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"Love Hurts"
Part 2
by Jennifer007
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Summary: From Jennifer a challenge 1. everyone goes off to college.
2. Max and Michael come back for spring break with their girlfriends
3. Liz walks in on Max and his girlfriend about to have sex.
4. same with Maria and Michael
5. Maria, Liz, and Max and Michael's girlfriends get into a fight.
6. There has to be a mud wrestling match between the girls.
7. Everyone goes to a club and they get drunk.
8. Max ends up with Liz, Maria with Michael.
9. and someone has to say" I'm going to do it all night long"

Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: Dedication: To Jennifer for the challenge and to my 4 roommates who have inspired and curbed my partying ways. LOL well not really let's get real people. And to Thomas happy 7th B-Day in a couple days boo-boo Jen loves ya and it seems like just yesterday that we were changing your diapers.
College was hard at times. At first Liz thought that she was never going to get used to it. But after the first 6 months Liz was really into the swing of things.

Liz, Maria, Isabel and Alex had moved to Los Angeles in late July and had found a place, it was a three bedroom apartment. Isabel had said there was no use pretending her and Alex were together and that was it. And with the rent split up between them four ways, it was cheap and better then living in some dorm.


Isabel got letters from Michael and Max, and at first she tried to tell Maria and Liz how they were doing but they didn't want to hear it at all. It had gotten to the point that Liz and Maria never even checked the mail anymore, they didn't want to see any of the letters. They figured it would be to much temptation and they would end up writing them and that wouldn't help things.

Kyle and Stacy had came down and visited them for Thanksgiving they didn't bring up the guys at all. Then when Christmas came around Liz and Maria had decided to invite their parents down there for Christmas. They had come, but when asked why they didn't just come back to Roswell, both girls had clammed up.

Alex and Isabel had gone back home for Christmas, they had seen a lot of their old friends from school, and Max and Michael had came back home as well. They asked Isabel how things were going and she wouldn't answer them, no questions about Liz and Maria she had said. The guys finally got Alex alone and got it out of him. He hadn't want to betray them but he felt that Max and Michael needed to know.

He told them about how all Liz did was get up early, go to school where she had enrolled in a ton of classes, then she went to work straight after, finally coming home around one, doing some homework and falling asleep. She was determined to keep herself really busy, Alex said. When Max asked if she was dating Alex shook his head no and Max looked depressed.

Then Alex told Michael about Maria. Maria was taking classes, and working, but that was all she did as well. Both guys were upset to hear that the girls were not taking it well.

So Christmas break ended and Isabel and Alex went back home, they tried to hint at how the guys had asked about them, but Maria walked out of the room saying she didn't know any Michael. And Liz had screamed at them that they better get it through their heads once and for all, Max was dead to her and she didn't care how he was or what he said. After that Alex and Isabel didn't so much as breath their names when the girls were around.



It was now the beginning of April and Spring Break was coming up. Maria's Mom had been begging her to come home because she needed some help with the business. Maria had finally relented and told her that she would be there.

Liz's parents had also asked if she was going to come back, but she couldn't because of work. They pestered her for the next two weeks but it was always the same, she couldn't leave. But then the day before Maria, Isabel, and Alex were leaving, Liz had gotten fired because they just didn't need the extra help.

And that night when Liz's parents called, Maria had answered the phone and lightly mentioned that Liz had gotten laid off. And of course her parents had to hound her about it till finally she said she would come just to shut them up.

So here she was on a plane back to Roswell. When the plane landed Liz could feel her stomach do flip flops. She took some deep breaths and managed to calm herself down a bit. Her dad was there to pick them all up. He wanted to take Isabel and Alex home first, but Liz begged her dad to take her home first.

With a look of confusion on his face he did that. He dropped her off outside the cafe and she got her bags out. Her dad told her that her Mom was eager to see her and she nodded, with promises to call later the others waved and said bye.

Liz got her two bags and walked up to the door, she had her head down and was trying to keep a hold of them, she opened the door, and walked in the diner.

"Liz honey." Liz's Mom came running up to her and hugged her tight.

"Hi Mom."

"Oh let me look at you, you look so different."

"Mom you just saw me like three and a half months ago."

"I know I know, but you're still my baby."

Liz smiles and hugs her Mom again, "I'm glad to see you too Mom." Then she looks around the empty diner, "So do you need any help this morning, I mean there is only thirty minutes till we open, but I can get ready and help," Liz says in a rush.

Liz's Mom shakes her head, "No honey you just relax, catch up on things, we have it covered."

Liz nods her head, "Okay, well I'm going to go up to my room." Then she laughs, "That sounds weird, I mean I have a new room at my new place."

Liz's Mom nods with tears in her eyes, "Yes, but this will always be your home too."

Liz kisses her Mom, "Thanks."

A few hours have passed and Liz is going stir crazy. She reorganized everything, and then reorganized it again. She decided to get the vacuum and do that. She got the vacuum out and started it up. As she vacuumed, making nice even patterns in the carpet, the vacuum all of a sudden sucked something up and started whining.

She turned it off, and turned the vacuum on its side to see what was wrong. When she saw what was tangled she gasped.


The last day of summer, the day before their senior year began, the night that they had included Kyle and Stacy in their group they had all gathered at their spot and had a barbecue. They had ended up having a blast; they danced, and laughed, and for one night defenses had been let down and Max and Liz had acted like the couple they were supposed to be.

Then as it got late, Maria and Liz had pulled out some presents. The girls had spent the last month making them. They had made friendship bracelets using the colors of their auras. Deep purple for Isabel, warm amber for Liz, sunny orange for Alex, mountain lake blue for Maria, brick red for Michael, emerald green for Max, bright yellow for Kyle, and light pink for Stacy. They had promised to never take them off, they were to wear them forever.

Then she remembered the night that had ended that for her, when Max told her that they were going to New York. Liz and Maria had taken off after getting drunk.

She had dropped Maria off, and went home, where she had lost it her parents weren't there right then to hear it so she had really let loose, she cried, she threw things, then once she calmed down and sobered up, she thought that maybe he would change his mind, so she stayed up all night waiting, hoping that he would come and see her.

The next day she found out that Max and Michael had left for New York early that morning, they hadn't even say good-bye. She had looked down at her wrist and saw the bracelet, then she grabbed a pair of scissors and cut it off, tossing it to the ground.


Liz stared at it and then she pulled down her sock and tied it around her ankle. Then she pulled up her sock and put it out of her head.

"Hey Parker, get your booty down here."

Liz smiled *Maria*. She went down the stairs and saw that Kyle and Stacy were with her.

They all hugged and stood there for a minute talking. They decided to go to the ice-cream parlor and get a snack. They set off walking and talking, finally they got there and ordered what they wanted. As they were waiting Isabel and Alex came in.

"Hey your Mom said you were here so we thought we would come bug you." Alex said.

Liz and Maria laughed. Alex and Isabel ended up getting some ice cream too and they decided to go to the park and kick back.

As they walked to the park they heard someone shouting Isabel's name. They all turned and Michael was running up to them, he swooped Isabel in a hug, "Hey Iz how are you?"

Maria had instantly tensed when she saw Michael, and started to walk off but Kyle put an arm around her shoulders and whispered to her, "Don't let him see that your bothered by him, just shine him on for now."

Maria nodded and plastered a big fake smile on her face. Michael looked around and made small talk with everyone, but avoided looking at Maria, when he said. "Hey Maria, how you doing?"

"Oh, I'm great." Maria said with fake cheerfulness.

"That's good." Michael said while nodding at the ground.

Then they heard someone else come up, and everyone looked. Max was walking towards them and with him were two really beautiful girls. One of the girls was carrying two ice cream cones, and headed one to Michael. "Here you go, one strawberry ice cream." Michael thanked her and took a bite grimacing at how sweet it was. Max saw this and handed him a pack of hot sauce.

Liz had been standing completely still while all of this had happened.

Finally Isabel spoke up, "So are you going to introduce us?"

Michael blinked and looked at Liz and Maria, "Umm yeah...Marissa, Lila, these are our friends, Kyle, Stacy, Isabel, Alex, Liz, and Maria."

Marissa looks at Maria and then whispers to Michael who nods his head. Max is looking at Liz practically staring a hole in her, and Lila sees this.

"Max sweetie, I don't like this flavor, will you switch with me?"

Max looks at her confused and then snaps out of it, "Oh yeah sure." They switch and she eats his ice cream but Max doesn't feel like ice cream anymore.

The silence is deafening, everyone is uncomfortable except for Lila and Marissa. They chatter with each other about some shopping they want to do.

Kyle looks at the girls and then at Max and Michael, "So how long have you been going out?"

Max looks at Liz and then looks away quickly, "Since after Christmas."

The significance of this isn't lost on Alex he realizes just why they started dating.

Finally Maria stands up, "Well I have to go, I mean this has been such a blast catching up and all, but I have things to do and more important people to see." She says this last part while looking at Michael.

Liz gets up to, "Yeah I think I'll go with you."

They say bye to everyone and tell Marissa and Lila it was nice meeting them even though it kills them to do it. They walk away.

Marissa and Lila get up too, and tell the guys that there going to go shopping. They walk into town.

Isabel stares at them and then when there gone she blows up at the guys. "What the hell is that about? Why did you bring them here?"

Michael glares at Isabel, "We brought them because they're are girlfriends and we wanted them to come with us."

Max just nods.

"Yeah they're your girlfriends like I am," Alex says. "You said that you didn't start dating them till after Christmas, well that was after what I told you, so what gives?"

Michael and Max just look at the ground, not denying it, but not wanting to answer it either.

Alex looks at them, "Yeah well don't say anything, but Maria and Liz aren't stupid, and they're bound to figure it out eventually, especially if you guys don't act like you're together."

Isabel looks at both of them, "I'm begging you to fix this between you guys, before it's too late and you can't." Isabel gets tears in her eyes and quickly wipes them away before they can see, "I said that I wouldn't betray what they told me or what they did, because I think you guys were totally wrong, but Maria and Liz aren't themselves anymore, and I don't know if they ever will be." She gets up and leaves them with these thoughts.

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