FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
Part 27
by Mama Dee
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Summary: The kids take off for Mexico to continue their adventure.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: This is the final installment of the trilogy.......please see Fantasies (part 1) and Realities ( part 2). I had to move the geological location of some sites for literary purposes.
Too soon, their Mexicans friends were leaving. Carmen, too, had to return to her business in Venezuela. Brody was heartbroken, but he promised to fly down to visit her soon. They all went to the airport to see them off, promising to keep in touch. There were tearful goodbyes as they waved to their friends before they boarded their plane.

The routine of everyday life set in as they returned to their studies, anxiously awaiting for broken bones to mend so that they could make their last cave visit. Balam, in particular, would be checking in with them on a regular basis, to monitor their progress and to give them much needed encouragement.

Very soon, February 6th. rolled around......the day when they would have the last vestiges of their confinement removed. Liz was already able to walk without crutches as her knee had healed normally. She was still attending physiotherapy, but she was progressing well. Tess, Max, Kyle and Alex sat in the waiting room, fidgeting as they waited for their turn to have their casts removed.

They all couldn't wait to hop in a shower again, dreaming of the hot spray touching their skin. Thankfully, for all four, the bones had knitted nicely. They were still a little nervous to walk on their injured limbs, but after a few hesitant steps, they were strolling around like pros. Alex's shoulder had set nicely, too, and he was so glad to be able to type again. He couldn't wait to get back on the computer.

Max couldn't wait to give Liz a real hug! He didn't care about computers or anything else as mundane as that. They had made a few more clumsy attempts at lovemaking, but this would be the real casts or bandages to get in the way. They had already made special plans for Friday night, to stay at the bungalow, while Maria and Michael covered for them again.

Of course, they were well aware of their more pressing commitments, but unless they fulfilled their physical ones, they were unable to concentrate of anything else. Strangely enough, during this inhibited period, they had all been having the strangest dreams. They attributed it to the fact that they were now aware of the possible location of the remaining podsters, a term that they had readily adopted for brevity.

Sometimes, they had the dreams separately, and sometimes they were shared dreams, either among couples, or one time, when they all actually shared the same dream. They didn't discover this until a few days later when Alex happened to mention the weird dream he had had a few nights before, and how he couldn't get it out of his mind. When he finally revealed the contents of the dream, they all admitted to having a similar one.

It started off with them all visiting New York. They were walking along the street, laughing and talking, when they were bumped into by a group of four disreputable characters. Upon closer inspection, they were seen to be identical to their own podsters, except that they looked like something from the grunge era. These four creatures starting circling them and taunting them, pushing and shoving them as they tried to steal their backpacks.

When the four creeps finally recognized their own selves, they stared in shock, and then took off down the street. They ran after them, and followed them into a deserted warehouse and across some old tracks until they came to a tunnel that ran alongside the river. They followed them inside where they confronted them, but just before they were given any answers, a figure appeared from the shadows and raised its hand, sending a blast towards them. And that's when they all woke up.

That was one of the reasons why they were so anxious to have their casts removed. Tess had remembered the sign on the old building. It read, *Hudson Fireworks, Co.*. They figured if they went to New York, they would surely find this place and possibly it would lead them to the missing podsters. They had nothing else to go on at this point, so they were willing to give it a try.

They had planned the trip for the weekend of February 10th., the Saturday after Max and Liz's tryst. They had discussed their plans with Balam, and he told them to be very careful. He was understandably worried about the final vignette in the dream. They told their parents that they were going on a camping trip, for a few days, since it was midwinter break. Much to their consternation, they argued that they had just recovered from their last trip and it seemed that whenever these kids got together, some disaster befell them. But they managed to persuade them to allow them to go, anyway, promising to keep in constant touch.

They were to meet at the bungalow at 9:00 sharp on Saturday morning. They had rented a van, since it made sense to stick together, and they would take turns driving round the clock until they reached their destination. They figured on about 32 hours of driving, including stops, so they expected to reach there around 5:00 p.m. Sunday. They would give themselves until Tuesday morning, at the latest, to conduct their search, and would be home again by Wednesday dinnertime. Then they could spend a couple of days recuperating at the bungalow, before they arrived back in Roswell on Friday as planned.


Friday arrived, and Liz and Max could hardly keep their hands off one another. They were even starting to get on their friends nerves. During Biology, the teacher had to remind them three times to concentrate on their assignment as they pawed each other under the lab table. Maria and Alex kept tossing spit balls at them to distract them from their more overt romantic overtures.

By lunchtime they were in such a state, that they were unable to swallow a bite, and went off to spend some time groping in a secluded spot under a tree. Of course, this only made matters worse. Luckily, they had no more classes together that day, and were able to finish off the afternoon with a semblance of restraint.

When the final bell rang, they grabbed their books from their lockers, and almost ran to the parking lot, waving goodbye to their friends as they passed them by.

"Omigod!" Alex said. "I hope they don't peel the paint off the walls with all that excess body heat. The last thing I want to be doing for the rest of this holiday is painting the house!" he exclaimed, as he laughed at his overzealous friends.

"You and me both," Michael smirked. "Maybe we should go out their and hose them down a little," he kidded. "I wouldn't be surprised if they don't get a visit from the Roswell Fire Department some time tonight!"

"You should have seen them in biology!" Maria laughed. "My God, I thought Miss Daniels was gonna have to pry them apart when they started with those slugs. Definitely not the ideal time for a section on mating! I didn't think it was possible for two people to sit that close, without actually sitting on each other!"

"Well, let's hope they get it all out of their systems tonight," Kyle added drily. "I do not need to see those two carrying on like two horny rabbits all the way to New York!"


It took every ounce of moral fibre for Max to drive within the normal speed limit and to reach their home without an accident. He had to keep admonishing Liz for her repeated attempts at mauling his body while he was driving. When they finally pulled into the driveway, he jumped out of the jeep and ran to her side. He grabbed her in his arms and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

He struggled up the front steps as he ravaged her mouth. He didn't bother with the key, but opened the door with his powers. He kicked it open and kicked it shut, as he half walked, half ran down the hall to their bedroom, where he fell onto their bed, rolling around as he kissed her hungrily. The noise they were making was pure animal guttural grunts, as they struggled with each others clothes. Max ripped open Liz's shirt and tore at her pants as he tried to get close to her bare skin.

Liz screamed in frustration as she pulled his t-shirt off his head and threw it on the floor before she started on his jeans. She had never felt such an animal drive before to mate with this heavenly creature. She wanted him so badly that she was almost crying with need, and when they were finally naked, they sucked and lapped and pawed at each other's body's like two crazed tigers.

They couldn't wait for the niceties of foreplay. There would be time for that later. All they wanted now was to perform the raw animal act of mating. They were desperate for the freedom of unfettered sex as their bodies rocked frantically towards ecstacy. The heat that emanated from their bodies was tremendous, and as funny as it sounded, there was the distinct possibility that they would set off the smoke detectors in the house, after all.

When they climaxed, it lasted for an astonishingly long time. Their bodies shook in release for a few minutes before they finally sank in exhaustion. They clung to each other as their sweaty bodies created a suction. They licked at each other's salty skin, moaning at the taste and feel of each other, as their bodies slowly came down from their peak.

"Omigod, Max!" Liz exclaimed. "I can't ever remember being that horny. Oh God, it felt so good," she moaned, as she licked at his chest. He was still inside of her and she squeezed her muscle walls to emphasize her point.

"Oh," he groaned, as she pulled on his softening erection. "Please, Liz. Let up a little Babe. I'm aching all over!" he moaned, as he slipped out of her. He rolled onto his back as he grabbed her towards him. She rested her head on his chest, as she flicked her tongue at his nipple. He threw his left arm over his head as he wiped at his sweaty brow.

His heart still pounded wildly in his chest and he was struggling to breathe normally. He spread his legs on the bed to get as much air as possible circulating on his hot limbs. He stared up at the ceiling, his mind trying to comprehend what his body had just put it through. He never imagined himself as being a really wild person, but he had just exhibited the wildest behaviour he could recall.

"I didn't hurt you, did I?" he asked, as he realized how out of control they had become.

"Uh, uh," she assured him ."But I might have hurt you. I'm not sure if I dug my fingernails into you or not," she confessed, as she sat up to check the front of his body. It seemed fine and then she asked him to turn over as she examined his back.

"Whew!" she said with relief. "No claw marks." Then she started to lick his back as she elicited more moans from him. She licked all the way down his spine and onto his buttocks where he jumped when she nipped at him.

"Hey, give it up! Leave my butt alone, woman!"

"But I just love your sweet ass Max," she cooed, as she continued to lick and peck at it.

His body shook with laughter as she teased his naked flesh. Then she ran her tongue down his right thigh and nipped at his heels. He gave a little kick and then she started up the other leg, sucking on his calf and licking at his thigh. He was moaning now as he started to feel aroused again. She reached under his body and gently massaged his sac.

He felt the thrill in the pit of his stomach and he rolled over to search her face with hooded eyes. He wanted her again, but this time he was determined to draw it out until she begged for mercy. He rolled her over onto her back and raised her arms above her head to rest on the pillow.

Then he began licking and sucking at her bare arms, pecking them sometimes with soft kisses. He nuzzled the tender juncture in the middle, as he slowly made his way to her wrist. He sucked on each finger individually, slowly drawing them in and out of his mouth, as she lay there, with eyes closed, moaning and sighing at the thrilling sensation.

Once he had finished with her arms, he was drawn to her beautiful slender neck which he licked and chewed with mounting pleasure. His arousal was throbbing insistently already and he didn't know if he was going to make it the rest of the way. He sat up for a minute to catch his breath and her eyes flew open in surprise at his absence.

"What's wrong?" she whispered.

"Nothing," he smiled as he tried to breathe normally. I just need to re-adjust here," he confessed, as he pointed to his straining shaft.

She reached for it, pulling on it lovingly, as she leaned up to kiss his mouth. "Here, let me help," she whispered, as she drew him towards her. She stroked him as he moaned in delight, finally giving himself over to her.

"Oh God, Liz," he rasped. Then he took her in his big hands and slid her down on his shaft. He held her hips as he pumped her up and down. So much for having her beg for mercy, he thought desperately, as he tried to hold himself back for her. He needn't have worried, for she was just as anxious for release again, and they came quickly, calling to each other as their voices rose in urgency. She slumped forward onto his chest and he held onto her lightly, his hands too weak for a tighter grasp.

Their bodies buzzed with sexual bliss, as they tongued each other lightly. Then, Liz rolled off Max because the heat from their bodies was searing. She flung her arms out to the side and her legs flopped open. Neither one could talk. The only sound in the room was that of their heaving chests, as they fought for self control.


That night, they made love several more times, both eventually begging for mercy at some point. It reminded them of their weekend at the Whitman's cabin, except they were so much more experienced now and had added some new twists to their routines. They knew exactly what buttons to push, and when, for the best results, and that night, they pushed every one, and even found a couple of new ones. Who knew that eyelashes could be so erotic!

They went through not one, not two, but almost three full cans of Redi Whip until they couldn't lick another drop of cream. They even added an assortment of fruit and chocolate syrup to the mix, just to spice it up. Their inventiveness knew no bounds as they feasted on one another's flesh. By 4:30 a.m,. they were exhausted and Liz insisted that they get some sleep since they were leaving at 9:00.

Max didn't need much coaxing, and he drifted off readily, after making sure the alarm was set for 8:00. It didn't give them much time to sleep, but they decided that they could sleep in the van and would take the later driving shifts. It hardly seemed like they had slept at all before that tiresome alarm went off. They dragged themselves out of bed and into the shower. They helped soap each other's body's but hardly reacted to the touching at all.

They had just finished dressing when they heard the gang arrive, noisily making an entrance to alert them of their arrival. When Liz and Max appeared in the hallway looking like they'd just went twenty rounds in the ring, their friends doubled over in laughter. They laughed so hard they cried and all Liz and Max could do was stand their and take it.

"Oh, Chica, I'm so sorry," Maria wailed, as she tried to control her laughter. "But have you taken a good look at yourselves this morning? Did you get any sleep at all last night?" she whispered to her best friend, as she hugged her.

"About three hours, "Liz yawned admittedly.

"Thank God they wore each other out," Kyle proclaimed. "Now, at least some of us can enjoy the trip! he joked, as he punched Max in the arm.

Max just groaned and shook his head to clear the cobwebs.

"Okay, you two can sleep in the back," Michael stated with finality. "There's no way I'm letting either one of you behind the wheel for a while yet!"

They just nodded as they made their way blindly to the rear seat of the van, dragging their pillows behind them. By the time their gear was loaded, and they were pulling out of the driveway, they were already asleep, cuddled up against each other.

"Ooh, they're so cute, aren't they?" Maria squealed, as she turned to look at her two friends snuggling together. "Just like two bugs in a rug," she sighed.

Michael just raised his eyebrows and scoffed as he drove off.


They each drove for about three and a half hours, taking a half hour break in between each shift. Max and Liz finally woke up around mid-afternoon, about half way between Maria's shift. They looked out the window at the rapidly moving landscape and stretched and yawned as they came alert. The last thing they remembered eating was some bananas dipped in cream and chocolate, which they ate off each other's abdomen's.

They could have killed for a cup of coffee but weren't due to stop for another hour and a half. They didn't open their mouths to complain, though, since they felt they wouldn't get a very receptive audience. Isabel came to their rescue.

"I thought you guys might like something when you woke up, so I filled a thermos with coffee at the last stop," she smiled as she handed them a couple of mugs. They held them out gratefully, while Iz poured the coffee for them. She had also bought a couple of extra sandwich's, which they ate greedily, thanking her profusely for her kindness.

Isabel just grinned widely at them. "We need you two working in optimum condition this weekend,' she laughed, "and whatever that takes, we're all here to see that you are," she winked.

They smiled at her as they continued to eat. Isabel couldn't fool them. She'd do anything for Max and she would probably do the same for Liz. She was always thinking of his best interests, and she was determined to watch over her brother as much as Liz would allow. Thankfully, Liz had realized this a long time ago. Max would always have two women in his life who loved him fiercely, one as a brother and one as a lover. And he knew it. And every time things got a little bad for him, this realization would always see him through.


When they stopped at 4:30, Liz and Max made a dash for the washrooms, along with the others. Max said he'd drive next if they wanted. They had already decided to give the shift to Kyle. They had drawn for turns and Max would drive later in the night. He said that would be fine and he went inside the snack bar to grab a bite.

After they had eaten, they boarded the van again and continued their journey. This went on at regular intervals throughout the night and the next day. Finally, they reached their destination and climbed wearily out of the van into the unaccustomed coolness of New York City. They had brought extra sweaters and hats and mitts for the unbearable cold, and slapped their arms against their bodies as they decided what their next move should be.

It was already growing dark, and they couldn't sleep in the van all night, so they looked for a cheap hotel. They found one that was affordable and relatively clean and parked the van in the allotted spot and went inside. They didn't have a lot of money to spend so they had opted for two rooms only. As usual, there was the typical fuss over who would have to share with Max and Liz. They sighed as they listened to this familiar conversation. Finally, Alex and Kyle flipped for it, since Michael and Maria had shared with them in Carlsbad, and Alex won......or lost, depending on your point of view.

"Well, at least if Max were sharing a room with his sister, he would probably have to behave," Alex rationalized to himself...."or would he?"

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