FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Initial Reaction"
Part 1
by Karen Wood
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Summary: They come to a the eraser room.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: This is un-beta'd so all errors are my own. It's also something that just sorta came to it sorta wrote itself tonight as I sat here. It was my first ever Roswell just HAD to be Mi/I! Didn't take me long to turn it into smut! So there's something for everyone! LOL
She stood staring at the blackboard...wondering why they had one in an eraser room of all places. This is where you came to clean the damn things not USE them she thought with annoyance. Whoever came up with some of the ideas they had in this school baffled her. Clearly they didn't have her logic not to mention her flair. Come on! An eraser room for a makeout session?

And when was Alex going to get here anyway? Didn't he know by now that she wasn't someone who waited? People waited on her...not the other way around.

Isabel ran her long manicured finger over the surface leaving a trail of undusted board. Well I guess there's more than one way to clean a bulletin board huh? She thought to herself. Fascinated by her own activity she started clearing a heart on the board. Next came the I. E. and the + but the click behind her stopped her from adding the other initials. She tried to hide her small frown before turning to face the guy she was supposed to be maddly in love with.


He walked down the hall, unhurried and slouched as usual. No one would see him rush to be with a girl...even if it was Maria and even if they were supposed to be some hot supercouple. What crap, he thought to himself. And what the hell was a supercouple anyway? Oh he knew what everyone else saw in them. The next James Dean paired with the next Dharma. He was filled with angst and she was quirky. How John Houston.

Well Molly Ringwald made his skin crawl and the only one he liked in Breakfast Club was that one dude...the one who ended up with Molly Ringwald in the end. Not his idea of a happy ending.

Not that he didn't like Maria, because he did. She had a good heart and was funny and cute and everything you were supposed to like in a girl. Sure there was that overuse of lipgloss thing, but that was minor wasn't it? It's just that they were opposites...and not the kind of opposites that attracted either. Come on! They were from different planets!

He sighed as he neared the eraser room door. Another make-out session. What guy in his right mind would dread that?

Well maybe I'm not in my right mind he thought as he opened the door just enough to slip in and turn to lock it, knowing she'd already be there.


"You're not Alex," Isabel said as she stared at him.

"Gee, you're quick," he replied. "And I suppose you're not Maria?"

"Come on Michael, I'm serious. What are you doing here?" She was already on edge today and he was the last person she needed to see.

"I could ask the same of you." He said, leaning back to slouch against the door he'd just locked. "Did you have some plans I should know about Isabel?"

She knew he knew she hated when he made reference to the fact that she and Alex were dating. And she tried not to blush, but did anyway.

Walking purposely toward him she tried to gain some conviction in her voice. "Get out of my way Michael, I'm not in the mood for your word games." She grabbed for the doorhandle just as he leaned slightly to his left. The result was that she grabbed his arm instead of her means of escape.

"What are you in the mood for then Isabel?" He said her name in that way that made her skin seem to vibrate.

Both of them failed to notice that she hadn't let go of his arm as the air seemed to thicken around them in the dark overly-warm room.

"Don't say my name Michael, please, just don't. Let me walk out that door and we'll pretend nothing happened here."

"But nothing happened Isabel." He said, knowing full well that was a lie. "We haven't done a thing."

His words came in soft whispers, barely loud enough for her to hear even with their close proximity. He still leaned against the door, arms folded, head down, trying to look at her face through the thick veil of golden hair that framed her face. She leaned forward swaying slightly as she absentmindedly watched her finger stroke slow patterns along his bicep....tracing the sinew much as it had traced the heart earlier.

I.E. + M. G. I. E. + M. G. I. E. + M. G. She realized that she was mouthing the letters as she traced them on his arm. She realized she shouldn't be showing so much of herself to him in this way. She realized she was dangerously close to doing more to him for him on him than childishly tracing initials and hearts and arrows. But she didn't care. She realized she didn't care about anything but feeling. What he made her feel, how he made her feel by meerly standing inches away from her. She had kept those feelings in check for so long.

With his other arm he reached out. Wanting to know what she was saying. Wanting to feel what she was saying. His thumb met her lips and traced a dizzy outline as her words continued. He felt like his chest was caught in a vise as he felt her words and grasped their meaning. Isabel loved him.

In his passionate realization he broke free from her tracings and brought her face to his. Replacing thumb with lips and words with mingled breaths they kissed for the first time. For real this time. More powerful and more overwheming than any dream they'd had.

In an instant, in an eternity she broke free. Slowly backing toward the bulletin board while watching his face. Trying to read his true feelings about what had happened. And about what was about to happen.

He met her gaze and followed her, stripping his clothes as he went. Forgetting? Not knowing? Not caring how she shed her clothes as well. They were the only ones who existed in the their own universe. Soon they were lost in each other.

He smoothed her hair back as he kissed her eyes and her cheeks and her throat. Working down toward her nipples. His hands joined his mouth there as she moved her breasts up against him.

"Michael," she gasped not knowing if it was a question or a statement or an acknowledgment, before finding a purpose.

"Michael...what is this about? Tell me, I need to it about destiny?"

His mouth and hands never left her as he looked up toward her. Eyes that were filled with longing and passion bore into her, knowing she knew the answer but needed to hear anyway.

He whispered against her, "No Isabel, it's about so much's about us."

She closed her eyes reveling in the feeling of his words and his hands and his mouth. Running her fingers through his already disheveled hair...over shoulders and down his back....finally pulling him up to face her and kiss him once again. Running her hands down the front this time to grasp his arousal with one, his ass with the other. Pulling him to her and into her.

Her back pressed up against the blackboard, her weight supported by his, she half sat on the small eraser ridge. Hands clasped above their heads they spoke to each other.... words with meaning and without coming over and over in a joining of passion, and a fulfillment of a promise long left unspoken. Having everything to do with want and need and nothing to do with must and obligation.

He came first, whispering her name into her hair, making her shiver and begin her own climax. They ended by kissing again...more tender this time and more practiced. Like they'd been doing it for centuries instead of less than an hour. Isabel was the first to break free from their embrace.

"I can't go back Michael." She said, turning from him to stare at the heart she'd traced earlier, a heart still clear on the board in spite of their activities.

He stepped behind her, putting his arms around her waist. "Then we go forward Isabel." He said as he reached around to add his initials under hers in the heart. "We go forward."

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