FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Reasons to Worship My Mistress"
Part 1
by Ashleigh Lou
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Michael's thoughts on his adoration of Maria. Contains BDSM elements.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: As I've said countless times, my smutfic needs work. But inspiration hit, so don't throw rotten tomatoes, okay? :)
Reasons To Worship My Mistress

1. Her hair. It smells like strawberries. I adore strawberries, especially dipped in chocolate and fed to me while I'm chained to the bed.

2. Her fingernails. They're not too long, and not too short. And they feel so fucking good when she's digging them into my shoulders, hovering above me, on top of me, pushing my hips into the mattress as she moves hers at a furious pace.

3. Her voice. And not just her singing voice, either. When my mistress speaks, the air is charged with electricity. It's like satin sheets against a naked body.

Usually, the naked body is mine, and she's whispering into my ear. She whispers lots of things -- commands usually. Something like, "You can cum now." Or "Spread your legs, Michael." I wish my voice was like hers, smooth and strong all at once. Mine is rarely used these days, except to say, "Yes, mistress."

4. Her cunt. Oh my God, it's... are there words to describe that place? It's a privelage to touch, taste, smell her. The best times are when she crouches above my face, gag firmly secured in my mouth.

Her sweet, darling pussy is always mere inches above my face, and then she does it. Her index finger slips into her tight, steaming hot depths, and I want to close my eyes. The sight is too much -- I want it to be my finger, my tongue lapping at her delicious juices. But it's not, and I'll be punished severely if I don't watch.

So I watch intently, and gasp through the gag when my mistress slips in her middle finger as well. Soon her fingers are flying crazily, and her wetness begins to drip. It is then she always, always removes the gag, and brings herself down onto my mouth.

I drink happily, so fucking grateful for being granted this. My tongue snakes inside of her hot center, and her quiet moans grow louder until they become tortured screams. I love to breathe in her scent peacefully while she writhes above me.

Finally, she reaches orgasm, exploding all over my mouth, my tongue, my thankful lips. I don't miss a drop, not ever.

5. The way she treats me afterwards. There are all sorts of soothing words and rewards if I've done a good job at pleasing my mistress. Sometimes, I'm allowed to take a bubble bath with her, washing her slowly and thoroughly. Occasionally, she will bring in some chocolate syrup and drip it all over me, licking it off with her angelic tongue. However, I know I've done a *really* good job when she brings out the toys.

Let's not even talk about what happens when I *don't* do a good job.

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