FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Finding Our Normal"
Part 28
by LivE
Disclaimer: Sadly nothing Roswell is mine.
Summary: This is a sequel to The Experiment. It was supposed to be less angsty, but the plot has overtaken me! Here are the basics: Max and Liz are back in Roswell. It’s nearing the end of their summer holidays and one (or maybe more) of the aliens from the opposing race has found them. They are also trying to conduct their relationship under the watchful eye of their parents.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: Recap of The Experiment (Post Destiny fic): an alien from their home planet (Nick) took Max, Isabel and Michael to a camp where a group of survivors from their destroyed planet stays. The aliens also brought Liz, Alex and Maria there to observe the interaction between them and the pod squad. Max and Liz exhibit a strong connection: they "feel" the other’s presence/location and share dreams. While in the camp, Max and Liz go through a bonding ceremony (alien equivalent to a wedding) and Max asks Liz to marry him when they graduate. They also make love for the first time. Nick tells them that their parents perished along with their planet and that they now have to integrate with humans to survive. He also says that the other alien race that destroyed their planet was on earth with the purpose of destroying M/M/I/T (and would also eliminate their human partners to reach their goal).
Max glanced at Liz sleeping with her head on his thigh as they sped through the early morning darkness back to the camp. Michael was driving and Max and Liz were in the back seat. He slid his hand through her hair over and over again, simultaneously caressing away her fears and reminding himself that she was with him and fine. A deep shuddering breath racked his body as he thought back to almost losing her. His mind had trouble wrapping around the concept that he would have had to go on without her.

It had taken him a long time to pry Liz from her father’s arms and then Jeff wasn’t very happy with the fact that Max wanted to take her back to the camp. Nancy finally ended the silent tug of war between father and mate when she stated simply that Liz NEEDED to go back. Jeff relented, but only after soliciting Max’s promise that he would call the next day to make arrangements for when Lizzie was coming home.

Waking up, Liz felt surrounded by Max’s love and warmth. She felt a lot better after basically sleeping ever since Max had healed her. Stretching, she rubbed her cheek lovingly against the hard muscles of his thigh. I’m alive. I made it. The thought brought tears to her eyes that slid onto the material of Max’s jeans. She curled her hand into his thigh, alerting him to the fact that she had woken up.

Max shifted sideways, pulling Liz up against his chest and holding her tightly. "The bad stuff is over now, love. From now on, it’s just you and me."

She clung to him, desperately wanting to believe what he promised. But she also knew that even though the threat of other aliens might be gone, they will always have to be wary of the FBI.

Max lifted her chin with his hand, forcing her to look into his eyes. "We can handle them. Together we can handle anything."

Liz’s eyes widened. "How did you know what I was thinking? Did you hear my thoughts? Like… like before?"

He shook his head. "No. I didn’t hear you. I just knew what you were thinking because I know you. We will be okay, Liz."

Nodding her head, Liz snuggled closer to him. They watched the darkness speed by outside the Jeep for a few silent minutes before Liz spoke again. "Max. Thank you for--."

He stopped her with his fingers on her lips. "Don’t say that. You don’t have to."

Running her hands over his face, Liz noticed the tired lines around his eyes. She remembered that they hadn’t slept much the previous night and then to have a day like this on top of that, Max must be exhausted. He had kept on going until he had her back safely after which he healed her, using more of his energy. And since then he had been watching over her. Liz marveled that she could be loved like that. That someone as amazing as Max Evans could make her the most important thing in his life.

Scooting back, she pulled Max until his head rested in her lap this time. Threading her fingers through his hair, she whispered: "My turn to watch over you now. Sleep, Max."

Max wanted to resist, but felt the exhaustion overwhelm him now that the adrenaline stopped rushing through his veins. He threw his arm over Liz’s thighs, hugging her legs and ensuring that she couldn’t leave without him noticing before he finally let sleep take him over.

Liz leant back against the seat, her hands still cradling Max’s head. How strange her life had become since falling in love with Max. But even stranger was the fact that she wouldn’t change a second of it if it meant that in the end she would be holding Max in her arms like this. Catching Michael’s eye in the rearview mirror, she gave him a small smile. He smiled back crookedly. Both of them were aware that the man lying in Liz’s lap fast asleep, was the center of their worlds. That without him, there would be no group of six or any alien/human relationships between them…


Dawn was breaking when they finally arrived back at the camp. Liz lightly shook Max’s shoulder and grinned when he grumbled and pulled her under him. "Max!" But he was kissing her already, still not really awake. Liz had trouble not going under from his sensual attack, but she pushed at his shoulders not wanting the rest of the camp to see them this way.

In the end, Michael brought the Jeep to a lurching halt, nearly causing Max to fall off the back seat and jarring him awake abruptly. Max glared at Michael while trying to make sure that Liz wasn’t hurt by Michael’s actions. Michael just ignored him and jumped out of the car where he was promptly run down by Maria.

Max helped Liz from the Jeep and they turned to find that all the inhabitants of the camp had assembled to meet them. Pulling Liz to his side, Max explained about the peace with Eric’s people and this led to a deafening cheer of joy rising from the crowd.

After quietening down, their eyes turned to Liz and she took a deep breath, ducking her head shyly. When she finally looked up, she spoke softly: "Thank you very much for supporting Max and I through this. Thank you for the men that went with him and… just, thank you."

This resulted in beaming smiles that widened when Max and Liz went to hug the mates of Marcus and the other guy that was killed during the raid, whispering their condolences. Max finally turned to everyone and said: "If you all don’t mind, Liz and I need to get some more rest before breakfast."

They left ignoring all the amused looks and knowing grins.

Liz tugged on Max’s hand when they were away from everyone else. "I really, really need to take a shower."

His eyes slowly heated as he said. "Okay. So we’ll take one."

Nick saw them entering one of the bathroom trailers together, carrying some clothes and he discreetly sent someone to go make sure that they would not be disturbed.

Max stopped Liz when she started undressing herself. "Let me. Please." He stripped her of her clothes gently, in the process making sure that he had not missed any bruises. They both gasped when they saw the silver handprint on her stomach, practically in the same place it had been on that day that started everything between them.

Liz took his hand and fit it over the print carefully. "You did it again, Max. Marking me. As yours."

He looked up at her surprised. "Is that what it felt like for you then?"

"It felt like… like you changed me. But later I realised that you marked me that day. Here." She pressed his hand into her stomach. "And here." Sliding his hand up to cover her heart.

Max was overwhelmed. Her love for him poured over his senses, filling him with happiness. He hugged her against him deciding that he had to find a way so that Liz Parker never went very far away from him again!

They both undressed him, their hands tangling together, before Max lifted her up and carried her into one of the showers. The water sluiced over them, and he held her against him as they gloried in the soothing water. Eventually, he leant Liz against the side of the stall and washed her tenderly. His eyes followed the path of his hands hungrily and in the process he was driving himself insane with desire. He knew that not even his tiredness would keep him from making love to her soon. She let him live one of his fantasies when she allowed him to wash her hair. He took his time with it, gently massaging the shampoo into her tresses before rinsing them out again. She was arched over his arm to allow the water to slide to her hair and Max couldn’t help leaning in to capture her breast in his mouth.

The action tore a small cry from Liz and she instinctively pulled his head down to her harder. He kissed a path from her breast to her mouth, hungrily closing his lips over hers. They kissed each other breathless. Glorying in their life and love.

Dragging his mouth away from her, Max looked at her wryly. "You make me lose my head sometimes!"

Liz smiled at him, a slow seductive smile that rocked him to his toes. "Then I’m hoping you’re not too tired to lose your head again when we get back to the tent."

He pulled her against him, whispering in her ear. "I will never be too tired to make love to you. Only too tired to do it standing up in a shower stall every once and awhile." She shivered from the sensations his husky voice was creating in her body.

"So let’s finish up and get out of here." Max thought he had died and gone to heaven when she slid her soapy hands over him. He ended up pressing his hands against the side of the stall, leaning over her and trying his best to grab a normal breath every now and again. He couldn’t hide the extent of his arousal and he didn’t want to. He ached to be inside her and finally he couldn’t take it anymore. Turning off the water flow, he enveloped her in a towel and rubbed his hands over her body, simultaneously warming her up and drying her off. He stopped Liz when she wanted to help him too, his voice gruff. "Not a good idea right now, honey…"

They dragged on their sweats and hurried out of the showers to their tent, not even noticing the guy following them to take up station a ways away from their tent. Hopefully out of earshot, but close enough that he could intercept any unwanted visitors.

Once inside, they stripped by silent mutual consent and got in bed. Max pulled Liz flush with his body immediately, just holding her against him for a few minutes. His body was screaming at him to complete their union, but he needed to go slow. He had nearly lost her yesterday and he needed more than anything to show her how precious she was to him.

He was propped up on his elbows and Liz watched the emotions flash in his eyes while lying underneath him. She felt all of them through their connection, but seeing them in his glorious hazel eyes, meant so much more.

He broke the silence abruptly. "I want us to make a promise to each other." Liz just kept looking at him expectantly, so he continued determinedly. "Yesterday… I had this feeling that something was going to happen and I…" His face contorted in pain. "I ignored it and look what happened."


"No. Let me finish, Liz. I promise to never ignore my premonitions again, if you promise to never, ever again not come to me when you need help with something." Liz’s eyes widened in shock. He had every right to be angry with her for taking off for Roswell alone yesterday and she swallowed.

"I’m sorry. I thought--." Her voice was thick with tears.

"No, Liz. This is not a blaming session… I just need us to promise each other that we will never repeat the mistakes we both made yesterday. I… I never want to be so scared again in my life!" He brushed her hair away from her face. "Okay?"

"I promise." Liz made a solemn promise to herself too. She promised herself that she would never scare Max again if she could help it and that she would also show him how much she loved him at every possible occasion. Starting right now…

She curled her leg over his, in effect bringing him to rest between her thighs, causing a helpless sound from Max. Lifting herself up on her elbows, she pressed closer to him and lifted her mouth to his. He met her halfway and kissed her deeply, tenderly, completely. She put her arms around his neck, hanging onto him until he relented and moved them down onto the bed. Opening her mouth under his, she caressed his tongue with hers, enjoying the groan that her actions elicited from him. Her body took over from her mind, moving underneath him in a dance as old as time. Her hands shaped his chest and his back, dipping lower until she could curl her fingers into his thighs.

The action made Max jerk, startled. But only for a second, then his mouth was back on her skin. He bit a path down her neck to her throat and slid his arm underneath her, arching her up so his mouth could reach her breast again. It was amazing, having her open to him like this. He closed his eyes for a moment, enjoying the taste and sound of her. His Liz. His love. His life.

Their union was gentle and slow, Max put his hands on either side of her face and stared in her eyes as he joined them. The feeling was indescribable. It felt like they were falling into each other… until they were one body and one mind. He moved inside her gently, the images of her bruised body still fresh in his memory. He didn’t want to hurt her, but wanted to love her until she forgot the violence that had been done to her.

Liz watched him in awe. How dark his eyes became when filled with passion. How tenderly he held her and how deeply he moved inside her.

The end rushed upon them unexpectedly. Hurling them away on a sea on sensation, their bodies wracked with explosions of fire. They forgot to breathe as they rode out the storm, feeling not only the physical sensations of a pulsating release, but also the emotional sensations of being completely in tune with each other’s feelings.

They clung to each other until the last tremors deep inside their bodies stopped. Max rolled them over, while staying inside her. Right now, this was the way he wanted to fall asleep. Still joined to Liz. And so he did. With her whispered: "I love you, Max Evans," still ringing in his ears.

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