FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 17
by Anne
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Wendy felt exuberant. For the first time in her life, someone knew who she was inside and accepted her completely without wanting anything from her. Unconditional acceptance. She had never believed it even existed before today. There were others, like her. Max Evans had trusted her just because of who she was, not because of anything she had done. And, Kyle, well, he was just altogether perfect. Walking down the sidewalk, he had his arm around her shoulders and she felt like the most important person in the world. He was so sweet. She stole a glance at his profile and was delighted to find he was looking at her. She smiled and turned away, feeling more than a little shy all of a sudden. They were heading back to the apartment, and for a moment Wendy felt some of her happiness ebb. He would surely have to go home tonight. It would be way too much to expect him to stay with her again. After all, he had a Dad to worry about. Well, all she could do was take it one day at a time and hope for the best.

Kyle: "Do you need to look for anything else before we go back?"

Wendy: (pausing on the sidewalk and looking around at the various shops) "I don't think so." "Besides, I'm just about out of money."

Kyle: (concerned) "I can . . . "

Wendy (holding up her hand to stop him): "You've done more than enough already. Besides, I'm not out of money. I'm just out of money that I'm willing to spend 'til I find a job."

Kyle: "Oh. O.k." "Well, then I guess we might as well head back."

Wendy (smiling): "Yeah. Can you stay and have dinner with me?"

Kyle: (smiling, too) "Thought you'd never ask. I probably will have to go home tonight, though." "Will you be alright?"

Wendy (eyes darkenening but smiling in spite of her fear): "Of course."

Kyle: (wishing he could stay with her tonight) "I will be by in the morning to pick you up . . . unless, you don't want me to?"

Wendy: (grinning) "Well, I'll have to check my busy schedule (rolling her eyes)."

Kyle: "Oh, well, I wouldn't want to keep you from whatever it is you girls do . . . "

Wendy: (distracted by the UFO Center) "Kyle, what's that?" (pointing)

Kyle: "That's just the local equivalent of a tourist trap. Why?"

Wendy: "Do you think I might be able to get a job there?"

Kyle: (wondering why she would want to) "I don't see why not. As a matter of fact, Max Evans works there. He might be able to put in a good word for you."

Wendy: (contemplating all the advantages) "I'll ask him."


Liz and Max arrived home without incident. They had been so quiet on the trip home after Max had told her what Wendy had said. Liz was still trying to sift through the debris in her brain. Her emotions felt strained to the limit. She was more than a little angry that some maniacal, alien stranger was out to harm her baby. She was also afraid. Anger and fear, when all was said and done, really weren't that far apart. She felt edgy and . . . . mean. She wanted to throw something or break something. It wasn't that she didn't trust Max. She did. She just wasn't sure what they were dealing with exactly. She needed some air. Maybe a walk would help . . .

Liz: "Max. I'm going outside for a little while."

Max: (desperately wanting to tell her not to but knowing she needed the space) "Don't go far, o.k?"

Liz: (smiling at him) "I won't. . . . I love you."

Max: "I love you, too."

She made her way quickly to find River Dog. He welcomed her in, and without words sat across from her reading her face like a book.

River Dog: "You've come to me for help."

Liz: "Yes." "Is there anything I can do to protect myself, my baby?"

River Dog sat silently contemplating the answer to her question. Finally, reaching a decision, he spoke.

River Dog: "Yes, there is. But it does not come without a cost." "Are you willing?"

Liz: (channeling her anger and fear into a rock-steady resolve) "Yes."

River Dog: "We will begin in the morning."

Liz: "I'll be here."

River Dog: "Bring your husband with you. This is important for him, as well."

Liz: "I will." "Thank you."

River Dog: "Of course." "Whatever I can do, I will."

Liz: "I know." . . . . "See you in the morning."

River Dog nodded and Liz let herself out and headed back home.


He contemplated the girl as she walked. It would be a challenge, but he would destroy the child and her along with it. She must not detect his presence or he would be unable to touch her. That was an obstacle easily overcome. He would wait for the precise moment to strike. The rage raced along in his blood like lava. His eyes were fixed, and his breath was short. He tasted the sweat that poured down his face. Soon.


The next morning, Max and Liz made their way to meet River Dog. Max didn't even care that he was up at dawn on Sunday. When she'd returned yesterday, she'd looked so much calmer, Max would've fallen on the ground and kissed River Dog's feet had he been there. They knocked on the door and it was immediately opened. Max had no idea what they were going to do, but whatever it was, he'd do it and like it if it made her feel that much better.

River Dog: (to Liz) "Are you ready?"

Liz: (solemn but determined) "Yes."

Max: "Ready for what?"

River Dog: (gesturing for Max to have a seat) "You must not interfere. This is Liz's decision. She hasn't made it lightly. She understands what's required."

Max: (feeling panic rise in his chest) "What are you going to do?"

Liz: "Max. I'm going to protect myself and our baby. There is always a necessary sacrifice. Will you trust me now?"

Max: (feeling helpless and scared to death) "Will you be o.k.?"

Liz: "Yes. We will walk home together in a little while. I promise."

Max: (trying to relax) "Can I help?"

Liz: "River Dog will tell you what to do."

Max: (sitting back signalling his acceptance but struggling to maintain it) "I'll do whatever you want."

River Dog: "Let's get started."

Liz sat down on the floor and waited. The ritual began and soon Max felt a little entranced. He could still function, but he felt like he were underwater. Every movement was slow and resisted. River Dog picked up a knife that had been sitting on a nearby table. The blade glinted as the light caught the surface and the movement was strangely hypnotic. Max felt a wild surge of panic as the blade arced through the air in front of Liz. He wanted to jump out of the chair and stop this, but he couldn't. He might have been able to overcome the physical resistance , but Liz was depending on him. Liz raised her hand from the floor and held it out in front of her. She turned her palm up and then to the side. Every single cell in Max's brain centered on one thought, "He could not let her do this." The thought came too late. Before he could react, cold steel bit into her flesh and a small stream of blood poured into the basin under her hand. Max felt the pain in his own hand and knew that it was bad but not unbearable. He would recover from the pain in his hand, but he wasn't so sure he would ever get over the fact that she'd had to do this because of him. She brought her other hand up and once again, her blood flowed down into the same basin collecting there and pronouncing judgment on her adversary. River Dog took the basin and put something in it, and then Max lost them for a moment. The room didn't spin but it seemed like he did. In one slow revolution he saw a flame. He smelled smoke. He heard voices. Liz's voice was calling him, and suddenly she was there.

Liz: "It's over, baby." "You o.k.?"

Max: (shaking his head to clear it) "I should be asking you that."

Liz: "I'm fine. Can you get up?"

Max: "Yeah."

He stood up in front of her and looked into her anxious eyes. He reached down and picked up her hands gently turning them upward. The wounds looked angry and red. Max looked at her in question, asking silently if she would let him heal them. She nodded her agreement, and he laid his palms on top of hers. Liz felt the skin knit together and heal as he concentrated. The pain was gone in an instant, making it seem like it had never been there. Max looked over her head at River Dog and silently thanked him for helping them. He put his arm around Liz and they walked home. Max was stunned as they stepped outside. It was late in the afternoon now. They had been here for hours and hours. A few minutes later they opened their front door and went inside. As soon as the door closed, Max pulled her into his arms and buried his face in her hair. His emotions were raw. He just wanted to hold her and smell her hair and listen to her breathe, and reassure himself that she really was all right. Finally, they made their way to the bedroom and undressed in silence. Sliding into bed, Max pulled Liz close to him and kissed her lightly. They were asleep in moments, completely exhausted.


Monday morning found Wendy at the UFO Center. Max looked up in surprise when she walked in.

Max: "Wendy. What are you doing here?"

Wendy: "Hoping to get a job."

Max: "Oh. Do you want an application?"

Wendy: "Sounds like a good place to start."

Max: (quietly) "How are you?"

Wendy: "Actually, I'm good. The best I've ever been. It feels good to be on my own. A little scary, but good."

Max: "I'm sure you can work something out with Michael and Maria about the apartment."

Wendy: (smiling) "That sounds good to me. I still can't believe . . ."

Max: (smiling, too) "I know."

Wendy: "Do you think I could meet them?" "I mean when they get back."

Max: (chuckling) "I don't think you could stop it." "I'll talk to everybody and set something up and let you know."

Wendy: "I'd like that. When are they coming back?"

Max: "They should be home tonight." "If Ray hires you maybe you'll be here tomorrow, and I can let you know then."

Wendy: "Do you think he will hire me?"

Max: "I'll see what I can do." "Just finish the application and give it back to me and I'll take it in for you."

Wendy: "Thank you, Max."

Max: "No problem."


Wendy let herself into her apartment later that day with a huge grin plastered on her face. Max had really come through for her. She had a sneaking suspicion that Ray hadn't had any intention of hiring anyone right now, but somehow Max had convinced him to give her a job. She was employed! She was accepted! She was quite possibly falling in love! She was hungry. She made her way into the kitchen to start something for dinner. She wanted to talk to Kyle desperately. She had missed him today. They had spent so much time together since Friday night that it seemed really strange not to be with him today. She hoped he would call, or better yet, stop by. She took her dinner and sat down at the table to eat. She felt a little sad that she didn't have anyone to share her good new with. She wanted to celebrate. How strange! She had always been alone and now all of sudden, she wanted, no, she needed other people. Her guardian didn't qualify for people status as far as she was concerned. He existed in his own reality. It almost never resembled hers. Their relationship had always been tenuous at best. When she was younger, he had taught her all that she needed to learn, but he had never loved her or even cared for her. She was a responsibility. An obligation. The older she had gotten the more remote he had become, until finally, she couldn't stand it anymore. When he had gone off on this wild goose chase across the country to follow Max from that stupid convention, her patience had snapped. She had come with him, but once he found out about Liz and her baby, he had really started to scare her. She wondered if he were even sane. Who was she kidding? Of course, he wasn't sane.

A knock on the door interrupted her thoughts. Kyle! She fairly skipped over to the door and flung it open without even looking out. Not Kyle. Before she could even blink, he walked inside and sat down. She closed the door and turned to face him, all trace of emotion gone from her face.

Wendy: "What do you want?"

He didn't speak. At least not out loud, but those eyes spoke more than she had wanted to know. She could feel the malice in him. She knew better than to try to reason with him. She had tried that right before she left and he had turned on her. That's when she had made the decision to leave.

<> <>

Wendy: (refusing to communicate with him through her mind, denying him that right) "Why?" "You don't need me, and I no longer need you."

A barely perceptible look of pain crossed his face at her words, but just as quickly the look was gone and the wild eyed stare returned to take it's place. Wendy was becoming more and more convinced that he simply wasn't all there anymore.

Wendy: "I think you should leave."

His eyes focused on her for just a moment, and Wendy would've sworn that she caught a glimpse of the person he had been when she was younger. She could almost feel sorry for him. Almost, but not quite. The moment passed and he stood up. Wendy felt cornered. She wasn't really afraid of him exactly. He had taught her everything she knew and she was almost as strong as he was. Still, when he was enraged it was terrifying to her. Wendy gasped in dismay as she heard another knock at the door. She made no move to open it, hoping whoever it was would go away . Would Kyle leave if she didn't answer the door? God, she hoped so. But then, just as she was thinking there was a chance this wouldn't end in disaster. He lifted his arm and the door flew open. Wendy just stared horrified. Kyle was standing there looking at them and then at the door.

He stepped inside and closed the door. He didn't know what in the hell was going on, but the look on Wendy's face sent a shot of adrenaline throughout his body. Kyle turned his attention back to Wendy after checking out the man who could only be the guardian she had talked about.

Kyle: "Wendy? Are you all right?"

Wendy: "Y-yes. I'm fine." "Maybe you should come back later . . . " (terrified for him)

Kyle: (not understanding that she was afraid for him) "You want me to leave?"

Wendy: (hating to hurt him) "Yeah. This isn't a good time." (voice shaking)

Kyle: (finally getting a clue--she was scared) "I'm not leaving until you tell me what's going on."

He didn't have long to wait to find out. In the next instant, Kyle felt himself fly backwards across the room and crash into the wall. Wendy screamed. He could hear her, but she sounded so far away. He tried to clear his vision by shaking his head, but stopped when the pain swamped him. What in the hell was happening? He couldn't breathe. He reached up to his throat, but there was nothing there. No way to stop it. No way . . .

Wendy closed her eyes and took a deep breath and focused. When she opened her eyes they were glowing, fed by the force of blinding fury. She saught out the waves of energy that were strangling Kyle, and she pulled apart the strands disabling them. Kyle's vision cleared as he struggled to pull air into his lungs. His head still hurt but he could see and breathe now. She saw the blow coming before it landed and she caught the bands once more and bent them at odd angles skewing the force and redirecting it. The last strike was almost more than she could handle. This had to stop. She couldn't keep this up much longer. She grasped the energy and using all her strength, she turned it back on itself. The attack ceased. Wendy saw him crumple to the ground under the force of that last burst of energy. It would've killed Kyle if she hadn't turned it back on his attacker. She turned towards Kyle to find him staring at her. She started to take a step toward him, but he stood up quickly and held out his hand as if to keep her away. His head hurt like hell, but his heart hurt a lot more right now. He couldn't even believe what he had seen. Her eyes. He had to get out of here. He walked toward the door and opened it.

Wendy: "Kyle!" (anguished)

He turned around to look at her, but there was nothing but pain and bewilderment and . . . fear on his face as he looked at her. He turned then and left. She looked back to where her guardian had been only to find that he, too, was gone. She didn't even care how or why he had disappeared. She sunk to her knees and stared unseeing at an empty room.

What would Kyle do? One thing was for sure. He wouldn't love her. He would never look at her the same way again.

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