FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"May All Your Dreamer Fantasies Come True"
Part 1
by Taffy
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Authors Note: Current thru TSAP. Ever want to know what our favorite couple and the gang are really thinking? Growing impatient for cement to pour. Here's a Dreamers version! Bella and Tasyfa very special Thanks for being brave enough to review what came from my warped mind. To my fellow Dreamers that I hang with on the spoiler board, I couldn't have done it without ya! You guys and gals were the source of so many these ideas! Being that my warped mind craves lots and lots of attention feedback please! Enjoy!
Setting: Crashdown Café: Thursday afternoon

Liz: "Ok, here's your galaxy sub hold the Max…" A panic sweeps across her face: she walks towards Maria and meets her friend's concerned look:

Maria: "What just happened here? Should I be worried? Or is this just a general freakout?"

Liz: "I'm sick, I have Max on the brain. I'm constantly thinking of him, dreaming of him and now I'm even saying his friggin' name without even knowing it. I need help!"

Maria: with a sweet {I'm happy for ya} smile… "You're in Love. I'm here for ya babe. What can I do to help?"

Liz: "Get me a life! Or at least a distraction! Anything! Help!" They both turn towards the door as the bell jingles: she's surprised to see a "bad boy" from the past walk in: contemplating {Ok, maybe that distraction just walked in?}: with a slightly sly smile… "Hi, Sean."

Sean: giving Liz an appreciative once over {hmmm, there's some possibilities here}: Suddenly Cousin Maria crashes into these intriguing thoughts, GOD! How exasperating!: forcing himself to remain calm and cool in Liz's presence: Ok, just need to tolerate my cousin here for a while, I can do this!: returning Liz's coy smile… "Hi Liz, all grown up. Like it."

Maria: she cannot hide her extreme annoyance and displeasure at seeing "loser cousin" again: with every word dripping with sarcasm… "So when did ya get out, Sean?"

Sean: only half paying attention to his cousin, he replies in kind… "This morning."

Maria: "So soon? You didn't breakout did ya?"

Sean: "No, had time off for good behavior."

Maria: "That'd be a first. Wait, you're not thinking of staying with us?"

Sean: "Aunt Amy already gave it the Ok."

Maria: "She's such a soft touch."

Sean: forcing himself to focus his full attention on his {beloved} cousin: he leaves the café with a sarcastic smirk and a wave of the hand and announces… "See ya at home!" Outside he chuckles as he can actually feel the smoldering fury Maria's trying to hold back: he always did love to bait her like that: he might even be looking forward to bringing that fury to a full blown boil: {aahhh, life is good today}:

Maria: lets out an infuriated… "Arrrghhh!" Taking a deep breath to try and calm herself she turns towards her friend: seeing the {might be interested} smile on Liz's face, the realization of just how confused and in fact desperate Liz really is hits her like a ton of bricks: OH MY GOD, this just cannot be happening! {cedar oil, where the hell is my cedar oil?!} continually runs through her brain as she frantically searches her pockets:

Michael: loudly calls out… "Maria, your order's up!" He pauses as he takes in the Sean scene: a displeased scowl is now fixed on his face: he grumbles… "Great, just great. That's all I need." He sees Maria's frantic pocket search and wonders if he should say anything: how odd, for a moment he actually thought he saw steam bellowing out of her ears like in the cartoons: on second thought maybe running for cover might be a better option: deciding to avoid at all costs what he is certain will soon be the erupting "Mt. Saint Maria" volcano: as he delivers the order to the customers himself, he ponders his options as to where he could disappear to for a while.

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