FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
Part 1
by Olga Lala
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Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
“Oh my God…oh my God, I can’t believe you just did that.” Maria wined as she recalled the event that took place less than ten minutes ago. “How could you do that to me? How could you embarrass me like that?”

“Well, what else did you think I’d do? Sit and watch how you two suck face? I DON’T THINK SO!” Michael barked at her when he suddenly stopped and faced her angrily. He turned and pulled her arm brutally away from the place that made him sick. Seeing her in someone’s arms made him sick.

“You weren’t suppose to be there in the first place, Michael.” She fought to free her arm, which only frustrated him more and made him drag her off harder. “Stop that, you’re hurting me.” He stopped and turned to her.

“Stop fighting and I’ll stop hurting.” He warned her.

“Michael, why the fuck are you acting like such a bustard? We agreed to see other people, so why the fuck are you acting so jealous?”

“We never agreed seeing other people. We agreed not to be with each other, that’s all we agreed to.” He answered over his shoulder.

“Which means we could see other people!” She replied annoyed when she saw his apartment come into view.

“Brody in particular, huh.” He looked at her with a look that said ‘don’t make me kill him!’

“Well what’s wrong with him? He is more of a gentleman than you’ll ever be.”

“Gentleman doesn’t steel other’s possession!” Michael reached for his key and unlocked the door.

“Why did you bring me here, Michael? If you won’t let me stay with Brody than I sure as hell won’t stay here with you! Now let me go!” She ordered.

“You’re not going anywhere.” Michael said in low dangerous voice. “Not until I make you mine…permanently.” Before she could reply, he through her over his shoulder and carried her inside.

“Michael Guerin, you put me down this instance and stop your cave-man routine or I’ll…I’ll…” She panicked and hit his back with her small hands.

“Or you’ll what?” He asked amused as he locked the door. If she only knew what all her protests done to him…

“I’ll scream, Michael. And trust me, you don’t want to get arrested and another record with Sheriff Valenti.” She threatened.

“How can I get arrested if no one can here you?” With that said, he through her on his couch and reached his arm out in the mid air.

“What are you doing?” Maria asked confused. Michael was standing on one spot and rotating in circles. Suddenly everything in the room began to vibrate and a second later it stopped. “What did you do?”

“Made sure that no one hears if you decide to yell.” He chuckled. “This room is officially sound proof.”

“I’m out of here.” Maria said as she walked to the door. She turned the lock to open and then pulled the door that wouldn’t budge. “Alright, Michael, it’s not funny anymore. And personally I think it’s freaky.” She walked back to him and patted his head like a small child. “Now be a good alien and let me out.” She pulled her hand off his head trying to go back to the door but was stopped when Michael caught it in the mid air and pulled her hard to his chest.

“Let you go out to Brody? I don’t think so.” He crushed his lips on hers. He hears her moaning but sure it is not from pleasure. It’s from pain. Pain that he is providing to her yet again. But this time it’s physical. Somehow Maria managed to pull away from him, far enough to show him the shock on her face. Michael pulled her back as soon as she pulled away, this time attacking her neck. Sucking and biting every inch he could get.

“Michael, please let me go.” She sobbed when he slightly bit her. “You’re scaring me.”

“Not until I mark you as mine.” He whispered at her neck, loud enough for her to hear.

“No, Michael please stop!” She pulled away from him again. “Stop before you do something you’ll regret in the morning.”

“Why stop? Don’t you like it? You sure the hell did when HE was doing it.” Maria was speechless, for once. “I’ll be dammed before I let that rich, phony, bustard or anyone else touch you. You’re mine, you hear? MINE!”

“Michael, you said it your self that we can’t be together. You have Isabel or did you forget that she is your destiny?” She reminds him.

“Screw the destiny.” He answered throwing his hands in the air and then slummed on his couch.

“No, don’t say that. I’m sure you’ll regret it in five minutes if not less.” She stood next to him and smoothed his cheek. With out another word, Michael pulled her straddling on his lap, not letting go of her waist and placing his head on her chest.

“I love you.” She heard him whisper and felt his full lips kiss the hallo of her neck.

“I love you, too, space boy.” She whispered. “But you have to let me go. I don’t want to be the reason you stay back.”

“But don’t you see?” He looked at her. “You are the reason. You are the only reason why I stay away from Isabel. I never wanted her to be more than a sister to me.” He kissed her cheek and then her ear. “I want you so much right now, Maria. Do you have any idea what you make me feel when you fight me and then help me?” He took her hand, kissing it softly and then dragging it down his chest to his enormous member.

“Oh God.” She moaned. She felt him when he pulled her on his lap but now it seemed twice as big.

“You’re the only one who makes me feel this way. Not even perfect Isabel. It’s all for you.” She was about to protest but he covered his mouth with hers in a gentle kiss this time. Slowly dragging his head down to her neck and sucking the flash again.

“Oh…ooh, Michael…” She moaned in pleasure this time.

“You’re mine, only mine.” He chanted dragging his lips closer and closer to her perfect breasts.

“Yes, oh yes.” She moaned louder. She heard the sound of something ripping but was too lost in the moment to see that it was her own top. “Ooh, ooh…hmm.” She moaned as his lips placed hungry, wet kisses on one of her nipples.

“Say it!” He commanded as he bit her hard nipple. “Say that you’re mine! Say it, now!” He took his mouth off of her nipple when she didn’t answer and pulled her hips down so she’d ache more for him.

“Yes! I’m…I’m yours, only yours.” She panted.

Now satisfied with her answer Michael asked another with danger in his eyes. “And Brody?”

“Brody, who?” She answered with lust in her eyes.

“Good, keep it that way.” He began to give the other nipple the same treatment the first one got.

“Oh, God, Michael, more.” She pulled his head harder to her chest and began grinding her self on his extremely harden cock.

Michael rotated them, placing her back down on the couch. He stood up and disposed her of her mini skirt quickly followed by her red thong down her shapely legs. There she was on his couch, totally exposed to him. He quickly took his gear off as well. Michael placed his palm on her forehead and slid it to her cheek. Maria’s eyes were closed and Michael didn’t like that.

“Open your eyes.” He ordered and she complied. “I want you to watch everything I do to you tonight.” She nodded her head and he continued.

His hand went over her face again and again, memorizing every detail on it. Then slowly down her neck and her shoulders. Over her breasts, squeezing them gently and pinching on her nipples, making her arch in his hand and close her eyes as she let out a low moan. “Keep you eyes open.” Her eyes snapped open when she heard him. So she had no other choice but moan with her eyes on his. “That’s my girl.” He smiled slightly. By this time his fingers traveled to her wet center squeezing her juices onto his hand. “Jeez, Maria, you’re so fucking wet.” He brings his hand to his mouth and sucks on his fingers. “They’re mine, your juices are mine.” Maria nods her head and Michael continues. “I’m gonna suck you dry. Every ounce of your juices, I’ll drink every drop of you.” He pulled her up into a sitting as he set on the floor in front of her. “Pull your knees up.” He instructed. She did. “Open them nice and wide for me.” She hesitated for a second but complied. He could see her juices appear to his view from the tight, narrow slit. He placed both of his hands on the back of her legs and pulled them over his shoulders so her head and shoulders were supported by the couch, her back was raised off the couch, the back of her knees on his shoulders and her legs dangling by his back. Her wet core was right in his face and with out any though he began to lick, suck and bite on her lower lips and her clit while running his hands from her knees, over her thighs, to her flat bally and swollen breasts and back again. He then placed his elbows on the couch and held her butt cheeks, providing easier access for himself.

“OH GAAAWD!” Maria yelled in pleasure and jerked her body as his teeth bit slightly on her nub. “MICHAEL, oh, yes. YES!” As she encouraged him, Michael placed his tongue at the entrance of her slit and impaled her slightly with its tip. “AH! Michael, please.” She begged. If she were so tight around his tongue then how would he enter her with his member, which was three times as big in length and width? “Michael, please, more. Ooh, I’m so close. MICHAEL, oh God, I’m gonna cum. Oh yes. YES!” Just as she was about to release, Michael stood up, and pulled her legs off his shoulders. “Huh? No!” She cried out. “Oh God, Michael I was so close. Why did you stop? I was about to cum. Please!” She begged.

“You’ll only cum when I let you to come, you understand?” He watched her nod. Maria was on the verge of crying. She wanted to release so badly and he says no. Michael pulled her down to the floor and said. “You don’t deserve to cum. Not after you behaved like a little slut with Brody this afternoon.”

“I’m sorry.” She breathed and let her tears free. “I won’t do it again, I promise. Just make me cum, please, I just want to cum again.”

“Not yet.” He answered flatly. “And you can bet, you won’t do it again. I’ll see to that.”

Michael got off the floor and walked to his room. When he came out, he had a chair in his hands. He placed the chair at her feet and set on it and spread his legs. His cock was rock solid and stood up high and proud. “I want to see you touch your self but make sure not to cum!” Maria didn’t need to be asked twice. Slowly she reached her breasts and began massaging them. Michael set back and watched her while pumping his hand up and down his length. When she finally reached her wet pussy she rubbed her clit slow at first but as her pressure grew, so did the speed of her hand. “Oh God, Maria you look so beautiful when you’re in such a state.” He too increased the speed of his hand.

“Oh, Michael, please. I want to cum so badly. Pleases let me cum.” She begged.

“Not yet.” Michael said.

“Oh God.” She cried when he forbid her again. She wanted something in her tight slit so she positioned her index finger and was about to slide it inside when suddenly her hand was pulled away.

“Don’t even think about it!” He took her fingers into her mouth and sucked on the juices that she captured.

“What?” She questioned.

“Nothing goes in your pussy but me.” He said while pooling her over his swollen member where he said on the chair. “You can cum when you want and all you want, Maria, as long as it’s on my cock.”

Feeling the huge mushroom head of his penis at her slit, Maria said worriedly. “Michael, I don’t think you can fit in me.” It really did look like an impossible fit as the swollen head virtually covered her pussy but slowly her lips parted and stretched wider and wider until her clit stood fully exposed above the flared head. Then almost imperceptibly, the head began to slip inside and her clanging lips were drawn with it until about two inches had disappeared. Michael reached his hand and lightly flicked her clit with his finger, causing her to jump, which allowed another inch of cock to sneak inside her. Her juices oozed around his shaft. As he played with her clit, she began to cum, and her frantic movements only served to impale her more deeply on his cock until he was totally buried in her body. She began to scream through her orgasm, saying “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” over and over.

Maria was virtually spent from the intensity of her orgasm and was too weak to move around the big cock, so Michael pulled out and quickly positioned her on the floor. Michael slid his big dick back inside Maria and heard her moan in pleasure as he pumped her with long hard strokes.

“Oh fuck, Michael, you going to make me cum again. Yes! Oh yes!” She wrapped her arms and leg around him trying to pull him in deeper.

“Oh FUCK, I’m gonna lose it.” Michael yelled. “You’re so tight. So hot, so wet and tight.” He fucked her harder than before and she was panting as he brought her toward yet another orgasm. Her eyes were opened, but she was so totally consumed by the lust that she didn’t see anything as her body trembled on the edge of ecstasy.

“Cum for me, Maria.” He said. “Show me how much you like my big cock fucking you. Make me shoot in your pussy.”

“MICHAEL!” She yelled as she came from both her g-spot and g-string.

Hearing her moan his name send him over the edge and with in seconds he released inside her. Michael shuddered and fell over her. They stayed like that at least for an hour. Maria was fully asleep with Michael in and on her. He tried to get off, thinking how he can crush her small body, but she only hugged him tighter. At some point her hands let him go. Maria gasped when he finally pulled out. Michael picked her up in his arms and carried her to his bed. When he got to his side, he pulled her to him, kissing her forehead and whispering ‘thank you’.

In the morning Michael woke up first and watched Maria who was lying on her side facing away from him with one leg drawn up and her arms under her head. Her plump pussy swelled wetly between her thighs and was coated with the sticky remnant of their sexual activity. The pink inner lips protruded and curled back in invitation as semen oozed from within and ran down the back of her thigh. The sight of her was so sexy that he had to touch her again. He lightly stroked her lips with his finger. As he played with the sticky liquid and spread it up and down her slit, she moaned softly. He pulled the soft hairs of her pussy and opened her outer lips until her swollen clit came into view and she groaned and rolled over onto her back.

Maria still seemed to be asleep, and as he continued to stroke her pussy, he sucked one long nipple into his mouth and was rewarded to feel it stiffen as he teased it with his tongue. He tasted another nipple and alternated back an forth between them as her breathing deepened and she spread her thighs slightly. He pressed her legs even farther apart and moved down and licked her pussy slowly from bottom to top. She was delicious, and as his tongue approached her clit, she began to slowly hump her hips as she became more and more aroused until she started to tremble and then climaxed with a grunt and spasmed violently as he tried to keep his tongue at her clit. “Put your cock in me.” She hissed. “I want to be fucked.”

Michael’s cock was only half hard, be having been fucked and teased last night, she was wide open and as he climbed between her legs and pressed the head against her opening, she just seemed to swallow him up and he felt himself swelling to full size inside her. Maria’s pussy tightened around Michael as he began to pump, and she came over and over and soaked his balls with her juices until he finally succumbed and shot a new load of semen inside of her.

Michael covered her with a quilt and returned to bed as well. They woke up around noon a couple hours later and just lay in each other’s arms in silence.

“Maria, I don’t want you near Brody ever again.” He said seriously.

Maria looked up at him with a broad smile and said, “Brody, who?”

“Good girl.” Michael replied before attacking her neck.

The End

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