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"Finding Our Normal"
Part 11
by LivE
Disclaimer: Sadly nothing Roswell is mine!
Summary: This is a sequel to The Experiment. It was supposed to be less angsty, but the plot has overtaken me! Here are the basics: Max and Liz are back in Roswell. Itís nearing the end of their summer holidays and one (or maybe more) of the aliens from the opposing race has found them. They are also trying to conduct their relationship under the watchful eye of their parents.
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Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: Recap of Experiment (Post Destiny fic): An alien from their home planet (Nick) took Max, Isabel and Michael to a camp where a group of survivors from their destroyed planet stays. The aliens also brought Liz, Alex and Maria there to observe the interaction between them and the pod squad. Max and Liz exhibit a strong connection: they "feel" the otherís presence/location and share dreams. While in the camp, Max and Liz go through a bonding ceremony (alien equivalent to a wedding) and Max asks Liz to marry him when they graduate. They also make love for the first time. Nick tells them that their parents perished along with their planet and that they now have to integrate with humans to survive. He also says that the other alien race that destroyed their planet was on earth with the purpose of destroying M/M/I/T (and would also eliminate their human partners to reach their goal).
Max drove home deep in thought. Firstly, the conversation with Kyle had been uncomfortable to say the least. Neither of them knew how to act around each other. Thankfully Liz had eventually joined them and helped smooth over the moment.

After Kyle had left, Max had organized with the Sheriff to bring the Parkers to a point close enough to the camp where he could pick them up. The sheriff and his deputies would also make sure that no one followed any of the groups leaving town. It was up to the Sheriff to make up a reason why the deputies had to do that. Now Max had to face his parents again and convince them to go along with his planÖ

His mom and Isabel were sitting in the kitchen, holding hands and talking quietly when Max arrived. He watched them silently for a few moments, his heart aching for the many years his fear had kept Izzy from being this close to their mother. He hated breaking into this poignant moment, but it couldnít be helped. "Hey Mom, Iz."

"Max!" His Mom sounded really happy to see him. Hopefully she had forgotten his rash admission about the nature of his relationship with Liz! "Were you with Liz until now?" Scratch that hope, Max thought. His mom couldnít completely hide the suspicion in her voice and he caught Isabel hiding a grin behind her hand. He shot her an annoyed glare and tried not to look like a guilty schoolboy in front of his mother.

"YeahÖ" He saw his momís eyebrows raise and quickly tried to recover. "No. I mean, I was onlyÖ" Max finally gave up, knowing whatever he said would sound like he was covering for an afternoon of illicit love-making with his girlfriend. "Listen, I need to talk to you guys."


Packing a bag for the "camping" trip her parents did not know about yet, Liz pondered how different this was from the last time she was going out to the camp. Then she had been out of her mind with worry about Max and heartbroken about him saying goodbye to her. Now she knew he loved her and intended for them to always be together. This time she was going there as Maxís mate, his lover and with a song in her heart. This time she knew a lot of the people that were going to be there: her friends, the Evansí, her parentsÖ Lizís dreamy smile vanished when she remembered what her parentsí presence in the camp would mean for her and Max: being separated from each other!

Liz started flinging things in her bag in haste. Max said he would be picking her up early so they could get out to the camp first, and Liz was sincerely hoping it meant that they would have some alone time before everyone else arrived. Even if that were not Maxís intention, she would make sure that it became his intention!


Max had had a long and serious discussion with his mom. He first had to explain that they were not the only alien race on earth and a little of the history they now knew about the war. His momís tangible fear tugged at his heartstrings and he was overcome with guilt for dragging his parents into this. His parentsí only crime had ever been that they chose to adopt two vagabond children, not ever suspecting that these two kids would one day put them in mortal danger.

Diane was confused and worried but she folded before Maxís complete sureness that this was the best option for them right now. She could hardly recognized her quiet, reserved son in this mature and determined young man sitting in front of her. This young man knew exactly what he wanted and he made it happen. Even if it was still done with the gentleness that was always so characteristic of Max.

Max waited until he was sure that his mom had phoned his dad and that Alex and Isabel would take them to the camp later before he left to pick up Liz. The sheriff had insisted that he would keep Kyle with him and look out for his sonís safety. Max let that go because he didnít think Kyle would be in direct trouble. No, the main targets would be him, Isabel, Michael and TessÖ and his bonded mate, Liz. Max had another reason for moving everyone out to the camp. He wanted the war to be waged away from innocent civilians and the prying eyes of the FBI.

Liz was waiting for him outside the library as planned. They had agreed that maybe it would be best if Max didnít pick her up at home where her parents could see her leave with a packed bag. They would have enough explaining to do to her parents when they arrived in the camp! Maxís gaze took in every little detail of her appearance as he drew closer. Her hair shone in the sunlight and the only thing more brilliant was her smile. He felt the warmth of that smile all the way to his toes and his heart contracted at the thought that her parents might not take too kindly to the fact that their little girl was dating an alien. He didnít know what he would do if someone ever tried to keep him and Liz apart. His mind shied away from that possibility in complete denial. No, I could never allow that to happen!

Flinging herself into his arms as Max got out of the Jeep, Liz pressed her mouth to his. She kissed him deeply and passionately and Max responded immediately. How familiar his kisses had become to her and yet they still had the power to lift her to undreamed of heights of ecstasy. She trembled against him, her body reacting to his closeness. He was hard and warm and incredibly sexy to her. How did I ever survive without this before?

Max slid his hands over her hips and had to forcibly remind himself not to move them lower where he would be able to reach the smooth skin of her thighs. Pulling away from her reluctantly, he rested his forehead against hers, trying not to think about them having to hide the extent of their feelings while in the camp. Max sighed, he was going to need constant supervision from someone, because touching Liz has become second nature to him. That on its own wasnít so bad, the problem is that the touching normally led to kissing, which normally led to making loveÖ Something that did not need to be public knowledge for now. Max was determined not to cause a rift between them and Lizís parents and that meant separate tents and abstaining from anything too intimate.

"I love you." The words spilled from Lizís mouth unbidden.

The yearning in her voice was nearly Maxís undoing again. This was what he had always dreamed of. Having Liz Parker say those three magic words to him at every possible moment. Had she seen that during one of her flashes, or was it just that she was the girl that fate had always intended for him? The one that would complete him in every way? He lifted her up against his chest, bringing her face-to-face with him. Staring into her eyes he willed her to see the depth of his feelings when the mere words seemed incapable of expressing them. "I love you, Liz." His voice was husky with emotion. "You make meÖwhole."

Tears gathered in Lizís eyes, her heart overflowing with love for this man that was sent across the galaxies to become her soulmate. She leant closer and pressed short, gentle kisses on his lips, over his jaw and his cheeks. Finally she whispered: "Letís go."

Max carried her to the Jeep and slowly settled her in the passenger seat. He was reluctant to let her out of his arms for too long. They were both very aware of the period of enforced separation that loomed over their heads.

After they had left the town center, Max pulled Liz over to lean on his shoulder, his hand coming to rest just above her knee on the warm skin that was peeking from her mini-skirt.

Liz curled her body around Maxís arm and rubbed her face against his shoulder. He smelled soÖ Max. She felt every ripple of his muscles as he alternated between changing gears and caressing her thigh. A sharp ache of desire had started in the pit of her stomach and was making it increasingly hard to breathe normally. She looked up at Max, her eyes tracing the contours of his nose and lips hungrily.

"If you keep looking at me like that Iím going to have to pull over." Max was still staring straight ahead at the road, but it felt like her hands touched his skin everywhere her gaze traveled.

Those words! They were almost exactly what Nacedo had said to her that day in the convertible when he kidnapped her. Liz stiffened for a moment in fear before she reminded herself that this was her Max. The one that had just kissed her as if his life depended on it. She smiled at him when he cast her a worried glance following her reaction. Yes, this was definitely her Max.

Curling her legs under her on the seat and pushing herself up into a kneeling position. Liz leant closer to Max and slid her arm around the back of his neck. She let her open mouth travel across his jaw-line to his ear slowly, laughing delightedly when Max jerked away in surprise.

"LizÖ" Max sounded strangled. He was close to having a heart attack. For one because she was out of her seat and if they had an accident now she would be seriously hurt. But mostly, because she had again managed to fan the flames of desire into a raging fire in his body.

"Yes, Max?" Her innocent words were murmured against his ear, her lips and warm breath causing an instant reaction in his loins. Her unoccupied hand was gliding over his chest, trailing heat where it went.

Max had several urges simultaneously. He wanted to yell at her that she was putting her life at risk by being out of her seat. He wanted to close his eyes and drown in the sensations she was causing. And he wanted to stop the Jeep as soon as possible so he could get his hands on her. After fighting with himself for a few excruciating seconds, he went with a version of the last thought. Catching Lizís wandering hand in his, he pleaded with her. "If you promise to sit in your seat, IíllÖ Iíll drive us to the Pod Chamber."

If he werenít in such a state himself, Max wouldíve found the speed with which she obeyed him amusing. But his mind was struggling to keep him sane enough to drive responsibly towards his new destination.


It was quiet inside the Pod Chamber where Max and Liz stood staring at each other. Max could not remember much of the drive, only that he had wanted to get here as fast as he could without killing them. Now, finally here, his eyes drank in the beauty of the girl of his heart with an intensity that hinted at the desire he was barely controlling.

Liz was making an inventory of her own. He was the most beautiful man she had ever seen and would ever see. Not just because he was handsome, but because he was Max. She had had to sit on her hands all the way here in an effort to keep herself from touching him again, but now that theyíre finally here, she was rooted to the spot. Her look pleaded with him to take the first step, because right now she needed to be in his arms so much it hurt.

The movement was so swift she hardly saw it. Everything was a blur to her. She felt like she was floating and the only thing that kept her grounded were his arms that bound her to him in a crushing grip. She couldnít get her throat to work to beg for the release of his mouth on hers. All of this became irrelevant when the connection between opened with a rush. The sensory overload that followed being able to feel all the needs and desires Max was suppressing caused Liz to nearly faint. He was as desperate for her, as she was for him.

Max gave up trying to think. He was being bombarded with Lizís needs and that was all he could concentrate on. She needs me to kiss her. So he did. Hotly, roughly, hungrily. His mouth slanting over hers in a dance as old as time. She was making soft moaning sounds in the back of her throat that drove him closer to the edge. His mind was screaming at him frantically to try and wrestle back control, but the little voice went unheard among all the other sensations that cried for his attention. Like the way her body fit his perfectly or how soft and smooth her skin was. Or how her mind was telling him: Now, Max, now!

His shirt ripped in his haste to get it off. His hands were shaking when he removed her clothes. Then, finally, he could touch her bare skin.

She didnít have enough hands. The ridiculous thought popped fleetingly into Lizís head as she tried to caress Max everywhere at once. There was so much of him to enjoy: his soft hair, his glorious arms and chest. But this was not a time for slow and gentle loving. So she wrapped her legs around him, bringing him to where she needed him most.

Their union complete, Liz threw back her head in complete abandonment. There was no bliss purer than this.

The storm that raged through their bodies finally left them exhausted and replete in each otherís arms. Still sharing soft kisses and finally able to whisper the sweet nothings that was normally part of their love-making, they lay together, loath to end the union.

When Max finally drew back, he was momentarily shocked at Lizís appearance. Her lips were swollen and her hair tangled into a mess around her face. It all told him one thing, he had lost control completely and utterly. "Liz, Iím sor--."

She stopped him with her fingers on his mouth. "I needed this. Maybe more than you did."

Max stared at her in amazement. She truly was the most perfect girl in the world.


When they finally arrived at the camp, they found everybody running around preparing for the arrival of the two groups of parents. Liz and Max were greeted reverentially and neither of them noticed the weird looks they were receiving. Max had ascertained that Michael and Maria had arrived with Tess already and that his parents were on their way with Isabel and Alex. So far, everything had gone according to planÖ

They were standing next to the Jeep, ready to go meet the Sheriff bringing the Parkerís, when Maria ran up to say hi. Her mouth fell open when she saw Liz. "Ohhh no, Lizzie, youíre not going to meet your parents right now!"

Liz frowned at her. "Why not?"

Pulling her over to the side mirror of the Jeep, Maria said: "Because you look completely ravaged thatís why! And donít think your parents wonít be able to figure out who did the ravaging. You two are going to get in so much trouble, Iíll take a bet on that!"

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