FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Inside My Heart"
Part 18
by Linda
Disclaimer: Roswell, the characters, and situations are owned by the WB. No infringement intended.
Summary: Liz’s Grandma was the first person near the Crash sight in 1947. What if she helped a wounded alien hide the pods and agreed to protect them? What if she knew the story of their past lives and how important they were to their planet? What if there were FIVE pods, only one was slightly damaged and opened six years earlier then the others were supposed to open, making this podster an infant when they emerged from the pod?
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: Other than the ship landing with the pods in 1947, everything else is my version of Roswell. Which means, among other things, that NOTHING in season 2 happened!!! Dedication: I also have to thank my buddies Lyn ( and Mel ( for helping me get this story started and giving me not only feedback, but help with the ideas for this story. And to my wonderful friend Anne M. ( for all her encouragement and support.
“The Queen’s private maidservant, was the one who helped betray her to Khivar. Once Khivar had the Queen, Zan’s powers weakened considerably. Both King Zan and Queen Elizabeth could not survive for too long without each other. Once our Soul Mates find each other they are joined for life. They are life mates. If they are separated or one dies, the other one is only half the person they were, and will eventually follow the other in death.” Paul Davis continued.

“So…what happened then?” Isabel asked when the men took a break and looked around. She didn’t want to wait for the rest.

“Khivar weakened and killed Zan since Elizabeth was no longer beside Zan.Khivar planned on impregnating the Queen with his own seed and once the heir was born, he would have the most powerful ruler in the world one day. But before he could sleep with the Queen, she killed herself. She had just heard that her Zan had been killed and so she didn’t want Khivar to win and she didn’t want to help create the next heir as Khivar’s. However, with both Zan and Elizabeth dead, Khivar took over our planet and he is still ruling us today.”

“So if he is the ruler now what does he want with us? With Liz?” Max looked frustrated and sick at the thought of their history and what had happened to them before.

“Khivar rules our planet but not peacefully. No one is happy with him. They will never forgive him for killing everyone’s beloved King and Queen, Zan and Elizabeth. He lives in fear of being overthrown or killed every day. And that is why, when he heard what your mother and her doctor did to protect and preserve our people, he was furious and came to earth looking for the newly created King and Queen and their family.” Ryan continued.

“Us.” Isabel replied for everyone.

“Yes Isabel, you five are the recreated royal family that was killed.” Paul nodded in answer to the girl’s question.

“You mean…we were all there, in the past?” Tess asked wide-eyed.

“And…we died too?” Isabel asked looking sick as well.

“Yes. Khivar wanted no reminders of the once beloved Royal family so he set out to have all of you killed, even the Queen’s brother Rath, who you know as Michael.” Paul answered.

“Did…did we have soul mates too?” Isabel couldn’t help but ask. “Why weren’t our soul mates recreated with us or were they?”

Tess swallowed; not sure she liked the idea of someone out there she didn’t know, already predestined for her. An image of Kyle came to mind and she shook it off. He isn’t for you Tess! Just face it. He was never interested that way, and now…who knows what is meant.

“You three had not found your soul mates yet when you were killed.” Ryan answered with sorrow thinking they felt cheated.

“So…what happens to us? Why were we recreated if…if we don’t have this…power or soul mate or…something.” Tess whispered.

Isabel looked at her sister as if she were crazy to remind these aliens that they might have made a mistake in recreating the other three.

“You were recreated because the whole Royal family has special powers when you are united with your soul mates. And together you can all be one united power that no one can stop.” Ryan smiled glad he could tell them something happy for a change.

“So…. How do we find our soul mates? Are they aliens? Do… do we have to…like…go home?” Isabel asked swallowing. She didn’t like the thought of leaving her family that she knew and loved.

Tess too held her breath hoping that wasn’t true.

“No. We have no idea where your soul mates are. Only that you WILL find them. If you had lived in your other life, you would have found them. It is inevitable. And in this life, they could be anywhere. For when you died, your soul mates died as well, and they too are recreated out there somewhere.”

“But if you recreated their soul mates too, how come you don’t know who they are?” Liz asked feeling her friends’ worry and loneliness.

Max turned to Liz briefly, caught her eye in understanding and squeezed her hand lightly to let her know he felt their pain as well.

Liz then turned to Michael who had been quiet this whole time. Their eyes met and he could see the questions in her eyes. Was he okay with all of this?

Michael gave a quirky smile and a slight nod. She could almost hear him telling her…. “I’m find little one, just absorbing it all.”

“We didn’t recreate their soul mates. Usually we don’t recreate people, but in this case we felt we had to set things right and free our people. And to do that we had to recreate you five. And in the process your soul mates were also recreated automatically. Where you’re souls go so do your soul mates. They are somewhere here on this planet. That is all we can be sure of. I’m sorry.” Paul said softly wishing he could tell them more.

“But, you will know them when you find them.” Ryan added to give them hope as he watched the two sisters faces fall.

“We will? How?” Tess asked and exchanged leery looks with Isabel and Michael.

“At first it might just be that you are drawn to that person. Or a look or a touch could trigger it. Or if it’s a dormant soul mate, you might have to find out by a kiss.” Paul couldn’t help but smile as he watched all of their faces at that.

“So what are you saying… that we go around KISSING every guy on the planet to find our soul mates!” Isabel sounded offended and not very happy.

Tess looked ill and Michael still looked closed off with no outer expression to let anyone know how he was feeling about all of this.

“Usually the two souls are naturally drawn to each other through time. So if you are feeling something toward someone around you, there is a chance that it’s someone close by or someone you will know or even already know.” Paul answered.

“What…what were our names in that other life? And how did we die?” Tess asked.

“You were called Ava and Isabel was called Vilandra or Lonnie for short. And Michael you know was called Rath and was Zan’s second in command and very loyal. You died protecting Zan.” Ryan said looking at the quiet Michael in the corner.

Michael just raised an eyebrow and continued to listen. His mind was in turmoil. He didn’t like knowing that he had a previous life and that this one might be all planned out for him as well. He didn’t like not being in control, and this felt like he didn’t have any control. But he waited, wanting to hear it all.

“Princesses Ava and Vilandra died when their home was burned down. Your mother wasn’t home, so she survived and was the one who had you all recreated and sent to earth.” Ryan went on.

“Fire.” Diane finally spoke her face ashen as she listened to the horror story of her childrens’ past lives.

Phillip reached for her hand in comfort. He too felt sick.

“What does this mean for…for our children now?” Nancy finally asked looking from Liz to Michael and then to all of them.

“Hopefully when the time is right, when they are all older and have all found their soul mates as they were supposed to in their other life, they will then be strong enough to defeat Khivar and take back over our planet.” Paul said looking around at the children before him, hoping that they would succeed this time.

“HOPEFULLY when the time is right?” Michael finally spoke.

“Yes. You see Khivar has been searching for you for a long time. For awhile we hoped he had given up. But we can sense he is still out there and still looking for you all. He will kill you all again if he can. I’m sorry.” Paul explained.

“Is that all Khivar wants from us this time?” Max asked thinking of Liz and he felt her squeeze his hand in anxiousness.

“We hope. But since it’s been within the last year that we’ve felt Khivar’s presence stronger again, it makes me think he might have other plans…” Ryan said with hesitation.

“Other plans? Like the change? And getting Liz again?” Michael asked for them all.

Max’s eyes darkened with rage and fear and put his arm around Liz who had started shaking.

“It’s a possibility that Khivar will try again to gain the most powerful heir.” Paul said unhappily.

“Why Liz? Why will her child be powerful no matter who the father is?” Claudia asked finally. She had been letting the children ask all the questions they needed.

“Elizabeth’s family has for generations had a gene that produces the most powerful off spring. Every other generation the women will behr a child of immense power and intelligence. The whole family is powerful and intelligent, but every other generation a special child is born. Elizabeth and Rath’s Uncle was one, but he was killed at a young age because they knew of the power the child would have one day.” Paul further explained.

As Liz listened, her head started spinning. She was going to behr a powerful child and that was why their enemy would want to take her? The thought frightened her to the point of almost blacking out.

“How can we prevent this! Are Liz and I strong enough together to do this?” Max asked furious at the fates would try to take his Liz from him a second time. And sensing Liz’s thoughts and fears.

“When the change is complete, you will be stronger together. But until the change is complete, Khivar might be able to get to Liz. And that would be the only time he would want to. For after the change is complete, he won’t be able to be a father to your children. Only your soul mate will.” Paul looked to Liz.

“How long…till this…change is complete?” Jeff finally spoke. All of this was too much for the group to take in all at once, but he knew they had no choice.

“When they are 18 it will be complete.” Ryan answered slowly.

“18! That’s almost a year and a half away! You mean Liz will be in danger all that time!?” Nancy said almost hysterically and then calmed when Jeff took her in his arms.

“I’m…I’m sorry…this is just so…” Nancy tried to apologize.

“So overwhelming and unbelievable.” Diane finished for her friend.

“Can Max and Liz speed up the changes?” Michael asked. He didn’t want to be the one to bring it up, but if it could save Liz and Max and possibly all of them they had to know.

“Speed up the changes? How?” Liz frowned at Michael not sure what he was asking.

Michael just stared at her and Max refusing to say it aloud.

“Oooooh.” Liz said and blushed and buried her head in Max’s shoulder. Max too turned red but met the alien’s eyes as he held Liz tighter to him.

“Would that speed up the changes?” Max asked wanting to know anything that would help keep Liz alive and safe.

“No. I’m sorry. If it were that simple we would have mentioned it.” Paul smiled ruefully knowing how embarrassing that was for the children to ask, but they needed to know everything that could help them.

“So…even if Max and Liz were to…make love before the change is complete, it wouldn’t save Liz from Khivar’s plans? Even if Max got Liz pregnant?” Tess asked even though the others all held their breaths at the thought and the answer.

“Liz can not get pregnant until after the change is complete. But for one week after the change is complete, she is fertile to any man.” Ryan explained.

“So even if Khivar took Liz before…the change was complete, he couldn’t get her pregnant. His plan would be to get her before the change so that when the change is complete he is there. There is only a narrow margin of time that Liz will be able to behr anyone else’s child beside her soul mates. Once the change is complete by a full week, no one but her soul mate can get her pregnant.” Paul further explained.

“So we have to keep Liz away from Khivar until 1 week after she turns 18?” Max swallowed feeling ill and furious and helpless at the thought of Liz in danger.

“Will they be considered 18 on the day they hatched out of the pods? Is that the date we go by? And what about Liz since she hatched early?” Claudia asked.

“On the day they hatched they will turn 18.” Ryan answered.

“So Max will turn 18 a year from March, close to the time we found him?” Diane said trying to get it all straight in her mind.

“But Liz hatched earlier. Does that mean she’ll turn 18 first? So she will be safe sooner?” Nancy asked hopefully.

“No. They are both the same ages right now. So whatever the month and year Liz hatched, she will complete the changes 18 years to that day.”

“October 14th. So Liz has until October 24th of next year to be considered safe.” Jeff said for them all.

Max swore softly as he realized how long Liz would be in danger of kidnapping. And then after that he only had to hope that she wasn’t killed.

When no one spoke for a few minutes Claudia sighed and looked around. “Well, if no one has any more questions right now, I suggest we all take a break and get some sleep. We’ve had a lot to absorb already for one day.”

They all agreed.

“Diane, Phillip, Jim Valenti said to come on over to his place when we were done here. No matter what time it was. You’re welcome to stay with him until you can get your house out from under the lease the people have on it.” Jeff explained.

“Thank you. We just have to give our renters a months notice which we already did, and then we’ll have our house back.” Diane sighed tiredly. So much had happened in the last 36 hours.

“Phillip, are you going to be able to get out of your 3 year contract?” Nancy asked.

“No. Unfortunately, I will have to travel back and forth for the next 8 months.” Phillip explained unhappily, but knew they had to do this for the kids.

Diane didn’t look too happy either but she smiled for reassurance at her husband and children. “We’ll manage. It will all work out.” She confidently and rubbed a hand down her husband’s back in comfort.

“I know. I just hate to be away when all this will be going on.” Phillip frowned.

“Hopefully NOTHING will happen dad. It will be okay.” Tess tried to comfort her father as well and gave him a hug.

“We can’t all fit at Jim’s place, can we?” Diane asked.

“No. Max can sleep here on Michael’s floor and the girls are welcome to sleep on Liz’s floor for tonight.” Nancy assured them all.

“What about the rest of the time? Until we get our house? Are we going to stay in Roswell this next month mom? Or do we have to go back to L.A?” Isabel asked.

“We have to go back and pack up the house. I can use your help girls. Max, Max will have to stay.” Diane said and tried to act casually about why he would be staying.

It didn’t help. Both Max and Liz blushed to their roots anyways. And Diane looked at them apologetically.

“Max can stay in Michael’s room.” Jeff said clearing his throat and trying to deal with all of this.

“If you’d like Mr. Parker, I can stay with the Valenti’s for the next month.” Max spoke up thinking the Parker’s must feel very awkward having their daughter’s future mate in the same house.

“No need Max. We trust you and Liz completely.” Nancy smiled at the two children who were more embarrassed than any teen should be at that age.

“Thanks mom.” Liz whispered and smiled shyly from Max’s chest where she’d again hid her face.

“Well, I guess we should all get to sleep then. We will have many more questions over the next few days I’m sure.” Phillip exclaimed. “But for now, I think we all need sleep.” He sighed and everyone nodded feeling equally exhausted with all the new information.

After the Evans and the two aliens had left, Nancy and Claudia readied the rooms for the Evans children while Jeff walked the Evans’ down and out the locked Café.

This left Liz and Max momentarily alone for the first time since the park.

Max’s arm tightened momentarily around Liz’s slight form that was still shaking and she lifted her head to meet his eyes.

“Max. I’m scared.” She whispered honestly.

“I know you are babe.” Max said hoarsely, hating that Liz was in danger and he couldn’t do much to change that.

“Max I just want you to hold me and never let me go.” Liz admitted and wrapped herself around Max and snuggled deeply into his strong arms.

“Ahhh me too Liz. God I would love to hold you forever. But I think that your parents would frown on that right now.” He tried to make the situation a little less tense and to get Liz to smile.

She did, looking up at Max with grateful eyes. Then her eyes lowered to half mass as she focused on his own half-smiling lips and her body tensed with sudden need.

Max’s own eyes darkened as he sensed Liz’s needs and his raced to match hers. He groaned and held her close for a second, closing his eyes and praying he could get back under control before her parents came back into the room.

“God Liz…” Max whispered in agony against her hair as he let his lips kiss her forehead. Knowing he wanted to kiss more than her forehead but not trusting either one of them.

As if knowing his thoughts Liz spoke. “You have to kiss me Max. I need you to kiss me and you need to kiss me too.” She pleaded. Her body just needed a taste of her Max. Her soul was craving him.

Max growled, hating that she was right, and quickly swooped down and devoured her sweet, waiting mouth hungrily. He hoped if he could kiss her thoroughly, that would be enough for there starving bodies right now.

Clinging to each other and trying not to moan aloud, they didn’t hear Claudia or Nancy come out of the bedrooms, look at each other and go back into the bedrooms, giving the soul mates a brief interlude.

Liz felt Max’s body’s response against her and whimpered as she tried to get closer to him. She needed all of Max. All of his love.

Max felt Liz start to climb up into his arms as if trying to climb inside of him. And with a painful groan he pulled away and held her gently at arm’s length.

“God Liz! Go to bed Please!” He pleaded hoarsely.

Liz could feel his pain and her own body throbbed with need, but she nodded and after placing one more quick kiss on his lips she flew into her room and closed the door tightly.

Liz turned around to see her mother and Isabel and Tess smiling in amusement and the closed her eyes, leaned her head back against the closed door and sighed. This was going to be a LONG month to say the least she thought.

Max fell back against the wall after Liz left the room. He closed his eyes and tried to calm his raging, traitorous body. He could feel his body ready to explode through his jeans and realized he’d have to start wearing looser fitting pants for the next month at least!

And with that he swore and headed toward Michael’s room hoping he could sleep a little after all they’d absorbed. He was feeling so many different emotions he was a mess and his hand was shaky as it ran through his hair.

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