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"At Last"
by Debrah Carson
Disclaimer: I own nothing; I'm an 19 y.o. student for pete's sake! But if I do offend somebody (I don't mean to) and you really really want some sort of compensation, then take my little brother. Please.
Summary: What if Alex and Isabel hadn't been interrupted in 'Four Square'?
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: This is just a little harmless Alex / Isabel nookie. They don't get enough, in my opinion. BTW, this is the first fic that I've posted (so go easy on me!) and I'd been really grateful for any feedback that you may have. Thanks!
Isabel Evans was freaking out. Things were getting way too weird in Roswell. *I mean, they've always been weird* she thought to herself. *That's what happens when you're an alien whose ship crashed on earth over fifty years ago, and you've been trying to keep that a secret lest some secret government department comes to take you away to do experiments on us* But the last couple of days had been worse.

It all seemed to start when Tess showed up. Tess Harding, army brat who told everyone that she was in Roswell because her father had been commissioned by the Army to convert the abandoned bases into storage units, but who might turn out to be the killer alien Nasedo. Well, at least she got the brat part right.

So, Tess shows up, and Max goes bonkers. Max, who was usually so serious and so devoted to Liz, ends up openly professing his attraction to Tess. While Isabel would never admit this out loud, Liz was a much better choice for Max. She might tease her brother about the way he acted around Liz, but in truth, she was jealous.

And then the dreams started coming. At first, she wasn't worried. She'd dreamed of Alex before, ever since she'd discovered how he felt about her. But then the dreams changed. Instead of being in a garden, or a restaurant, or even a bedroom, Isabel found herself on a rock formation in the middle of the desert. Standing in the middle of the weird symbols from the map that Max had found at Riverdog's cave. Isabel knew that the symbols meant something, especially the one that Tess kept showing her - the four square one - but Isabel could not figure out what it meant.

But that wasn't the worst part of the dreams.

The worst part was that she wasn't dreaming about Alex, any more. Somehow - not by her doing, Isabel was sure of that - Alex had been replaced by Michael. Michael Guerin, the guy she'd know her whole life. The guy she considered a second brother. Well, if she considered Michael a brother, then she'd better move to Kentucky, 'cause these dreams could be considered rather incestuous everywhere else in the country.

But wait, it got worse.

Isabel could chalk up dreaming about Michael as some weird trick her subconscious was playing on her. But what she couldn't deny, or explain, was the way the dreams made her feel. The way Micheal touched her in those dreams, when he kissed her, it felt........good, it felt....right. Like that was the way it was supposed to be. Again, she could chalk that up to hormones, but with Michael having the same dreams, Isabel knew that it was something more.

And she didn't really want to know what. She just wanted everything to go back to normal. 'Normal' was her mantra. Normal was not the FBI Special Unit chasing after you. Normal was not dreaming about Michael. Normal was.....Alex.

Isabel knew what she wanted to do. She wanted to get Michael out of her head. Thinking about him that way was just.....wrong. So she'd just have to get herself thinking about Alex. And she knew exactly how to do that.

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