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"Exploring Avenues"
Part 30
by Mary N
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Isabel and Alex sat in his room in front of his computer surfing the web for four hours trying to find anything that could help them narrow down where Gregory Hall my have been buried. They started off with what seemed like the most logical step, entering Genealogy pages on the web. On each one they entered his name, Gregory Hall, and the date of birth and death which thankfully Liz and Max remembered being on the head stone. On sight they went to showed one hundred and thirty-five possible candidates. As they looked more carefully they noticed that the search wasn't as accurate as they would have hoped.

They would have to search each name the sight produced and see if they could narrow the list down. After looking at a few, they realized even if they narrowed it down to just one, they still wouldn't know where they guy was buried. They decided it was time to change their strategy and try something else.

The next thing they came up with was to search for a small stone church in the close proximity to a cemetery. To narrow that down further they decide it best to stay in the New Mexico area. Liz and Max had both agreed that the land scape appeared to be much like that of their own area. Still they ran into a dead end. They were able to find some old stone churches, but none of them said anything about being near a cemetery. Their next step was reversing the search. They ran a search for cemeteries and were surprised by how few turned up in New Mexico. They were sure there had to be more in the state then showing up. One such clue was that the cemetery in Roswell didn't appear, but they knew it existed.

They were both getting frustrated at this point. They really weren't any closer to finding were Mr. Hall had been buried then when they started. It was Isabel who thought of the next place to search. They didn't know why they hadn't thought of it before. They looked up vital statistics/New Mexico. To there dismay it showed one hundred and thirty-eight names. Not willing to give up they entered the file and were both relieved by there findings. Many of the people listed had the county and state in which they were born and died along with the date. Many of them had the cities included as well.

It took them no time at all to find the one they were looking for. Gregory Hall was born and died in the city of Elida, Roosevelt Co., New Mexico. They broke out in a loud cheer. "Alex? What is going on in here?" Asked Mrs. Whitman as she opened the door to investigate.

"Everything is great mom. Where doing some research which has been dead end after dead end, and we finally had a break through." He answered excitedly.

She smiled and gave a little nod. "That's good Alex. Just please try and hold it down in here a bit."

"Yes mom. Wait mom, if someone were to die in say Elida, where would they most likely be buried?"

"Why do you need to know that?"

"Its a project Isabel and I are working on."

She didn't know what kind of project it was, and since school was over she was sure it wasn't homework of any kind. But she figured whatever it was, it couldn't do any harm to answer the question. "There are several small Cemeteries up that way, but the most common and oldest is the Acme Cemetery in Chaves Country. That's were they would most likely be."

Alex and Isabel shared joyous smiles, "Thanks mom. One more thing do you know how to get to the Acme Cemetery?"

Alex's mother was getting really curious now and moved further into the room. "What is this about Alex?"

Alex looked to Isabel, he didn't know how to answer his mother and hoped that she had an idea. "Alex is just helping me run down some names of people that might have some answers about were Max and I came from. You know people that could tell us what happened to our real parents."

"And you think someone in a graveyard could help you?"

Isabel laughed nervously. "No, one of the names on our files is buried there. We thought we would see if we could talk to some of his family and see if they might now something. I was thinking maybe I would like to stop by his grave site and leave him some flowers or something to thank him for what he did to help us while we waited for the adoption to come through."

"That's very sweet of you Isabel."

"Thank you Mrs. Whitman."

"Acme Cemetery is off Hi-Way seventy, about twenty-five miles northeast of here. If my memory serves me right, it really close to the old Acme school house. Good luck with your search Isabel."

"Thank you again Mrs. Whitman."

"Your welcome sweety." Mrs. Whitman left the room closing the door behind her.

"Sorry Issy, I wasn't thinking when I asked her."

"Don't worry about that Alex. Do you realize what this could mean. We may have found where another orb is hidden." She was so excited that she couldn't help herself. She leaned in and kissed Alex squarely on the lips.

Alex had missed their make out sessions the last couple of days. Isabel had been so preoccupied with what Max had told them and with finals that they hadn't really had the time. Alex wrapped his arms around Isabel's waist and pulled her closer to him. They quickly moved beyond their sweet leisurely kisses to kisses full of fire and passion. It was only when they felt their lungs were going to burst from lack of oxygen that they relinquished each others lips.

Isabel leaned her head against Alex's chest and closed her eyes enjoying his closeness as she took several deep needed breathes. Opening her eyes only when she felt him stir beside her.

He was enjoying holding her as well. It simply felt right like nothing else could ever compare. *Who would have ever thought our lives could change as much as they have in less than a year. Let alone that a beautiful ice princess and the computer techno geek like me would end up together?* He knew it had to be getting late, so he glanced over at clock on his dresser. As he did so, he saw the one and only thing that could pull hin from her arms at that time. It was the clock, and it said they had fifteen minutes to make it to Tess house before the meeting was to start.

"Oh shoot Isabel. We have to get going or we're going to be pulling a Max and Liz." He joked standing up and offering her his hand so that he could help her to her feet.

Isabel accepted his hand and stood to her feet as she too glanced over at the clock. "I guess your right. What should we take with us?" She asked as she released Alex's hand and straightening her clothes. Neither of them were to enthused by the idea of going to Tess's house. It wasn't so much the house as it was Tess. There was something wrong about hanging around someone who claimed to be on their side, who brought nothing but pain to them and those they love.

With everything they needed packed and ready to go, the two shared a sweet kiss and headed out the door. As they did so, Alex called out, "Mom, Isabel and I are heading to Tess's to meet up with the others. I'm not sure what time I'll be back, so don't worry about me."


Nesado was heading back to Roswell to check on the royal four. He had to make sure his plan to bring the four closer together was working as planned. To make sure that Max and Tess were following their destiny as he had described it to her, and to make sure that the humans were out of the picture. As he drew nearer to Roswell he had felt a strange sensation come over her. He didn't know what it meant, but knew it couldn't be good.

He increased his speed hoping to get to those in his charge before everything he'd planned and worked on all these years fell apart. Reaching his final destination he parked across the street a few houses down. He had to find out what had happened and how he could get his plan back on track. He couldn't approach Tess just yet, someone was there with her. He sat in his car waiting for whom ever it was to leave.

He was growing impatient and decided to find out who this convertible that sat in the driveway belong to. As he climbed out of his car and prepared to cross the street another vehicle pulled into the driveway. He watched to see who it could be. He was pleased to see Isabel, to him that could only mean that Tess and Isabel were getting along. Then he saw Alex climb out of the other side of the car carrying a note book. He walked around the car to join Isabel. His anger flared as Alex reached out taking Isabel's hand in his own and together they walked up to the door.

Nesado expected Tess to open the door for them and was only hoping to get a glimpse of who was inside with her. To his surprise the sheriff's son was the one that opened the door. *Why is he there? What has Tess been up to? Has she forgotten everything I have told her? She better not blow this for me.*

Once they were inside, he crossed the street and hid in the bushes by one of the front windows so he could see what they were doing. He peered in the window and watched the four teens as they sat around the table talking.

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