FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"In the End"
Part 1
by Kori
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Summary: After Max breaks up with Liz for Tess, he realizes Liz is the only one for him.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: Feedback: Very much so appreciated. Good or bad. I can take constuctive criticism. Heheeeeeee!!! This fanfic was a challenge issued by Sara 1. Must be Max/Liz 2. Tess embarasses Liz 3. Liz slaps Tess in front of Max after Tess says : Max is really good in bed." 4. Tess get's a hold of Liz's journal and reads in over the P.A. system at school 5. Max and Liz get into a major fight (tons of yelling) 6. Tess takes Liz's clothes while Liz is showering in the girl's locker room and Max comes in to help her out (has to be lots of sexual tension) 7. Lis gets even with Tess by making out with Max right in front of Tess 8. Max and Liz get really hot and heavy in the eraser room 9. Max and Liz have sex
" He broke up with you just like that, " yelled a frantic Maria. Liz just nodded. She did not trust her own voice. "I can not believe that jerk's my brother. First off he obsessed over you from a far. Then he gets you and he just does this. For her?,"Isabelle said just as frantic as Maria. The three were sitting at the counter in the Crashdown. Liz was trying her hardest not to cry, but after Isabelle's last comment the tears just started to flow freely. "Oh Liz, hun, I'm so sorry," Isabelle said softly. Liz sniffled and pushed back all of her feelings like she had been doing since two nights ago. " It's okay Iz. I hate to be rude guys, but I just want to go to bed." "Okay liz," Maria said," We'll see you tomorrow. Come on Isabelle." Isabelle waved. "Bye," Liz said but it was barely above a whisper. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------- The next day in Biology, Liz could hardly hold in her emotions. Sitting next to Max was driving her insane. She could smell his colgne. The smell was making her crazy. She could feel Tess' eyes burning into the back of her head. She glanced at the clock. The clock was blurry and she couldn't figure out why until she felt a tear slip down her face. She raised her hand and the teacher called upon her. "Yes Liz." " May I go to the bathroom, please." "Sure. take your stuff though. There's only four minutes left." Liz grabbed her stuff and with one last look at Max, left. She closed the door behind her and leaned against it. She sighed. * I don't know how I'm going to make it through this.* She hurried along into the bathroom. She washed her face and felt a little better. She walked out just as the bell rang. As she walked out an announcement came on. "I'm Liz Parker and I have never understood love until I met him. Just the sound of Max's name sends shivers through my body. I never thought we would end up together, but finally after all we've been through he's finally ready to start our relationship." Liz stopped walking right in the middle of the hallway. That was her journal and that was Tess reading it. "I have never felt so happy in my life. I know he's the one for me. I can't wait to grow old and die together, But I'm happy now just knowing he loves me and I love him." The announcement ended on that and Liz bursted into tears. She wanted to go back into the bathroom but her eyes were so blurry she couldn't see it. She flet a hand on her shoulder and turned around into Maria. She hugged her best friend and let her tears flow.

The next day in school, Liz was having a hard time making it through the day. She could feel everyone's eyes on her. She was so relieved when the final bell rung. Liz sighed as she gathered her stuff and walked at the door. She was so caught up in trying to leave, she almost walked into the couple in front of her. "Oh. I'm sorry." "Ya, you should be." Liz chringed at the voice. It was Tess... and Max. Her heart skipped a beat. She was about to just forget about the remark when she saw the smirk on Tess' face. " You know, what's your problem? He has you now. You're the one he wants. He doesn't give a shit about me any more. So what's your deal?" Tess laughs. " You got that right. It's me who he kisses now. Me he touches. He makes love to Me. And you can't stand it!" Liz blinked the tears away. She didn't want to cry in front of Max or yet, let Tess see her cry. She raised her head. She started to turn to walk away when she heard Tess. "Oh by the way Liz," Tess said," Max is really good in bed." Liz gasped and before she knew what she was doing, she slapped Tess right across the face and started crying. Tess was about to hit her back when Max spoke up for the first time. "Ok. Stop it you two. Tess go to the jeep. Liz and I need to talk." Tess smirked and walked down the hall. "Are you alright." Max started to touch her arm. "DON"T TOUCH ME MAX. DO NOT touch me. Just leave me alone." "I will not leave you alone. You just slapped my girlfriend for no reason." "For no reason. Where the fuck do you get no reason. You were here didn't you hear what she said." Max just stared at her. "You always said we would be together. Hell Max. You spent 6 months not letting us be together. Then you finally let us and you do this. You know it kills me to see you two It should be us Max us!," Liz pleaded the last statement. "There is no us, Liz. There's me and Tess. Got that me and Tess. Tess and me. No me and you. We are over. Done with," Max yelled at her. "Why are you doing this Max. I know you don't like her. I know you love me and not her. How does it feel to kiss her and think of me? How does it feel to hold her and be thinking of me not Tess. Everyone knows it's me you want, not her. Everyone but you Max. Even she knows it," Liz yelled. She stopped to catch her breath and to regain her self. "You or no one else knows how I feel Liz. You're wrong. You're so wrong Liz. It's her who I think of when we kiss. It's her who I thought of when WE kissed. Not you. Her." "What are you doing, Max. Are you protecting me still. Huh Max? Is that what you're doing." Max tensed and turned around and started walking to the parking lot. "That's it, Max, isn't it? Quit protecting me Max. I'm a big girl. I can take care of myself," Liz screamed after him. Max just kept walking. Liz just sighed and ran to the bath room to cry, * I've been doing a lot of this lately*

"You know i just got an idea," Liz said to herself," Maybe if I act like it doesn't bug me and that I'm over him, he'll come back." *That's it. Doesn't true love conquer all?*

It was a week later and Liz had been doing a pretty good job of acting like she was over Max. She had even flirted with some of the football players and Kyle. She always tried to be around a guy when Max walked by. She could see the hurt and envy in his eyes. She was sad that she had to hurt Max to get him back, but if she could live through the hurt so could he. The bell rang bringing Liz out of her thoughts and she went on to gym class. She was happy to learn they were swimming today, but course that meant she would have to take a shower in the icky school showers. She always loved swmming. It made her forget about every thing else. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- It was 40 minutes later and Tess snuck into the locker room and snached Liz's clothes. Two minutes later she ran into Max. "Oh hey," she said as she grabbed a kiss. "Hey. Say, whos clothes are those." Tess laughed," Liz Parker's. I didn't think she needed them. I mean im sure the towel she has will keep her warm when she gets out of the shower. Oops. I took her towel too." "You what," Max yelled at her," You know Tess. I've been thinking. Liz was right. It's her I think of when I kiss you. it's her who I really want. Her, not you. Im sorry to have to do this to you. It was never my intention." He turned and walked towards the girls locker room. He ran into Isabelle on the way. "Hey Iz. Do you have any extra clothes on you?," Max explained the sitution and Isabelle walked him to her locker. "About time you finally opened your eyes Max. Here. Tell Liz I'll get them from her later." Max ignored her comment walked to the locker room. He looked around to see if any one was around and he walked in. He heard Liz cursing under her breath slightly before he saw her pacing back and forth in thought.. naked. "Liz." "Max. What are you doing in here." "I came to help you out, " He said in a whisper. The sight of Liz had caused him to grow hard instantly. he could barely breath. He had never seen anything as beautiful. As if finally realizing she stood naked in front of max, she grabbed the clothes out of his hand and entered a bathroom stall." Say who's clothes are these?" "There Isabelle's. She said you can give them back later." The bathroom door opened and Liz stepped out. "Tell her thank you. And thanks Max for helping." "Listen Liz," Max started," You were right. I was pushing you away. I had this dream and in the dream you died because of us. Because of me." This last part he said so softly she could barely hear him. "Look at me Max. I'm dying without you. Either with you or without, I'll die. I don't know for sure if I'm gonna get hurt with you, but I know for sure, with out you, I'm hurting. So stop worrying so much and kiss me. Kiss me Max Evans." Max cupped Liz's chin and kissed her like he never kissed her before. Liz through her hands up around Max's neck and played with the hair at his neck. Max moaned into her mouth. Liz grew aware of the hard arousual pressing into her stomach. "Max make love to me." "Are you sure?"

"Max make love to me," Liz repeated again with a little more edge. "Listen Liz. I don't want to hurt you again, so are you sure? I mean are you absolutely sure?" "Oh I'm positive," Liz said and groped at him through his jeans," And by the feel of things so are you." Max groaned and all control he had left slipped away. Max kissed her again. It started soft and tender but as their need grew the kiss got deeper and soon Max was exploring the inside of her mouth with his tongue. He traced the corners, the deepest creases of her mouth. When the kiss ended, they were out of breath. "Liz, before we continue, I just got to tell you Liz Parker, I really do love you and I'm so sorry I hurt you. I swear to you I'll never do it again." "I love you too Max and I know you wont." Max kissed her and began playing with the bottom of her shirt. He could feel the smooth skin of her stomach and it made him want her more. Max laughed silently to himself. *Even her stomach turns me on* Liz helped him remove the rest of her shirt. Max stepped back and glanced at her. *God, she's so beautiful* Max kissed her as he brought his hands up to her breast. He ran his hands over the lacey material. He felt her nipples harden at his touch. He smiled knowing what he could do to her. He couldn't wait any longer and he found the clasp and undid it. The bra fell away relieving her breasts. They were silky and white just like he always imagined. He brought his hands up to them and she moaned and pushed his hand to her more. Max suddenly got the urge to taste them and brought one breast to his mouth and swirled his tongue around her nipple while fondling the other one. Liz cried out. Whatever Max was doing with his tongue was driving her nuts. She reached down between and grabbed Max through his pants again. This wasn't enough so she unbuttoned his pants and unzipped them. Max helped her take them off and she grasped him. Max gasped and bit his tongue. Liz ran her hand down his length. She then got on her knees and brought Max down with her. Once they were down. Liz closed her mouth around his cock. Max jumped at the contact. She licked the tip first. She could taste him. She continued licking the top and the vein bulging out of it. She noticed every time she hit the vein he'd jump or groan. He soon started to writher. "Liz baby, what you're doing his so good. Trust me. But if you don't stop know. It's gonna be over before it starts." Liz looked at him questionably but then it dung on her. She stopped and looked up into his eyes. Max kinda half growled and half groaned,"It's your turn." Before Liz could react, Max was on top of her kissing her. His hand reached down to the button of the jeans Isabelle had leant her and undid it. He slid the zipper down and pulled off her jeans. He realized she didn't have any panties on and stopped. "Hey Liz, how come you had a bra, but not panties?" "Well Tess must have knocked it off the bench in the process of getting my other clothes. Cause when I got out I saw it, but none of my other clothes." "Okay. Just wondering," he said then kissed her. As he was kissing her, Liz felt his hand travel up her leg. It was soon on the inside of her upper thigh. Liz could barely concentrate on the kiss. Max slipped two of his fingers inside of Liz and Liz groaned. He began moving his finger in a motion. It wasn't long til Liz was moaning. He felt her muscles tightening around his fingers and he removed his fingers and placed his mouth there instead. As she came he licked up her juices. He instantly became addicted to her taste and wanted more. He placed his head in between her legs and opened her legs wider. He licked her up the length first and felt her shudder. He began sticking his tongue inside of her. In and out. It wasn't much longer til she came with his name on her lips. "Max. I need it now." She flipped him over and climbed up on him. She straddled him and began rubbing her heat against his hardness trying to relieve the ache. It wasn't helping so she grabbed his hardness and lead it to her heat. "Liz, hun slow down." He flipped them over and kissed her. He then positioned himself at her entrance and entered her. Liz sighed at the contact. Max stopped when he reacher her barrier. He looked into her eyes and saw the love. He placed his mouth over hers and laced there fingers together and pushed. Liz gasped, but after a few seconds felt no pain. She opened her eyes and saw Max. She smiled up at him and started to move. They started slow at first. Then their pace grew quick. And soon they were moaning and Max was calling out Liz's name. Max knew he was about to release any time and wanted her to be the first to go. He didn't know why put he reached between them and played with her clit. "Oh shit," Liz cried and Max felt her muscles clenching around him once again drawing him farther inside. This made Max slip and they came together. A minute later, Max pulled out of her and pulled him to her. "God I love you." "I love you too Max." "Thank you Liz." Liz didn't have to ask why. She just smiled against his chest.

The next day Liz and Max were walking down the halls, hand in hand. Liz couldn't stop smiling. She had been smiling since yesterday and her mouth was starting to hurt. She looked over at Max and he too was smiling. This made Liz smile more. Max looked over at Liz with a fiery in his eyes and began leading Liz to the eraser room. They walked in and Max turned around and locked the door. He enveloped Liz's mouth with his and Liz moaned. She had been missing his kisses. Max pushed Liz against the wall. As he explored her mouth with his tongue, his hands began to wonder also. Before Liz knew it her shirt was unbuttoned and Max was playing with her breasts. "Max, not in here." "I particularly don't care where I'm at, Liz," Max said as he captured her mouth again. "Max, can I ask you a question?" "Sure." "You promise you wont get mad?" "Sure baby, what?" "Did you really sleep with Tess?" "Do have to ask. You're the only one I'd ever let do that. Course I didn't." "Okay. I just had to know. Now come here," Liz said and pulled him closer. She unbuttoned his pants and unzipped them. She released his cock from his boxers and ran her hand up and down the length. Max sucked in his breath. He wasn't prepared when Liz captured him in her mouth and he came instantly. He started to apologize when Liz stopped him. She began licking him off. He tasted so good and she wanted more. She began licking at his tip. Max pulled her away and unzipped her pants. He was about to enter her, when he heard voices outside. He hurried and zipped his pants while Liz did the same to hers. Max helped her button her finish buttoning her shirt right as the door opened. It was Michael and Maria. "Oh, um, hi," Liz stampered. "Oh my God. We're so sorry Liz," Maria said and pulled Michael in. "Hmm, well I guess they need it more then us," Liz snickered. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Two hours later the bell rang signaling lunch. Max and Liz met up with the group on the terrace. Max and Liz were making out while every one else was eating lunch. Liz was trying to keep Max's hands out of her shirt. "Well, well, Maximillion, I never knew you could lose control," Michael said with a laugh. "Shut up Michael. I'm still in control. Unlike you and Maria earlier." They all laughed and Maria turned bright red. Just then while Max and Liz were in the middle of fondling each other, Tess walked by. "Why hello Max. Is she better then me?" "Hell no," He said between a kiss. "You see Tess, Max never really kissed you. Cause when Max kissed you, he was thinking of me. Max didn't like you honey, sorry," Liz said and the group gave her the weirdest look. They had never seen Liz get so nasty with someone. "Whatever. You keep telling yourself that because you know it's a lie." "No whatever to you Tess, cause I bet Max never got this hard for you, did he?," Liz said as she gropped Max through his jeans and Max gasped. Tess just stared at her," Ya, I didn't think so." Liz continued kissing Max and Tess watched, her face red. "You're such a bitch lil miss perfect, Liz Parker," Tess said and was about to slap her. "I wouldn't if I was you. You slap this girl and you'll be sorry," Max warned her and then gave Liz a big kiss. "Whatever," Tess said and stormed off. "Go Liz. I didn't know you had it in you," Isabelle said. "Did you see her face. It was as bright as the Tabasco sauce you guys use," Alex said laughing. "What got into you, Liz?," Maria asked. "I don't know. The only thing I do know, I love Max and love always comes through in the end."

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