FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
Part 6
by NolaDarling
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, I'm just borrowing them for this story, I promise to return them
Summary: Alternate Universe (no aliens, no powers) based on the movie The Best Man, with a twist. Max and Isabel are still brother and sister so are Tess and Michael. They all grew up together. Max, Michael, Kyle and Alex were all best friends in college. Maria and Michael are getting married. Tess and Maria became best friends in college and she is Mariaís maid of honor. Max is with Liz but she doesn't know the others. I donít want to give it away to much, just a little background for the readers who have not seen the movie.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: There is a smidge of UC. I'm not a UC fan so there's not much. Thank you to Meagan for beta reading this for me. And to my Candy sisters JO, Ramona, Mary, Christina, Arielle, Ianthe you chicas rock!!!
Later on that evening while Kyle was on the phone trying to hook up a booty call, Max nervously searched Kyle's apartment for his book. He knew Kyle had finished reading it and he wanted it back before it fell into the wrong hands. He figured since Kyle, Alex, and Tess had read it, it was only a matter of time before Michael would want to read it too.

He went over to the coffee table and looked under some newspapers and there it was. He sighed in relief, "here we go," he said to himself and grabbed it. Just as he did and started to put it in his inside jacket pocket Michael walked in.

"Yo....I suggest you get you own copy," Michael said taking the book out of Max's hand.

"Oh....yea well I was just being a little over protective of my work," Max said rubbing his hands together nervously almost losing his balance and tripping over the couch.

"Yea well it's a little to late for I can't wait to read this. Look at you...." Michael sat back on the couch and admired his best friend, "you know you blessed right? The Lord is smiling on you," he smiled.

"Come on know I'm not down with all that. I make it happened," Max said pointing his finger in his chest sitting down on the couch. "Not some heavenly being," he looked up, "in the clouds possessing me."

"Whatever'll learn some day."

"Michael," Max said changing the subject,"tuxedo fitting tomorrow?"

"Yea but we need to push it back, Maria has a grocery list of things for me."

"Well that's good, cuz I need to hook up with Tess to discuss.......what?" Max asked puzzled by Michael's look.


"Yea, we're having lunch to discuss this interview....."

Michael was still staring at Max. " best you know who you're talking can't fool me man. I mean I know you doing your little relationship thing....and that's good.....I'd be the last to come between that....but you know you want my sister. You have for a long time."

"Look at you.....I mean what about all that talk about having sown your oats and time to settle down."

"I was talking about me man...not you. For once in your a dog," Michael grinned patting Max on the back.

Max looked at Michael out the corner of his eye and said to himself 'for once in my life.....if only he knew.....'

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