FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Czechs Might Not Make Such Good Burgers, But..."
Part 1
by Spidey
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Only the perverted ideas you see in the story...
Summary: Mainly PWP. Michael goes a bit too far to prove a point...
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: This is my first ever Roswell fic (I write Labyrinth stuff and some Buffy usually), so go easy... :)
The Crashdown was starting to quiet down, after a bustling and stressful day. Liz took what she hoped would be her last order for the evening, tiredly smiled at the customer, and went to the back counter.


Michael Guerin sat on one of the worktops, complete with an apron over his dark blue jeans and gray T-shirt, a bandana covering his head. He didn't seem to be paying much attention to Liz though, he just sat there, headphones in his ears, staring pensively at the opposite wall.

Sighing, Liz made her way around to the kitchen, and stood in front of him, folding her arms and looking as commanding as she could in that silly little Crashdown outfit. He looked at her boredly, just to let her know that anything he did, he didn't do it for her. He did it for the paycheck. Then he took out his earphones and hauled himself off the worktop, forcing Liz back a few paces.

"Yeah?" he asked, sighing.

"An alien burger and fries." Said Liz tiredly. She'd had enough of Michael's arrogance, to know that it wasn't worth getting mad at him about his... dedication to his job.

"Right." He said, making his way over to the fryer. The sentence 'you can leave now', was clearly left unsaid only in the literal sense. Liz went out into the café again, muttering 'great work environment' under her breath as the door swung back. Michael caught it, and couldn't resist a tiny inward smile. Getting Liz worked up was one of the best features of his job... Kept him sane amidst all the stupid alien-themed food, and those annoying antennae hat things Liz and Maria had to wear. Damn this stupid town...

Noticing that he was going to burn the 'alien' burger if he kept on drifting off like this, Michael flipped it over and sighed. Well, at least they could close up soon. Damn customer better eat their burger fast...

An hour, and three more customers later, Liz was polishing the tables, and Michael mopped up in the kitchen. Liz could've almost laughed at the look on Michael's face as she'd given him more new orders. 'Yes Michael.' She thought 'The bad, nasty customers asking for food... in a café. The idea!'

Well, now they really were closing up - the door was locked, the lights low, the soft sounds of Radiohead's 'Creep' coming from the sound system. Liz could've just fallen asleep over her well-polished table.

Checking over the front of the café one last time, Liz stretched her arms, and stepped through to the back of the café, into the locker room, sighing and starting to take her tiny silver alien-apron from around her waist. She gasped, dropping the apron to the ground as she saw Michael at the other end of the room, pulling his gray T-shirt over his head. Very, very briefly, Liz let her eyes wander over his torso. Kinda toned for a layabout...

"Sorry." She said in a tiny voice, turning to go. Michael shoved the T-shirt in his bag, and pulled out a black one, only glancing at Liz.

"Calm down, kid. I'm just changing my T-shirt. I'm sure you've seen much more of your darling Maximillian anyway." He said, a strange kind of emphasis on Max's name that Liz couldn't work out. She hated it when he called him that...

"I... We, I mean... I haven't." stuttered Liz, edging over to her locker and opening it, pulling off her headband, and taking her dark hair out of its ponytail.

"Really?" said Michael, sounding interested. Liz could just see the horrible smirk on his face.

"No... I... It's none of your business!" she said, flushing with embarrassment. "And anyway." She said, gaining a bit more confidence "Don't call him that... Maximillian. I don't like it." She said, turning to him angrily. He calmly finished brushing his spiked dark brown hair, and turned to her, his eyes icy with that coldness she was used to.

"I will call him whatever I damn well like, Liz..." he said dangerously, walking right up to her so that he forced her back into the lockers.

"Don't try to intimidate me, Michael..." she said, more fear in her voice than she would have liked. They were all supposed to be friends... But Michael was the only one of the 'Czechoslovakians' that she was really afraid of. He seemed so... unhinged. Not like Max or Isabel. Though Tess was something else, of course. Michael ignored her.

"Do you know why I'll call him what I like? Because I think..." he said, his voice low and cold, placing one hand either side of Liz's head on the lockers behind her "You don't have a say in the matter. You're not one of us." He said cruelly "I think he means more to me than he does to you."

Liz opened her mouth to say something, unable to believe he was saying all this after so much time had passed. Liz thought that this had all been covered before... Maria, Alex and her were a part of the team... But now Michael seemed to be trying to tell her she wasn't again, pushing her away.

"Do you want me to prove just how much he means to you, Liz?"

Liz's brow furrowed as she looked up at Michael. His face was set like icy steel, she couldn't read anything in his expression.

"What...?" she asked quietly, looking confused and wishing she was somewhere else.

Before Liz could even form a second word, Michael had his hands tightly around her waist, slamming her into the cold metal of the lockers, raising her up so that her eyes were level with his. With anger in his own eyes, he ground his lips down onto hers. Liz couldn't move, couldn't speak - couldn't do anything. He was too strong for her. All she could do was remain there, confusion filling her mind at the strange warmness she felt run through her, as Michael pushed his tongue savagely into her mouth. She tried so hard not to react, but he wasn't giving up. When his hands started to roam further up from her waist, she wriggled violently, desperately trying to get away, before her mouth seemed to forget what it was=2! 0doing, and she started to kiss him back, one arm slipping around his back.

Michael seemed to realise a line had been crossed, and he started to pull away, but Liz couldn't seem to explain why the arm around his back stayed where it was, or why it kept him there, but something inside her knew she didn't want to stop. Something inside her was broken too, as she realised that Michael had proved his point perfectly.

But, his despite this, it seemed Michael couldn't stop kissing her now either. He couldn't stop his hands from moving down to roam her hips and thighs, and then up again, just millimetres below her breasts. He pulled his lips away from her, looking confused, even as he started to unbutton her uniform, Liz looking down at his hands breathlessly as he unbuttoned it down to her waist. He started to kiss her neck, his hands moving inside the warmth of her dress, around her waist as his lips trailed further down to her collarbone, then even further to the top of one breast, his tongue tracing where the lace of her pale blue bra began. His eyes flickered up to her briefly as she watched him in awe, unable to speak, her br! eathing heavy, her whole body unbearably warm from his touch, a deep pulsing heat between her legs.

"I didn't mean for this..." he started, his voice barely audible. But Liz couldn't stand the feeling of his lips not touching her skin. She grabbed some of his hair in one hand, looking down at him with desperation as his lips closed over her skin again. They ran down the skin between her breasts, and then he started to kiss the sensitive area of her stomach, his hands still around her waist, his thumbs massaging the hollows of her hips slowly. He pulled away from her, looking up at her, into her eyes, as he kneeled just in front of her, his fingers touching the skin just above her knees. Liz looked down into his eyes with fear as his fingers slowly made their way upwards, underneath her uniform. She gasped as he ! pulled it above her waist.

"Michael..." she whispered, as his hands roamed her upper thighs, passing lightly over the place she wanted him to touch her most. He took the waistband of her pale blue panties, and he pulled them slowly over her thighs and down her legs. Liz's breathing was ragged as he pressed his lips to her inner thigh, his hands on her hips, holding her in place against the lockers. Then, without warning, she felt Michael's tongue run agonisingly slowly over her, the tip then swirling skilfully around her clit, before her held her thighs open wider with a hand on each, and his tongue went inside her. Liz's breath came out in sobs, as she held him tightly with one hand in his hair, her other hand gripping the open door of her ! locker for support. His warm tongue stroked her with increasing pressure, and Liz looked down at what Michael was doing, the throbbing in between her legs increasing unbearably.

"Michael... I'm going to..." she began breathlessly, arching into him as he devoured her with his mouth, Liz moving slowly against him, moaning quietly.

He slowly pulled away just as Liz came dangerously close to the edge, and he stood, pulling her uniform completely from her body without a second thought. Liz reached down and unzipped his jeans, pushing them down, then pulling him back to her to kiss him savagely, moaning into his kiss as his hands caressed her breasts, one hand then moving up to her hair.

He reached into his back jeans pocket, and Liz understood when she saw what he took out. Afterwards, Michael lifted Liz's naked body up to him, and she wrapped her slender legs around his waist, her hands moving caressingly down his lean chest, as his eyes locked with hers intensely. Pulling him closer to her, Liz gasped as Michael slammed inside her, unchecked lust in his eyes. Surprised at her pain, Michael pulled out slowly, but Liz looked into his eyes desperately, arching against him, and he started to move inside her. Liz quickly got used to the feeling of him within her, and she cried out softly as he started to go faster, her body crashing into the cold metal behind her as they moved together, that feeling starting=! 20to well deep inside her again.

"God... Michael..." she choked, as his hand made it's way down her stomach to caress her clit slowly, his fingers pleasuring her as he continued to move inside her, pulling all the way out now, before crashing into her again. As Liz was about to come, Michael pulled his hand away and placed them both behind her again, either side of her head on the lockers, and he slammed in and out of her almost violently, her legs still tightly wrapped around his waist. Liz's arms were around his neck, her lips parted as she cried out loudly.

"Liz..." he growled, his voice low, as he crashed into her for the last time before Liz screamed out his name, blinding pleasure taking over her entire body, him going over the edge just moments afterwards.

Liz held onto Michael tightly, perspiration glistening on her naked skin, her eyes stinging with sudden tears, as she realised how much more complicated her life had just become...

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