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"It's Going To Be Okay"
Part 12
by Katie
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Max, Liz, Alex and Isabel made there way through the long hallways of the Compound Michael and Maria were being held at.

"I hope this works." Isabel said as she stood beside Liz.

"Same here." Liz said as she took a quick glance back at Max. But she didn't like the changes they had to make to themselves.

For to get into the compound Max and Isabel changed all four of them into personal of the compound who were away on leave. Liz and Isabel presumed the position of two Doctors, and Max and Alex were their guards.

"Dr. Chambers, Dr. Searle. I thought you two were on leave for the week?" A guard in front of Maria's cell questioned.

"Yes we know. But we had business to attend to, which could not wait for our return." Isabel said, trying to convince them that she was Dr. Searle. "Now please step aside so we may examine the subject."

At Isabel's words the guards stepped aside to let them past.

"You two can take you leave. We'll stand and watch, and when the doctors are finished you may presume your watch." Max said trying to get rid of the two guards the still off to the side.

The second guard nodded his head and headed down the corridor, the other followed the orders and headed off in the opposite direction.


"Maria." Liz called out after she had entered the room and the door was shut behind her.

Maria, heard a strange voicing calling her name. She walked over to he door which lead to the circular room. Poking her head out she was a strange women.

"Who are you?" She asked in a weak voice.

"It's..." Liz started to say but was quickly cut off by Isabel who wanted to stop Liz before she reviled who they were to who ever was listening.

"Please Miss DeLuca, can you tell us where Mr. Guerin is?" Isabel asked trying to sound like a doctor so as not give away the fact that they weren't.

Liz looked at Isabel dumbfounded, not understanding what Isabel was doing. "What are you doing?" She asked as she walked over to Isabel.

"Excuse, but this room does have a speaker, right?" Isabel asked looking over at Maria, who seemed just as confused as Liz.

"Um.. yeah. it's that thing right up there." Maria said pointing to a black orb in the middle of the ceiling.

Liz finally understood what Isabel was doing. "Right, so now. Miss. DeLuca may you tell us where Mr. Guerin is?" Liz asked becoming the doctor type she was born to be.

"Um... I'm not sure. They took him away yesterday and I haven't seen him since. But why are you asking me, you think you would know that before I did." Maria said, getting all confused by these two doctors.

"Yes, we are aware of that fact. But you see this information was surpressed

from us, do to certain technicalities." Isabel said, telling the truth of the matter.

"Well. we shall just have to go and find him. So would you please come with us." Isabel said walking over to the door and knocking on it, to signal to the guys to open the door.

Within second the door was open. Liz and Isabel started to walk off down the hall they figured they may have taken Michael. Alex and Max followed suit with Maria standing in between them.


It seem to take forever but they finally came to room guarded by 4 guards.

"May we help you?" The biggest of the guards asked stepping towards the five of them.

"Yes, you may let us pass. We are hear to conduct a test. Now move aside." Liz firmly stated. Wanting to get Michael and get out of there.

"Sorry, but we are under direct orders to allow no one to pass except for Dr. Carlin." He said sterinly.

"You may let them pass." A man said as he approached the wall of people.

"Yes sir." He said, pulling open the door and letting the others pass as Carlin followed them inside.

When the door was shut and they were inside Carlin was the first to speak up. "You can speak in here. This room has not been bugged." All eyes turned to him, wondering either how did he know, or what was he talking about.

"What are you talking about?" Maria asked.

"Your friends here may change back into there normal selves and you may all talk about how you plan to get out." Carlin said and with that the four let out a sigh.

Max and Isabel changed themselves back and then Liz and Alex. Maria watched in astonishment as her friends revieled themselves, and it finally made sense to her now what they had been talknig about back in her cell.

"I was wondering what you guys had been talking about.." Maria said and smiled at them as she walked over and gave them all a huge hug. But just then Maria relieased them and turned around the room looking for Michael.

She turned to Carlin, "Where's Michael?" She questioned frantically.

"I'm right here Maria." Michael said as he walked out of a room, that stood off to the side from the rest of them.

"Micahel!" Maria yelled, as she ran over and imbraced him.

"It's okay babe." Michael codded into Maria's ear to try and clam her down while he rubbed the small of her back.

Maria stood back from Michael and checked him over to make sure he was okay. "What did they do to you?' She asked while she still frantically ran her hands over his whole body trying to see if there were any visiable marks.

"Maria please stop. I'm fine, they didn't hurt me." Michael said stilling Maria's hands. Becasue she had no idea what it was doing to him.

"The torture that Topolski had planned for you was today. But since your friends are here I don't see that happening." Carlin stated as he sat back and watched the six.

Isabel and Max couldn't take it anymore. They paced quickly over to Michael and embraced him with Maria still holding onto his waste.

"It's nice to see you guys to. But can we wait until after we get out of her for all the emotional stuff. Pluse you're sufficating Maria and the baby." Micahel said. Max and Isabel quickly released Michael and looked down at Maria to see if she was okay. Maira was still holding onto Micahel by the waste tears falling down her eyes.

"Are ya okay babe?" Michael asked placing a finger on Maria's chin and tilting her head up to face his so he could look into her eyes.

"I'm fine, can we please just get out of here?" Maria pleaded.

"I think not Miss DeLuca." Topolski said as she entered the room and the door slammed shut behind her along with 6 gaurds, 4 of which were from earlier.

"How did you know we were hear?" Max demanded to know.

"Easily. I am to be informed of all strange activity, and this classifies as strange activity." Topolski said as she stretched out her arm and glided it across the room, pointing out all of them to be the strange activity.

"You can not keep them here." Carlin said angerily at Topolski.

"Oh, just watch me. Now that I have all 6 of them. We get more funding for all the hybrids. We'll have to redesign the compound to accomidate them." Topolski said a sinister grin crossing her face.

"You'll have to get pass 5 aliens, a best friend, and a really pissed off boyfriend." Carlin said as all the them lined up beside Carlin.

"They can not use there powers in this room, or any room in this compund for that matter." Toposlki said, befor the fact that he said 5 aliens and not 3 sunk into her head.

"Of yes they can, I designed this room for my personal use. Which means the iron thats holds off there powers doesn't work in here." Carlin said and with that one of the guards behind Topolski fell to the ground.

"I know Max, Isabel and Michael are aliens. But who could the other two be?" Toploski questioned as another one of the guards fell to the ground next to the other.

"You'll never have a chance to find out." Micahel said as the remianing two gaurds fell to the ground and a blast of pure energy escape Micahel and Maria's outstretched hands. To hit Topolski dead on in the chest.

She fell back against the wall, then her body slumped forward hitting the ground hard. Her body just laid there limp and lifeless.

"Now what do we do?" Maira question still holding onto Michael's hand as they all came to stand in a cirlce in the middle of the room.

"First of all, Carlin. Are you an alien?" Micahel asked looking Carlin straight in the eyes.

"Yes Michael I am. Why do you think I would want to help you. Any other doctor here would have been after some prize. But not me, I justed wanted to help." Carlin said as he lookes around at the six.

"So how can we get out of here with out getting caught."Liz asked looking over at there new friend.

"Well we have to leave, in the next five minutes." Carlin said as he looked down at his watch.

"Why five minutes?" Alex asked.

"Because I have set up a bomb that will destroy this place. And if we don't get out in the next couple minutes we'll go along with the compound." Carlin stated.

"Well thanks for the big warning. So do you know anything about a worm hole or telliporting?" Isabel asked, thinking about anything that would get them out in a hurry.

"Actually, I do." Carlin said as he placed his hands out in front of him over the floor that was centered in between the circle.

A blue light radiated from his hands and down onto the floor. Then the blue light turned purlpe then a bright green, starting to go in a circuler motion.

He was creating a whirlpool, but to lead where. Went through all the heads of the six friens.

When the whirlpool was spinning in a fast motion changing colors along with it Carlin spoke. "This leads to our home planet. It is the only choice you have, it's eith that or stay here and die."

"Home." Michael whisphered as he look down at the shwirl of colors that called to him.

"Michael." Maria whisphere to him.

Michael slowly turned his head to Maria, who was softly calling his name. "I will follow you to the ends of the universe." She said,then leaned up and kissed him lovingly on the lips.

Michael circled his arms around Maria's waste and pulled her in for a deeper kiss. One that could set the skies a blaze.

Liz and Alex convinced both Max and Isabel that they would never leave their sides, because they loven them so much. And that it was no use to argue the point.

"If you are willing to go, it must be now. We only have a few more moments. So please enter the whirlpool." Carlin pleaded. "I have to stay so I can close the whirlpool."

"But how will you leave if you close it?" Max asked. Not wanting to lose a friend he had barley just made.

"If I don't close it the blast could travel to our home planet and set it off balance, but here it will only affect a certain amount of land. Now leave!" He said as the building started to shake a little.

"Why is the building shaking?" Isabel questioned as she steaded herself by grabbing Alex's arm.

"It's a warning, giving everyione time to evacuate. Now leave beofre the whirlpool closes up." Carlin pleaded with them again, as the building began to shake violently.

One after another they all jumped into the swhirling whirlpool. Diving into the unknow, there new lives.

Carlin wathced as his two sons, daughter, soon to be daughter-in-law and grandaughter left earth. He hoped they all found happiness on their new home.


Michael, Maria, Max, Liz, Alex, and Isabel all softly landed on a sandy beach. They all could tell they weren't on earth anymore as they looked up at the stars that shone in the darkening sky, that was a slight shade of green.

Max and Liz were in an embrace that could rock that panet. Whisphering their feelings and how they were going to be alright.

Alex and Isabel sat on the soft sand, looking out at the purlish ocean. As they watched the swells they embracced reassuring eachother that they're okay and would make it through what ever laid ahead of them.

"I love you." Maria whisphered up at Michael as she embraced him.

"Ditto." Michael said as he held onto Maria for dear life. Hopeing that their new life would finds them better then their last, and that they did the right thing by coming here.

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