FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
Part 11
by Mama Dee
Disclaimer: Wish they were mine..............but thrilled they exist. Thanks WB!
Summary: Sequel to Fantasies
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: Note all the food references in both parts...............I've just started a diet.......can"t you tell? Even writing about sex makes me hungry! LOL. On a slightly more serious vein, I have noted, with interest, the amazing amount of information provided by posters on the boards concerning the resemblance of the Alien symbols to ancient languages, in particular the Etruscan culture. Please note* I acknowledge this fine sleuthing on behalf of all those who have made contributions. However, for the purposes of this piece of *fiction*, I have chosen the Maya culture as a focus, mainly due to its proximity to New Mexico, and I have taken much *literary license* with this story. Remember,people, like the T.V. series itself, THIS IS JUST FICTION. Enjoy and Have A Happy Holiday!
They had all promised to meet at Michael's at 1:30, to help with the files that were rapidly accumulating. They divided the task up into various topics: Research papers, amateur writings, religious writings, churches, museums and a list of locals, especially guides who might cut down on their research time.

Six of them worked on this, while Max and Liz became the unofficial supervisors, dividing their time amongst three individuals each, lending a hand when necessary, but otherwise, making sure that the work ran smoothly. This system finally produced results. Max had set up a large easel with large sheets of paper attached, and he wrote the symbols from the cave on them, one symbol per page. Then he placed these around the walls of the apartment with tape. They ended up with 35 sheets of paper. Now, all they needed was to find similar symbols in either of the six areas they were examining, and place the corresponding symbols on the cave symbol sheets, indicating where they were found and any possible translation.

The afternoon wore on, as they dug into their chore. As each page was discarded from the various topics, they were double checked by Max and Liz, individually. This triple checking was to make certain that nothing was overlooked, and proved quite valuable in a few instances, when one or the other missed something.

They were not only concerned with finding symbols that matched, but anything that might remotely resemble something from the caves. They kept glancing at the wall sheets, and anytime they found something with a hint of similarity, they placed it on the corresponding sheet with its location and a possible translation.They felt that over such an extended period, the symbols might have altered slightly, just as written language alters.

By dinnertime, most of the sheets bore some kind of additional markings, may of them a stretch, but some were quite similar. The only match they had, was the one found a few days ago.........the one that matched the symbol on Nasedo's necklace that was found on the temple walls, and even that was suspect, as the picture was slightly blurred.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm starving," Kyle spoke up. "And my neck is killing me. And I can't see straight, anymore!" He crossed his eyes to prove his point.

Tess laughed. "I can't do anything about your hunger, as you already pointed out last night, and I can't help your crossed eyes, but I can do something about your neck," she giggled as she began to massage his aching muscles. He sighed in relief as her fingers soothed the tension in his neck and shoulders.

"Omigod, that feels good," he groaned. "Don't stop! I may even forget I'm hungry," he vowed, and then his stomach gave him away by emitting a loud growl. "I guess not," he smiled sheepishly. She slapped him on the back as the others joined her in laughter.

"You're an animal," she huffed, pretending to be insulted.

"Yeah, but I'm cute and cuddly, aren't I," he mugged, as he batted his eyes at her.

She burst out laughing and hugged him from behind.

The other couples were intrigued by their closeness, especially Max and Liz, who were secretly relieved at the change in their romantic status.

"Well, I vote for the Crashdown," Alex offered. " I need a change of scenery.......not that I don't enjoy spending endless hours in your cramped apartment, Michael," he apologized, holding his hands up in supplication," but I want to get some fresh air, too. So, I'm outa here.........c'mon, Iz," and he held out his hand to help her up.

I second that vote, Alex," Max responded as he headed for the door with Liz. The other couples followed quickly behind, and soon , they were all seated at a booth and table at the cafe, placing their orders with Madge.

Liz went into the back to see her parents, to let them know that she had arrived safely home. After she had chatted with them for a while, she returned to sit with her friends. Her parents watched her as she laughed and talked with her group, smiling at the image of happiness on her beaming face.They liked all her friends, and felt that they were a good influence on her.

"So, Liz, what were we supposed to have done last night when we spent it together?" Maria raised her eyebrows.

"Oh, you know, the usual. We rented a movie, and did each others hair and read trashy teen magazines," she giggled.

"So that's what you girls do," Max surmised.

"Yeah, just ask Alex," Liz countered.

"Leave me out of this, Liz. I no longer participate in those nights anymore. I have better things to do with my time, now, right, Iz? he asked as he pecked her on the lips.

"Mmmm, yes. Much better things," she laughed. Much, much better."

"Alright, you guys, we get the picture," Michael grimaced as he rolled his eyes. "Please don't ruin my appetite. I have enough problems keeping my food down, with these two rabbits over here," he said, pointing to Max and Liz.

"You're so droll, Michael. Remind me to laugh, next time," Liz added sarcastically.

Max laughed at their little exchange, knowing that they were just kidding. He loved it when they started trading barbs. He wasn't very practiced at it, but the others seemed to come by it naturally, and he just sat back and took it all in. He preferred to remain in the background, despite his leadership status, but could always be relied upon in a crisis situation. He was the quintessential strong, silent type, and that suited him just fine.

Their orders arrived, and they ate greedily, accompanied by their continued bantering. Anyone observing them, would have taken them for a typical group of teens.........anyone, that is, except the one person in the restaurant who eyed them with suspicion, as he sat hidden behind his newspaper, glowering with malice.


They decided to call it quits for the night, and start fresh tomorrow afternoon. Each couple went their individual ways, to spend some private time together. Michael and Maria returned to his apartment to watch t.v., Alex and Isabel decided to do some star gazing, Kyle and Tess went back to his place to watch a rented movie, and Max and Liz decided they'd catch a movie at the theatre.

They arrived just in time to take in the early show. Max picked up a jumbo popcorn and two sodas for them, before they got seated in the back row, of course. They might have their own little love nest, but they weren't yet beyond making out at the movies. They watched the film halfheartedly, while they nibbled on their popcorn and sipped their sodas.

Predictably, their thoughts drifted from the screen, as Max put his arm across the back of the seat, and moved over to kiss Liz's salty lips.

"Mmmm, you taste yummy," he murmured, as he licked his lips. "I wanna taste more," he insisted.

She laid back in the seat to give him access to her ready mouth, and he moaned as he covered it with his own anxious lips. He took her in a full kiss, and deepened it as he became more aroused. He wrapped his other arm around her to pull her in closer, and slid his tongue passed her lips and into her hot mouth. His hand came up to massage her breast, and she moaned as he rubbed his thumb across her nipple.

They both looked up in unison, and said, " The house!", forgetting about the movie altogether, in their rush to the jeep. In fifteen minutes, they were standing at the front door, as Max fumbled with the key, laughing at their randiness.He finally got the key in the lock, and let them in. He grabbed Liz in a tight embrace as he pushed her up against the door.

He ran his tongue down her neck as he opened the buttons on her blouse, following his progress down to her heaving breasts, which he sucked appreciatively, before snaking down to her abdomen. He paused to unbutton her jeans, and pull down her zipper, before ripping them down her thighs.

He tongued her through her panties, noting with satisfaction, how wet they were. He could smell her and taste her without even removing the thin material, but he wanted it all. He watched her watching him, as he pushed his finger passed the elastic in the leg, and into her slick heat. She threw back her head as he peeled back her lips and sought her swollen clit.

"You like that, don't you, Babe? You're so hot and wet," he groaned as he extracted his finger and slid it into his mouth, sucking her juices off of it. She whimpered as she watched him tasting her. She pushed her hips forward to signal that she wanted more, and he obliged by slowly pulling her panties down, kissing her as he revealed her silken mound, bit by bit.

She writhed under his caresses as he teased her with his tongue, slowly opening her up as he revealed her enlarged sex. He flicked it with his tongue, and she jerked as he held her buttocks firmly.

"Ah, Liz, my beautiful, tasty Liz," he crooned as he continued to tease her with his tongue. He spread his fingers so that they reached her groin, kneading the sensitive flesh there. She sucked in her breath, as he continued his exploration of her loins, gently massaging the skin there as he got closer and closer to her mound. She rocked frantically, as he taunted her with his presence, when he suddenly plunged the tip of his tongue between her folds and massaged her nub mercilessly, flicking it and running his flattened tongue over it, and finally sucking on it.

She exploded violently, as her body jerked out of control.......if he hadn't been holding her so firmly, she would have collapsed as her legs buckled beneath her. He showed her no mercy as he continued to lave her, her juices running down her leg as she climaxed again and again. He grunted as he licked them up, gulping in their sweetness as she trembled like a fragile branch.

Finally, she slumped forward, over his back, semi-conscious and incoherent. He stood up and carried her to the bedroom, laying her down gently, kissing her face and neck in consolation. She rolled her head on the pillow, her flushed cheeks standing out against the creamy material. Her body shuddered as she licked her parched lips, fighting for self control.

Max held her firmly until she was able to mutter her gratitude. She rolled into him, kissing his strong chest and wondering how he knew exactly which buttons to push. She felt herself, increasingly, melting under his touch, unsure of her future existence if this continued. If she died from too much sex, would anyone believe it? The feelings he stirred up in her were alarming sometimes, and she now felt like she was out of control whenever he was near.

She wondered if he felt the same way.

"Are you alright, Babe?" he asked with concern. "I didn't mean to wear you out."

"I'm okay now, Max. I have to ask you something."

"Sure," he answered.

"Do you feel like we're out of control all the time, now? I mean, do you ever get scared by what's happening to us.........we can't seem to keep our hands off each other, anymore, and the sex is so overwhelming..........that I'm actually afraid it's gonna kill us!"

"You're serious, aren't you? Well, I have to admit, that it has gotten a lot wilder each time, but I don't think I'm a killing machine, yet," he joked as he squeezed her.

"Max, stop it," she teared up. I am serious. I don't want to lose consciousness every time we do it! Don't you think this is abnormal?"

"Liz, Babe, you know how I feel about normal........okay, I'm sorry," he apologized as he saw her eyes fill up. "Do you want us to stop?" he asked, knowing what that might do to jeopardize his health.

"No, Max, I just want some answers," she stated frustratingly. "I wish your Grandma were here to help. I really feel safe when she's around. She makes me feel sure of myself, and right now, I'm feeling so out of it. I really need to talk to her," she whimpered.

Max kissed the top of her head, as he felt her pain. He wished he could help her, but somehow, he knew she needed someone wiser, someone with more experience, to help her through this. She sobbed quietly in his arms, as he held onto her tightly, consoling her as best he could. He hadn't realized how scary this had gotten for her, but at least she had finally confided in him.

If only they knew how to contact his grandmother. She just seemed to appear when there was a crisis.........well this was definitely a crisis.........maybe she would show up soon, he hoped. First, Liz's dairy allergy, then his weird reaction to lack of sex, and now this. They needed answers to all these problems. And add to that, there overwhelming search for clues in Mexico, and you could say that if the sex didn't kill them, the stress would. Plus, they still had another week to wait before Liz could use the pregnancy test! No wonder she was feeling so burdened. They had to slow down, and that was the only thing he was sure of.

Liz had finally quietened down in his arms, and had drifted into an exhausted sleep. He hated to wake her, so he decided to call Maria and get her to cover for Liz again. He hoped this wouldn't be a problem. He gently extricated himself from her arms, and went into the kitchen to use the phone.

Michael answered the phone on the fourth ring, sounding very pissed off. "Michael, its me. Can I talk to Maria for a sec, please?"

"I might have known you'd be calling for help again," he sighed. "Just hang on a minute," and he passed the phone to Maria, who could be heard laughing in the background.

"Okay, Max, what is it this time? More nookie troubles?"

"No, Maria, not really," he said in exasperation. "Look, Liz has fallen asleep.........she was real upset about something, and just cried herself to sleep........I don't feel like waking her up, so could you please call her folks and make up some kind of an excuse?"

"Max, is she alright?" Maria sounded more worried, now. "What got her so upset?"

"I think she just needs to sleep, that's all. I don't really want to discuss this now. Just know that she's sleeping soundly and I'm gonna make sure I watch her tonight, okay? I'm sure that she'll tell you all about it tomorrow. Just please do this for us, tonight," he pleaded.

"Yeah, sure Max. Don't worry about it. I can always come up with a good excuse. We'll see you guys, tomorrow afternoon, then."

"Yeah, we'll be there, Maria. And thanks again. Bye."

"Bye, Max."

She turned to Michael and relayed the message. He frowned but didn't reveal what he knew........he figured if Liz hadn't told Maria yet, then he wasn't going to, either. He knew that this had to be tough on Liz and Max, but Liz always seemed so was hard to picture her not being able to cope. He wished he could do something! He hated feeling helpless!

Maria made the phone call to Liz's parents, telling them that she'd fallen asleep on her couch while watching a movie and she hated to wake her. Liz's mom said to leave her, and she'd see her tomorrow. Maria sighed with relief, when she finished the call, thankful that her mom had bought the story.

Meanwhile, Max called his parents, and told them he was spending the night again, with Michael.


True to his word, Max watched her carefully during the night. She seemed to be sleeping deeply, and smiled occassionally, and even chuckled, as she slept. He finally dozed off himself, just before sun up, still holding her in his warm embrace. They both slept on through the morning, oblivious to the late summer beauty around them.

Liz finally opened her eyes around Noon and shook Max vigorously, as she realized they had slept overnight.

"Wha.....wha......what's wrong Liz? Are you alright?" he stumbled out as he became fully awake.

"Max, we didn't go home! My parents are gonna kill me!" she exclaimed.

"No, don't panic," he assured her. "I called Maria and told her to call your parents with an excuse. You were sleeping so soundly, I didn't want to wake you. I'm sorry if you were upset," he apologized.

She breathed easier after she heard Max's explanation, flopping back down on the bed, next to his warm body.

"Thank God for that...........thanks for letting me sleep, Max . I think that was part of the problem, last night. I was so tired, and everything we've been through in the past week kinda just caught up with me. I'm sorry if I upset you," she explained.

"It's okay, Babe. As long as you're feeling better, that's all that matters," he confirmed.

"Max, she came to me in my sleep again, last night!"

"Who mean, my grandmother?!" he exclaimed.

"Yes. She was wonderful! She hugged me and kissed me and told me that everything would be alright, now. She said, that these were the necessary changes we both had to go through, as we became compatable......Oh, and guess what! I'm not pregnant! I can't be for at least three more years yet!" she added gleefully, as she hugged Max.

"What! Well, that's great news," he sighed with relief," but what does it mean?"

"Well, according to Grandma......Oh, by the way, that's what she likes to be called..... anyway, she said that your sperm won't be viable for three more years. It's kind of like a built in birth control system, and according to your planet's history, all young male adults are "engineered" the same you can tell Michael that he doesn't have to worry, either!"

"Well, that's sure gonna save on condom's, for awhile. Hey, that means I get to really feel you, now," he leered. " So, how will I know when I'm "viable" there some kind of sign?"

"She didn't tell me that, yet, but I'm sure we'll have plenty of warning. Oh Max, I'm so relieved. I love you so much, but I wasn't ready to have your baby! You understand, don't you?" she pleaded.

"Oh, Babe, I don't think either one of us was ready for that major step..........I am totally relieved," he assured her. "Look. I'm starving. Let's have a quick shower, and then grab something substantial to eat before we leave. If we're a bit late for the gang, I'm sure they'll understand."

"I'm with you on that, Hon," and she hopped out of bed to race him to the bathroom. She had to pee so badly, that her bladder felt like it would burst! When she got up, Max used the facilities, while she brushed her teeth. He joined her at the sink, and soon they were ready to shower.

"Max, you didn't get sick last night when we didn't make love. Do you think that the crisis is over?"

"Yeah, you're right. As a matter of fact, I didn't even think about it.....woohoo I'm cured!" he joked.

Liz giggled as she moved her soapy hands over his body. "Well, don't think you're off the hook, Spaceboy. You may be cured, but I still have needs,"she whispered seductively.

They made love standing in the shower, but it wasn't as frantic as it had been......even though it was still immensely enjoyable. They still exploded with a feverish hunger, but it wasn't as out of control as most recently. They dried each other off and returned to the bedroom to dress. Then, they headed for the kitchen to prepare a hearty brunch of ham and eggs and waffles slathered in butter and syrup. Luckily, they had brought some food supplies on Friday night.

Liz put on the coffee while Max made the juice. Then Liz called Maria, thanking her for her help last night. Maria wanted to know all the details, but Liz explained that they would reveal all this afternoon. She told her that they might be a little late, so to go ahead without them........they'd get there as soon as possible.

She and Max sat at the island counter, enjoying their scrumptious meal. When they finished, they cleared the dishes, and washed up, before leaving for the city.

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