FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Destiny Found"
Part 3
by Breathless
Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Roswell or any one associated with it.
Summary: This story begins where Destiny leaves off. Liz has seen the message in the cave, and believing that Max has a destiny that doesn't include her, she tells him goodbye and leaves. This story begins later that night . . . make that the next morning.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: In my fictional world, no one ever has bad breath (especially in the morning), and on one ever, I repeat ever, has to go to the bathroom!
The first traces of morning light began to spill in from the window. It slowly made its way across the floor to the edge of the bed chasing away the night. The light inched across the bed, casting a soft glow on the couple as they slept. Max's head was cushioned by her pillow, his right arm extended straight out across the bed. Liz slept with her head tucked under his chin, his arm serving as her pillow. Her body pressed close to him, her back to his chest, even in sleep wanting to feel him near. His left arm was draped across her breast holding her close to him as if protecting her from the night.

The dawn light crept across his face. His eyelids fluttered once, then slowly opened. A contented smile touched his lips as his senses reminded him of where he was. He raised his head and looked down at Liz as she slept. He brought his hand up to her face and brushed back the hair that had fallen across it during the night. Her peaceful face glowed in the morning light. He ran his fingertips across her cheek, her skin soft and smooth to his touch. His fingers moved to her throat and shoulder, then traced a line down her arm. He wanted to touch every part of her, to know every line, every curve, every inch of her.

His hand moved to her side, feeling her ribs beneath her skin, her flesh warm and comforting. His hand rose and fell as she breathed in and out. Last night when they had connected the rhythm of their breathing had become as one. Their hearts had synchronized to the same beat. His mind struggled to comprehend how it was possible. He had felt every sensation that she was feeling. He had been able to feel not just his touch against her skin but how his touch had felt to her. But it had gone much farther than physical sensation. Her emotions had enveloped him. Her love for him had swept over him, without reserve, without reservation. She loved him completely. No fears. No doubts.

She moved against him, snuggling closer in her sleep. A soft sigh escaped her lips. His hand moved to the curve of her waist. He sought out the spot where he had healed her so many months ago. His life had been in limbo until that day. One lonely day had blended into another. Never allowing anyone close, keeping his emotions in tight control. Afraid to let anyone see who and what he really was. Until she had been shot. He had acted on impulse. For him there had been no choice. He had saved her life and risked exposure to the world. In the process, he had finally allowed himself to really start living.

He felt her stir against him again. Her eyelids fluttered and her face turned towards his. Her eyes blinked open. A smile spread across her face as she saw him. She shifted her position turning her body toward him. He rose up, resting his weight on his right elbow. He once again brushed back her hair, gently pushing it away from her face and off her shoulder. Her delicate skin felt warm and responsive to his touch. Her hand reached up to find his, lacing their fingers together. She brought his hand up to her lips and kissed his fingers. She released his hand and sought out his face, touching the tips of her fingers to his lips.

Liz gazed deeply into his eyes. Her fingertips stroked his brow and then traveled down the curve of his chin. His body responded to her touch, wanting her, wanting to be a part of her. He kissed her gently at first, then with more urgency. His hand traveled to her breast. She arched her back, her body excited by his touch. He broke off the kiss and looked at her, still in awe of her acceptance of him, his breathing hard and labored. She ran her fingers through his hair and pulled him back to her, desire burning brightly between them.

His hand moved over her body, touching her everywhere. His palm slid across the smooth skin of her narrow waist and rose up the curve of her hip. Her could feel her skin quiver under his touch. Her lips were hot and eager on his. Her tongue darted in and out of his mouth, teasing him. His hand glided over the softness of her bottom and then down her thigh, turning inward toward her hot moist center. His fingers furrowed through her soft curls to explore her feminine center. His fingers moved along her wet folds until he found the opening he was looking for. As he began to insert his finger he could feel her wince.

His body tensed and he asked with great concern "What's the matter, Liz?" His eyes searched her face.

"I'm . . ." she began. "I'm just a little sore, that's all. It's okay, Max. Really, it's okay. It's not bad at all." She didn't want him to think he had hurt her.

"Your sore?" he repeated. He should have known, he told himself. He had read somewhere that the first time could be painful. There was so much he still needed to learn about her. He had sensed the pain when he entered her last night, but she had pushed it to a far corner of her mind, buried it below all the wonderful sensations he had caused in her. He placed his palm up against her and he stared into her eyes. Heat spread out from his hand flowing down her legs and up inside her. Her eyes watched in awe as his hand began to glow. "Is that better?" he asked, his eyes filled with love and concern for her. She nodded her head yes and let out a soft sensual sigh.

The healing had taken away all of her pain and left her with a hot need for him. She moved his fingers back to where they had been exploring just a minute before. She moaned under his touch. He moved his finger in and out trying to memorize every inch of her. Her hips began to move with the rhythm of his finger, thrusting at his hand. Her breaths were coming in short gasps. Suddenly she cried out in pleasure and tightened her legs around his hand. His own breathing was hot and labored in her ear. His hardness was throbbing against her thigh.

Liz pushed Max on his back and straddled his hips. She rocked against him. It was his turn to moan now, his need to enter her driving him. She reached for his erection, causing him to groan as her fingers closed around him. His hands reached up to cup her breasts, kneading her nipples between his fingers. He watched her face, her cheeks flushed with desire. His breath caught in his throat at how beautiful she was. She maneuvered herself over him and then slowly eased herself down on top of him. He slipped into her and the connection formed immediately. They both gasped once again amazed that they were able to share the physical and emotional sensations of the other. He placed his hands on either side of her hips, gently guiding the pace of her thrusts. He wanted this to last. He watched as he slid in and out of her. Her eyes closed, just enjoying what she was seeing through his eyes. His eyes went to the little mound just inside the folds of her skin. He could sense that this was a hot spot for her. He placed his thumb against it and gently began to rub. They both moaned as her body responded to his touch. Her center began to tingle. He rubbed a little harder and faster as he continued to thrust into her. Her climax built ever closer. He could feel it in his very core. Suddenly her back arched and they both cried out as her orgasm crashed over them. She collapsed on top of him, her body quivering with pleasure.

He sat up, swinging his legs over the side of the bed. She wrapped hers around his hips. His arms surrounded her, his hands moving over her back and shoulders, then up the back of her neck and into her thick silky hair. He slowed the pace just a little, not wanting it to be over yet. She looked down into his eyes, her eyelids half closed. Her mouth found his, her tongue probing his lips, his teeth, and his tongue.

Suddenly in his minds eye a vision of Liz formed. She stood barefoot on a sandy beach wearing a white flowing dress, her long dark hair trailing behind her in the light ocean breeze. Her peaceful face looked out over the blue waters. Suddenly Max appeared in the vision standing behind Liz, her head resting against his chest. He was dressed in a white shirt, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, wearing white loose fitting slacks. The waves washed around their ankles, warm and rhythmic. His hand encircled her small waist pulling her close to him. She placed her hand over his in a soft caress. A smile spread over her face, peaceful and relaxed. On the horizon a moon filled a third of the early evening sky. The setting sun cast a rosy glow across their faces as they looked out over the calm waters. Two smaller moons hovered high overhead. As the vision ended a sensation washed over him that he had never felt before. A sensation so pure his breath caught in his throat.

He opened his eyes and saw Liz looking back at him. Her face was flushed and her large eyes were radiant. She had seen and felt the vision too. Their lips met, hungry and insistent. Max was unable to wait any longer. He picked her up and holding her tight to him laid her onto her back. Liz opened her legs wide as he thrust deep and hard into her. As their passion reached its peak their bodies blended as if they were one body, one mind. They cried out in unison, their bodies shuddering as their climax engulfed them. Breathless in each other's arms, they clutched each other tightly unable to speak. His emotions flowed into her. She could feel his love for her, his joy at being loved by her. Her love flowed back to him, along with her certainty that they belonged together, were meant to be together.

He lay spent in her arms, his breathing heavy and ragged in her ears. He throbbed inside of her, his muscles involuntarily contracting. He could feel her muscles quivering around him. Her thoughts and emotions mingled with his. He wondered why he had resisted her for so long. Watching her from afar, wanting her and needing her, but never allowing himself to get close to her. They fit together perfectly, their bodies and their minds. They made each other whole. He heard her thoughts echoing in his mind, 'The past is the past, Max. No regrets. We're here now. That's all that matters.' His mouth dropped open, amazed at the depth of their connection. He could hear her soft sweet laughter floating in his mind, touching his very soul.

Reluctantly, he withdrew from her breaking the connection. He shifted his weight onto the bed beside her. She snuggled close to him resting her head on his chest. His arms surrounded her, pulling her close to him. He gently began stroking her hair feeling its silky texture. She gazed up at him, at peace in his arms. His hand moved to her face, caressing her cheek. His fingers moved across her lips, finally coming to rest at the nape of her neck.

"You are so beautiful," he said softly, emotions flooding his voice.

She smiled up at him, her face radiant in the soft morning light. Her response was cut off as a noise outside her window startled her. Her eyes grew wide with alarm as she realized the source. She reached for the clock on her nightstand. The green numbers read 5:20 am. The noises from the bakery next door continued. Liz turned back to Max.

"You have to leave, Max. It's so late," Liz said with alarm.

Liz reached for her robe as Max sprang from he bed. He quickly found his clothes and began to dress. He slipped on his pants in one fluid motion. Liz picked his shirt up off the floor. Max watched her as she moved toward him, stepping from the shadows into the morning light. Her skin seemed to glow, her dark glossy hair a stark contrast to the paleness of her cheeks. Her robe had been hastily thrown on, leaving one shoulder exposed. He stood staring at her transfixed as she closed the distance between them. Her hand reached out and touched his chest causing his nerve endings to tingle. She returned her attention to the shirt she held in her hand. Soundlessly she helped him slide first one arm into the sleeve and them the other. She adjusted the collar then began to button his shirt. When the task was completed she moved her hand to his chest once again, letting it linger over his heart. His pulse was rapid and strong. Her eyes rose up to meet his. There was something different about the way she looked with the light coming in from the window. Something almost magical, he thought.

"I don't want to go," he said in a near whisper as he rested his forehead against hers.

"You have to," she replied with deep regret.

"I know."

They moved to the window, each sad to see the night come to an end. Max hesitated then reached out and pulled Liz close to him. He turned her face up to his. His lips touched hers in a lingering kiss. His arms encircled her, drawing her close to him.

Another noise drifted to them from the street below. Max reluctantly let Liz go. He climbed out the window to the rooftop. At the ladder he hesitated wanting nothing more than to stay here with her. Suddenly he felt her hand touch his shoulder. He turned to find her standing behind him.

"I can't let you go without giving you this," she said. Cradled in her hand was a small silver figure dressed in armor and brandishing a sword. He looked from her hand to her face, curiosity is his eyes. She placed the figurine in the palm of his hand, folding his fingers around it. "You're my knight in shining armor, Max. My Prince Charming. And every time you look at this I want you to remember just one thing."

"Remember what?" he asked.

"Remember how much I love you."

A smile brightened his face, his eyes shinning. He leaned down and kissed her deeply. Noises from next door once more reminded them that the day would wait for no one. They stepped apart. Max climbed onto the ladder and down to the street below. She watched him as he moved away. He turned to look up at her one last time.

"I love you Liz Parker," Max called out to her, not caring who heard. "I always have, and I always will." He looked at the figurine in his hand and then back up to Liz, his face shinning in the morning light. He slipped the figurine into his pocket and disappeared around the corner.

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