FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"More Alien than Alien"
Part 1
by RandyLaura416
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Summary: Everything happens right after destiny.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Max stands on the cliff watching the love of his life run as fast as the wind. ~ Why is she running. ~ Away from him, the shock of this was enough to make him crumble. If Michael weren't holding him back he would go after her. When Liz is out of sight Max turns around to face the cave, and slowly enters. Michael, Isabel, and Tess follow Max into the cave only to find the one person on the face of this Earth that had so much control, so much coolness… Sitting with his knees to his chest slowly rocking back and forth, crying. Max doesn't know why but "I belong to you" kept playing over and over again in his head. Making him even more incoherent, if that's even possible.

I belong to you
Every time I see your face it makes me want to sing
And every time I think about you love it drives me crazy
Every time I see you r face it makes me want to sing
And every time I think about you love it drives me crazy

Shame my lady
Tell me what's wrong with your boyfriend Oh come on!
He holds the key to your heart
But he don't love you baby baby like I do
I only want to be with you

Girl you are the love of my life baby
Give it to you baby
You belong to me and only me baby
I belong to you
I give all my love to you

I give all my love
I wanna give all my love to you baby
Shame my lady
You are so fine
I wake up every morning to see a smile on your face baby

You are a queen of my heart baby
I belong to you
And you belong to me
Girl you are the love of my life baby
All those cloudy days they fade away when you come my way baby

Girl if you were mine I'd never do you wrong
Cuz I'd give you all my love
Listen up
Hear me
Shame my lady
I belong
I belong to you baby


Max looks up as Michael touches his arm. But what Michael sees makes him gasp. Isabel heard this can ran to Max. The deep soulful brown eyes that had once held so much love and hope were filled with a black void. As if his life and soul was drained until not even a speck of light remained. Isabel and Michael simultaneously ~ There is nothing inside Max ~

Tess was the last person to see his eyes and gleamed ~ Good now to phase 2 ~


Liz ran as fast as she could into town. She didn't stop for anything. There was nothing in this world for Liz to care about anymore.

Liz made it to the Crashdown only to collapse on the sidewalk from exhaustion. Maria and Alex sprint outside to see her.

Maria immediately hugs Liz. And Liz returns the hug as if her best friend was her lifeline. Alex takes them both in a big embrace. And the three friends sit on the sidewalk not caring about who sees them cry.

After about ten minutes everybody gets up and goes to the park. Alex drives Maria's car as fast as he can. Once at the park Liz goes into detail about what happened in the cave. About Max's "mother", and their destiny. Which only made Maria cry more and Alex fume.

When the silence became deafening, Alex pushed his sadness aside and tried to focus on his girls. He looked at their faces and saw nothing but tears and emptiness. With his fists clenched Alex began to fume toward Max and Michael more than anything. Slowly he began to flex his hands free of their tight confinement. ~ I've known Liz and Maria since grade school. They have always been there for me. ~

With this in mind Alex stands up and literally yells "BOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Liz and Maria whip their heads up and stare at Alex like he was on crack!

Maria half smiling said," What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

" Piece of Shit", Alex replies matter-of-factly.

Liz and Maria break into giggle fits at this.

Alex being quite pleased with himself ~ This is what we are supposed to be doing. Having fun. ~

So in the heat of the moment Maria stands up and in her best English accent, " You Alex are a wonk!"

Liz really cracks up, and realizes that no matter what happens she will always have Maria and Alex. But just as soon as the laughter touched her lips. The tears begin to slowly fill her pained eyes to make little rivers of sorrow down her pale skin. Liz asks in a low voice, "What am I going to do about Max?"

Maria and Alex stop dead in their tracks and stare at the ground. All of the sudden Maria pipes up and says," Are we going to let some short alien bitch ruin our love lives by taking our men (looks at Alex) and woman away!? Well?"

Alex looks up "Hell NO!!"

Maria "Good."

Liz slowly starting to smile, "But how are we going to get them back?"

Maria immediately threw out. "Well you said it yourself babe. They're just like us. Only more advanced, or something like that. Anyway if they can do stuff (grinning like a Cheshire cat) so can we."

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