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"Almighty Tongue Goddess"
Part 1
by NolaDarling
Disclaimer: I don't own Michael and Maria, although I would like to zerbert Michael LOL
Summary: Sequel to “Tongue Almighty”, I guess you can probably figure out what’s going on here. You might want to read “Tongue Almighty” before you read this, although it’s not ABSOLUTELY necessary, but this would read better if you did.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: Dedication: To Ianthe and everyone who gave feedback on the first one.
"Mmmm," Maria yawned, waking slowing from her dream. She looked across at Michael whose head was resting lightly on her chest, his arms wrapped possessively around her waist. He was sleeping so serenely. She looked down at herself and it was then that she noticed they both were naked. 'Hmmm,' she thought to herself. 'Now I know I put on a nightgown after I bathed.' It wasn't that she actually minded waking up naked in Michael's arms; she just found it a little strange that her nightgown was nowhere to be seen.

Michael almost never slept in clothes; the most he would put on was a pair of cotton shorts. Maria always found it to be so erotic when he wore nothing between the sheets. For her there was just something so arousing about waking up with naked little Michael poking at her, exactly as it was doing at that very moment. She smiled mischievously when an idea suddenly popped into her head.

Maria twisted in Michael's arms and giggled softly when he snorted then continued to snore rather loudly. She felt a warm wetness between her thighs that made her think back to her dream. Her dream! Michael had done naughty things to her body and made her cum like she never had before. But had it been a dream? Why was she naked? Why was there a warm wet feeling between her thighs? Was his erection pressing into her curls causing it? 'Maybe it's because I just woke up from a wet dream?' She chuckled to herself.

It was almost dawn, the dim morning light sneaking through the window Giving Michael's face a less-hard appearance. He looked so vulnerable and Maria felt honored that she was the only one that ever saw Michael in this state.

Maria leaned forward and pressed a kiss to Michael's nose, the action bringing back the idea that she had thought up a few moments before. Her soft moist tongue snaked from between her full lips and tickled the space between Michael's nose and upper lip. She grinned at the smug, satisfied smirk that lit up Michael's face, and came to the most likely accurate conclusion that he was having somewhat erotic dreams about her. That conclusion definitely would go toward explaining why his erection was growing, rubbing more insistently against her damp honey-colored curls. The thought that Michael was dreaming about her only served to make Maria even wetter, but straddling him and taking him deep inside her could wait.

Easing herself carefully from his embrace she wrapped her tiny hand around his dick and pumped it slowly. Her movements brought forth a soft moan of pleasure from Michael, causing Maria to look up from her motions, she giggled quietly. 'He'd better be dreaming of me,' she said to herself. She increased the pressure she applied to his erection and he moaned, "Mmmm Maaaaaria."

"That's what I thought," she said softly. Her name purred from his lips and she released her tongue from her mouth, rubbing it over his bottom lip. She then gently pressed her lips to his. It didn't really matter that he hadn't opened his mouth yet; she just wanted to caress his full supple lips with her own. Her nose rubbed against his as she applied more pressure to his lips and her hand tightened around his erection. When she began to move away Michael tensed, holding her even closer. Sensing that Michael wanted more from her, Maria leaned down and stroked her tongue roughly over Michael's Adam's apple. She took it into her mouth and applied limited pressure. She was careful, as she definitely didn't want to wake him.

"Ooooh baby..." Michael murmured again, thrusting his hips upward. Maria took his groans as meaning that he needed more of her mouth on him. There was no way that she would deny him what he wanted. She loved nothing more than to make him squirm and find pleasure at her touch, her name bursting from his lips.

Maria stroked her tongue across Michael's body, lapping her tongue over the curves of his shoulders, across his strong jaw, flickering against the sensitive lobes of his ears and then down to curl around his hardened male nipples. Exploring more of his body, she cupped her hands over his warm balls and began to massage them gently. She wanted him to experience the full pleasure of her assault on his body, and she knew that he wouldn't get it all if she made him cum before it was time.

Michael's legs parted slightly when Maria cupped her hands around his sac, unconsciously allowing her more access to his slowly overheating body. Maria pulled away from him, and then straddled his stomach. She reached behind her and prolonged the sweet tender caresses to his balls, all the time grinding her wet center against his sculpted stomach. Maria flung her head back as her pleasure rose, the tension building in her roiling stomach. She groaned, smiling when he groaned in reply, but then she just stopped. This was all supposed to be for Michael, her fun could come later. She smoothed a kiss across his forehead and continued to stroke his hard cock, grinning when he snuffled lightly, still deeply in slumber.

Maria slowly and softly lowered her own body down Michael's until she was straddling his ankles. She continued her ministrations, her tongue licking across his rich olive skin, lapping at his eyelids and moving over to his cheeks. She couldn't help the overwhelming yearning to rub her dripping core into Michael's legs. She could see from the sly smirk on his face that Michael didn't mind too much either.

Maria brought her hands back down to Michael’s stiff member and gripped it firmly as she traced a path down his neck to his male nipples with her tongue. She wiggled her hot tongue on and around the hard brown peaks suckling them into her experienced mouth. Michael was muttering gibberish, his head wildly turning on the pillow as pleasure filled his sleeping mind. His mouth was partially open and his tongue was hanging out of his mouth like a thirsty puppy. Maria wanted to suck at his tongue but decided she wanted to suck something else much more.

She removed her hand from Michael’s cock and he groaned at the lost of the sensation of her tiny hand on him. She bit and licked his chest from side to side not missing one spot. She raised his arms and turned his body slightly to kiss and lick his mid section and parts of his back.

“Mmmmm Maria…ooooh shit…damn,” Michael moaned licking his lips as Maria licked his torso.

“Tell me baby,” Maria whispered in his ear unable to resist shoving her tongue in it. “Tell me what you want,” she said and smiled when Michael swallowed deeply.

“Uhh…uhh…mmmmm,” he stumbled over the words he needed to express his need.

“Tell me love, tell momma what you want,” Maria whispered, massaging his ear with her tongue more vigorously.

There was no way Michael could conjure a complete sentence, and his mind still blurred from sleep wasn’t helping. He urged her head down to where he needed to feel her lips wrap around his painfully hardened cock.

Maria smirked and allowed him to guide her down to his love tool, she was more than eager to oblige him.

On her way down she took a minor detour to caress the peach fuzz that covered his belly button. She licked and probed it as she had his ear and Michael ran his calloused hands through her soft silky locks. This drove Maria wild. His hands guiding her head to its final destination made her even more enthusiastic about her next performance.

“Maaarr…iaaa…OH GOD…PLEASE…oooohhhh” Michael begged.

Michael’s begging and pleading made Maria mad with lust, she knew he was close and she hadn’t even achieved her ultimate doing.

As she planted her body on the bed she nudged Michael’s legs open with her face. She wanted the full view and access to him. Michael planted his feet on the bed and Maria dove in for the kill.

Upon the initial contact of Maria’s full moist mouth on him Michael almost lost it. Had her mouth been any wetter and ready for his thick cock he would’ve cum on contact. Her skilled tongue worked his cock from base to tip massaging the pin-sized hole at the tip. Maria sucked gently at first wanting to savor the sweet taste of the droplets of pre cum that surfaced. She then engulfed all of him and deep throated him. She massaged his sack with her manicure fingertips as she held him in her throat.

“Oh…oh…ooooohhhh…God…” Michael almost screamed, Maria released him and sucked his sac into her mouth. She suckled the soft skin while she massaged the patch of skin between his anus and nut sack.

Michael’s head lashed back and forth on the bed, he grabbed the pillow and pressed it down on his head at the intense overpowering feeling of that one undertaking.

Maria moved to a kneeling position and planted her hands on Michael’s knees and she leaned forward and took his even harder cock into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down and she stroked the underside with her tongue. She returned her finger to that little spot again and pressed and flashed a devious grin up at Michael’s dripping wet twitching body.

“I’mmmmmaaaaa…cummmmm…” Michael’s words were muffled by the pillow smothering his face.

Deciphering Michael’s nonsense, Maria moved down to the base of his cock and held it in her throat as Michael came.

“FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK……AHHHHHHHHHHH…” Michael screamed as he came. Maria held his nearly limp cock in her throat swallowing every drip of his hot seed. She could feel her juices trickling down her leg leaving a puddle on the sheet. As she moved to release him, she looked over at her hands still gripped to his knees and saw scratch marks. She hadn’t even realized the hold she had on him as she took all of him in. She planted a soft sweet kiss on each of his knees and crawled up his body laying her head on his sweat soaked chest.

Michael slowly slid the pillow from over his head and unconsciously moved it down to cover Maria’s bottom. “Oh sure, trap me in the wet spot,” Maria said. He turned his head to the side and still sustained in sleep enclosed Maria’s soft body into his.

Maria looked up into her love’s face and smiled. “Sweet dreams.”


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