FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Pool Party"
Part 12
by Christina D
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing.
Summary: the gang is reunited after a summer away at a pool party! (Summer after sophomore year, only)
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
"Well, we could watch some tv. Do you have any movies?" he asked.

She nodded and brought him over to her movie shelf. He looked through the titles and laughed to himself. Most of her movies were serious chick-flicks and he wasn't too into that. He finally chose The Wedding Singer and Liz put it in her VCR but didn't press play. She poured the cherry-colas into the glasses and brought them and the Tabasco sauce over to the bed. "Here," she said as she handed Max his glass and the hot sauce, "I figured you like this stuff with your cola too."

He thanked her and then poured some of the Tabasco into his soda. Liz watched in fascination and wondered what it tasted like? "Uh Max? Can I try some of that? I'm just kind of curious."

Max smirked and shrugged. "Sure."

He closed her eyes and took a taste. Her eyes got wide and she spit it out. "Oh my god that's awful!" She gagged and then noticed that it was all over his blue-gray shirt. "I'm so sorry Max! Take it off and I'll go wash it before the stains settle in," she said She realized how that sounded and she cursed under her breath. *Oh God, he probably thinks I did that on purpose. I soooo want to die!*

Max removed his shirt and she took it into her bathroom and washed out the stains. Then she hung it over her towel rack and let it dry. When she came back, she saw that Max was lying on her bed with his arms resting behind his head. His bare chest looked so smooth and glossy under the light of the candles. She felt her face grow hot and her insides heat up.

She walked over to the bed and sat on the side. She noticed that he still had the purple hickey on his chest and she giggled. "Why don't you get rid of that?" she asked as she ran her finger over it.

Max looked at her and shrugged. "I kind of like it."

She smiled widely and then laid down next to him. She went to place her head on his chest when he cringed. Liz eyes widened in concern. "What did I do? Are you okay?" she asked.

He sat up. "I got a bit of a sun-burn today. I didn't notice it until I got home and took a shower. The warm water really burned and when I got out, I noticed that my arms and back and chest were red."

Liz got up and walked back to her bathroom. She came back with a tube of green jelly. She told him to lay down and then crawled up and straddled his hips. She poured some of the jelly on his chest and he recoiled. "Aaah, that's cold," he said loudly.

She looked towards the door and shushed him. "If you wake my parents up and they come in here and see me on top of you like this, they are going to kill me, so you better be quiet. Now, be patient, it will warm up in a moment. This is mainly aloe vera gel with some other stuff. It's a little greasy but it will help relieve the pain."

He closed his eyes as she began to rub her little hands all over his chest and arms. If felt really good despite the minor pain. He knew that if he wanted to he could make the burn disappear, but he was really enjoying her hands on him. She instructed him to roll over and she continued to spread the gel over his back. It felt so wonderful as she kneaded his skin and he groaned a little.

When she was done, she asked if it felt any better? Max nodded and thanked her. He held her up for a second as he rolled onto his back again. He looked into her eyes and felt a current run through his body. He froze. She was looking at him with want in her eyes. Something snapped inside of him.

He pulled her down fiercely and she stretched out on top of him. He tangled his hands into her hair and touched his lips to hers in a slow, intense kiss that sent shivers through her body. He pulled back and looked at her again and then gave her a deeper kiss, wrapping her tightly in his arms. His kisses were greedy.

She dropped her head to his neck and peppered him with hot open-mouthed kisses, he little tongue stroking the tight skin. When he groaned, she felt it vibrate under her lips and she giggled. "That tickled," she said at his questioning glance.

She moved to kiss his lips again but stopped when she heard a noise on her balcony.

Both their heads shot towards that direction and they listened. When they heard nothing, they both got up and slowly walked to the window. Max stepped out and was instantly drenched. Liz followed him and she too was immediately soaked. They looked around the area and saw nothing suspicious. One of her plants had been knocked over. A stray cat jumped out then and circled Max's ankle.

"Looks like the culprit is a frisky feline," Max said and Liz gave him and odd look at his choice of words. He walked over to the edge of the balcony and leaned against it.

"This rain feels really good on my skin," he said, as he let his head tilt back to face the sky.

Liz watched him from ten feet away and her insides began to sizzle. Because of the petroleum in the gel, the water created beads over every inch of his exposed flesh, and then ran down like it did on a windshield. He looked incredible.

She decided it was time to try again. She couldn't think of another more perfect to make love.

She walked up to him and rubbed her hands up his chest. "What about now?" she murmured into his ear, after he brought his head back down and met her eyes.

He pulled back and narrowed his eyes in bewilderment. "Now, what?"

"You know. Would you consider now a perfect moment?"

It took him a few moments to get what she was saying. When he did, his throat closed and he couldn't speak right away. He took notice that her satin robe, when wet, was transparent and clingy. He could see her naked form clearly and it made his head fuzzy. He looked at her face, the face he had cherished for as long as he could remember, and his heart beat tripled. She was looking at him with an expression that could only be considered wistful. He knew that it was too late to say no, now. He really didn't want to.

Instead of speaking, he pulled her in to him so that her chest was just inches away from his. He put his hands on either side of her robe and peeled it back a little so that her shoulders were bare and her firm breasts were exposed.

The sight of rain-water streaming down her chest made his mouth water. He put a flat palm against her spine to support her and leaned her upper body back slightly. He closed his eyes and dropped his mouth down to just a few inches above her navel. He ran his tongue up to her cleavage and then ran it under the fold of her left breast. She jerked slightly and arched back a little more. He slowly opened his eyes and saw that she had closed her own eyes, the most erotic look playing across her face.

She opened her eyes when he didn't continue and looked down at him. She gasped. His eyes were burning with desire under his heavy lashes and his jaw was clenched. She felt a damp warmth spread between her legs and the pace of her breathing increased. "Max," she whispered.

He closed his eyes once again. He cupped one breast and closed his mouth over the nipple of the other. She cried out and he began to swirl his tongue around the eraser-like tip. Her nails dug into his shoulders and she arched forward, begging for more.

He grazed his teeth against the nipple and pinched it slightly between his lips. She shuddered. "Oh Max!" she cried. He smiled and repeated the process with her other breast, getting the same response from her. When he stopped, he stood straight and waited for her to look at him. Her head rolled forward slowly, dreamily, and their eyes met.

Never once did their gaze wander as he dropped his hands to her belt and undid the knot. Her robe hung tightly to her body, so he slid his hands down to her hips and peeled it off of one shapely hip and then the other. He then ran his hands up over her bare shoulders and pulled the robe off of her body completely. She smiled shyly as he broke his gaze and roamed her wet figure.

He hardened as he watched rain sluice down every inch of her golden skin. She was absolutely gorgeous. He had seen pictures of naked women before but never had he seen anything as sensual as Liz Parker's nude body. His mouth watered and his lips parted.

"You are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen in my entire life, Liz," he said, as his lust-filled eyes reunited with hers.

She grinned and moved to lean on one hip. Just that slight movement of her hips drove him crazy and he pulled her closer, his arousal pressing into her.

Something he had said earlier crossed her mind and she smiled teasingly. "So, Max, you said that you have several fantasies about our first time. Did you ever fantasize about making love to me in the rain?"

He shook his head. "I have several about the shower since, well, since I saw your fantasy a few months back, but never in the rain. There are several of my fantasies that I can still do out here, though."

She kissed him hard and said "I'm very curious. Let's get started on some of those then."

An amused smirk crossed his face. "Why, Miss Parker, when did you get so bossy?"

"When I looked at the clock and saw that we only have four hours till I have to get ready for work."

"Well then, we better make use of our time then," he said.

She nodded, her growing passion evident on her face. "Show me one of your fantasies, Max."

He didn't hesitate. He wanted to do the one that he dreamed of every night. His brought his face in close to hers, his lips barely touching her and he spoke. "Well, there's this one where I pick you up like this," he pulled her up and wrapped her legs around his hips. "And then I take you across the room," he walked her closer to the window, "and lay you down," he laid her body on the recliner that she usually sat in when she wrote in her journal.

He stood up and stared at her reclining body appreciatively for a moment. He shook his head, absolutely amazed at her beauty. The rain had yet to let up so the water continued to stream over her.

She was looking up at him with wide, lust filled eyes. "Max, please," she whined, getting extremely anxious.

He leaned down and sat at the bottom of the chair, his legs off to one side. Just as passionately as before, he continued. "Once I lay you down, Liz, I kiss you all over your stomach," he bent down and ran open- mouthed kisses all over her trim tummy, sometimes sweeping lower and licking just above her hair line. She moaned. "And then Liz, I go a little lower and run my tongue over the skin that covers your joints at the inner thigh." He dropped his mouth lower and ran his tongue on the joint on one side and then the other.

"And then Liz, I part your legs," he parted her legs slowly, not breaking eye contact. He finally broke contact and lowered himself. "And I drop down and do this," he said as his tongue lashed out over the nub at the tip of her lower lips.

Liz cried out loudly and quivered. "And then Liz, after I've driven you crazy that way, I do this." He dropped down lower and pushed his full tongue inside of her juicy center. Her body trembled for several moments and when she finally relaxed, he pushed his tongue into her again and again and brought his hand up to massage her nub. Her taste was spicy like nothing he had ever tasted and her scent was heavy and musky, mixed amongst the rain and he couldn't get enough of it. He was becoming addicted to her and wanted more. Her body convulsed and her hips bucked and she arched in to his mouth more.

She started to cry out non-stop and Max had to place a hand over her mouth to try to muffle the sound. If her parents would have been ready to kill her if they had found her on top of him earlier, he had no idea what they would do, seeing his face buried in their daughter's spread legs.

Liz had squeezed her eyes shut several minutes before and he pulled back and inserted a finger into her tight walls. While he admired the ecstasy on her face. His mouth began to water and he dropped down again. She was so delicious and he needed more. He kept finger inside of her and ran his tongue up to where her nub was.

He licked her slowly and waited for her reaction, not sure that it would have an effect. She screamed his name and he knew it was good. He dropped and continued to swirl his tongue over her. He body squirmed uncontrollably and her hips continued to quiver. Her walls began to tighten around his finger and he pulled out. He took a deep breath and slipped down to her lips and pushed his tongue in and out as far as it would go. She wrapped her legs around his head and kept him there while she called out his name over and over again.

He stayed with her as she rode out her orgasm and greedily licked at the fresh wave of wetness that greeted him. He kept going and going until she loosened her legs and begged for him to stop.

He pulled back and crawled up and on top of her body. She laid limp, her eyes unseeing. A few moments later, she looked into his eyes. She was glowing and her eyes were dreamy. "That was so amazing!" she said breathlessly.

He kissed her softly. "I'm glad. So are you tired now?" he asked. She honestly looked beat.

She narrowed her eyes at him and then shook her head. "Are you crazy? No way, we just got started." A naughty smile replaced her glowing one and she slid her hand in between their bodies and grabbed his straining erection.

"Now it's my turn," she said, her eyes smoldering with desire and passion once again.

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