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"Purple Passion"
Part 7
by Syndee Thomas
Disclaimer: The characters are THE WB'S.
Summary: Sequel to Crab Nebula in Taurus. Liz faints after Max questions her about a hickey that he suspects was put there by a shape-shifter pretending to be him.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: Theme started in "Treasures Found"(CD Afterhours) and continues in order "Tess to TESS," "Reflections," "The Baby Nexus," and "Crab Nebula in Taurus."
(The Lake)

Isabel corners Liz right before the fireworks display is to start. "Liz is there somewhere Alex and I can be alone and still see the fireworks?"

Liz ponders the question around before she answers, "Yes, my grandfathers studio. It was originally the gardener's shed but was converted for my grandfather to use as an artist's studio. There are large windows and a skylight and it's secluded."

Isabel is blushing as she stammers her reasons for wanting to be alone with Alex.

"I know that you guys think of me as an Ice Queen and that you don't understand what Alex sees in me." Isabel states this as a matter of fact.

"Isabel, that is not true. We all know you to be very warm and caring. That Ice Queen theorem was dissolved the night Michael was so sick and you wouldn't let anyone help you take care of him."

Liz's revelation relaxes Isabel enough to venture into the realms of girl talk.

"Do you think Alex thinks I'm frigid?" Her eyes drop and she wrings her hands.

"He's never said anything to me, but he wouldn't. He's crazy about you." Liz smiles as she remembers how excited Alex was when Isabel finally let him see her for who she really is.

"It's just that you and Max, Maria and Michael and now Teresa and Kyle seem so hot for each other all the time. Alex and I care for each other but I always stop myself from feeling that over-the-top hot and heavy passion that I witness happening around me.

"But do you feel that hot and heavy passion when you're with Alex?" Liz is hesitate and careful not to pry.

"Oh, yes." Isabel exhales and smiles contently. "I'm afraid that if I ever allow myself to feel all the things that I know I can feel with Alex that I won't be able to stop our making love." Isabel looks for and spots Alex before she lets out a heavy sigh.

"Would that be so bad? I mean you love him don't you?" Liz timidly asks as she follows Isabel's gaze to land on Alex.

"Yes I do and I know he feels the same way but once I commit to him in that way I could never leave him and I may have to one day for both our sakes." She looks to Liz with longing and unshed tears.

"Come on," Liz grabs Isabel's hand. "Just because you aren't ready for the whole "Shabang" doesn't mean that the setting can't look the part. Lets see how romantic an atmosphere we can make an artist's studio look in 20 minutes."

Much to the girl's surprise, the studio is in pretty good shape. Sheet dusters had been placed over all the furniture including a very large chaise lounge.

Removal of the dusters and the turning of the cushions take care of the seating. Adding candles and some sparkling grape juice and champagne glasses adds to the atmosphere. All that's needed is the seductress and the seducee.

Liz finds Alex and gives him directions to the studio where Isabel is waiting for him. He is a little confused because he thought that they were all going to watch the fireworks from the dock.

Isabel fidgets as she lounges on the chaise. She strikes a pose only to conclude that any pose that she executes will look staged. So she tries to relax and has just thrown her legs over the side of the chair to stand up when an audible gasp escapes Alex's lips as he takes in the scene before him.

"Isabel," her name resounds through the room as though it were a song.

She still has on her bathing suit under a light wrap tied around her waist. The split from the wrap reveals one long golden leg hi-lighted by her recent tan and dispersed candlelight.

Alex closes and bolts the door without turning around. His eyes remain locked with hers as he gracefully advances toward her and with poise he didn't know he had he reaches out and helps her to her feet and into his arms.

He hands move on their own volition up her back and into her hair. The kiss deepens and their tongue duels for the right to lavish the others mouth with sensation after sensation of glorious bliss.

Strong hands, which previously caressed her neck, are now massaging the sides of her face, thumbs outline her cheeks before securing her face in his hands and pulling away to reveal passion soaked eyes and whispered desire.

"Isabel, You are so beautiful," he opens his mouth to swoop down for another lusty kiss.

Moans from deep within her escape thought their joined lips Which further encourages him to plummet the recesses of her mouth.

He must sense that her knees are weak because he captures her in his arms and with one knee on the chair lowers their bodies, without losing contact, to the welcoming support of the overstuffed comfort of the chaise lounge.

"Alex, I need to feel your skin against mine." She finds the buttons of his shirt and starts to unfasten them as he leans back and allows her access to the final obstruction.

She slides the shirt down his arms and boldly nips at his nipples with her teeth, which solicits a very pleasant moan of pleasure from him as he closes his eyes to revel in the feeling.

Alex presses her head between his hands, kissing her wildly, both of them drowning in sensation upon sensation.

She feels the muscles of the entire length of his body respond to her. His arms overpowering but at the same time secure - cradling.

His chest both firm and yielding against her breasts, his back strong yet trembling under her hands, his thighs stroking her with his hungry heat - only the hard thrust of his sex against hers did not give against her softness protected by the material of her bathing suit.

Alex rains kisses on her shoulder, her neck and her throat. His hand draws the thin strap of her bathing suit down over her rounded shoulder. His tongue runs hungrily around the upper edge of her top, seeking entry to the roundness that the fabric hides, until her whole body lies helplessly yearning for the touch of his tongue on her nipples.

His hand leaves her breast and moves with firm ownership down between her thighs. His eyes burn into hers as he takes intimate possession of her body watching for her response, his jaw clenches as she moans in passionate surprise of her own body's unexpected rush of pleasure.

In this moment she wants him to stake his claim to exclusive rights to her heart and body.

The firm possessive clasp of his hand tells her that he wants this as much as she does. When he releases his hold, it is only to take up another, only to let the firm pad of his thumb explore till he finds the place where his touch makes her eyes close, and her throat opens on a soundless gasp.

She leaps, as sensation burns out from under his hand to all her nerves, exciting every inch of skin, every cell, every pore, every part of her being.

She whimpers, moans and cries both with and for release. Never has she wanted so much. She has never known anything like this.

Suddenly she hears and sees fireworks. It is not until much later that she realizes that the explosive fireworks were real.

Alex has never experienced such powerful need, such driving pleasure. He does not know what gives him the strength to resist the demand for his release.

He has reached a place within his self where the pain of resisting is transmuted into pleasure and his desire to give her pleasure is his incentive.

"Touch me Isabel," Alex whispers close to her ear as he kisses a path from her ear to her cheek and alas her delicious mouth.

Isabel's hands stroke his chest before exploring his shoulders, his buttocks, and his thighs. Her hands find their way into his trunks and then with a moan of excitement, his virile powerful sex.

She slips her hand around the honeyed shaft, glorying in its strength, hungry with passion for him.

Their dual masturbation is taking them to unbelievable heights of consciousness, bordering on catalytic and threatening to spiral downward soon.

Alex tries to still Isabel's hand but it's to late for he explodes from the urgent pumping by her of his staff.

Isabel's face mirrors his as her release comes hard and fast making her gasp for breathe as her free hand digs into the arm which controlled the hand that has just taken her to a galaxy far, far away.

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