FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
Part 16
by Mama Dee
Disclaimer: Wish they were mine..............but thrilled they exist. Thanks WB!
Summary: Sequel to Fantasies
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: Note all the food references in both parts...............I've just started a diet.......can"t you tell? Even writing about sex makes me hungry! LOL. On a slightly more serious vein, I have noted, with interest, the amazing amount of information provided by posters on the boards concerning the resemblance of the Alien symbols to ancient languages, in particular the Etruscan culture. Please note* I acknowledge this fine sleuthing on behalf of all those who have made contributions. However, for the purposes of this piece of *fiction*, I have chosen the Maya culture as a focus, mainly due to its proximity to New Mexico, and I have taken much *literary license* with this story. Remember,people, like the T.V. series itself, THIS IS JUST FICTION. Enjoy and Have A Happy Holiday!
Their companions had stayed on, half-heartedly continuing their tour. By lunchtime they had had enough, and they all piled into the SUV, to head back to the cabins and see what progress Max and Liz had made. The jeep was parked outside the cabin when they arrived, and they hurriedly jumped out of the vehicle, and rushed to the door.

"Hey, wait up guys," Michael hailed them. "Let's knock have no idea how horny those two are, and I wouldn't want to walk in on anything," he shuddered.

That drew a laugh from the rest, as he went up to the door and knocked loudly. They waited for over a minute, before they heard answering footsteps.

" See, what did I tell you?" he nodded knowlingly.

Liz opened the door and gave them a puzzled look.

"Why did you guys knock?"

"Why did it take you so long to answer the door?" Michael asked with a smirk.

"I was in the bathroom, if you must know," she raised her eyebrows.

"And where's Max?" Kyle grinned.

"He went down to the camp store to pick up some milk. What's up with you guys, anyway?"

"Oh nothing Liz," Isabel huffed. "Just boys being boys," she said, as she pushed passed to enter the cabin. "So, how's Max feeling?" she asked with concern.

'Great, actually!" she enthused."I'll wait until he gets back so he can tell you all about our morning."

Just then, Max stepped into the cabin, his arms full of packages.

"Max, what did you buy? We only needed milk!"

"Well, actually, someone forgot to buy some very important item, which I really missed this morning," he looked pointedly at Isabel, as he produced his box of Cocoa Puffs. "And while I was there, I thought I'd pick up some more munchies and stuff for tomorrow."

"What's happening tomorrow, Max?" Tess asked.

He and Liz, in turn, proceeded to tell their story, graphically describing their encounters with both old codgers, having everyone in stitches by the time they'd finished.

"So, are these Miss Emily's Sticky Biscuits? " Maria asked.

"Omigod, yes," Liz affirmed. "You've got to try these guys........their absolutely yummy," she said, smacking her lips to prove her point.

Liz set out some plates and napkins, and they dug in greedily, showing their appreciation by moaning. While there friends ate, Max and Liz busied themselves in the kitchen, making ham and cheese sandwiches for all, and placing them on the table within easy reach. They set out glasses and soda and sat down to join them, everyone realizing how hungry they were, as they piled the food into them.

"So, when are you guys going tomorrow?" Alex asked. "Do you want some company?" he asked hopefully.

"Well, we told Charlie..........actually, Charlie told us........ to pick him up at 8:00," he corrected. The old guy wanted to leave at 6:00, but I talked him out of it. I don't know where we're going or how long we'll be gone.....I just know that we'll be doin' a "powerful lotter walkin"," he laughed. "I just can't picture that old guy doing that much of anything!"

"Well, that leaves me out," said Isabel. "The only powerful thing I'm doing tomorrow is blow drying my hair," she laughed.

"Count me out, too," said Maria. " The last time I went hiking in the woods with you guys, my bra froze to my boobs and we were chased by dogs, so, nah, uh........I'm staying near civilization."

As usual, Maria always had such a colourful way of describing things, but getting her point across, just the same.

"Well, I'd like to go," said Alex.

"Me too," added Kyle and Michael, simultaneously.

"How about you, Tess?" Max asked.

"Yeah, I think I will go," she nodded. "I'm interested to see what's up with that guy who impersonated you.........he's definitely a shape shifter, but definitely not one of the good guys."

"And I'm going, Max," Liz looked at him defiantly.

They'd already had a heated conversation about this, Max being concerned for her safety, and she told him, she'd be safer with him around than without. Max finally acquiesced, admitting that she was probably right. He also figured with both Michael and Tess nearby, she'd be safer still. He hoped that guy had left the area, but he wasn't counting on it, especially if he knew that he'd failed to kill Max. He wasn't going to give up.....Max was sure of that. He was also glad that Isabel had decided to stay behind. If anything happened, they'd need her talents to get them out of trouble. She'd also be there to protect Maria, if need be.

"So, what'll we do for the rest of the day?" Maria asked.

"Well, I'd like to check out some of those souvenir shops in Whites City," Isabel replied.

"Yeah, I wouldn't mind having a peak, too,"said Maria.

"Want some company?" asked Tess.

"Sure," Isabel grinned. "We gotta show the folks something when we get home. Might as well be some tacky souvenirs."

"Liz, do you wanna come with?" Maria offered.

"No thanks, guys. I've had enough excitement for one day. I think I'll just do some reading......I found this great book in the Roswell Library on the Mayas, and I thought I'd check it out."

"Liz, we promised no research this weekend," Maria reminded her.

"I know," she apologized," but I couldn't resist this book....I don't know why."

"Let me see that, Liz," Alex requested. "We combed the Library, and I'm sure we found everything possible on the Mayas....even anything remotely pertaining to their culture. Where did you find it?"

"Well, its really odd, actually. I was returning a few of the other books we'd checked out on Friday, and I saw this on the large display table, over by the entrance. The cover caught my eye, you know, like something shiny reflecting off it. Anyway, I walked over out of curiousity, and I was surprised to see that it was about the Mayas. I thought we'd done a pretty thorough search, too, so I brought it to the main desk, and asked the Librarian when it had come in, and she said that it had only arrived that morning. So I decided to have a look at it, when I got a chance.....and this is the first chance I've had."

Alex flipped through the pages, seeing nothing unusual, and handed it back to Liz.

"Well, I for one am not wasting precious R&R time today reading," Kyle said. "Alex, my man, how's about we check out the arcade in Whites City........I saw one when we drove through this morning. We can go with the girls, and they can drop us off."

"Yeah, alright," Alex agreed.

"You guys wanna come along?" Kyle turned to Michael and Max.

They both shook their heads in denial. "I'd like to take that Walnut Canyon Drive," Michael replied. "I heard some people talking about it this morning, and apparently, it joins up with the back of the "Big Room Cave". I wanna see what's so interesting about that particular area. Maybe there'll be some clues, you know. Max, do you wanna come?"

"No thanks. I think I'll stay here with Liz and keep her company," he replied.

"Oh yeah," they all shouted in derision. "Didn't you get enough nookie last night, man?" Kyle demanded.

"Apparently not," Alex smirked.

"Look, you guys," Liz defended them, "It's not just about sex.....and anyway, like I told you, I have a lot of reading to do."

"Sure you do, Chica," Maria winked. "Well, I'm off to spend some of my hard earned money on cheap trinkets to add to my burgeoning collection of trash. Come on girls," she turned to Isabel and Tess," LET'S SHOP."

They left with Kyle and Alex in tow.

"Max, can I borrow the jeep, then?" Michael asked.

"Sure," as he handed him the keys. "Just be careful.....that guy may still be hangin' around."

"Will do," Michael nodded, and took off in the direction of the park.

"Max, are you alright?" Liz questioned him with concern. "You've been awfully quiet since we got back."

"I'm just a little worried, you know....we have no idea what that guy looks like, and he may try something again....soon. And I may not be the only target, he added."

Liz gave him a comforting hug. "Is that why you stayed behind with keep a watch out for me?" she asked shyly.

"Yeah," he sighed into her hair. "I don't wanna take any chances on you getting hurt," he said as he hugged her tightly. "Anyway, why don't you get started on your book? I'm gonna lie down here on the couch, while you read........I need a little rest."

"Sure, Hon," she replied, as they settled themselves on the couch. She rested her left arm on his outstretched leg as she began to flip through the book, looking for anything unusual, that they hadn't already found. Max stretched his left arm across his eyes, while his right rested on his abdomen, and soon Liz could hear his light snoring as he drifted off to sleep. She smiled inwardly at this domestic scene, comforted by his presence.

She had perused about half the book, scanning the pages rapidly and finding nothing noteworthy, when she came upon a gruesome picture, showing one man being pushed off a high cliff, while being observed by a large group of people. The person who pushed him was wearing a mask, concealing his face, successfully. She read the caption underneath: "This tablet, circa 1700 b.c., depicts the ritual killing of King Chac, by a minion of his usurper. The minion first disguised himself as the King, and then committed the horrific crime of killing the King's own wife. The punishment for murder was an immediate death be thrown off the highest peak and to be witnessed by the whole community.The discovery of the real criminal came too late."

Liz gasped as she read this, waking Max in the process. He muttered to himself as he slowly came out of his slumber. He glanced over at Liz, finding her absorbed in her book, clearly upset by something she had read. She turned to him, as she realized he was awake, and handed him the book, opened to the page she had just been reading.

"Look, Max," she said pointing to the picture." Read this," she said, her voice shaking.

Max read the proffered page, and when he had finished, he looked back at Liz and said wryly, " I guess this explains the impersonation. They must be trying to re-enact the whole ritual."

"Max, I think the guy who tried to run me off the road, was the same guy who tried to push you into the canyon. I remember that he was wearing a baseball cap, so I couldn't really see his face. It has to be the same guy!" she insisted. He must have known we were going to be here today.....but how could he? Omigod, we were talking about it at the house.....he must have overheard us, Max. He's been watching us all along!"

Max swept her into his arms, more convinced than ever, that they were both in danger.

"But, why did he try to impersonate me in front of Charlie? It's not like I was connected to the accident, so their was no way to incriminate me," he said, shaking his head in confusion.

"Maybe, it doesn't have to be exactly like the tablet says. I mean, we're talking about something that happened almost 4000 years ago. It obviously didn't stop him, when he realized I was still alive. Maybe they're just following the ritual know, the double murder idea. I don't know, Max.........but it sure looks like they mean business, no matter what they have planned."

"We've got to be more careful.....I really don't think you should go tomorrow. I think you should stay here with Isabel...who knows what we'll find up on that mountain!" he pointed out.

"Max, I already told you, I'd feel a lot safer with you. Please don't leave me here," she begged.

He looked at her with deep concern, desperately wanting to protect her with his whole being, but realizing they were dealing with a very dangerous element here. The guy could shapeshift into anyone.....they had no idea who or what to look out for.

"What time is it?" he asked as he glanced at his watch. He looked at her lustfully and said, "You wanna fool around?"

She giggled as she squirmed in his arms and nodded eagerly. He picked her up in his strong arms and carried her to their bedroom, kicking the door shut, throwing her onto the bed and collapsing on top of her. He buried his head in her warm neck, planting love bites along its length.

She sighed deeply, enjoying the closeness, without the presence of other ears, listening to their lovemaking. She wriggled under his hard body, massaging his stiffness with her heat. He ran his hand up under her top, feeling her firm breasts with his probing fingertips. He lifted her top over her head, and unhooked her bra, exposing her creamy flesh. He kissed down her breasts, taking her perky nipples into his hot mouth, gently rolling his tongue around their peaks and then sucking them up into his mouth.

He was so sensual....he seemed to know exactly what to do to ensure her pleasure. He serviced her like a slave, and she lay back and enjoyed all of it. She knew that he would always be concerned about her needs before his own, and right now, he was determined to give her whatever she wanted. He lapped at her breasts for an excrutiatingly long time, as she moaned and sighed in delight.

She stopped him long enough to remove his shirt, for she needed to feel his skin on hers. She loved his was so strong and well developed, it made her feel safe just to be in his arms. She flipped him onto his was her turn now, to be the server. She ran her tongue over his soft, firm flesh, down to his nipples and he groaned as it brushed over their surface. She caressed his abdominal muscles, their ridges standing out under her probing fingers.

She ran her tongue over the ridges and into his navel, which she lapped at feverishly. She could feel his shaft pulsing on her chest as she continued to devour his flesh. His hands caressed her hair, running through its silkiness as he moaned at her laving. She pulled at his zipper, and undid his button, exposing his boxers and revealing his enlarged bulge. She pulled the waistband down, and groaned as she exposed him to full view.

He groaned too, waiting anxiously for her next move. She didn't disappoint him, as she ran her tongue over his glossy tip, the juices leaking their salty flavour onto her probe. She flicked at it, running her tongue around and around, as he moaned deeply, increasing the pressure of his caresses in her hair. She sighed deeply before she opened her mouth and let it descend slowly over the length of his arousal, cupping his sac with her tiny hand, and massaging it gently.

He jumped and hissed as he felt her fingers on his sensitive balls, rocking his hips in answer. He held her head firmly as he began to move in and out of her mouth, wanting to take it slow..... to draw out the pleasure................ fighting the urge to seek completion. His body glistened with sweat as he struggled with his sexual urges. She didn't want him to hold back.....she needed this as much as he did, and so she increased her pace, grunting as she felt him stiffen, before he exploded in her mouth.

His body jerked hard, as he poured his love into her, and she lapped it up greedily, savouring his saltiness, as she sucked him dry. He gradually softened, and she let go, trailing her tongue up through his wiry hair, up along his heaving torso, and to his waiting lips. He was still struggling for breath. as she lay beside him, her arm draped across his chest.

Her own juices ran onto him as she lifted her leg over his hip and he immediately became aware of her condition. He moved his hand down to circle her nub, and with one swift movement, he moved down her body, and threw both her legs over his shoulders, burying his face in her mound. She had no time to react as he tongued her savagely. She screamed with pleasure as he brought her to a wild climax, as her body convulsed under his touch.

He felt her muscle walls contract as he shoved his fingers into her creamy passage, to increase her pleasure. She writhed on the bed like a wild animal, as he brought her to release over and over. Then he mounted her, as he again, became hard. He drove into her full force as her legs rode his shoulders, giving him deep access to her channel. She cried and sobbed as she felt herself climax again, and Max joined her as they rode the storm out of control.

They slumped on the bed, as he rolled off her, pushing his sweaty brow into the covers, as his hand caressed her mound. He could still feel the vibrations of her release, as he gave her comfort with his touch. She sobbed quietly, as she struggled to contol her emotions. He moved his head to the side and brought his hand up to smooth her hair. She turned to look at him, her cheeks flushed and damp with tears.

She kissed his hand, as he caressed her cheek, drying her tears of joy. They rolled in towards each other, moving their hands along each others smooth, warm forms. They kissed each other lovingly, as they drifted off to sleep, safe in each others arms.

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