FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
Part 1
by Greydon Creed
Disclaimer: The Roswell characters belong to Jason Katims and associated companies. The story itself does belong to me. No copyright infringement intended.
Summary: Someone loses control. In a good way. Set after "Leaving Normal" and "Heatwave".
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
As Alex Whitman came through the door the small bell hanging above the frame tinkled softly. Alex wondered about the reasoning behind the bell's placement; when the Crashdown was busy you couldn't hear the bell above the noise, and when the place was empty like it was now, the door itself made more than enough noise to signal that someone had come in.

Walking to the counter, Alex called out, "Liz, are you here?" It was a rhetorical question; Liz had agreed to help him double-check the biology presentation that was due the day after tomorrow. He had completed the major work, but he wanted to check for mistakes before he would face the scrutiny of thirty classmates and his teacher.

"No Alex, Liz isn't here right now." Turning sharply toward the familiar voice, Alex saw another girl walk through the swinging kitchen door.


Hot, unattainable Isabel.

Wearing a Crashdown waitress uniform.

A too tight, too short uniform.

Oh Lord, Alex thought to himself.

Alex could feel his eyes widen, locking onto the gorgeous creature before him. For a long moment, all he could hear was the rushing of his quickened pulse through his ears, not realizing that Isabel was speaking to him until he saw her beautiful red lips moving.

"Helloooo, Alex," Isabel waved slowly in front of his face, snapping him out of his trance.

"Hey Isabel. Is Liz here?" asked Alex, blushing from having Isabel catching him staring at her, even as he noticed the slight smile on her face.

"No, her parents dragged her off to some family gathering. Maria was the only one left here and they asked me to help cover the place, since I've helped out before. She just had one of her anxiety attacks and left." Isabel rolled her eyes as she pulled the antenna hairpiece off her head and put it on the counter.

"Darn," Alex sighed as he tossed his books on a nearby table. "Liz was going to help me proof my project. I guess it can wait 'til tomorrow."

"Well, I was about to lock up, so unless you want to watch me sweeping the floor, you better get going." Isabel moved to the kitchen door, picking up a broom leaning against the frame.

Isabel sweeping. . . wearing that tight short uniform. . . her hips moving rhythmically before his eyes. . . Alex snapped out of it before she caught him staring at her again.

"Tell you what, Izzy. You let me review my homework here while you work, not only will I help you put the chairs up, I'll walk you home." Alex gave Isabel his best puppy-dog look.

" 'Izzy' ?!?!" Isabel said in disbelief. "How about this. . . If you don't call me that again and help with the chairs, you can stay, OK?"

"Deal," Alex agreed. Moving quickly, the two teens stacked the chairs on tables, leaving one table for Alex to work at. Opening his notebook, Alex took his pencil and started going over his assignment while Isabel swept around and under the tables.

Head bowed over his notebook, Alex paid scant attention to his work, instead watching Isabel covertly as she moved across the floor.

Alex, being the dedicated Isabel watcher that he was, had always liked the outfits that she had worn to school and elsewhere. Tight sweaters, low-cut blouses, leather pants. . . But this uniform put them all to shame.

The waitress uniform itself was kind of goofy - an aqua/silver outfit that seemed to have been designed to be amusing, from the alien-face apron to the antenna bobbing on top on of the girl's head.

But on Isabel. . .

Alex couldn't help but see that the buttons over Isabel's ample chest were strained, that the short skirt was snug on her rounded bottom before dropping what looked like a scant six inches below the curve of her butt, leaving most of her long legs bare down to her ankle socks and white sneakers.

As Alex's eyes flicked from Isabel to his work and back again, he could see that she knew that he was watching her. But instead of looking annoyed or upset, Isabel was. . . smiling?

With that small, almost-smile on her face, Isabel moved slowly across the room, almost as if she was dancing for him, her hips swaying slightly, the broom gliding across the floor.

When Alex finally looked away from Isabel and down at his notebook, he saw that his fingers were turning white around the pencil he was holding. Consciously relaxing his hand, Alex made a couple more notes in his notebook when there was a loud clatter.

"Oh, crap," muttered Isabel. While reaching under a table, the broom had slipped through her fingers and fallen to the floor. With another curse, Isabel bent over to pick it up, not realizing that Alex was right behind her.

Hearing the broom fall to the floor, Alex looked up just in time to see Isabel bend forward and her skirt slide up her legs, revealing a glimpse of black lacy panties underneath.

Isabel spun around at the sound of a loud crack, and saw Alex staring down at his hand, dumbfounded. Grateful that he apparently had not seen her inadvertent show, Isabel moved forward to see what he was looking at.

Alex had always prided himself on his control, but he knew that he was on the ragged edge now, if the broken pencil in his hand was any indication. Seeing Isabel bending over in front of him had caused him to tense up so suddenly that his fingers snapped the pencil in two.

"What the heck was that?" Isabel asked, now standing beside him at the table.

"I. . . um. . . broke my pencil," Alex replied, the words barely coming out now that Isabel was standing so close to him.

"Really? That's strange," Isabel said as she picked up the other half of the pencil from the table. "Usually it's the point that breaks."

Putting her hand on top of Alex's, Isabel took the piece he was holding, sending what felt like an electric shock up his arm and through his body. Alex watched as Isabel joined the two pieces and held out the repaired pencil to him.

Alex sat there motionless, the effects of the touch still reverberating through him. Seeing Isabel standing there holding out his pencil to him, something inside him snapped as well.

Ignoring the pencil, Alex grasped Isabel's wrist and pulled, causing her to fall into his lap. Seeing her mouth fall open to protest, Alex's mouth swooped down and covered hers.

Isabel was all set to tear into Alex for grabbing her, but feeling his warm soft lips over hers caused her mind to go blank. He quickly traced the edges of her mouth before he swiped his tongue along her lips, causing her to shiver from the sensation. Isabel instinctively moved closer, her rear wriggling in his lap.

Alex was losing himself in the taste of her lips when he felt her moving around in his lap. Groaning, he broke the kiss and put his forehead against hers, breathing heavily.

"W-w-why?" Isabel whispered. Feeling him against her was causing her body to tremble, her breath to quicken, for stars she knew were *not* of alien origin to shoot behind her eyelids. She didn't know why she had these feelings, only that she wanted Alex to continue to make her feel them.

"Why? Because I've been wanting you for so long and so much that I couldn't take it anymore. Seeing you dance around in that tight uniform. . ." Grasping her hips, Alex pulled her closer against him so that Isabel could feel his excitement against her. "You don't know how hard it is," he growled in a low voice.

Gasping at the bulge pressing against her hip, Isabel replied in a low voice of her own, "I think I know how *hard* it is, Alex."

With a groan, Alex pulled Isabel against him, pressing his mouth against hers, plunging his tongue into her mouth. Moaning, she responded fiercely, her tongue lashing against his before changing tack and sucking on him instead.

Alex's hands had not been idle during these activities; moving around to Isabel's hips, they maneuvered her around until she was straddling him, his arousal hard against her mound.

Once Isabel started to rock against him, Alex knew that there was no limit to how far they could go tonight. His losing control and seizing the moment had apparently caused Isabel to loosen her grasp on her own iron control.

While Alex continued to explore Isabel's mouth, his hand moved up from where he had been holding her, up from her waist to her breast. He cupped her gently, running his thumb across, feeling the hard nipple through the fabric of both her uniform and bra.

Moaning at the sensation of his hand on her, Isabel bit at Alex's lips, rocking harder against him. He made the logical deduction that she was enjoying what he was doing to her and upped the ante, moving his free hand to her other breast, feeling her tense up.

Alex broke the kiss again, and watched the emotions playing across her face, her expression a sexy frown as she rocked against him, trying to get more friction and failing.

"Tell me what you want, Isabel. Tell me what you want me to do," Alex whispered in her ear, feeling her shiver as his breath puffed against her.

"I. . . want you. . . to touch me, Alex. I. . . want. . . more," Isabel said softly, her words interrupted by her low gasps as his hands increased the pressure. She made a disappointed sound as he moved his hand away from her, but gasped again as he began to undo the snaps on the front of her uniform.

Alex slowly pulled the front of her uniform apart, revealing a black lacy bra under the blouse. Continuing to undo the snaps with one hand, he trailed his other hand along the exposed skin, watching with a detached curiosity as Isabel's pale skin flushed as her excitement grew.

Whimpers from Isabel's throat reached Alex's ears as he finished opening undoing the snaps, the dress now hanging loosely from her shoulders, her bra and panties visible. Putting his hands under her arms, Alex stood, bringing Isabel up onto her feet as well.

Alex stepped up to Isabel and gently kissed her, moving his lips slowly along her jaw down to her throat, feeling her pulse beating madly as his hands slid the dress from her shoulders to puddle on the floor.

Moving slowly, Alex pulled on her shoulder. Isabel, after a moment's confusion, understood and turned, leaving her standing with her back to him. Even though she could no longer see him, she could still feel him. She could feel the softness of his shirt brushing against her bare back, in contrast to the heat of his breath against her ear and neck.

Isabel gasped softly when she felt his cool hands on her again, running up her arms, across her shoulders and down the line of her spine, finally stopping at the closure of her bra. After undoing the clasp his hands reversed course, retracing their previous path along back and shoulders, only this time they pushed the straps ahead of them, returning to their starting point on her forearms as the bra fell to the floor.

Gently kissing the delicate pink shell of her ear, Alex pulled Isabel back against him, feeling tremors as his hands rested on her firm belly, just above her panties. Hooking his thumbs in the waistband, he moved his hands down and to the side, sliding the delicate material down until gravity took over and it joined the matching garment on the floor.

Standing there nude, Isabel strangely did not feel embarrassed. In fact, she felt free, as if this was her natural state, that she was not meant to be covered by garments at all. She could also feel Alex's hands on her hips, pulling her backwards and away from the pile of clothes she had been standing in. Suddenly, his hands were gone, the lack of sensation waking Isabel from her daze. Turning around, she saw Alex standing a couple of steps away, looking at her with hunger in his eyes.

Isabel's eyes widened as she saw Alex watching at her. She had felt his eyes on her before, at school and when they were with the others, but the pinpricks of heat she had felt before was nothing compared to the maelstrom of flame she felt dancing under her skin now.

"Do you know how *fucking* beautiful you are, Isabel Evans?" Alex growled in a low voice, his uncharacteristic language affecting her as much as the tone of his voice, sending a shiver through her. "What you do to me when you stand around all icy and perfect at school?" He began to move toward her, his eyes slowly sweeping her from head to toe and back again. "What you are doing to me now?"

Isabel could very well see what she was doing to him; she had felt his arousal when she was sitting on him, but now her mouth went dry at the sight of him pressed against his trousers. Looking up into his eyes, Isabel saw him stop in front of her, barely a half step away.

"Last chance, Isabel. If you want to stop, you'd better say so now, because I don't think I can stop once I start," Alex's voice lost some of it's growl, and the physical desire in his eyes was now tempered with the same look Isabel had seen on Max and Liz. The look that she was never been sure she would never receive because of her origin. Alex wanted her, all right, but not just because of her looks; he wanted all of her. Her body, her mind, her soul. That thought would have scared her a few weeks earlier, but now...

Stepping forward, Isabel kissed Alex hard on the mouth, her actions giving him her answer. Running her hands up his chest, the shirt buttons became undone, revealing his bare chest underneath. Sliding her hands on his smooth skin as she pushed the shirt off his shoulders, Isabel could feel the heat radiating from him, matching the burning she was starting to feel deep inside herself.

Still kissing her, Alex stepped forward, pushing Isabel along with him until she bumped into the chair behind her. Alex pushed on Isabel's shoulder and she sat down, watching him through half-open eyes as he dropped to one knee in front of her.

Speaking in a voice that would have almost been conversational if not for the huskiness of the tone, Alex said, "I've always wondered what it would be like to kiss you, to feel you. But you know what I want to do now?"

Isabel shook her head no; she had an inkling as to where this was going, and it was making her even more excited.

Alex put his hand behind her neck and slowly pulled her towards him, until her face was but a few inches in front of his. "I want to taste you... all of you," he murmured, kissing her on the lips briefly. "Your lips..." He slid his lips down her jaw to her neck.

"Your throat..." Isabel threw her head back, revealing the smooth column of her neck, sighing as Alex moved to her pounding pulse, nipping and sucking the skin just above it.

"Your breasts..." Alex slid down to her beautiful large orbs, taking one hardened peak into his mouth and worrying it with his teeth, drawing soft cries from Isabel's mouth as he sucked and tasted and nibbled. She tossed her head back and forth, her long blonde hair swishing softly against his head as she leaned over him, his mouth moving from one sensitive peak to the other and back again.

"Your belly..." Isabel moaned as Alex's mouth left her breasts and slid down to her stomach, moving above her tense muscles until reaching her navel. Swirling his tongue around that tight circle, Alex felt Isabel fall back against the chair, pushing her lower body hard against him.

Alex leaned back and hooked one of Isabel's legs over his shoulder, leaving her curls open to his view. Looking up as he traced her folds with his fingers, Alex could see that Isabel's eyes tightly shut, that her breathing was rapid, and that her hands were clenched on the sides of the chair as she tried not to slide off.

Slipping a finger into her, Alex watched as Isabel shuddered, her head thrown back again with her lovely neck exposed again, almost as if she was tempting him to bite her there. Alex would have been happy to nibble on her lovely throat and elsewhere again, but a higher priority was coming into play. Once his finger found the hardened nub and felt her body jerk in response, Alex softly called to Isabel, having to repeat her name twice before she finally opened her eyes and looked down at him hazily.

"Izzy, I want you to watch me. Can you keep your eyes on me?" Isabel nodded, so turned on by this point that she didn't even object to the hated nickname. Her eyes widened as he slip first one finger then two into her channel, her inner muscles clenching around the welcome invasion. Isabel moaned loudly, fighting to keep her eyes open, from just succumbing to the delicious feelings in her belly.

Alex worked his fingers in and out of her, feeling the hot wetness surround him and knowing that he would soon be feeling it around another part of himself. Shivering slightly from that knowledge, Alex gave a quick look down at his fingers and her juices glistening on them before locking gazes with Isabel again.

Isabel knew what Alex was going to do next, but that did nothing to prepare her for the virtual bolt of lightning that struck when he lowered his mouth to her folds and he began to lick her...

Barely muffling a scream of pleasure, Isabel shook as Alex licked at her clit, the pleasure from that simple act almost driving her insane, surely she couldn't last much longer, it felt like the pleasure would certainly kill her, but she didn't want it to stop, oh no, she would die happy if it did... but she wanted more, she could feel the aching emptiness inside her, and finally the realization dawned of what she wanted, needed, what would surely cause her to die if she didn't get it ...

Alex was doing what he had previously been sure would never happen, what he had only imagined in his wildest dreams. He was pleasuring Isabel, feeling her shake and tremble as he licked at her clit, hearing her soft keening as he took the hardened nub between his lips and sucked on it. Feeling her lose control like this was surely the ultimate high, to see the icy school princess nude and trembling, balanced on the edge of orgasm, needing only a little more to drive her over the edge...

Isabel made her move suddenly; she could feel the wave of pleasure starting to crest inside of her, she had to do it now or she would go over the edge without that ultimate pleasure.

Sitting up quickly while sliding her leg off his shoulder, Isabel dove forward, tackling Alex and falling on top of him on the floor with a loud oomph. Working rapidly, Isabel opened Alex's trousers with one wave of her hand, pulled them and his boxers off with another wave and exposed the rigid cock that had been exciting her on so much earlier. Straddling Alex's hips, Isabel slid the tip of his cock against her folds, hissing at the sensation.

Just as Isabel was about to start sliding down on him, Alex's hands grasped her hips, holding her in place. Isabel glared at Alex, but the look of desire and concentration on his face stilled the words on her lips.

Slowly, slowly, so very slowly, Alex began to ease Isabel down, teasing her by letting her move down a little and then pulling out and sliding the head of his cock against her aching clit. He would then slide her down a little more, slide her off and repeat the process, again and again, until finally, with one long steady motion, his cock was buried deep, so deep, inside her.

Isabel was whimpering at the end of the process. She had tried to fight him, tried to have him thrust completely inside of her, but this was better, she was so turned by the end on she could hardly think, all she wanted was for Alex to move, to feel the fullness and delicious friction that would push her over the edge. She began to rock gently on top of him, whimpering again at the sensation, the sounds growing louder as she began to move faster and faster.

Alex had many images of Isabel in his head, but this one now jumped to the front of the line; the sight of a gorgeous nude Isabel rocking on top of him, her face intent as she moved, the sounds coming from her throat changing from whimpering to moans to keening, her inner muscles clenching hard around him, the wet heat and juice that coated his cock.

Sitting up, Alex pulled Isabel toward him and kissed her, his tongue plunging into her mouth as his hand slipped down her belly to her curls, finding her clit and rubbing it roughly, her hips grinding against his as she finally reached the edge.

Isabel was tasting herself in Alex's mouth when she felt his hand, felt the friction against her clit, felt herself finally go over the edge. She froze for what seemed like hours but was probably a second, the pleasure traveling through her in waves so hard and so fast that she finally shrieked and shuddered and bit down on Alex's shoulder to try and control her cries, she knew that it was Alex that did this, that no one else would be able to do this, that he was hers and she was his and they would be together and nothing would stand in their way, nothing nothing nothing...

Alex exploded right after her, her muscles clamping hard on him, milking his cock, her beautiful breasts pressed up against him, the sweet and salty taste of her in his mouth as she bit his shoulder after that first scream, all of this pulling him over the edge with her, the sensations overwhelming, as though they had overloaded on pleasure and now would OD from it, but they would go together, that there was nothing better than being together, nothing nothing nothing...


With a scream, Alex sat up in bed, the shrill tone of his voice almost matching the unholy screeching coming from the alarm clock. Snarling, Alex grabbed the offending instrument and threw it hard out his open window, hearing it land with a faint crash on the sidewalk outside.

Flopping back onto his bed, Alex had just closed his eyes when there was pounding on his door. "Alex, son, are you OK?!?! What wrong in there?!?! I thought I heard screaming, are you OK?!?!" Mr. Whitman yelled outside the bedroom door.

Alex sighed and walked over to the door. Opening it, Charles Whitman stood there, his fist up to pound on the door. Seeing his son standing in the doorway, he self-consciously lowered his hand.

"Sorry about that, Dad. I was having a dream and the alarm clock startled me wake. I guess I reacted badly to it." Alex knew that "reacted badly" was a massive understatement, but he didn't want to go further into it with his dad.

"Well... OK. I was just startled when I heard that scream. Are you sure you're OK, son?" Alex nodded an affirmative to his father's question. "Well, I have to get going to work now, see you at dinner tonight." Clapping his son on his shoulder, Mr. Whitman turned and walked off.

Alex sat on the edge of his bed and dropped his face into his hands. Looking down at himself, a look of dismay crossed his face as he realized that he would have to launder his sleeping clothes. Luckily, his sweats were navy blue, so his father didn't see anything that would have revealed the true nature of his dream.

After tossing the sweats and bed sheets into the hamper, Alex looked into the mirror in the bathroom. This day had sure started out as a doozy; dirtying his sheets, throwing his alarm clock out the window, scaring the heck out of his dad... But there was an upside to today. Boy was there an upside.

Watching the smile cross his face in the mirror, Alex knew that no matter what else happened today, that dream was surely the highlight of his day. Short of Isabel Evans throwing herself at him, there was nothing that would top that dream. Nothing at all.


Isabel lay in her bed, shaking. The extreme emotions from the dream, along with the abrupt disconnect, made the normally rocky switch from dream to real world into the equivalent of a roller coaster ride.

After she went dreamwalking in Alex Whitman's head and wound up watching them dance, she knew she would have to do it again. This was the first time since then that she had tried to get inside Alex's dream.

With a shuddering sigh, Isabel sat up, her body aching but in a good way. Picking up Alex's picture from the bed next to her pillow, Isabel walked over to her dresser and put it on top of her yearbook.

Looking at the reflection of herself in the dresser mirror, a smile slowly crossed her face. After all, what had been wrong in seeing what Alex thought about her wearing a Crashdown waitress uniform?

Nothing at all.

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