FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Pool Party"
Part 14
by Christina D
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Summary: the gang is reunited after a summer away at a pool party! (Summer after sophomore year, only)
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
"I'm so tired," Michael yawned as he and Maria finished putting away the dishes. "That food really made me sleepy." He threw a smirk at Maria and said "You wore me out this afternoon."

Maria looked at him, a small smile on her own lips. "If I remember right, you attacked me. It's not my fault that you couldn't keep up with me."

Realizing that his manhood was being attacked, he pushed her up against his refrigerator and kissed her hard. "I am a real man, baby. I can do more than keep up with you, I can keep going until I knock you out, and I'm going to prove it to you tonight."

Maria smiled slyly, "Prove it to me then, Michael."

He picked her up, her legs wrapping around his waist, and laid her out on his couch. He looked down at her and grinned. "Let the games begin."


When Alex showed up, Isabel greeted him with a warm kiss and then took him to the kitchen and they made some popcorn and chocolate milk-shakes, one with extra Tabasco. They brought the snacks up to her bedroom and went through her selection of videos. They chose to watch the modern day edition of Romeo and Juliet. Alex had never seen it before.

Keeping their hormones under control, they watched the entire thing and then marveled at how the movie could have been called 'Max and Liz'.

Isabel looked out the window and said, "Who knows, it could even be called 'Alex and Isabel.'

"That all depends. I have no doubt in my mind that Max and Liz are soulmates. But how do we know if we are?" He sighed and looked into empty space. He spoke quieter. "All I know is that I've been crazy about you since I moved to Roswell when I was eight. And whether or not we truly are soulmates, I know I love you no matter who you are destined to be with."

He looked down at her and saw she was teary. "What? Did I say something wrong?" he asked.

"No, you said you loved me," she sniffed. "It's just...well, you know who I really am, what I really am, and you still love me. I never expected that anyone human could really love me for who I am and not just my looks. It's just a little hard to get used to."

He smiled and wrapped her in his arms. "I love you for who you are both outside and inside, Isabel Evans," he whispered.

She smiled up at him and whispered "I love you Alex Whitman." They kissed, and Isabel looked away. "I changed my mind," she said.

A hurt look crossed Alex's face. "Wow, my kiss must have been really horrible to make you change your mind about loving me."

She smiled up at him. "No silly! I changed my mind about us not doing anything tonight. I...well Alex, I want you to make love to me." She pulled him down and initiated a passionate kiss.


Liz looked between Max and the shower and then nodded him over to it. He quietly walked over and hid behind the shower curtain.

"Yeah, Dad?" Liz called, her voice cracking.

"What's going on in there? I heard screaming."

"Nothing Dad! I...uh...I saw a...a ...cockroach! I saw a cockroach," Liz answered lamely. Her heart was beating five times it's normal pace and she was sure that she was going to black-out at any second.

"Liz, I want you to open the door," her father said, his voice stern.

She wrapped a towel around herself and made sure that Max couldn't be seen through the shower curtain. Then she took a deep breath and opened the door.

Her father was standing with his hands on his hips, his dark hair mused, a frown on his face. His expression said that he knew something fishy was going on. "Liz, I want to know what's going on? Right now!"

"What do you mean dad?" Liz said, trying to muster up her usual expression that she gave her father when he was over-reacting. She could feel that she wasn't really succeeding.

"I'm not stupid Elizabeth. I want you to explain to me why you're taking a shower in the middle of the night, after you already supposedly took a shower as soon as you got home - that being the reason why you didn't check in until twenty-minutes after curfew. Explain to me why I am woken up by my only daughter screaming, and then I get closer and hear...moaning noises? And explain to me why there is a huge hickey on your neck that I didn't notice when you got home earlier. I want the truth!"

"Dad, what are you insinuating?" Liz said, her eyes filling with tears.

He came right out and said it. "Are you alone Liz?"

"Dad! Of coarse I'm alone. How could you ask me that?" Liz yelled, exasperated, willing her father to believe her lie.

He took a deep breath and pushed past her into the bathroom. He looked behind the door and in the towel closet. The he glanced between Liz and the shower and he walked over to it.

Time slowed for Liz. She sucked it a breath and her heart stopped. She fought to remain calm and normal but it was almost impossible. His hand raised to the curtain and she closed her eyes. Her dad threw the curtain back. Several seconds went by where he said nothing. Liz opened her eyes to see that the shower was empty. Max was gone! She exhaled.

"You see dad, I'm alone. I was cold and I couldn't sleep and so I decided to take a bath. And I had to rinse off when I was done. Then I saw the cockroach on the floor and I screamed." The words poured out of her mouth.

He smiled. "Of course, Liz. I'm sorry. I don't know what I was thinking," he kissed her on the forehead. Then his brows raised again suspiciously. "That still doesn't explain the moaning though."

Liz looked at the ground and said the only thing she could think of. "Dad, I know." She knew her dad would be too embarrassed at the idea of her engaging in self-pleasure to press the issue anymore.

"Oh...OH!" His face turned scarlet, and he walked to the door and excused himself quickly. "Goodnight, Liz."

She exhaled and slumped against the floor. She cringed at the idea that her father would be thinking about that every time he saw her, but she knew it was a lot better than being caught having sex.

Finally she got up and left the bathroom. Still in her towel, she crawled out of the window and looked around for Max. She saw him hiding in the corner, still completely naked. "Hey!" she whispered.

"He gone?" Max asked.

She nodded. "How in the world did you get out of there?"

"I crawled out of that tiny window."

"Max, there are bars on that window. Did you...?"

He nodded and said "I used my powers to loosen them and then I put them back the way they were!"

"Oh. Well, lets go in, it's freezing!" Liz said.

Once back in her room, she found a pair of extra-large blue sweats that said 'West Roswell High' down one leg and a big shirt and told Max to put them on. He looked at her like she was crazy but she assured him that they were men's clothes and that they were warm. "Would you rather freeze?" she asked, and he shook his head and got dressed.

She put lotion on her legs and arms and then dressed herself in a pair of fuzzy green drawstring pants and a white t-shirt. She walked over to her bedroom door and locked it and then pulled back the blankets on the bed. She walked over to where Max was sitting and led him to the bed.

They both crawled in and her wrapped his arms around her from behind. Liz turned out her lamp and then he squeezed his arms around her tighter. "Liz?"


"I'm curious. What explanation did you give your dad for the screaming and moaning?"

She shook her head. "Oh god, you don't want to know."


After Liz's and Maria's shifts the next morning, the gang met together for lunch.

Liz noticed that Isabel and Alex kept staring at each other dreamily, smiling as though they had a secret. Michael kept whispering in Maria's ear and Maria in turn kept blushing. And Max held on to her hand tightly, not wanting to let her go.

After they ate lunch, Agnes, their lazy, snotty waitress asked if they wanted desert. Liz spoke up. "You guys can have some if you want but not the girls."

Maria and Isabel gave Liz an odd look, and then it hit them exactly what Liz had in mind.

"Oh," Isabel thought of her amazing night and realized that she was desperate to share it with the girls. "Couldn't agree more, we definitely need that! I'll bring the sprinkles."

"Definitely! I got the whip cream." Maria agreed, smiling to herself at the memory of how Michael had in fact made good on his promise.

Liz nodded and added, "I've got the chocolate syrup!"

They guys looked around the table at the three girls. "What are you guys talking about?" Michael asked, his brow's raised.

The three girls giggled and simultaneously cried "Girls Night!"

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