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"Naked Is A State of Mind"
Part 13
by Jezebel
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Summary: Sequel to Survival
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
A mother watched as two children, a boy and a girl, played together in the thick grass of a mountain meadow. A white puppy chased them, and the three frolicked together with boundless energy.

Had they not been different sexes and ages, the children could have been twins. Born barely a year apart, they did not remember a life without each other. Both had dark hair, hazel eyes and ridiculously cute ears. They had each inherited a studious expression and an impressive intelligence that was beginning to show itself at the tender ages of four and five.

Their mother was still considered by many to be a child. But her childhood had been lost before the birth of her boy-child, when she was only seventeen years old. She was hardened now, above the harsh cruelties of the world and the universe beyond. She wanted little outside the happiness of her children. She watched with approval as the little girl caused, seemingly with no physical interaction at all, a stick to rise in the air. She giggled in a high-pitched tone and her brother scowled. The dog spotted the floating stick and dove for it headfirst, causing both to collapse with laughter.

She jumped a little as a pair of strong arms wrapped around her from behind. "So how are the brats?" her husband asked.

"More amazing every day," she replied, and turned around to kiss him. The End

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