FanFic - Max/Liz
Part 15
by Anne
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Category: Max/Liz
Rating: R
Authors Note: Lyrics by Edwin McCain.
Rain falls angry on the tin roof,
as we lie awake in my bed.
You're my survival.
You're my living proof.
My love is alive and not dead.

Kyle: "Amazing. Half an hour ago, it was as clear as a bell. Now, it's pouring."

Just then a clap of thunder boomed across the sky, and lightning flashed through the atmosphere. The lights in the apartment flickered and then went out. Had it not been for the few candles Wendy had lit earlier, they would have been completely in the dark. She shivered a little and huddled deeper into the sofa.

Wendy: "Thank you for everything, Kyle. Dinner was wonderful, and this place . . . "

Kyle: "isn't much, but it's warm and dry and relatively safe."

Wendy: "You're here, what could be safer?"

Kyle: (momentarily speechless) "Uh . . . well, (smiling) I do my best."

Wendy: "I haven't felt this secure in a very long time, Kyle."

Kyle: "Yeah . . . why don't you tell me about that."

Wendy: (shrugs) "There's not much to tell. I travel around a lot, and recently decided it was time to branch out on my own."

Kyle: "On your own? So, you did live with someone?"

Wendy: (looking uncomfortable) "I had a guardian, yes, but we . . . have irreconcilable differences."

Kyle: "A guardian . . . "

Wendy: "Someone who took care of me in the absence of parents."

Kyle: "I see."

Wendy: "I doubt it, but it's alright." "I'd like to hear about you."

Kyle: "I'm a highschool student and I like sports. Oh, and my Dad's the sheriff."

Wendy: (eyes widening) "The sheriff? Kyle . . . "

Kyle: "Don't worry. I'm not going to tell him about you . . . yet, anyway."

Wendy: "Do me a favor, and don't ever tell him about me."

Kyle: "That might be kinda hard, Wendy."

Wendy: "Why?"

Kyle: "Because, I'd really like to see you again . . . more than once . . . "

Wendy: "Really?"

Kyle: "Really. We'll deal with my Dad when we have to, o.k.?"

Wendy: "O.k."

Kyle: "Are you cold?

Wendy: (still shivering from time to time) "A little, I guess." Kyle puts his arm around her shoulders and pulls her up close to his side.

Wendy: "I'll have to look for a job soon. Do you think your friend might let me take over this apartment?"

Kyle: "I think he probably would, but aren't you underage? And, what about school?"

Wendy: "I've always been homeschooled, because I was never in one place long enough to go to a regular school."

Kyle: "Wow. That sounds . . . rough."

Wendy: "Not really. A little lonely, but not so bad otherwise." "Maybe there's an exam I can take to try to get my diploma."

Kyle: "How old are you?"

Wendy: "I'm seventeen. I'll be eighteen this year, though."

Kyle: "An older woman . . . " (sounding a bit smug)

Wendy: "Surely not that much older . . ."

Kyle: "No. I'll be eighteen next year."

Wendy: "Oh, I see."

Kyle: "Well, I'm just sorry you won't be at school, where can I see you more often."

Wendy: "I'm sorry I won't be there to keep an eye on you." (chuckling)

Kyle: "I know this is happening really fast. I can't believe I just met you tonight."

Wendy: "I know what you mean. Weird, huh?"

Kyle: "Weird I'm used to. This is downright cosmic."

Wendy: "Kyle, are you ever going to kiss me?"

Not having to be told twice, he leaned in close to her and pressed his lips to hers. She was soft and warm and smelled so sweet. He wondered if she tasted that sweet, too. His lips tingled a little where they had touched hers. She shivered again, and he pulled back to look at her face.

Kyle: "Are you cold again?"

Wendy: (blushing) "No . . . I'm not cold at all . . . it's you . . ."

Kyle: "Well, then we're even. You have been killing me all night in that outfit."

Wendy: (confused) "My outfit? Is there something wrong with it?"

Kyle: "No. No, not at all. It's just very, very sexy."

Wendy: "Wow. Really? I didn't mean . . . (embarassed) This is all I have to sleep in right now. I didn't bring much with me."

Kyle: "It's fine with me, babe. Just don't dress like that in front of anybody else and everything will be just fine.

Wendy: "You know what's really strange. If it had been anyone other than you, I would have thought about it, you know?" "But, it never even occurred to me what I had on . . . I was just so glad that you came back."

Kyle: "Do you want me to stay all night? I wasn't exactly sure what you meant . . . "

Wendy: "I would love for you to stay all night, but your Dad . . . "

Kyle: "I'll take care of that. Don't worry about it. I just needed to know what you wanted." "I'll go call him now."

Tell me that we belong together
Dress it up in the trappings of love
I'll be captivated
I'll hang from your lips
instead of the gallows of heartache that hang from above.

Rain steadily poured down all around the Evans' front porch, where Alex and Isabel were parting for the evening.

Isabel: "Alex, I'm sorry about the apartment. I can't believe Kyle asked Michael for it!"

Alex: "Isabel, it's o.k. There's no great rush here. Is there?"

Isabel: "I don't know, Alex. I feel so restless inside. In a way, I was really hoping we could . . . you know, tonight."

Alex: "Tonight?" "Wow."

Isabel: "Are you sure you really want to do this?"

Alex: "I'm very sure, and I think that's my line."

Isabel: (smiling) "Sorry. I just feel like I'm pushing you into it."

Alex: "Not possible. There's no way I would do this without being sure, Isabel." "I love you." "Don't you know that by now?"

Isabel: "I do know it, Alex. There's just so much risk involved . . ."

Alex: "Not for me. The worst case scenario is that you'll get pregnant. I can't think of anything that would make me happier than being tied to you for the rest of my life through our child."

Isabel: (tears forming in her eyes) "Oh Alex. That's the sweetest thing you've ever said to me." "I love you so much." "Now, I really wish that dumb apartment had been available." (laughing)

Alex: "I tell you what. Why don't you give me a day or two to work on the details and I'll see what I can come up with, o.k.?"

Isabel: (smiling at him) "O.k." "Good night, Alex."

Alex: "Good night, Isabel."

I'll be your cryin' shoulder
I'll be love suicide
I'll be better when I'm older
I'll be the greatest fan of your life.

Max runs around to the passenger side of the jeep and scoops Liz up and makes a mad dash for their front porch. He sets her down gently on her feet and reaches in his pocket for the key.

Liz: "I can't believe this storm. And to think, twenty minutes ago we were . . . "

Max: (head snapping up) "Don't say it. This has been the longest twenty minutes of my life, and you are going to pay for each and every one of them . . . as soon as I find the key. (patting his pockets and looking around)

Liz (giggling): "Don't tell me you lost the key."

Max: "I must've left it in the jeep." (taking a deep breath and getting ready to run back out in the rain)

Liz: "Wait. It's o.k., Max. I forgot to lock the door. I know you told me to, but it's just a habit to leave it open."

Max: (shaking his head) "I'll get on you about it tomorrow. Right now, I'm just glad not to have to go back out in the rain." (opening the front door and ushering them inside)

Max closes the front door behind them, and turns to see Liz handing him a towel. He takes it and dries his face off and tries to get most of the moisture out of his hair. When he glances up, the first thing he sees is Liz stepping out of her dress leaving just her underwear and bra behind. In spite of himself, the second thing he sees is the kitchen table. Liz follows his gaze to the table, and smiles, waiting to see what he'll do. She doesn't have long to wait. Max covers the distance between them in one quick stride, lifting her up and kissing her silly. He sets her down on the table and steps between her legs. Pushing her back down on the table, he kisses a trail down her neck and deftly unfastens her bra. Liz can feel the readiness in him pressed up against her center. He was truly an amazing creature. Max slipped her underwear off quickly and stepped back between her legs. His eyes travelled over her breasts and down to her stomach. Slowly, he drew one hand down her body from her throat to her navel and rested his palm over her belly. He paused for just a moment, and Liz knew without him saying a word that he was thinking about their daughter. The look on his face was wonderous. He bent down and kissed her tummy, and then steadily worked his way up to her breasts. Lately she had been so sensitive here, that Max had become very careful of her. He looked up then, and said, "Tell me if I hurt you, and I'll stop." Liz just nodded.

That's all she could manage because the anticipation had nearly closed off her vocal cords. He closed his mouth over her and pulled her gently into his mouth. Liz bit her lip to keep from screaming out loud. Not in pain, but in pleasure. She was no longer sore, just exquisitely sensitive. He covered her other breast with his hand, and she could feel her already aching nipple tighten even more. Max continued to carress her with his mouth and hands until she came not once, but twice. Everytime, she reached for the fastening on his pants, he'd drag her arms above her head and hold them there. Liz felt like her mind had turned to mush. She needed him inside her . . . NOW! Finally, Max let her hands go and she immediately reached for him. She shoved his clothing out of the way, and pulled him down on top of her. He entered her in one quick stroke, and whispered in her ear, "I told you you were going to pay." Liz barely even heard what he said, she was in such a state. Impatiently, she tightened her legs around his waist, and Max lost all interest in teasing her.


The lights had just come back on in the apartment as Kyle put the phone down with his Dad. He was all set. In fact, he could even spend tomorrow with Wendy if she wanted.

Kyle: "Maybe we should go shopping tomorrow, so you can pick up whatever you need."

Wendy: "That would be great. Are you sure you don't mind?"

Kyle: "I'm sure." "Uh, Wendy, where do you want me to sleep?"

Wendy: "I know it's a lot to ask, but would you sleep with me?"

Kyle: (speechless again) . . . . . . . . . "You're kidding."

Wendy: "No, I, uh, . . . I'm not kidding."

Kyle: "Well that's hardly a lot to ask."

Wendy: (embarassed now that she realizes what he's thinking) "I meant to just sleep, Kyle."

Kyle: (embarassed too, now, for jumping to the wrong conclusion) "Of course, you did."

Wendy: "Not that I don't want that with you. I just think it's too soon."

Kyle: "Oh boy."

Wendy: "Are you o.k.?"

Kyle: "Yeah . . . I'm fine."

Wendy: "You don't have to. I know it's not a fair request."

Kyle: (reaching for control and finding it) "It sounds perfectly fair to me, and I would love to sleep with you if that's what you want."

Wendy: (smiling) "I do."

Kyle: "Well, alright then. Let's go to bed."

They both crack up laughing at this last comment, and head off to the bedroom for the night.

Max is carrying Liz back to their bedroom, and places her gently down on the bed. She scrambles under the covers, cold now that he wasn't keeping her warm. She watches him undress, and smiles to herself at their recent behavior. She hoped it never changed. Probably would though. Be kinda hard to carry on like this with a little person hanging around. Oh well, better make the most of it while they had the chance. Max slides into the bed beside her, and sighs loudly. Liz props herself up on one elbow and looks down at him.

Liz: "What?"

Max: "I was beginning to think I would never be here again."

Liz: (sarcastic) "Oh you poor, sad, underprivileged newlywed. I feel so sorry for you!"

Max: "I'm not complaining . . ."

Liz: "Hah!"

Max: "I'm teasing, you. You're so easy right now."

Liz: "As if I've ever been anything else where you were concerned!"

Max: "True."

Liz smacks him this time . . . hard.

Max: "Owwww. O.k. I'll stop." (laughing)

Liz: "I love you."

Max: "I love you, too." "By the way, you looked so beautiful tonight."

Liz: (deciding to tease him a little herself) "You already had your way with me, so you don't have to say that now."

Max: (genuinely alarmed) "You really are in a mood aren't you?"

Liz: "Let's just say my tolerance for teasing is quite diminished at present."

Max: (really not sure if she's mad or not) "I'll bear that in mind . . ."

Liz: "You do that."

A few minutes go by.

Max: "I'm sorry, Liz. I really was just teasing you."

Liz (grinning): "I know you were."

Max: "Oh really, and just how do you know that?"

Liz: "Because I know that you loved every second of it . . . all of it . . . and you'd do it again right now, if I would . . . and I just might."

Max: "This connection thing can be a little annoying."

Liz: "Oh, I didn't need the connection to know any of that."

Max: "Then how can you be so sure?"

Liz: (running her hand up his thigh) "Some things are difficult to hide."

Max: (swallowing hard against the effect her hand was having on his lower anatomy) "I'm soooo glad we're in a bed . . . . ."

Laughing, Liz withdrew her hand and pulled herself up until she was lying on top of him. Bringing her chin to rest on top of her hands on his chest, she took some time to just look at the face that had so captured her heart and imagination. There were no answers here, however, to explain the way she felt about him. The answers were behind his eyes. She loved to just look into his eyes and see reflections of how she made him feel. The connection between them opened up all of her senses, and she could not imagine not being able to experience love this way. He ran his hand down her hair, marvelling at the silky feel of it and the length. It reached to her waist now. Max thought of their daughter and hoped she would have hair like this. Liz smiled at him, because, of course, she knew what he had been thinking. He closed his eyes for a second, because sometimes it was overwhelming how much he loved her. He knew she had to be tired, so he gently pressed her head down onto his chest with her ear over his heart, and they went to sleep.


Running. Don't stop. Can't stop. Pain. Keep moving. Can't. Max. Need Max. Help. Oh God. RUN! Get up . . . get up . . . get up . . . Wet. Pain. Can't. Liz! I'm here . . . it's o.k. Weightless. Moving. Warm. Safe. Max.


Max awoke with a start. He had sensed Liz's anxiety almost the moment the dream had started. She was still sleeping, peacefully now. Atleast she hadn't had to endure it alone this time. She had definitely been having the baby . . . there was so much blood. Was that normal? Who had she been running from? It was a very long time before Max went back to sleep.


Kyle felt more than heard Wendy whimpering in her sleep. He was instantly awake, and shook her gently to wake her up. She must be having a really bad dream. She opened her eyes and stared at him like she didn't know where she was. Her breathing was still rapid and shallow, and her eyes were filled with . . . rage, and . . . pain. She threw herself into his arms then, and whispered, "Hold me." He was only too happy to oblige, but what in the world was this all about? In a few moments, she went back to sleep, but Kyle found it eluded him. He was worried . . .

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