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"It's Going To Be Okay"
Part 7
by Katie
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Summary: Michael and Maria are captured by Topolski. Topolski has plans for Maria. And Michael doesn't know if he can stop it from happening.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
(back at the compound- about one month later)

Maria woke up startled, just as she had been every other morning when the lights turned on to wake them up. She knew that she would rather stay in bed all day than get up, but she was afraid. Afraid of what Topolsky might do if she refused to eat. Right now, she just tried to enjoy the feel of Michaelís body so close to hers. Of course, they would be freezing otherwise, but somehow just laying in his arms made her feel so safe even though she was anything but under the circumstances.

Michael woke up as he felt the gentle caress of Mariaís hand on his unshaven cheek. He almost forgot where he was for a moment because he would be blissfully happy just to wake up like that every morning. Then his eyes registered the bright light in the room and knew it was time to get up in this place where Topolsky seemed to be the ruler. He smirked out of the unhappiness that they were in. He loved Maria, but he never would have wished anything like this on her ... ever. He wouldnít even wish this on himself. He held her close for a moment, smiling as his hand felt Mariaís abdomen even though he wouldnít wish a baby on the both of them at such a young age either, but since Maria would have otherwise been dead- and neither one of them could live with that- they would have to live with this.

He began to sit up in bed remembering for the millionth time that Max still hadnít returned to his dreams. He never did tell Maria about Max coming into his dream because he didnít want to worry her until Max had an actual plan.

Michael and Maria walked into the main room, where breakfast was awaiting for them and sat down to eat. Today was that one dreaded day of each week when Maria had to visit Dr. Carlin so he could record her progress. So far, Maria hadnít even felt any symptoms that she was pregnant. Still, she was and the only thing she really wanted was to get out of that compound ... with Michael and with this unborn baby inside her.

It was then, as she watched Michael eating the cereal that they were provided when she decided that Michael had neglected to tell her something. She looked into his averted eyes as she said, "I canít believe this."

He looked at her in his usual unhappy way and said, "what, besides the fact that weíre still trapped in here?"

Maria exhaled loudly and said, "Youíre hiding something from me. All that weíve been though and youíre hiding something."

"Maria," he started, but she interrupted,

"donít lie to me, Michael."

Michael dropped the spoon back into his now empty bowl and said, "I didnít want to worry you." Maria stared at him coldly as she took another bite of her cereal and Michael continued reluctantly, "I saw Max, in a dream about a month ago. He knows."

Maria nodded and said, "he knows? So why nothing? Why are we still here?"

Michael poured himself another bowl of cereal and said, "He said heíd be back in my dreams when they have a plan. I guess theyíre having trouble ... we donít even know where this place is, Maria."


"Do you even know what youíre doing Alex?" asked Isabel. Alex had been trying to find out where this place was where Michael and Maria were being held and he wasnít having any luck.

He sighed frustratedly and after looking over at Liz he said to Isabel, straight to her face, "Isabel, I know more about this than you do, okay? Itís hard enough just to hack into the FBI database without getting tracked and doing it more than once makes this even worse." He looked at Max who wasnít very happy about this and then looked at his computer as he punched the keys and said, "Iíve searched under Topolsky, but her current operative isnít listed. Where else can I look?"

Suddenly, he heard Liz speak, "What about an agent Pierce? You remember when she mentioned that name?"

Alex used the mouse and then returned his fingers to the keyboard as he said, "I didnít think about it, but Iíll try his name."

As he typed, Isabel spoke, "I just wish that we knew something more about where they are. You might as well have tried hybrid in the search box for all the good itíll do you, Alex."

Alex shook his head in disgust and then typed in "hybrid" in the search box just to see what the results were. He knew he had a limited amount of time in the database so any suggestion was worth trying. Before clicking his mouse on the search button he added "Topolsky" to the search prompt. He pressed the search button with his mouse and then let his eyes widen in reaction to what showed up under results.

He looked up at everyone and said, "Hey, take a look at this." Alex pressed the print button as everyone gathered around his monitor.

He heard Max say, "Jesus. A whole month and we didnít even think of it."

Liz put her arm around Max and then asked Alex, "Does it say anything about where sheís doing this?"

Alex, his eyes still widened, looked over at Liz and said while pointing at his screen, "We hit the jackpot. We can find everything we need from here."

Liz smiled in relief that they had finally found a way to make a feasable plan and get their friends out of whereever they were.

Isabel smiled and said, "thank god!" Alex just shook his head with a smile and looked at Isabel as he said, "No. Thank you Isabel."


Maria was on the beach, listening to the sound of the tide on a beautiful sunny day. She felt happy, too happy to be real. Maria chuckled to herself, at this dream she had managed to concoct. She laid down on the towel she was sitting on and began to rub on some sunblock when she heard, "ahem!"

Maria sat up completely shocked, looking straight at Isabel. She swallowed for a moment in thought and then said, "Okay, no offense but I would never dream about you so you have to be the genuine article."

As Maria stood up, she heard Isabel say with a grin, "Nice to see you too. I guess the imprisonment doesnít change your dreams much."

Maria hugged Isabel and then looked her in the eye as she pleaded, "please, tell me you guys have a plan. And um, how come you didnít visit Michael instead?"

Isabel pulled away and replied, "Actually, I insisted on doing the dreamwalking and I couldnít find any pictures of Michael. Yeah, we have a plan."

Maria looked at her for minute as if to really register that such a thing was actually happening to her. That Isabel was actually in her dream to tell her that she would get out of Topolskyís operative was quite a miracle. She looked at Isabel who had gotten very silent and said, "well, whatís the plan, Isabel?"

Isabel smirked and said, "Thanks to Alex, we mangaed to conjure up a map so we know where you and Michael are. Thanks to Topolsky you two are thousands of miles away from us."

Maria aked her worriedly, "where, thousands of miles away from you?"

Isabel became unhappy as she told Maria, "Somewhere between Washington D.C. and Baltimore."

Maria nodded, a little shocked, and asked her, "So, how are you guys going to get out here and help us?"

Isabel began to pace a few steps as she said, "We canít get out to you until summer and thatís another month or two away. I mean, spring break is long gone and we canít just split even if we want to. We have to expect that people are watching us still even if they have Michael."

Maria said to Isabel, "Yeah, so wouldnít they still be watching you in the summer?"

Isabel turned to her and replied, "D.C. is a tourist town in the summer. We can go as if we are coming to see the monuments which we have to do for at least one day so we wontí blow our cover. Weíll probably come for you at night, fewer guards and no one watching would have much to expect from us. I donít suppose you know where you are inside that place?"

Maria shook her head sadly and said, "I wish we did. Our room is down some long corridor and thatís about all I know. Um our room has a bedroom attached to it, but donít get me wrong, it does suck being locked up in here for so long with just one person that you can really talk to. Michael doesnít talk much on a normal daily basis so-"

Isabel cut her off saying, "okay, Maria, point taken. Iíll be back the night before the night when we will be coming. Tell Michael, stay safe and Iíll see you then" and then gave Maria a hug.

Maria returned the hug and said, "see you then and you stay safe too."

Isabel smiled as she faded out and said, "I will, Maria. We all will." With that she was gone and in a matter of seconds Maria woke up smiling.

She registered that wonderful feeling of Michaelís arms around her and gently rubbed the arm that was below hers. When Maria felt him stil enough to possibly be awake she whispered, "Hey, I saw Isabel."

After a second Michael said with sleep still in his voice, "Isabel?"

Maria nodded and continued, "I saw her in my dream, Michael. They have a plan. They wonít be able to help for another couple of months, but theyíll be here."

As Michael pulled her closer to his body he asked her, "why so long?"

Maria answered, "school and having parents who are around all the time. Do you want to know where we are?"

Michael paused in thought at then replied, "besides in this godforsaken place?"

Maria rolled her eyes and said, "Topolsky took us all the way to the east coast Michael. Weíre like in Washington D.C.!"

Michael stiffened for a moment almost like he was afraid and then relaxed as he said sarcastically, "thatís great. Theyíre probably being watched too."

Maria replied, "thatís the other reason that they are waiting. Isabel said she would come back to my head the night before the night that they are coming to get us. I hope their plan works."

Once again Michael hugged her and as he let go of his grasp he said, "it better be."

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