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"Goodnight Elisabeth"
Part 1
by Anne
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Authors Note: Author's Note: Kinda spoilerish. This takes place after the season finale, which is not to say that this is in anyway what's going to happen. I strictly made this up.
I was wasted in the afternoon
waiting on a train
I woke up in pieces and Elisabeth had
disappeared again.
I wish you were inside of me.
I hope that you're o.k.
I hope you're resting quietly
I just wanted to say,
Goodnight Elisabeth . . .

Max stared up at a cloudless sky, brilliant with stars. Six months ago, he stared up at the same sky and felt hope for the future and an indescribable love that filled him so completely that the loss of it had almost destroyed him. Now, when he looked up at the sky each night, he wondered what she was doing. Was she all right? Had she moved on to someone else? These questions chipped away at his piece of mind every night. During the day, he pushed himself to the limit, travelling, keeping their mission on track, taking care of Michael and Isabel and the others. He ached inside so much sometimes that he couldn't breathe. The only thing that kept him moving was knowing that the life he was living now would have devastated her. It was best for her that she wasn't part of this. They moved around so much. Everyday was an uncertainty. Where would they be? Would they achieve their goals? Would their mission be salvaged? Would they survive one more day? He missed her . . . He whispered, "Goodnight, Liz."

Liz cleared the dishes off the table in the corner booth at the Crashdown and carried them into the back. After putting them in the sink, she straightened, rubbing her lower back, and thinking that she really had to get some rest. She was so tired, but sleep seemed to be a myth her mind had created just to torture her in the middle of the night. She climbed the stairs, wearily, and went into her bedroom, closing the door behind her. Throwing her apron and headband on the bed, she grabbed her sweater and headed out onto the roof. Six months . . . . Had it really been six months since he'd left? She looked up at the sky. The same sky she looked at every night. Maybe this was why she couldn't sleep. Her mind and heart couldn't let go. Those stars just seemed to look back at her as if to say, "What did you expect?" Whatever she had expected, this was worse. Sometimes, she would see Max and Isabel's parents in town and they always asked how she was doing. They still wore the expressions of parents who have lost children. An expression no one should ever have to wear. They had been told that Max and Isabel and Michael had been killed in an accident. Liz hated not being able to tell them that their kids were alive. At least, she thought they were. God, where was he? Was he all right? Had he found his destiny? Had he been able to accept Tess? Did he ever miss her or even think about her anymore? Sometimes the questions would rise up in a panic almost ripping her mind apart. Most of the time, though, the ache was lower . . . in her heart . . . . She whispered, "Goodnight, Max."


Max awoke to the sounds of explosions nearby and an orange glow in the sky. Screaming, crying, panic. He was on his feet in an instant. He didn't even have to stop to put his boots on. He slept in them every night along with the rest of his clothes. He couldn't even remember the last time he had slept normally. He rushed over to Isabel's tent. She was already awake and on her feet. Michael charged towards them from the other end of the camp. The three of them made their way quickly to round up the others. How had they been discovered? Max had thought they were relatively safe for tonight. At least, he hadn't completely let his guard down. They did have a plan, but it was risky. They made it to a relatively safe position and waited to see what would come next. There was nothing else to do at this point.

Isabel: "How did they find us, Max?" (anguished)

Max: "I don't know, Is."

Michael: "I do."

Max: (stopping to look at Michael) "What do you mean?"

Michael: "I can't explain it, Max, but I know how they found us."

Isabel: "For God's sake, Michael, tell us!"

Michael: (hesitating for Max's sake) "I'm sorry Max, but it's Tess."

Max: (expression changing to pure disgust) "What are you talking about?"

Michael: "She's linked to you whether you like it or not, Max. She can find us wherever we go, because she can find you."

Isabel: "What are you saying, Michael?"

Max: (quietly) "He's saying that I'm the problem. She's leading them right to us, because of me." (deep in thought)

Isabel: "No, Max. That's crazy. Why would she do that?"

Michael: (exasperated) "Where have you been?"

Max: "She hates me, Is. I think we should probably face the fact that she is dangerous to us. And, if I'm the cause . . ."

Isabel: "Don't say that, Max!"

Michael: "You know what they say, Hell hath no fury and all that . . . .."

Isabel (glaring at Michael): "Even if what you are saying is true, what are we supposed to do about it?"

Michael: "I don't know. I just know that if we don't do something she's going to bring them down on us every time. We'll never be safe."

Max: (mulling things over) "When she left, she went straight to them. She handed us over just like that. I can't believe she would turn against her own people just because of me."

Isabel: (reluctantly seeing Michael's POV) "Maybe you are underestimating her feelings for you Max." (her expression gentle and sympathetic)

Michael: (deep in thought) "Or maybe . . . "

Max: "Maybe what?"

Michael: (shaking his head to clear it) "Maybe she never was one of us, Max."

Isabel: "What?" "That's ridiculous." "You saw the book and how the four of us were meant to be together."

Max: "What do you mean?"

Michael: "I don't know. Something's just not right about this. It doesn't make sense. No matter how angry she was. It doesn't make sense for her to turn traitor, unless she already was one."

Max: (stunned) "A spy?"

Isabel: (snorting in exasperation) "Here we go . . ."

Michael: "I know it sounds far fetched, but I think we have to consider the possibility. It's the only explanation. (silent for a moment then his expression changing to almost sick with worry) "I hate to even mention this, but now that she knows there's no hope of a future with you, Max, there's nothing to stop her from going after Liz and Maria and maybe even Alex, just for spite."

Isabel visibly paled at the mere mention of Alex's name. It cut like a knife everytime she so much as thought of him. They were all suffering in the same way so no one ever brought it up. The situation was completely impossible, so why talk about what couldn't be. It hadn't taken long at all for the four of them to figure out that relationships between them were completely impossible. Within a few days of leaving Roswell, Tess and Max could hardly even look at one another without losing their tempers. Tess because of Max's indifference to her and Max because of Tess's relentless demands that he accept her as his mate. Isabel and Michael hadn't even really tried to make a relationship work. They were so heartbroken over Maria and Alex that they just wandered through the days hardly even knowing they were alive. They didn't have the same responsibilities as Max. Isabel was glad that he had been left with the burden of leadership because she was afraid that he never would have made it without the focus. Those first few days and even now, he looked hollow. She hadn't seen him laugh or smile since they'd left. In fact, none of them had.

Isabel (coming out of her reverie) "Maybe she lied about everything .... maybe we never even were meant to be together the way she said."

Max: "Let's not jump to any more conclusions than we already have. What we really need to do is decide on a plan to keep them safe and still carry out our mission here. Any suggestions?"

They struggled with the problem for the rest of the night. When the sky began to lighten with the coming of dawn, they lay down to rest for a few hours, satisfied that they had a workable solution. One of them would be returning to Roswell. As Max fell asleep, his last thought was more like a prayer, and he whispered, "Be safe, please, until I can get there. Goodnight, Liz."

We couldn't all be cowboys,
so some of us are clowns,
and some of us are dancers
on the midway. We roam from
town to town. I hope that everybody
can find a little flame. Me . . .
I say my prayers, then I just
light myself on fire and I
walk out on the wire once again
and I say, "Goodnight Elisabeth."

Liz awoke at dawn and looked around the room tiredly, wondering why in the world she wasn't sleeping. Her room looked normal, but something .... . It seemed as if someone had been trying to tell her something, but it was so vague. She closed her eyes and concentrated and as the memory returned she wondered if she was losing her mind. There was no question about it. She had heard Max's voice, telling her to stay safe until he could get here. But, that was ridiculous. Max would never come back here again. The risk was too great. If anyone saw him, the whole cover story for their disappearance would be completely blown. It must've been a dream. God, would she ever live a normal life? She rolled over and tucked the covers under her chin, because she already knew the answer to that and it wasn't comforting. She whispered, "Goodnight Max," as she closed her eyes and drifted back off to sleep.


Max and Michael and Isabel gathered every member of the camp together that night for a meeting. The situation with Tess was discussed at length. They also reported their concerns for the humans back in Roswell, and that Max would be the one to go back and see to their safety. It was a two-fold solution in that, while he was away from the camp, Tess would not be able to lead their enemies to them the way she had been. The general feeling among the group had gone from despair to hope as they realized that they might be able to elude their enemies. However, a few of them expressed their fear at having Max leave them, even for a short time. Max had complete confidence in Isabel and Michael to handle anything that might arise in his absence, but convincing these poor people who had already been through so much, was another matter entirely. Afterall, it hadn't been that long ago that they had been liberated from the very people who were relentlessly pursuing them now. The meeting was concluded shortly before bedtime, and everyone agreed that it would be best if Max left them right away. He gathered up the few things he would need and went to say goodbye to Isabel and Michael.

Isabel (hugging him and closing her eyes to dispel the fear she felt at having him leave): "Be careful, Max. I can't lose you . . . I just can't."

Max (expression grim even though he wanted to reassure her) "You won't, Is. I'll be back. Who knows? Maybe, they'll agree to come with us. It's certainly the only way I know of to keep them safe. And, even that's not a guarantee . . . "

He looked so worried that Isabel couldn't bear to add her fears to the ones he already had, so she stepped back and gave him a decidedly determined look.

Isabel: "It's going to be o.k. They are going to be fine. I know you'll take care of them, Max."

Max just nodded his head in agreement and turned toward Michael.

Michael: "Call out if you need us. Don't try to do it all alone. If you need help, ask."

Max: (shaking his head) "Sounds like something I might've said to you ... . before . . . "

All three of them just stared at each other as they shared a moment of remembering the past and wondering what the future would bring. They had been so sure they would never see the one's they loved again. It was strange after all this time to think now that they might.

Michael: "Well, you better get going. It's a long trip."

Max: (shaking his head to clear it and focusing on the present) "You're right."

Michael extends his hand to Max and Max takes it but pulls him into an embrace. Michael was his brother and Max was grateful for the support that came from having him to rely on.

Michael: "Don't worry about us. We'll be fine."

Max: (seriously) "I'm not. I know you'll do whatever's best." . . .

Michael gave him an appreciative look for the vote of confidence. Max said goodbye as he picked up his bag and walked away. Michael put his arm around Isabel's shoulders and she held on tight to his waist. She thought nothing could ever be worse than the day they had disappeared from Roswell, but she was wrong. Watching Max walk away now, was the worst thing she had ever felt. Here she was in the middle of no where, literally running for her life and the lives of others who depended on her. No parents, no Alex, and now no Max. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, but she couldn't help the silent tears that coursed down her cheeks as she watched him disappear from sight. She whispered, "I love you, Max."


On the second night of the journey back to Roswell, Max stretched out in the car of the train that would carry him as close as he dared get to Roswell by public transport. He had spent most of the first night walking and all day that next day. Last night he had done some hitchhiking, but he really hated to do that. It was risky, but he had been too exhausted to continue on foot. He shifted around in the hay on the floor of the car and tried to get comfortable, but it was impossible. His whole body ached from the punishing pace he had kept for the past few days. He was so tired, though, that it wouldn't be any problem getting to sleep inspite of the pain. He closed his eyes, and whispered, "Hang on, baby. I'm coming. I won't let anything happen to you. Goodnight, Liz."

I will wait for you in Baton
Rouge, I'll miss you down in
New Orleans. I'll wait for you
while she slips in something
comfortable, and I'll miss you
when I'm slipping in between.
If you wrap yourself in daffodils
I will wrap myself in pain,
And if you're the queen of California,
baby, I am the king of the rain, and
I say, "Goodnight Elisabeth . . . "

Liz reached over and turned her radio off. She had been trying to read some notes for a test tomorrow, but she couldn't concentrate. Suddenly, she felt something strange like a rasp all along her nerves and a hum in her mind. Her skin prickled across her shoulder blades and her scalp tingled. There was nothing there, but she felt the threat all through her body. Something was very wrong. She closed her eyes and a moment later, she heard Max for the second time in six months. This time she knew she hadn't dreamed it, because she wasn't asleep. He said he was coming and to hang on. Hang on to what? Why was he coming back here? She closed her eyes, and whispered, "Goodnight, Max." She got up then and crossed the room to her telephone. Picking up the receiver she dialed Maria first and then Alex. The three of them definitely needed to have a talk.


Isabel and Michael were actually making some progress on some of their short-term goals for the camp now that they weren't having to scramble around every other day trying to outrun their would-be captors. The inhabitants were actually starting a routine and they seemed to be relaxing for the first time. Isabel looked over at Michael as they finished lunch, and she decided it was past time to let him know how she felt.

Isabel: "Michael, there's something I've been meaning to say to you."

Michael: (stopping and looking at her) "What?"

Isabel: "You were right . . . about Tess . . . about all the things you were feeling but couldn't explain. I'm sorry I gave you such a bad time about it."

Michael (looking like he had no idea what to say): "It's o.k. I would've thought it was pretty ridiculous if you'd said it, so . . . "

Isabel: (grabbing his hand) "I'm glad you're here and that we're still together as a family."

Michael: (squeezing her hand) "Me, too. Don't worry, Is. He'll be back."

Isabel: "What made you think I was worried?"

Michael just stares at her as if to say, "Who are you kidding?"

Isabel: "O.k., so I'm worried. Tess is unpredictable, Michael. You've convinced me. I'm afraid of what she's going to do next."

Michael: "I know. I'm worried about it, too. But, worrying won't do any of us any good, so let's get to work and do what we can."

Isabel: (sighing deeply) "Alright, let's go."


Liz was just finishing her shift and locking up for the night, when Maria and Alex appeared at the door. She went over and unlocked it for them.

Liz: "You guys are early. What's up?"

Maria: "We came to help, so we could get down to business sooner. You've driven me crazy with this all day long. First we have to wait through school and then a shift here. Spill it, girl."

Alex: "Yeah. That phone call last night was just a little disturbing, Liz. What is going on?"

Liz: (sighing and rubbing her temples) "I honestly don't know, but I need to tell you guys what's been happening the past few days and see if we can figure it out."


Max looked up at the sky. It was cold and clear tonight and in a few hours he'd be home. Home . . . He didn't even know if he had a home anymore. The only place that would ever really be home for him would be wherever Liz was. Liz was in Roswell. He didn't know how, but he had to protect her. No matter what. Even if it meant never seeing her again after this trip and never having a home . . .

Liz and Alex and Maria had concluded their meeting an hour ago. They had left with varying degrees of shock and fear and pain in their collective expressions. Liz had hated to tell them and bring all this up again after such a long time. But, in the end, none of them had really moved on in any significant way, so it wasn't like she was destroying any progress they had made if she was wrong about her suspicions. She wrapped her robe tighter around her body and stepped out onto the roof outside her bedroom. It was cold and she huddled deeper into the robe and picked up her journal. Once settled in her chair, she pulled a blanket over her and felt much better. The journal fell open to the last entry she had made in it . . . more than six months ago. She hadn't written a word since Max had left. She hadn't even been able to look at the book until tonight. She picked up her pen and jotted down the handful of events from the past few days that seemed important and then closed the book, letting her mind open and focus. Where was he? Was he close? She felt like he was, but everything in her rational mind said that was absolutely ludicrous. He would not come back here. But she couldn't make herself ignore what she'd heard. She held the journal closed and pressed against her chest and closed her eyes. She searched inside her heart for faith and whispered, "Goodnight Max."

Max stopped walking abruptly and looked up at the sky once more. He was either going crazy, or Liz had just spoken to him. One more hour and he should be there. He whispered, "Goodnight Liz."

Goodnight Elisabeth, goodnight.
The moon is a satellite.
Won't you fall down on me now?
Won't you fall down on me?
Because I'm all alone and you ain't
coming home . . .

Liz was asleep and had been for about an hour. She shifted under the blankets trying to relax back into sleep, but she couldn't quite get there. She squirmed around again and made another unsuccessful attempt, before giving up and opening her eyes. She looked around her room, but everything seemed fine. Why couldn't she sleep? Usually, if she could get to sleep she stayed there. Her body would deny her any sort of rest until it was incapable of holding out any longer and then she would sleep like she had been drugged and awaken with what felt like a hangover. This was definitely not normal. She sat up and listened carefully. Someone was climbing up to the roof . . .

Max pulled himself over the edge and landed softly on the roof outside Liz's window. For the first time since he left, he felt nervous. He knew why he was here, but how would she respond to seeing him again, when she thought she never would? Had she heard him, the same way he had heard her? Did she know? He walked quietly over to her window and opened it silently, stepping inside . . .

Liz watched his progress across the roof and in the window with wide staring eyes. He was here. He was really here. She hadn't imagined all those things. They were real. She could hear a roaring, rushing sound in her ears and she could see Max standing by her window staring at her, but she couldn't move, and she couldn't speak. She couldn't even remember if she had taken a breath. Her heart slowed down and beat heavily inside her chest, as she fought to regain what little balance she usually possessed.

Max was so stunned to see her sitting up watching him. He was frozen in place. His feet wouldn't move and his mind had gone blank. How could she look as if she'd been waiting for him? Like somehow she had known he was coming and when he'd be there. He could see her clearly in the moonlight . . . her wide brown eyes, her hair, her face . . . she was so beautiful and so tiny . . . she'd lost weight. He frowned at this realization because she hadn't had a lot to spare. He finally unstuck his feet from their stubborn position and moved forward toward her bed slowly.

Liz tried to take a breath, but she just couldn't remember exactly how to do it. Max looked terrible and wonderful all at the same time. He was still so beautiful, but she could see that he'd been through a lot and the signs of fatigue were obvious. She turned her head slightly so as to keep her eyes on his as he approached her. It had felt like she was trying to move a thouand pound weight with her neck. He stopped beside her and watched her for a moment. Liz gulped in air as helpless tears spilled over and down her cheeks. Max fell to his knees beside her bed and grabbed her hand tucking it against his chest as he let his head fall to the mattress. He squeezed his eyes shut and took a deep breath, but it didn't help. He cried with her until they could both get control. He felt Liz put her hand on the back of his head and he looked up at her with eyes full of tears. She whispered, "Come here . . .", and pulled him up beside her until she was enfolded in his arms. His embrace was desperate and filled with all the pain and loneliness of the past several months.

Liz: (anguished) "Max . . . I have been so worried about you . . . "

Max: (pulling back just enough to see her face) "I'm sorry, Liz. I'm so sorry . . . for everything."

Liz: (confused) "What do you mean?"

Max: "You're in danger again and it's all my fault."

Liz: (still confused and a little scared) "What's going on, Max?"

Max: (stumbling over the words) "It's Tess. I couldn't . . . I couldn't . . . love her. Even though I thought I was never going to see you again, I still couldn't love anybody else. She knew and she was furious. She left us and we think she's working for the other side."

Liz: (stunned) "You mean she's joined your counter-parts? Why? That would mean she's working to destroy her own race. Are you sure, Max?"

Max: "No. But, there's enough evidence to strongly suggest it. She uses her genetic connection to me to find us wherever we go. We haven't been in the same location for more than two days for the past six months. Michael and Isabel are holding things together while I'm gone, but there's more.

Liz: (more than a little afraid now) More?"

Max: "I came back to get you Liz. Michael thinks Tess is going to come after you and Alex and Maria."

Liz didn't say anything. She just sat staring at him in silence and thinking. This was not the reaction he had expected. Did she understand what he had said? Finally, her eyes focused again and she lifted her hand to touch his face.

Liz: "I think Michael's right. Something happened last night that concerned me, so I had a meeting with Alex and Maria tonight to talk it over with them. I can't really explain it, Max, but I knew you were coming. I've heard you talk to me sometimes. (His eyes widened in surprise.) But, last night, I felt something else . . . something threatening. It was weird, but I know I didn't make it up. I wasn't even asleep when it happened. I just knew something was really wrong and I felt trapped and afraid. Right after that, I heard you say that you were coming and to hang on, that you wouldn't let anything happen to me, and then you said goodnight." (She searched his face with wide questioning eyes.)

Max: "I said those exact words to you last night, Liz." . . . . ."And, then tonight, I heard you tell me goodnight."

Liz: (amazed that this could happen) "I did say that, but how is it possible, Max . . . ?"

Max: "I don't know."

Liz: "What do we do now?"

Max: (expression very serious) "I can't protect you here, Liz. I'm supposed to be dead. The only way is for you to come back with me . .. and Alex and Maria, too, if they choose."

Liz: (face reflecting everything she was feeling) "Max . . . I would love to be with you, but what about my parents (thinking about how Diane and Phillip Evans still looked after all this time without their kids) . .. . . . "

Max: "I know, Liz. It's an awful decision to have to make. I can't tell you what to do. I can only tell you that I love you, and keeping you safe is all that's important to me. I don't want to tear you away from your family and your home, but I don't know what else to do."

Liz: "My home . . . I was thinking about that the other day for some reason. You are my home Max. I love you, too. I'll go if that's what you think would be best."

Max: "It won't be easy. It's a very hard life, Liz."

Liz: "You're there. That's all I care about."

Max: (relaxing a little) "Good. . . . We need to contact Alex and Maria right away. We should leave tonight, Liz."

Liz: "Tonight?" (anxious at first but then adapting) "Of course, it has to be tonight. You can't stay here. Alright, let me get dressed and we'll go. . . . . "What about my parents?"

Max: (deeply sympathetic) "I'm sorry, Liz."

Liz: (taking a deep breath and deciding there would be time enough later to grieve if she survived that long) "I understand. I'll be ready in a minute."

Liz hurriedly dressed and pulled her hair back in a high ponytail. Max watched her as she moved and tried to absorb the reality that she was coming with him. He wouldn't be without her anymore. But, what kind of a life could they ever have? Would she hate him in the end for being the cause of her having to run like this? He could stand anything as long as they were together, but what if she . . .

Liz looked up at him abruptly and frowned.

Liz: "Stop, Max."

Max: "Stop what?" (confused)

Liz: "Stop worrying about me blaming you for all of this. That would be ridiculous. You didn't cause anything."

Max: (shocked) "How did you know what I was thinking?"

Liz: (opening a drawer) "I just knew. I didn't hear it or anything. At least not this time."

Max: "Oh."

She threw some essentials in her backpack and a few changes of clothes along with all the cash she had. When she felt like she had everything, she turned back towards Max and her breath caught in her throat. She was leaving Roswell tonight, and might not ever come back. But, Max was here and waiting for her to come with him. There was no choice to be made. She'd rather die than go on living the way she had been since he left. He held out his hand for her and she stepped forward sliding her fingers in between his. Soundlessly, she and Max made their way out of her bedroom window and down onto the street.


An hour later, Liz's bedroom window opened again that night. This time the intruder was a small, blonde-haired, blue-eyed menace. She crept toward the bed silently and discovered that it was empty. Rage formed and spread out through her entire body. She was shaking with it as she realized that her prey was already gone. She hadn't been able to connect with Max for days. She should've known that his first priority would be to ensure that his precious Liz was safe. Fury swept over her as she climbed back out of the window. How was he blocking her? Even if he did know that she had been using him, he shouldn't have been able to mask himself from her. She consoled herself with the fact that she knew where they were headed next . . .


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