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"Naked Is A State of Mind"
by Jezebel
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Summary: Sequel to Survival
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Inside a young girl, barely a woman, a baby grew. Its legs and arms had barely begun to form and stretch when the baby became aware of its surroundings. It sat quietly in a soft womb filled with warm, comforting fluid. It wanted for nothing. Somehow, vaguely, the baby understood that its mother was debating its fate with another person. "I'm sure you realize your options," the man said.

"I want an abortion," the girl said firmly.

"Are you sure? Do you want to talk it over with the father?" There was a pause. "The father is gone. I want the abortion." **** She swallowed her nervousness and tried to convince herself this was the best thing to do. She had to find the baby's father, and no one could know that she was pregnant. People were watching her.

She waited in a thin, worn hospital gown that seemed older than she was. The clinic didn't seem like the cleanest place in the world, but they didn't keep records and that was what she needed.

The doctor and a nurse came in, rolling a cart full of equipment. She winced. "Are you ready?" the nurse asked.

She only nodded, unable to speak. She lay back on the cot, closing her eyes and hoping it would be over with quickly.

But when the nurse reached for the edge of her gown and began to pull it up, she couldn't take the feelings of nausea that washed over her. "I can't do this," she said. She gathered up her clothes and fled, trying not to throw up as she walked out the door.

The doctor and nurse looked at each other. "Call Marcus," the doctor said grimly. "Tell him we lost Liz Parker."

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