FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Biology Lessons"
Part 1
by Linda
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Summary: Liz's archenemy, Pam Troy, gets a hold of something that could get Liz in a lot of trouble with their biology teacher. To prevent this, Liz needs to get back into the biology classroom at night. Guess who offers her help?
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: In answer to a Challenge by: Crazy12687 1. Max and Liz *NC-17* 2. M/L have to have sex on the biology table, the 1 that they sit at 3. Max spends the night at Liz's house, while watching American Pie 4. Liz's parents catch them making out on her bed & 5. This takes place after the balance
Liz was rushing to biology when Maria stopped her. "Hey! I know you're late, but you have got to see this!" Maria laughed, handed Liz a piece of paper and rushed off to her own class.

Liz shoved the paper into her notebook and calmly opened the door to her biology classroom.

She cringed inwardly when the class turned around, and her teacher frowned at her. Lately she had not been on Ms. Hardy's good side. Between being tardy, late in handing in assignments or forgetting them completely, and being absent minded in class, Ms. Hardy had actually called her on it after class finally, and told Liz that she was seriously in danger of losing her straight 'A' if she didn't straighten up.

Liz had promised, and that had just been yesterday afternoon. Now, here she was, late again.

She slid into her seat and avoided all eyes, especially her lab partner's. She didn't want to give Ms. Hardy any other reason for calling her up after class again.

Liz put her books down and got right to work, opening her text and following along with the class.

When Ms. Hardy was done talking, she gave them their assignment and told them to get started.

Liz took the sheet Ms. Hardy handed out, and put it on the lab table between her and Max.

She reached for her pen and a piece of paper, when the paper Maria handed her slipped out.

It fell to the floor, and Max reached for it. He looked at it and raised his eyebrows. It was a caricature of their biology teacher in an uncompromising position in the eraser room, with their history teacher. Underneath the picture, it said, "Ms Hardy's problem is she doesn't get enough of this!"

Max handed it to Liz who smiled and then looked from Max's surprised face to the piece of paper.

Liz gasped and then pushed the paper back into her notebook quickly. What was Maria thinking! Giving that to her right before this class! Liz blushed as she felt Max's stare still on her. She could only imagine what he thought.

She slid a glance under lowered lashes, and saw the small grin on Max's face, as he was getting his own pen and notebook out.

The whole hour was torture for Liz. Being this close to Max, having to work so closely together on these science projects made is almost unbearable for Liz. To know Max was so close, she breathed in his own 'Max' scent, and had to sit down, before her legs gave out. Max had the wildest affect on her. And it had only heightened since he had kissed her last week.

Then, two days later he had broken up with her. Now she had to give him his 'space', and act like she didn't mind. When all she wanted to do was grab him and ravish his warm, firm mouth, and have him wrap his big strong arms around her again, pulling her so close that she could feel every inch of him. And she meant EVERY. She flushed from the memory, and realized she had better stop this train of thought if she wanted to make it though the hour without totally making a fool of herself and attacking Max right there in class.

When their hands accidentally brushed, Liz jumped back as if a live wire had touched her. She noticed that Max, too, had pulled away very quickly, and was now looking away from her. She didn't know if he had felt the electric shock between them, or if he was just trying to let her know that it meant nothing.

"Told you he'd get sick of her fast." Pam Troy whispered to her friend and lab partner.

Liz stiffened and tried to pretend she hadn't heard Pam's hurtful words.

Max too stiffened and clenched his jaw. He didn't understand why Pam was always out to hurt Liz. Liz was the nicest, gentlest person in the whole school. She was nice to everyone, and never said anything bad about anyone. Even knowing that she hated Pam Troy for the way Pam acted toward her, Liz never really said anything nasty about her or to her.

It was torture for him to keep Liz at arms length as well. But he felt he had to get his balance back before he really screwed up and did something that could really get Michael or Isabel killed next time.

Isabel had told him he was being a fool, that he was not responsible for their every move, and that he should admit he was just afraid, and with good reason, with how intense he and Liz had been getting.

He supposed that was true. He wanted her all the time. He thought of her all the time. When he knew he could have her, he had been so focused on Liz and getting her alone, that he had forgotten everything else.

Even now, he could still feel her sexy little body pressed up against his, hear her little gasp as she felt him pressed up against her, unable and not wanting to hide his reaction from her.

Max sat down and pushed in his chair. He was so hard right now; that he knew Liz wouldn't be able to miss it. He knew she was as aware of him as he was of her. She had been sneaking looks at him all hour, trying to pretend indifference. Yet he could actually feel little darts of fire wherever her eyes traveled over him. His face, neck, chest, shoulders, stomach, and yes, even further down. He knew Liz was very curious about that part of him, especially after his reaction to her when they had kissed. He was just as curious about all of Liz, and had to fight to keep his control around her. Yeah good going Evans, so much control that you're having to hide the lower half of your body under the table so Liz and other nosy eyes wouldn't see the huge bulge he couldn't hide.

When the bell finally rang Max gave a sigh of relief and started out of the classroom.

When he got to his locker he heard Pam Troy call out to Liz as she approached her own locker. His eyes narrowed as he wondered what new hurtful things Pam had to say to Liz. He wished he could just show Pam how wrong she was. That Max was far from sick of Liz. That just the thought of Liz gave him a powerful arousal that he had no control over.

"That was really a funny picture you had of Ms. Hardy." Pam said and walked by her.

Liz groaned knowing Pam had seen the caricature that Maria had drawn. What was she up to now? She knew Pam wouldn't just let that go.

Liz frowned, hoping Pam was going to leave it at that. But doubted it.

Her doubts were confirmed later that day when she couldn't find the picture Maria had given her, and then at Crashdown, while she was working, Pam and her friends had come in for dinner, and Pam had mentioned casually that the picture had somehow gotten left on Ms. Hardy's desk.

Liz had turned white, flinched and walked away, but couldn't miss the laughter behind her.

Max was sitting in the next booth over, and he too froze at Pam Troy's words. She wouldn't! But then, he knew Pam.

He decided he was going to go get the picture off of Ms Hardy's desk later tonight, when it was dark and quiet.

Liz paced in the back and twisted her hands. What was she going to do?! Finally she resigned herself to the fact that she would some how have to get back into the school tonight, and get that discriminating evidence off of Ms. Hardy's desk.

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