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"Always and Forever"
Part 23
by Linda
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Authors Note: If you haven't read my previous stories, "Us Six Against the World" and "Sense of Completion", it is recommended before reading this one. This is the last in the Trilogy.
"Don't push Liz, just breathe." Max reminded Liz for the twentieth time since she made her announcement about her water breaking.

"I'm not pushing Max." Liz tried to say calmly once again. She knew he was a wreck. When she'd made her statement to the room full of family and friends, Max had been more distressed than Liz.

Now they were waiting in the birthing room, at the hospital only a mile from Jordan's house. Since her doctor had told her she was fine and that it would be a little while, Liz was cam and not worried at all.

She watched Max pace with amusement and love. She giggled as she heard him mumble that he should have never touched her, but then thought she heard him mumble that he would never touch her again.

That made Liz quickly decide to take matters into hand. "Max, come here." Liz said softly.

Max was by her side in a second. "Do you need water? Do you need the doctor?" he asked taking her hand and kissing it softly. Then he took in her pain filled and tired eyes.

"Where the HELL is the doctor! You're in pain and having babies and he's nowhere!!! What the hell kind of hospital is this?!" he exclaimed and got up to go to the door.

"Max!" Liz tried to stop him, but it was too late. Max flung open the door and shouted for the doctor.

Liz sighed and lay back, trying not to laugh at her normally calm husband's ranting. Liz could hear the doctor's feet running down the hall, and she groaned. Then she heard Max and the doctor talk, and the doctor came into the room calmly and smiled at Liz.

"How are you feeling Liz? Are the pains 5 minutes apart or closer? Max thinks they might be around a minute or two apart." the doctor said dryly. He could tell that Liz wasn't in hard labor yet.

Liz shook her head. "I'm fine. I'd say they are about 10 minutes apart right now. I'm sorry Max brought you all the way in here for nothing." she said softly.

"No problem. I'm used to that with nervous first fathers." he grinned, and squeezing her arm gently, he winked and left.

Max looked contrite. "You looked like you needed the doctor." he tried to explain.

"No. I just need you to hold me and keep me calm." She said with a smile.

"Of course! Okay." Max swallowed and tried to get a grip. Liz needed him! "It's going to be just fine Liz honey. You're in great hands and the doctor isn't worried at all." He told her, soothing back her hair.

Liz moved over a little and Max sat down at her hip, looking into her eyes and taking her hand and gently running kisses all over the back of it.

"You aren't worried are you Max?" Liz asked with wide- eyed innocence.

"No! Not at all. You'll be just fine! And I'm here Liz. Nothing will happen. I won't let it." He smiled to reassure her.

Liz smiled back into his beautiful intense gold eyes. "I know." she said softly. Then she grabbed his hand hard as she felt a contraction start.

Max swallowed and turned pale. He hated seeing her in pain! Pain he couldn't just take away from her like he usually did. This was different pain! This was her body readying for the birth of their children.

So he did the only thing he could. He held her eyes with his and shared her pain.

Liz's eyes widened as she felt her pain ease and felt Max take some of it into him. She saw his face start to contort and she felt a burst of love for him amazed that she could continue to love him more each day.

Then she bit her lip as she watched him try to deal with the new pain he was experiencing. She frowned realizing that men weren't meant to feel this much pain and maybe there was a reason for that. Maybe their bodies weren't made for that kind of pain.

When the contraction passed Liz shook her head. "Max, no. It's too much for you. I love you for the thought, but it's probably too much for your body to handle." she said as she tried to pull her hand from his and caress his cheek with the other.

But Max wouldn't let her break their contact. He smiled at her bravery in wanting to deal with this immense pain alone. He was actually quite shocked at how much pain women had to go through all the time! He hadn't even taken all of her pain, and it had been very strong. He cursed the fact that she had to have any of this pain for the love they had shared.

Liz knew his thoughts and smiled and caressed his face again. "It's all worth it Max. It's beautiful just thinking of what that pain will result in.

Max knew she meant what she said, but he was not about to allow her to deal with all that pain alone. Not even for their babies. He would share it.

His face softened and his eyes took in every inch of the face of the woman he loved beyond anything in the universe. She was pale, drawn and pain still lingered in her beautiful big eyes, but she was smiling and the love she had shining in her eyes just for him bowled him over. She was the most precious thing in the galaxy to him and it continued to astonish him that he could love her more with each passing day. Just when he thought he couldn't love her any more than he already did, he felt his heart burst with even more love for her.

"I love you Liz Evans. Thank you for loving me back and wanting to have my babies." he whispered and leaned forward to softly rub his lips against hers until she parted them and he slipped his tongue in to gently caress hers. It was a kiss of love. A gentle kiss that showed their need to always just be a part of each other.

Liz sighed when Max sat back and smiled at her again. She knew that he would continue to ride out her labor pains with her. That was just her Max. And she couldn't ever change him and would never want to.


"What's taking so long!?" Alex asked pacing the waiting room and looking as pale as Liz must look.

When Max had yelled for the doctor, they had all jumped up frantically, until the doctor had come back out and assured them all that he was just dealing with a first father.

Maria and Isabel exchanged amused looks and then Isabel patted her boyfriend on the arm. "Patience computer boy." she teased.

Maria chuckled and decided to go see for herself how Liz was doing. She figured Liz probably needed help calming Max down.

With a knock, Maria stuck her head into the labor room, and seeing Liz and Max in a quiet moment she started to back out.

"Maria!" Liz exclaimed and smiling brightly, she held out her hand.

Maria smiled and came forward.

The two embraced and then Maria took in both Liz and Max's appearance. "I was going to ask how you were doing Liz, but it looks like I should ask you both? You don't look so good Romeo?" Maria teased and lightly punched Max's arm.

Max smiled at Maria and shrugged.

Liz grinned at Maria and her eyes twinkled playfully. "I'm fine, but I don't know about Max here. I don't know how many more contractions he can take."

Maria stared at Max and then looked back at Liz. "You mean..." she was stunned. She knew he liked to take away all of Liz's pain, but this was different. "He's taken your contraction pain away?!" she asked.

"Not exactly." Liz smiled and with love in her eyes, she caressed Max's embarrassed face.

"Oh..." Maria realized and was still amazed. Then she shook her head. "Well babe, everyone wanted to know how you were doing in here. Alex looks almost as bad as Romeo here. But not quite." she grinned and winked.

Liz laughed and squeezed Maria's hand. This was her best friend since they were little, and she was so happy that Maria was a part of her life, and could be here for her for this special time in her life.

"You can tell them all that we're fine. The doctor is not worried at all. He says it's normal for this to take a long time, just like a normal first delivery. And the babies are fine too." she smiled and patted her swollen tummy lovingly.

Maria put her hand over Liz's and her eyes filled. "God Liz. I remember when we used to dream about this as kids. That we would always be there for each other, and that we would share all of this. And now we are. You're going to be a mom." Maria choked and Liz leaned forward as much as she could and hugged her.

Max grinned and stood to give the two room to chat. As long as Liz wasn't having a contraction, he felt okay letting their connection go. But he wouldn't leave the room, since they didn't know exactly when the next contraction would be.

"Hey babe. How are you really?" Maria asked softly. She knew Liz might not be letting Max know how she was really feeling, since he was a wreck.

"I really am fine. I'm not scared at all Maria. I can't believe it. I always thought I would be, you know? But now... it's.... it's just so exciting to know that I'll soon be holding Max and my babies." she said in awe.

Maria nodded and then smiled, hoping Liz would feel that way once the pains were coming faster and harder. But if Max was helping by sharing the pain, Liz was probably going to be just fine.

"I love you Liz, and I've always got your back babe. Just let me know if there's anything I can do okay?" Maria said squeezing Liz's hand and standing up.

"I will Maria. And thanks." Liz said hoarsely, and squeezed her best friend's hand back.

Another contraction hit Liz then, and before Maria could react, Max was back beside Liz and holding her hand.

Maria watched in amazement and only shook her head and smiled as she left to go let the others know it would be awhile, and that Liz would be fine.


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