FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
Part 2
by Mama Dee
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Summary: The kids take off for Mexico to continue their adventure.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: This is the final installment of the trilogy.......please see Fantasies (part 1) and Realities ( part 2). I had to move the geological location of some sites for literary purposes.
They joined Brody as he led them into the dining room, and sat down to a lovely buffet. If there was one place where these aliens could indulge their desire for hot spicy foods, it was in a Mexican dining room, and they munched on the hot peppers usually provided for the locals, tearing only mildly, to their friends' amazement.

After dinner, they decided to take a stroll. Brody had met a beautiful Venezuelan named Carmen Rivera so he had made plans to spend the evening with her. He reminded the kids of their curfew and then he left to find his own enjoyment. The teens went out into the street looking for some form of entertainment. They had decided to stick together, at least until they had become familiar with their surroundings.

As they walked along, they passed by a small saloon, and were led inside by the happy sounds that eminated from within. They were met by a colourful swirl of skirts and the smiling and friendly faces of the patrons. They took two small tables by the dance floor and sat by, being entertained by their native dancing. Soon, they were tempted to take a turn and joined the locals along with other tourists, as they moved to the sounds of the many guitars and maracas.

They twirled around with their arms around their partners waists, moving faster and faster as the tempo increased. They switched partners as they laughed and danced with abandon. Finally, they grew overheated and their thirst led them back to their tables.

"Liz," Maria spoke up. "Do you want to try some Tequila? " she giggled.

"Oh, I don't know Maria. I've never really had anything to drink before and it's probably not fair to the others," she worried as she pointed to their alien friends.

"Hey, Spaceboy!" Maria called out to Michael. "Do you mind if we" she pointed to their human counterparts, " have some Tequila?"

Michael raised his head. "Nah, as long as I don't have to carry you home to bed," he shook his head.

Liz looked at Max for approval. He grinned back at her, remembering his one and only attempt at drinking. He wondered what it would be like for Liz to become that uninhibited. Of course, she didn't really need alcohol to lose her sexual inhibitions. Oh no! He felt the familiar stirring in his loins as he recalled some of their more exhilerating encounters they'd had.

He leaned over to her and whispered, "I wouldn't mind carrying you off to bed. Go ahead, but be careful," he warned.

Maria looked at Kyle and Alex. "Are you guys in?"

Kyle spoke up immedately. "Sure, I'm in."

Alex hesitated . He had never really imbibed before, either, but after a little coaxing from the others, he agreed to give it a try. Maria ordered four shots and they settled down to wait for the barmaid to return with their drinks, She brought sodas for the others and laid down the requisite accompaniments for the Tequila.....salt and lemon. They each took a turn in the age old ritual, and soon felt the effects of the liquor.

"Iszhy, gimmee a kish!" Alex leaned over to Isabel.

They all laughed at poor Alex and even though she wanted to be angry with him, Isabel couldn't help herself,and gave him a peck on the lips. She tasted the alcohol slightly but it had no effect on her.

They ordered another round and downed those just as quickly. Liz looked over at Max in confusion as his image blurred before her eyes. Max recognized immediately what had happened to her, and he quickly scooped her into his lap.

"Hey, my little alien. I guess Grandma was right. You are changing!"

She looked at him perplexed, her head half-cocked as she leaned in to kiss him. She grew more daring as her tongue snaked into his mouth, and too late, Max pulled away. The alcohol quickly took effect on him and he started grinning widely as he jumped up and spun them around in the air.

"Oh, no," Kyle groaned. "Not again!"

One drunk alien was bad enough but two were disastrous. As Max tried to lead Liz onto the dance floor, Michael reacted quickly and pulled Max to the side, heading him out the front door before he could protest. Tess and Isabel quickly hooked their arms into Liz's and pointed her in the same direction.

Maria, Alex and Kyle were forced to leave under their own steam, but with Kyle's guidance, they made it through the doors. They decided that it would be safer to enter the hotel through the back entrance, and go through the courtyard to their rooms. They weren't anxious to run into Brody in their present state.

Maneuvering those winding stairs in a drunken state was a feat in itself, but trying to coax a drunken person up them was another thing. Add to that. the singing and yelling that Max and Liz were doing, and it made for a very tricky situation. Guests starting appearing outside their rooms as the volume of noise increased, and Tess was finally forced to use a mind warp while they quickly escorted the two worst offenders to their room.

Michael heaved Max over his shoulder in a final attempt to climb the wrought iron nightmare. Tess and Isabel finally managed to launch Liz onto the balcony and got them safely into their room. Tess removed the mind warp and left a group of puzzled guests wondering why they were standing outside their rooms.

Max wrestled with Liz on the bed and the more they kissed, the drunker he got.

"We've gotta do something to shut these two up!" Michael exclaimed.

"I can try something," Tess offered. "Nasedo taught me how to render people unconscious. It restricts blood flow through the veins, but they'll have a pretty bad headache in the morning. Are you sure you want me to do this?"

"Yes!" Isabel cried desperately, as Max started tearing at Liz's clothes in his sexual urgency.

Tess touched his temple and slowly he began to relax and to fall asleep. She did the same with Liz, and they lay her on the bed next to him.

Isabel sat down, breathing a sigh of relief. "Okay, that's it!" she fumed. "No more drinking for you understand. And no more kissing tonight, either. We can't take any more chances."

Kyle wasn't too happy about this pronouncement, but he reluctantly agreed.

"Take me to bed, Pookie!" Maria called to Michael sweetly, batting her eyes as she held her arms over her head.

"Great," Michael thought. "I'm gonna have my hands full not kissing I'll have to fight off her other advances, too!"

Tess thought about using her technique on the others, but decided to wait to see what would happen. Sure enough, they drifted off to sleep from the effects of the alcohol.



Max and Liz raced through the tall grass naked, laughing as the silky fronds tickled their bare flesh. They fell down on the grass rolling around in its softness. Max grabbed Liz by the foot, and started sucking on her toes as she giggled in delight. She stroked his foot while he was doing this.

"My, my Max, what long toes you have!" she exclaimed, as she stroked along their length. She wondered what it would feel like to have Max rub her with his big toe. She was too embarrassed to ask him, when he suddenly stopped what he was doing and gently told her to lie down. She complied and he spread her legs with his extended foot and slowly brought it to her mound.

She trembled as she waited for his next move. He pushed his toe between her folds and started massaging her swollen nub.

"Omigod!" she breathed as she let her mind adjust to what was happening. The sensation was overwhelming and she brought her hands down to his foot so she could contol the pressure and the pace.

"Oh, Max." she panted and moaned. He watched her face as it glowed with emotion and she looked so beautiful that his breath caught in his throat and a sob escaped his lips. Her body arched up into the air as she exploded and it was as if it had dissapated into a shower of molecules, scattering through the universe at lightening speed.

He moved to cover her body with his as he joined with her, and he became a part of that shower, too, as their molecules swirled together to become one. When they climaxed, the molecules shot out like sparks from a firecracker and fell to earth to become whole again. They settled down, their bodies hovering slightly over the grass, as they stretched out their arms to one another, so that their fingertips touched lightly.

The air around them began to vibrate and their bodies to glow as they were joined by a larger cluster of molecules. They swirled around them before entering their bodies. Finally, they floated back to earth, settling gently down on the grass. Liz looked over at him and smiled.

"No matter what happens Max, I'll always love you....please remember that."

He nodded, understanding her perfectly well. He held her and whispered uniintelligible syllables into her ear and she smiled as she understood every one.

It was as though they had passed through their earthly bonds and breached the time line. And they had been joined by others in their journey. Soon, all would be made clear.


They awoke the next morning feeling refreshed from their nights adventure. They smiled at each other, realizing it was a dream.

"Max, that was amazing wasn't it," Liz breathed, her eyes sparkling.

"Yeah," he whispered as he pulled her close, kissing her softly on the lips. He nuzzled her neck as he tried to remember how they got back from the bar last night.

"Babe, do you remember how we got home?" he asked.

"Uh,uh," she admitted. The last thing I remember is you kissing me."

"Mmmm, kissing," he sighed, as he brought his lips to hers and started kissing her passionately. He pushed his tongue inside and started playing with hers, as he massaged her body with his hand, running it up and down her soft skin. She moaned as the sensations began to build inside of her and she felt his arousal pushing persistently on her thigh.

She rolled over on top of him and let him enter her. They moved slowly and gently against one another, letting their passion build gradually as Liz rocked on top of him, her hands placed on his chest for support. He held her hips to assist in her movements as they gazed lovingly at each other. Max watched Liz's expression change as she came closer to her peak, her eyes closing as the feelings took over. She threw her head back and cried out as she climaxed, and he quickly joined her, calling her name as he rode the throws of passion.

She slumped over his prone form, her breathing forced and heavy. She lay her head on his sweat soaked chest, hearing the hammering of his heart, as it thundered under her. His chest rose and fell sharply as he fought to get his breathing under control and he held her close to him as he kissed the top of her head, loving her so much.

They lay like this until their alarm went off, and then groaned as they separated from one another, wishing they could stay like this all day. But it wasn't to be, for Brody had made arrangements for them to meet Pakal at 8:00 that morning and they had to get ready. They hopped in the shower helping each other wash, which was a mistake, because it just increased their need for one another.

They persisted, determined not to keep the others waiting like yesterday, and soon they were dressed and ready for another day of exploring. They met their companions in the dining room for breakfast. The others looked at them questioningly, expecting their friends to be holding their heads in agony, but instead were met with the glowing countenances of two people very much in love.

They were determined to find out the reason for this, and would definitely question them later on it. For now, they ate their breakfast. They were excited about finally being able to start their explorations. Brody had arranged with the site co-ordinator to allow them access to the site today, since it was Sunday and their would be less security on the grounds.

He had also asked the kitchen to pack lunches for them since they expected to be gone all day. The teens assembled their gear, toting backpacks containing cameras and notepads for sketching. Soon, they were on their way to meet Pakal at the dock.

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