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"Road Trip "
Part 9
by Christina D.
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Maria returned a half hour later carrying a pizza box and a large paper bag. She placed the pizza on the corner of the dresser and then opened up the bag and removed two twenty oz bottles of soda which she placed next to the pizza box. She then rolled the bag back up and put it in the small refrigerator/freezer that was next to the couch.

Michael watched her the whole time. He could feel a dopey smile on his face. "Hey, what took you so long? I missed you."

Maria smiled at his remark and then walked up to him and he wrapped her in his arms. "I missed you too," she replied, right before he seized her lips in a deep, fervent kiss that left her breathless.

"Did you get a pizza?" he asked. She nodded. "Why? I mean, couldn't we have just ordered one and had it delivered."

"Well, I saw a gourmet pizza shop right next to the supermarket and decided I would order it, and go to the store while they prepared it." She picked the pizza box up and brought it over to him, opening it. "Look, I got hot peppers and extra pineapple just for you. You know, sweet and spicy?"

Michael was incredibly touched by small gesture. *Look at me, I'm turning into a damn sapp,* he thought. He looked up at her, took the box from her hand and placed it on the corner of the bed, and then pulled her down on top of him. He wrapped her arms around her tightly, and they kissed again and again, until they were completely entangled and breathing heavily.

"Your welcome," she replied, laughing. "Now, let's eat."

Michael reluctantly released her and then sat up as well. "So," he asked. "What's in the bag? What did you have to get at the store?" He nodded to the refrigerator where the mystery bag sat inside.

She grinned wickedly. "Oh, just a little something for later."

The incredibly suggestive look on her face took him by surprise, and he felt his groin tighten again.

She noticed this right away. How could she not notice? His clothes were still wet and he was wearing only a towel wrapped tightly around his waist. When it happened, the terry cloth material had formed a tent around him. Between giggles, she said "Down boy!"

He rolled his eyes and then placed a pillow over his lap, looking slightly embarrassed. Then he picked up a piece of pizza from the box and began to eat it. She did the same.

Michael liked the pizza. The mix of pineapple and hot peppers was really good but he didn't know how Maria was going to enjoy it. The peppers were extremely hot. Even his mouth almost couldn't handle the burn.

"Wow! This truly is gourmet pizza. This is so good. Oh my god." Maria said between bites as she stuffed it into her mouth.

She looked up to see Michael giving her an odd look. "What?" she asked, feeling slightly self-conscious.

"I'm just impressed. This is even a little too spicy for me, and so I'm wondering how you can eat it?" Michael uttered, his forehead slightly puckered.

"I don't know. Usually I can't stand peppers, but they taste so damn good right now." she said shoving another bite of pizza into her mouth."

"Well then. Okay." Michael said shaking his head lightly.

"Why don't you turn on the TV okay? Find something for us to watch?" Maria asked.

He nodded and reached for the remote. He turned the TV on and proceeded to flip through the channels. He let it stop on a war movie where some guy had just gotten blown to pieces. His bloody stomach being shown in extreme detail.

Maria groaned and then gagged. "Oh no you don't. That is so fucking disgusting!" she slapped him hard on the arm and demanded that he give her the remote. She then began to flip channels and then came to stop on one.

Michael heard her gasp and looked up to see that the TV was on a pornography channel. Her face had turned extremely red as she saw the graphic scene on the TV and Michael laughed at how cute she looked. She lifted the remote and turned the station. Two seconds later the porn was back on the TV. She looked at the remote as if it was possessed and then changed the channel again. Once again, two seconds later, the porn was back on again. Then it hit her. Her face was now red with anger as she turned to him began to slap him hard.

"That was you! Wasn't it? You jerk! Quit it!"

"Okay, okay!" he yelled, laughing, raising his hands in surrender.

She pulled back and tried to change the channel again. This time it didn't return to the porn. She began to eat another piece when she froze. "Wait! Michael? Uh, since when can use your mind to change the channels on the TV? It's just, I thought you had to use your hands when you did your stuff. And didn't you say you weren't that good at even that?"

Realization dawned on Micheal at what he had just done. He was stunned. "I don't know. You are right though. I cant usually do that kind of stuff." Then he smiled. "Looks like I discovered a new power."


An hour later, a bored Michael laid on the bed watching Maria as she cried at the movie on the TV. She had told him that it was called 'Steel Magnolias' and that it was one of her favorites. He personally found it dull. When the movie was over, she got up and washed her face with cool water. She lightly blew her nose with a tissue, disposed of it and washed her hands.

When she turned around again, she no longer look so delicate and teary, she had transformed into an opulent vixen. She was giving him that wicked look again and she walked slowly across the room to the refrigerator, her hips swaying in an almost obscene manner.

She removed the brown bag, walked over to him, climbed on the bed and settled on top of him, her legs straddling his waist. "Now I believe that earlier you asked what was in this bag?"

Looking up at her he nodded, and said "Yes I did." He could feel himself going hard again from the excited reaction he was having to the way she was acting.

"Well, here you go." She handed him the bag. "Open it," she urged.

He put his hand in the bag and pulled out a bottle of whip cream, chocolate syrup, a pint of chocolate ice cream, and a small glass jar of maraschino cherries. He looked up at her questioningly, slightly disappointed. "Are we going to be making sundaes?" he asked. She nodded. "Do we even have any bowls or spoons?"

She shook her head no, leaned down close to him, ran her hot little tongue around the edge of his ear and whispered, "Who says we need bowls?" Then it dawned on him and he smiled. She captured his lobe in her mouth and nipped lightly." No, I don't think were going to be needing bowls."

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