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Part 6b
by Sineya
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: (Liz takes Tess’ place as the fourth alien.) If the other three Roswellians are her true family, then why is she so different? When duplicated versions of Michael, Max, and Isabel end up in Roswell years later, Liz’s questions are answered.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: I started this story a long time ago, but never finished. Then I read DM’’s, The Secret of Zan, and got inspired. I'd also like to state, I love Max beyond a shadow of a doubt, but Zan...ooooooh.
Liz blinked, opening her eyes slowly. Her head felt fuzzy and heavy, which was an unusual feeling while you’re dreaming.

Usually you don’t feel anything.

She lay her head down and reached for her light to turn it on.

Or tried to reach.

Her hands seemed to be stuck. And she couldn’t move her arms and legs. At all. She could arch her back, and roll her torso around a little. But other than that.....

She was up shit creek without a damn paddle.

This wasn’t a familiar dream. Usually her nights were filled with memories of she and Zan, of days back on Antar.

Not being tied down to a bed––

A bed?

Her eyes opened slowly again, and she stared up at an orange ceiling. An orange ceiling covered with purple clouds and little, bright-green men.

What the Hell?

She stared around, the entire room was bright green––all but that orange/purple ceiling and her. She was not green. In fact, she was practically naked--a black, lace thong and a silky, black, covering only the bare essentials bra her only items of clothing. If they could even be called that.

She tried to twist her wrists around a little, but they wouldn’t budge. Then she tried to smack herself in the head for her own stupidity. She was an alien with the power to manipulate molecular structures. She could melt the damn chains around her.

Closing her eyes and concentrating on liquefying the metal, she felt it slither over her skin seconds later. And she sat up sighing, and leaned over to undo her ankles. Then she stood and walked over to a green door, and opened it.

And stepped into a bar. A practically deserted bar, albeit for one factor.

Zan was sitting cross-legged on a table, wearing a smile and a pair of tight black leather pants. In his hand he held a deep, purple Rose. He was so beautiful.


"What are you doing here?" Liz was startled, this was her private dream getaway. A secluded bar where she could sing to her heart’s content. Where noone could judge her. He got up, shadows bouncing off his chest as he moved towards her.

"I’m here for you." He handed her the rose, which she smelled appreciatively. Then gently tugged it out of her hand, and placed it behind her ear, leaning closer. "You’re so beautiful."He whispered, caressing her cheek softly with the back of his hand."You’re skin’s so damn soft."

She breathed in his scent, like thundering clouds and a dark, gray sky. Had he always smelled this like this--so heady, so strong? She couldn’t remember at the moment, to much in his thrall. She looked up into his hungry eyes,"Is this my dream?"

"Yeah."His gaze slid down her body, taking in the skimpy lingerie. He looked back up at her thoughtfully."Could definitely be mine though."

"How are you here, I know you can’t dreamwalk." She tried to pull away, but his arms were bands of steel around her waist. He buried his face in her hair and smiling at her familiar scent.

"Went through Lannie."His face slid down, into the crook of her neck and he bit down on the tender flesh there.

"Th-ro––ugh Lan-n-ie?" She gasped brokenly as his teeth nipped her shoulder, his goatee caressing her skin silkily. His hands were busy trailing across her shoulders, and down her spine.

"Used her powers."His hands moved frontwards and unclasped her bra, bearing her supple breasts, fingers grazing to rub her aching nipples."No more questions."


He tugged at her pointed flesh, her gasps soon became moans under his skilled fingers. "You’re beautiful."He whispered again as his hands ran across her toned stomach. His head once again nuzzled the side of her neck, and she let the words take her further and further away from herself."Beautiful, and so sweet...and sexy...."

He lifted her up suddenly, sitting her onto a small round table. They both groaned as his engorged penis slammed against her heated flesh through layers of lace and leather. She ground her pelvis into him, causing the friction to become more intense. His mouth was now over hers, his tongue plunging into her in an endless battle.

He pushed her flat onto the table, causing her breasts to rise up. Pulling his mouth away from hers, he slid sinuously down her body, scoring every heated inch with his tongue. Kneeling in front of her, he tore her thong from her body, throwing it across the room.

Her legs were wide open, spread-eagle in front of his face. Her moist center inches away from him, and he licked his lips in anticipation. How he craved her, he had gone so long without her taste. He leaned in, breathing deeply as his tongue flicked out.

Her eyes flew open, glowing a burning red, the feel of his tongue playing with her overwhelming. He sucked harshly on her clit, tugging with his teeth. Her hips rose high off the table, throwing his body off balance and causing him to tumble onto the floor.

He was on the hardwood floor only second before Liz leapt off the table, landing on top of him. She ripped his leather pants off, snickering when she saw his commando status. She looked up into his eyes and leaned down slowly, hair cascading around her head, tickling his thighs as she took him in her mouth.

"Fuck!"Her heated mouth enveloped him, and she scraped her pearly whites across his silken flesh as she slid her lips over him, taking him deep into her mouth. He grabbed her bobbing head, and thrust into her mouth, her forehead rubbing his sculpted abs.

Finally, he couldn’t take any more. He pulled her head away, pre-cum oozing out of his cock, and pulled her atop him, she sank deeply onto him. A growl erupted from his mouth when he was surrounded by her burning walls. He brought her mouth down to his, tongue plunging in an imitation of their moving bodies.

Zan started to flick her clit, wanting her to come just as hard as he was about to. She stiffened in his arms, and tightened her legs around him as she came, screaming into his mouth. Seconds later she swallowed his hoarse shout, exploding inside her as she pulled away to bite down on his shoulder. Liz shuddered, having come a second time, while he was in the throes of his own orgasm.

He was purring as she came down from her high. She ran her hands up his glistening chest, and brought his face up to hers for another passionate kiss. Zan leaned his forehead against hers, she slid off him, turning to lay against his side. She snuggled against his hard body, trying to get comfortable on the hard floor.

He pulled her closer, tracing circular patterns over her sweat-covered back, soothing her tired form.

"S’ok, rest now."

She sighed contentedly against his cheek,"Isn’t this a dream?"Her head was perched against his chest."You can’t sleep in a dream."

He laughed at that."Sure, you can."

She lifted her head looking up at him,"You won’t be here when I wake up."Her slim fingers trailed across his mouth, tracing his smooth jawline."You’ll be gone."

"I’ll be around."He said, pushing her head back down gently.

"Okay." Her eyes closed sleepily, and she yawned. He tugged her closer, curling her body around his.

"I love you."

"Love you too." She snuggled into him as she drifted off to sleep.

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