wrong, he was just being impatient. I thought about fooling around for a while but then decided against it and relieved him from his misery, in his case his pants.

He was really excited and it was easy to please him. He was eating from my hands. Ok, that was not a very good metaphor as it turned out later that I was the one eating something and it was not from his hands, anyway, I could feel that he was on the verge of it but he wanted to make it last as long as possible so I had used some tricks that I had practiced with Mi.. someone else once and that had made him last a little longer but then he had to give in and shot his essence into me.

////////// Kyle's POV //////////

This was so strange. In a good way strange, if that is even possible. Anyway, I asked myself about twenty times what the hell was I doing playing this roulette with the Czechoslovakians. Was I nuts? No. I was just horny, I guess. I wanted a blowjob so badly that I had agreed to their unconventional rules and had made myself forget that the girls under the table were some of my best friends.

I found the idea of a mysterious girl touching me like that very exciting and I know I was blushing outside the dining room while waiting for them to prepare everything at the very thought of it.

It was heavenly. She appeared to be pretty experienced in this area but I didn't care who she was, to be honest. I just wanted her to give it to me so badly, that I kept fighting the urge to put my hands under the table, locate her head and.

I realized I needed to relax a bit or she would not give it to me at all. I think she knew I was a bit restless because she had increased her speed and cut right to the chase after that.

She cupped me and pressed her warm wet mouth to the tip of my shaft while stroking me with one hand. She then opened her mouth and started licking me like eating ice cream and I was concentrating on my shallow breathing. After a few moments she opened her mouth and took me all the way in. For the lack of better words, I know I had mentioned this before, but it was HEAVENLY. I might not have been the most objective guy at that moment but since it was happening to me, my opinion was all that mattered.

I wanted to prolong this feeling as long as possible, but it was realistically impossible to do that so I let all the restrains go and came with a pretty loud moan directly into her mouth.

////////// Isabel's POV //////////

I thought I was going to be able to black everything out. Not to think about who I might be doing this with. I tried really hard to only focus on satisfying the guy, no matter who he was and I started really good.

I can read people's body language and even though I couldn't see him from the waist up, as a matter of fact, I couldn't see anything because of the darkness, I could sense that I was doing it right.

He kept trying to pin me down with his legs. It was kind of funny. I don't think he was aware of this, though. It was a reflex. A nice one but I couldn't have let him grope me. He could've gotten the idea of who I was and I really didn't want that. So I kept pushing his legs away and after I sucked him clean and he relaxed a bit, it hit me.

I was kind of fondling him, playing with his penis and licking it's head from time to time and then I touched his jeans-clad thighs. And I got to feel him, his body, his everything. I knew this. I knew what his body looked like. What it felt like. Not intimately, obviously, but I knew.

I had dreamt about this sometimes. Wondered what it would be like to touch him this way. I had pictured it inside my head and now I recognized it. It was just the way I had imagined, maybe even better.

Liz wanted him. Tess wanted him even more. And Maria probably wouldn't have minded having him. But I got him. I, Isabel Evans, was lucky enough to get him. The one that everyone else desired. In a way, they're lucky that they don't realize what they didn't get. In a way I am lucky to know.

And in a way I'm not that lucky at all because when the guys leave the room and we climb from under the table and turn the lights on, I will look back at my black chair and know that I can never mention this to anyone and live as if it never happened.

- The End

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