FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"May All Your Dreamer Fantasies Come True"
Part 8
by Taffy
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Authors Note: Current thru TSAP. Ever want to know what our favorite couple and the gang are really thinking? Growing impatient for cement to pour. Here's a Dreamers version! Bella and Tasyfa very special Thanks for being brave enough to review what came from my warped mind. To my fellow Dreamers that I hang with on the spoiler board, I couldn't have done it without ya! You guys and gals were the source of so many these ideas! Being that my warped mind craves lots and lots of attention feedback please! Enjoy!
Setting: Wee hours of the next morning, thunderstorm raging outside makes the night sultry: Max's bedroom, window open: Liquid Sex, err Max in bed in just boxers: sheets all tangled around his legs, blankets on floor

Max: tossing and turning drenched in sweat: hears a noise coming from his open window: turns and looks, nobody's there: with a groan rolls over and sees two very wet bare feet: looks up startled: "Liz what are you doing, why are you here?"

Liz: wearing a long raincoat: absolutely drenched from the rain: lips trembling… "I couldn't sleep, you're keeping me awake."

Max: "Huh, Liz what are you talking about?"

Liz: smiling at the cute confused look on Max's face: "Max, I'm awfully wet, could you help me out?" Max: watching as she tilts her head: suddenly her smile seems to take on a more seductive look as she begins to slowly unbutton the drenched raincoat: he can't move, all he can do is watch as her hands slowly undo each button: he can hear his heart pounding: as the last button is undone, she slips the coat off revealing a short very thin lacey nightie, he's mesmerized: he can't think, he's not even sure if he's breathing: the pounding of his heart is only matched by his throbbing reaction, there is no way he can hide this from her: finally he's able to tear his gaze away from this goddess that is standing before him: his questioning eyes meet hers: in a low trembling voice…. "Liz, do you know what you're doing to me?"

Liz: drinking in the sight of him, her eyes lingering on the reaction that she caused: her heart is beating so hard it feels like it's going to burst: she no longer has any doubts and her smile suddenly reflects her thoughts, it becomes more confident, more determined: she is more sure of their love than anything else she has ever felt or thought in her life: she knows this is what is meant to be and with a look that says {I'm about to devour you}, she melts into his arms and begins to caress his gorgeous chest, arms, mouth: breathlessly …. "Only the same as you're doing to me."

Max: he's absolute putty in her hands: he couldn't resist her if his life depended on it, nor does he want to: he is no longer capable of conscious thought: her hungry kisses are driving him insane, they're like fire, igniting him everywhere: he can feel her hands as the burn a trail of desire wherever they explore: he runs his hands through her wet hair: with passion and desire that is begging to be released, his lips meet hers in a kiss that ignites their souls:

Liz: she's never known hunger like this before, it consumes her and will not be denied: she devours him with her kisses, on his cheeks, lips, neck, shoulders: her hands are memorizing every inch of his incredibly sculpted chest: her leg begins to rub against him sending bolts of desire shooting through her, she can feel it all the way to her toes: his lips grab hers in a soul-cementing kiss:

Max: the throbbing ache is almost unbearable: he runs his hands down the length of her body removing her nightie as they go and exploring her every curve: feeling the smoothness of her bare skin next to his causes shafts of desire to shoot through him: it's almost too much and a moan escapes his lips: instinctively his hand touches her in a way that causes her to release cries of pent-up passion: his hand freezes as his mind registers the wetness that is now on his fingers and what's about to happen: in an anguished whisper… "Liz, I…we…have to… "

Liz: brings her fingers to his swollen lips: a slow smile creeps across her face as she gazes into the most beautiful eyes ever created: gently she purrs… "Shhh, my love." She continues to gaze into those eyes as her hand reaches for what she is longing to explore: her hand is memorizing everything, the heat, texture, the feel of its ever-changing size: a very pleased smile radiates from deep within her: her eyes widen as her stroking hand causes tremors to course through her lover: when her hand reaches the tip she feels the slight stickiness: they can wait no longer: "My love, where do you keep..."

Max: reaches into his nightstand before she can finish her question: he's been in beautiful agony for what seems like forever and can't take it anymore: with trembling hands he opens the package: together they unroll it onto him: taking her in his arms, he flips her over so he's on top: their eyes never leave each other's as their broken dreams and desires are about to be fulfilled:

Liz: a slight panic tries to creep into her, but trusting her heart she will not allow it to take hold: she feels a slight stab of pain as she stretches to fit him: he pauses as he unexpectedly feels a barrier: a single tear rolls down her check as he gently breaks through: a slow rhythm begins: the slight pain recedes to the back of her mind as pleasure overtakes her: she hears a strangled cry, but isn't sure whose it is: spent, he collapses on top of her: she wraps her arms around the love of her life and silently vows never to let him go:

Max: thinking he is becoming too heavy for her, he rolls off and onto his side: she stays wrapped in his protective arms: they lay there together resting trying to catch their breath: with a look filled with all his love, he softly asks… "Liz, did I hurt you? Why didn't you tell me this was your first time? I knew you wanted to love me the same way that I wanted to love you and for it to be both our first times. But how did you know I had condoms?"

Whatever answer she was about to give is lost as they hear a tentative knock at his bedroom door…

Mom: "Max, honey are you alright? I thought I heard strange noises coming from your room? Why is your door locked?"

As the thunderstorm raged outside two teenage lovers need to divert one from developing inside.

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