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"All I Want Is You"
Part 13
by Anne M
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Author's Note: Olivia and Isaac Evans, and Michelle Guerin and Joel Reese are my characters. This story is the sequel to Goodnight Elisabeth. For everyone who waited so patiently for me to continue this story. Alex Whitman, Jr. is 26 years old at this point and the adopted son of Alex and Isabel Whitman. For reference, see Goodnight Elisabeth. There are a few people who require special thanks. Miranda, for being who you are, my best friend. Gale, I miss you horribly. Diana, I don't know what I did to deserve you. Linda Lou, you make my day!!

The bedroom was completely dark except for whatever moonlight could filter in between clouds. Maria looked on as Michelle sat in strained silence across from her on the bed. She looked so . . . young. Next, Maria's gaze fell on Liz, who was tracing small circles around Olivia's ear through her hair. It was something Maria had watched them do for as far back as she cared to remember. Even when Olivia had been an infant, Liz had soothed her with the very same caress. Into the silence, Michelle's voice sounded fearful and exhausted.

Michelle: (tentatively) "Are you mad?"

Maria: (pausing for several beats and finally sighing) "Depends."

Michelle: (confused and a little startled) "On what?"

Maria: "On what exactly happened tonight. Care to share?"

Michelle: (fidgeting) "Well . . . um, . . . we . . . we were sleeping, . . . and then . . . "

Maria: (holding up one hand and closing her eyes) "Wait. I'm not looking for details here. Just give me the bottom line. Did you or didn't you?"

Michelle: (deeply relieved) "Didn't."

Maria: (taking a deep breath of relief that she knew was ridiculous because it was only a matter of time . . .) "Well, that pretty much answers the next question."

Michelle: "What question?"

Maria: (dryly) "Did you use protection?"

Michelle knew that her face had just flushed an incredibly rare shade of magenta . . . "Oh God," she thought. Not this. Not now.

Maria: (deciding it was time to get this firmly under control) "I know this is embarassing, Michelle, but I'm the only mother you've got and if you can't talk to me then who?"

The silence stretched so long that Maria began to think it would never cease.

Michelle: (quietly into the void) "I love him so much, mom, and I have for such a long time."

Maria: (eyes filling with tears) "I know, baby."

Michelle: (looking anywhere but at her mother) "Sometimes it's so overwhelming. It's like I can't breathe . . . "

Maria hung her head for a moment because the truth was, she really did know what Michelle was feeling. It was all too easy to remember being 17 and in love with Michael. Nothing could've kept them apart once they'd finally gotten past that horrible time in high school when he'd broken her heart.

Michelle: "Mom?"

Maria: (wistful) "I'm listening, babe. I was just . . . remembering."

Michelle: (hesitantly) "I had a nightmare tonight."

Maria: (surprised) "You did?"

Michelle: (confused) "Yeah. First one I've ever had. I couldn't wake up. It was horrible, and the next thing I knew, Isaac was there helping me . . . ."

Maria: "Is that how you came to be in his room tonight?"

Michelle: "Yes. . . . I think he was afraid to leave me alone, so he asked Joel to stay with Olivia."

Maria: (silently stunned that they already shared such a connection) "I see." (but she really didn't)

Michelle: "How did he do that, Mom? How did he know I needed him?"

Maria: (small shrug) "I don't know if I can give you a scientific explanation. We all have experienced something like that from time to time. We always blame it on the aliens in our midst. Since you and Isaac are each half alien, I'm not terribly surprised.

Silence stretched for a few minutes, as both Maria and Michelle focused on Liz and Olivia. Maria thought that Olivia's color looked better and she seemed to be moving around more. Surely that was a good sign. She almost laughed out loud at herself for the forced optimism. Michelle watched Olivia with a mix of love, that only years of friendship could produce, and terror, that only the threat of death could bring into their lives.

Michelle: (whispering) "Why is someone trying to hurt us?"

Maria: (shaking her head sadly) "It has to do with your dad's race. The planet where Max and Isabel and your father came from, like most places, sustained two opposing classes of people. When they came here, they were eventually followed by their enemies. We've always known that some of them still existed here, but before you were born, most of the issues were solved by Max, and Michael, and Isabel, too. Most all of the people ultimately wanted peace and were only too willing to listen to Max about putting the past behind them and moving on with their lives here the best that they could. They had no planet to go back to and what was the point of bringing war to a new one? Unfortunately, not all of the people were satisfied. There seems to always be a small fraction of the population who just can't be happy unless they're being a pain in someone else's ass. (Maria's eyes had darkened with remembered fear and anger as her explanation drew to a close.)

Michelle: (wondering why she'd never been told this before, but then again the expression on her mom's face spoke volumes on why) "How many aliens are there on Earth?"

Maria: (clearing her throat and trying to do the same to her mind) "There were only a few hundred left, 20 years ago, but by now, it's hard to know.

Michelle: (almost in self-reassurance) "But, they're not all evil, right?"

Maria: "The majority are not."

Michelle lapsed back into silence, but it was a much more comfortable one now that she knew her mom understood her feelings for Isaac. The unease, however, remained . . .

Liz had vaguely heard Maria's conversation with Michelle, but it seemed at such a distance, even though it was only a couple of feet away. Her thoughts were so focused on the child she'd almost lost that nothing else penetrated these few moments out of time that she'd been given to spend with her.

Olivia finally shifted in her sleep and then slowly opened her eyes, staring up into her mother's face.

Olivia: (smiling) "Hi mom."

Liz: (heart squeezing almost painfully) "Hi."

Olivia: (trying to order her thoughts) "What's going on?"

Liz: "Just rest. I'll tell you everything in the morning."

Olivia: (still weak but determined) "I feel much better now."

Liz: (sighing) "Isaac was concerned, so we're checking it out."

Olivia knew she had just been given the carefully censored version of events and there was no stopping the panic that flooded her soul. "Joel? Where's Joel?"

Liz: (placing her hand on Michelle's forhead and meeting her eyes) "He's fine. He's with your dad and brother and Michael."

Olivia: (fear tinging her voice) "He is?"

Liz: (mustering all the assurance she could under the circumstances) "Yes."

Olivia: (remembering vaguely the events of the evening) "How's dad?"

Liz: "If you're asking how he handled the fact that Joel was in your bedroom, I'm not quite sure."

Olivia: (groaning but this time it had nothing to do with her physical condition) "Oh no."

Liz: "Give him some time, Olivia. This is all still very new. He only wants what's best for you."

Olivia: (quietly) "I know."

Four pairs of anxious eyes focused steadily on Max and Michael as they appeared through the doorway, followed closely by Isaac and Joel. Liz had to physically force the fear from her expression as she accurately read Max's face along with his thoughts. The evidence that they were in terrible danger screamed across her nerves as if he had shouted the information rather than saying nothing. Olivia felt the tension in her mother even though her face remained singularly lacking in clues as to what was going on. She returned her gaze quickly to her father and then to Joel, hoping against hope that she was wrong in what she was feeling from her mom, but knowing that wasn't possible. Maria felt more than saw the bone deep weariness in her family. Michael had never looked more defeated in the entire time she had known him. This was bad. Very, very bad. Michelle tried but failed to control the trembling that had started the moment she'd seen Isaac's worried eyes trying so hard to hide from her knowing ones. With a quick glance at Michael, Isaac went quickly to Michelle. Her feet had hit the floor unsteadily the moment she felt him moving toward her. Isaac's arms went around her shoulders as hers slid around his waist, holding on as if they could stop what was coming by doing so. Michael looked on and tried in vain to muster just a little of the anger he'd felt earlier and couldn't even begin . Damn. Between Isaac's passionate insistence of his feelings and the danger to Olivia, it was just impossible to carry on in an appropriate outraged father-like way. He felt cheated.

Maria took in the scene with wide eyed wonder. Michael's lack of ambivalence towards Isaac was just . . . well, . . . not very Michael-like, and a further testament, if she needed one, as to how grave their situation really was.

Olivia pushed herself up into a shakey sitting position as she tried to force her mind to focus on what was happening around her. Wading through the waves of fear coming from her parents, she finally identified another stronger emotion assaulting her senses. Seething, violet bands of fury, swirled together around the cool saphire rings of more determination than she knew a person could possess. And, that person was Joel. A shimmering silver cord threaded the mass with the clarity of one who loves completely and selflessly . . . .

As this last revelation took on the reality of thought, Olivia felt an answering violent rejection rise up from the soles of her feet, gaining momentum in her belly before manifesting in her throat in an anguished, strangled cry. She coudn't bear it.

Joel stepped around Max and strode toward Olivia rapidly until the edge of the bed stopped his progress. He hesitated just a moment, until the haunted look in her eyes clouded his mind. Without another conscious thought for the other people in the room, Joel leaned across the bed, as her arms reached out to slide around his neck. Hauling her toward him, until she was on her knees, he buried his face in between her shoulder and throat, inhaling deeply and shoring up the pieces of his heart that continued to crack under the strain of her tears.

He knew she would have never cried if it hadn't been for the staggering weakness. It was amazing that she was on her knees and hugging him fiercely. His hand automatically stroked down the back of her head to the ends of her hair . . .

Max watched Joel's hand, sliding down Olivia's back in the same way his had always made it's way down Liz's. He wanted to howl, but there was no point in it. Liz met his frustrated gaze and immediately he was comforted and gently reminded that there was something else to think about right now. It was hard to imagine anything being more important than finding a way to slow Olivia and Joel down, but there was. Their lives were at stake now and he had to be more than just a father and husband. Right now, he had to be the leader of his race. For the first time in 20 years, he had to assume the role of King. It felt very rusty.

Max held Liz's gaze and brought the entire group to attention with a single sentence.

Max: "We leave in 2 hours. All of you know where we are going. Don't discuss it. Pack sparingly."

Olivia looked at Joel and then at her dad and no words were necessary.

Her eyes held his but Joel was already preparing for the separation. Max studied the two and Liz held her breath. After what seemed like an eternity to Olivia, her Dad finally spoke.

Max: "Joel."

Joel looked up questioningly without saying a word.

Max: "If you can be back here and ready to go with us, you may go along. We may need you."

Olivia's head fell forward on to Joel's shoulder.

Joel wasn't sure whether to throw his arms around Max and thank him or to worry extensively over the fact that he was "needed." In the end, the worry won out.

Joel: "I'll have to go home, but I'll be back."

Max nodded and held out his hand to Liz, who quickly joined him.

Michael stood quietly in the center of the room, watching Michelle and Isaac and trying to decide what he was supposed to do now. Maria watched him from the relative safety of her position on the bed and thought briefly about rescuing him, but then discarded the idea.

Finally, Michael cleared his thorat and addressed his maddening offspring.

Michael: "Michelle, we're leaving in ten minutes to pack. Don't make me come looking for you."

With that, he turned and left without looking back.

Maria smiled and surrendered her position to follow him.

Isabel turned to Alex and her concerned expression communicated clearly what was on her mind.

Alex: "He'll find us, Isabel. He always knows."

Isabel took courage in his words and had faith that their son would find them . . .


Max watched Liz hurriedly collect their bare essentials into two small cases and wondered at her reserve. Why wasn't she screaming at him? Why wasn't she in a towering rage? She should hate him for this.

Liz stopped abruptly and turned to face the tortured face of the man she'd loved all of this life and more . . .

Liz: (holding out one hand and closing her eyes) "Stop."

Max: (guiltily) "I'm sorry."

Liz opened her eyes and stared at him with an intensity that quickly became uncomfortable. He hated it when she did that.

She swallowed hard and found her voice.

Liz: "What exactly would you change, Max?"

Max: (taken aback) "What do you mean?"

Liz: (shaking) "Which one of us would you sacrifice? Which decision would you rescind?"

Max: (totally at sea) "None! Liz . . . I don't . . . "

Liz: "Let's be clear, Max."

Max: (almost afraid) "Okay."

Liz: "I have no regrets. Not then. Not now. I would not change one thing about my life . . . even if Olivia had died tonight."

Max: (whispering in remembered horror) "Last night . . ."

Liz: (exasperated) "Whatever!"

Max: (quiet for several moments) "Liz, I'm sorry."

Liz: (searching his face and then looking away) "I know. Tha's why I'm so frustrated."

Max: (desperate) "Why??"

Liz: (simply) "Because this isn't something you did!! In fact, it was all predestined before I ever even met you here. Because I don't care how many times we have to pack and leave and be at risk, it's all worth it to me because we're together." (Her words and the ones he'd spoken to her so many years ago met and collided in his mind.)

Max: (humbled to the point of pain) "I'm not even going to pretend to understand that, Liz,, but never think I'm not grateful or that I don't love you and our kids more than anything."

Liz: (stepping forward with a sultry expression on her face) "I know.

Her arms automatically circled his neck, pulling her body close to his and the comfort that always came from the embrace. Max closed his eyes and wondered anew how she could be so calm and focused in the worst of circumstances. He would be nothing without her.

As Max's thoughts travelled the distance to Liz's awareness, he felt the change . . .

Liz: "Are you sure you don't understand the way I feel, Max?"

For a minute he had no idea what she was talking about and then he remembered their conversation.

Max: "It's hard to understand the way you just accept . . . everything . . ."

Liz: (eyes focused and hands moving to the buttons on his shirt) "Then let me show you."

Max felt his throat trying to operate properly . . .

Her hands ran smoothly over his shoulders and his shirt hit the floor . . .

Max's last thoughts centered largely around, "What is she doing?? We only have two hours!"


Isaac had said a hasty goodbye to Michelle and only barely survived knowing that he'd see her again in a couple of hours. He could only imagine how much harder this was on Olivia. Michelle had always been a part of their lives. She was one of them. She would always be wherever they were. Joel was an outsider . . .

Isaac threw the last of his things in a duffel, and headed for Olivia's room. He had been keeping a steady watch on her through the connecting bathroom just in case she needed him. He almost wished she had. She was so still and so quiet and so unlike Olivia. God.

If he thought saying goodbye to Michelle had been hard, it had been nothing compared to to watching Liv and Joel . . .

Isaac: "I'm going to get your stuff now, Liv."

No response. This was so not good.

Isaac shuffled through her closet, purposely selecting the most godawful conglomeration of clothing he could come up with . . .

As he yanked some of the worst from their hangers, Liv finally groaned and he smiled. All was not lost.

Olivia: (voice cracking) "Jeez, Isaac. What are you trying to do??"

Isaac: (stifling his grin) "Sorry. What would you like me to pack?"

He turned to face her then and just as quickly as the humor had come it fled, leaving in its wake the horrible knowledge that he had almost lost his sister tonight. His twin . . .

His eyes met Olivia's and immediatley filled with tears that would not be denied one more moment.

Olivia: (compassionate) "Isaac . . ."

Isaac: (struggling to breathe properly and stepping forward to kneel by her bed) "Don't . . . ever . . . do that again, Liv."

Olivia: (placing her hand gently on the top of his head) "I love you, Isaac."

And, for the first time in 12 years, she watched him cry . . .



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